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Mamalates for All Trimesters

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Being pregnant is a beautiful, life-changing, body-changing experience. It's a journey. Join Wendy Foster, founder of Mamalates and a Prenatal and Postnatal specialist. Wendy offers you the right tools and knowledge, so you can move through the safest and most effective exercises during all stages of pregnancy. This is designed to support you by giving you confidence in your strength, mobility, and stability.
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Dec 08, 2021
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Being pregnant is a beautiful, life-altering, body changing experience. It's a journey. I'm Wendy Foster, Founder of Mamalates and a Pre/Postnatal Specialist. I am passionate about guiding women through this special time by offering the right tools and knowledge for the safest, most effective movement during all stages of pregnancy. I've designed this series of Pilates classes to support you by giving you confidence in your mobility, strength, and stability.

I can't wait for you to join me.

Pilates for Two: Mamalates for All Trimesters


Oh wow, what a gift! I am 36 weeks with my second pregnancy at the moment, I am so looking forward to being doing these! Thanks a lot!
Dharma D
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I'm also 36 weeks! Just what I needed! 
Thank you for watching Ladies:) 
waiting for the rest to come !!!!
Laura M
where are the videos?
Helya G
Hi Laura M! If you click on the 'Go to this program playlist' you'll find all of the videos for this program. 

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