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2021 & 2022 Bloopers

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Pilates should be fun and we always like to have a good time when we're filming! We've compiled some of our best bloopers from 2021 and 2022 so you can join in on the fun too! Whether it's dancing on set or fumbling our words, we love to remember all that we've accomplished over the past year, even if it doesn't make it to the final video. Happy New Year!
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Dec 31, 2022
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The feet are the mechanism that move us through life. (instructor laughing) I was gonna say, if you have them. (instructor laughing) I gotta stop. (instructor laughing) (upbeat music) My p-- (expletive bleeped) Pfft. (instructor claps) In today's class-- (expletive bleeped) I just forgot to say heat.

Can we do that again? I'm gonna start that part again. (expletive bleeped) (instructor laughing) Couple of inches, not far R at all. Blah, dammit, pfft, pfft, pfft. (instructor belches) There it is.

(instructor clears throat) (air leaking from ball) (instructor laughing) (low-key music) Um, you do have to play with-- (instructor laughs) I'm not taking my clothes off, Nicole, no matter how many likes we get, or dislikes. And I'm gonna ask David to gently wake up and roll onto his back. It's time to wake up, David. (instructor laughing) I can't say-- (expletive bleeped) Can I say-- (expletive bleeped) Side plank. (expletive bleeped) Okay.

(instructor laughs) Oh, you're gonna put that as a blooper? (instructor laughing) And left. That's it, Johnny, good. And right. (instructor laughing) And one more time, and here we go.

Okay, take it out. (energetic music) Hey! (instructor whoops) You know that song. Feel more vibrant as you work, get it. What? (instructor laughing) What?

Do you know how to hula? No. (instructor laughing) I'm gonna do it with my nipples. (both instructors laughing) Let's move together on Pilates Anytime. (instructor claps) I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it.

(instructor laughing)


Alexa C
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I love this! Haha thank you for everything Pilates Anytime 🙏🏼
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This made me crack up! It's been 7 years since I've been to PA!  It is a part of my life! Thanks for hanging in there with us!
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So fun!

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