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2012 Red Carpet Interviews

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For the past two years, Pilates Anytime and Pilates Style Magazine have come together to co-host the party of the year at the Pilates Method Alliance conference. The 2012 PMA Conference was held in Las Vegas, so we rolled out the red carpet, donned our sequins and feathers and partied the night away in celebration of Pilates.

For the second year in a row, the talented Tracey Mallett brilliantly and beautifully hosted the interviews on the red carpet. In a manner of seconds, Tracey managed to get some of our most distinguished instructors to reveal their source of inspiration for teaching, where they hope the Pilates community is headed at large and how Pilates has changed for them over the years.

Chapter 1 takes you inside the party which was held at The Revolution Lounge at the Mirage Hotel. From there, watch 11 leaders in the community (Elizabeth Larkam, Wendy Leblanc-Arbuckle, Brett Howard, Brent Anderson, Jennifer Kries, Alan Herdman, Julian Littleford, Amy Taylor Alpers, Elizabeth Anderson, Kathy Corey, and Kyria Sabin) walk the Red Carpet and answer Tracey's fun and insightful questions.

It's always a good thing to celebrate the gift of Pilates, but it's even more fun when so many can do it together. The party may be over, but we'd still like you to step inside and share in the fun with us.

Click here to view more photos from inside the party and the Red Carpet.
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Feb 03, 2013
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The PMA Party

Welcome to the Party!

Hi, welcome. I'm Tracy Molly's here in Las Vegas for the annual 2012 holidays, anytime and [inaudible] style party. We are all here to have some fun and celebrate. The love at Polaris is anytime I have the ability to bring the plot of community together because everyone's represented. There's a sense of unity and love and support for the diversity in the community. You know, I love the PMA and I love the classes, but the party's diversity.com [inaudible] welcome to the floodings anytime holiday style magazine party.

First requisite of happiness is being physically fit. I moved in order to know that I exist. It's a way of appreciating the beauty of the body in many forms. We're not just teaching exercise, we're changing people's lives. [inaudible] wait to do this again next year through a great to have people that are really helping the community here and to have access to some of the top minds and knowledge and movement in the world. Ladies, anytime is amazing.

[inaudible] make sure your watch is all on. Lots of time.

Kathy Corey

We're here with Kathy Cory. How do you believe that it's been a year already? I cannot believe it's gone so fast and so many places. Tell us why you've been in South America.

Argentina three times. Yes. Brazil, Japan in to Tokyo. And then of course my usual Europe from England, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain where uh, Germany, uh, Prague and a Kia. Out of all those countries, is there any common unity that you think all of any of them, they all and lacking anything that they're lacking that you think they need more education. They all need more education and they really need to know the unity of, of what we are supporting and doing here in the United States. Especially things like PMA continuing education foundation, you know, education, really learning about the equipment and learning how to create community. I think that's the most important message that we have. I really think that that the community that we have created here is one of the things that we need to continue to support and as it should be our message around the world after 33 almost 34 years of teaching.

It really is wonderful to see the new people and to gathered together with old friends as well. And we're hit tonight going to be doing exactly the same. Absolutely. So much fun.

Elizabeth Larkam

So I hear with your magnesium, Elizabeth Larkam, who has been one of my mentors. I love a DLA. You are known for your precise cues. You are amazing creativity, but also your sense of humor.

We all adore what really, really does inspire you to keep going in the [inaudible] community. My sister and who? My sister. Yes. Yes. She and I are really partners in my work. Um, she never learned to speak or feed herself and um, so and we grew up together with, um, the sort of movement and sound music being our language together. So, um, I carry that forth with every one of my clients. So that's, you know, yes. You see, and that's something that no one has ever asked before.

So you're the first one different. Nobody knows. I moved in order to know that I exist. So there are times that I'm just a little bit, you know, I can't remember if I left myself on the baggage claim in O'Hare or maybe going around in lax. So I know that if I just do some concentrated movement that all know where I am. So we're here with Wendy LeBlond a propel. Did I say that correctly?

Wendy Leblanc-Arbuckle

How'd you see the direction of [inaudible] go within the next two years? I think sky's the limit. I mean, they made us the best as, that's it. That's it. I, I was just, um, just with some colleagues Sherry bets and Dawn Marie hikes and, and they were just, it was just a sharing research that they're doing with different populations and really encouraging us as teachers to step forward and share our stories and actually, and actually begin to partner with physical therapy students who are looking for research projects. So this is powerful. This is very, very important. And how we were so many of us. I mean, I've been teaching for 40 years and to re to thank you, I'm 65 next month and that the, um, but the idea of, of we what we're doing is we are now actually bringing Joseph PyLadies vision to life because his desire was to bring [inaudible] into the medical profession, have plots, he's respected worldwide. And, and that's what we're doing. We're doing, we're, we're, we're creating a profession. How is clients anytime changed here? Have you seen any, any new fan mail or anymore? I, there's a lot of excitement, a lot of excitement about, I can't wait until your new year stuff comes out. You know, I'm really looking forward to it. And I think, um, I think the fact that, uh, the quality of what, of what you all are doing, the quality is just going to draw more and more people who really are respected and who want a platform for their work that has a, has a real quality standard to it. So I really appreciate what y'all are doing.

Some here with Kiva Saban.

Kyria Sabin

I have to say the tribute you did today to run Fletcher was phenomenal. You must have some kinds of pressure for carrying on such an amazing man. Well, I don't feel like I'm carrying on his legacy. I feel like my gift is that I am bringing the right people together to carry on his legacy around the world. So we're all spokes on the wheel. Um, that, that is his legacy. And then he was, you know, they're big shoes to fill, but I'm not trying to fill them. I'm just, um, it's, it's a different way of carrying it on.

I would not be teaching Caladrius if it weren't for Ron. Um, he, he was, he really is five. I would probably practice philosophies, but I wouldn't be in the position. And where did you sit in a future one? Fletcher's, well, I, what we say and steps not breadth. We don't want to, um, we don't want to take this, this work beyond who can teach it and who has passion for teaching it. And so it's, it's, we, we find one person at a time who understands the vision, who understands the quality of movement that we're looking for. And that's how we developed the program.

And the work colonies can be very linear. And I think that Ron was not a linear person and people were drawn to that. And one of the last things he said to me was, I envisioned moving in circles and everything has around us to it. And, and I think that, um, you know, that's one of the things that people were drawn to and he was also just a huge character, you know, wonderful stories. Yeah. Just, you know, you never knew what you were going to get. So here with the infamous rant,

Brent Anderson

Anderson, and I am happy to announce this, you all know, I asked him, he got him on Lottie's. Anytime you did, we kept our word, we got on piles anytime it was successful. Yes, we do. Pretty good after some of the popular instructor, I'm not quite sure who that is, but kinda close.

Pow has Maddie's anytime it's defected you, your business, you personally in any way. Well, you know, funny enough you asked that just this last week, I taught a course in Kansas city on spine health and out of 25 people that attended the course, there were like four people that were there purely because of a lot of these, anytime [inaudible] they found me on plies anytime and they said, you know, I want to go hear him in person. So that's great. When do I get my kickback back kick in the back you said how you feel like your plot is in general is really affected the general consumer out there. The general [inaudible] person that doesn't know much about, well, I think it's really risen the bar of what plot is, is, and I think that, you know, we know that there's a level of professionalism and safety and objective outcomes that can be reached by performing piles. And I think it also has allowed us to really look at the ability to embrace the wholeness of PyLadies philosophy and incorporate a very safe way that we know that the consumers in the world now can count on to be able to get safe [inaudible] and [inaudible].

Yeah. But also, but also the whole thing of how it impacts the quality of life. I mean the happiness no matter what. Today we were talking about how, you know, the first requisite of happiness is being physically fit. And that's what we're sharing with people and not only the physical but the mental and the spiritual as well. So right here with Amy Taylor, Alvin, see I got it rise.

Amy Taylor Alpers

You always have to make sure I get the names correct. Tell us you were such an inspiration in the community and we finally got your on [inaudible] anytime. How has that changed your, I see, have you seen any great new fans? Yeah, definitely. Definitely. It's really actually quite cool. The only other thing I had done before that was kind of online was some podcasts at balanced body. So that was my first foray in, but once, um, those bloodies anytime classes came out, people have been common by good. I saw you. Applaud is anytime you can. Yeah, I would love to.

What is your biggest inspiration you've been in for 22 years? That's a long time to stay inspired. Yeah. Yup. Yeah. Well from the very beginning when we first opened our studio took literally 22 years ago, November 5th, we had a mission from the start that [inaudible] should heal the world and we've really just absolutely never veered from it. What will we be doing in 2013 we were so excited. We finally launched center line, which is our equipment line that we developed with a bounce body.

And so that's, it's been out about a year, but it's really just kind of slowly catching on. So I think that we'll do a PRI big push for that. Um, we do have our loss treasures workshop, which we've taught several times and it's so great. It's, it's, it's amazing workshop. It goes over really well and we've just recently also filmed for DVDs to go with it. So a lot of that archival material, which is one of the classes I did on a lot, is any time with some of that archival material and people have been coming up at the Santa much. They loved that. So we had that big workshop coming up and then just lots of traveling. I think PI's anytime.

It's so great because there are just people on this earth who have no other access. Lottie's be an expert that happened in the industry. They've got luck to share one of them and we would write crap. Thanks. And I mean I just think it's a wonderful thing and it certainly has completely caught fire, you know, and become transformative. Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. So I'm right here with Brett who is amazing.

Brett Howard

His work is phenomenal. If you've not seen him up a lot is anytime he is amazing. I look at you and that your pictures, your legs, your extensions are phenomenal. You and experts at performing ARCA material plus your passion for polarities and children. Do you have a preference? Do you have [inaudible]? I do actually. I think, uh, definitely my preference is working with the children. I uh, I've been involved with [inaudible] for a long time and I still love moving.

I love the archival information, but I just love working with children because there's so much more where it can go watch you to see. What'd you see in children? They mostly need it. Two things you think by looking at what do they need? Two things. I think they just, you know, need to move for one, I think, you know, we don't allow them to move anymore. Right now it's all about computers. It's all about a TV. They just need to go out, lay and use their primitive instincts. And um, I also just think it will help in terms of, uh, defects.

I would say definitely confidence and then also just the right to play and be a kid. Well thank you. You are an inspiration and I think you look pretty hot to anything even looks like a good couple. So right here with Elizabeth Anderson,

Elizabeth Anderson

the president of the Polis method Alliance this year has been an increase [inaudible] yeah. For the pad methods Alliance, we have achieved so much with the accreditation. Can you please share to everybody what that means for the applies methods Alliance? The important thing is that finally we have an accredited professional certification for PLA teachers.

So we have a professional credential which protects and identifies what a polarities teacher is and we're able to use that now to be understood by professionals and other industries. What do you foresee in the future if advertisement headlines? Obviously bigger, more awareness. I think that what we're beginning to see is um, chapters developing another countries, chapters of developing in the U S um, more unity, more identity. Really that's what the PMA is about in many, many ways. We, we don't want the lollies to encroached upon or subsumed under other umbrellas. Like it's not a subset of being a personal trainer. It's not a part of being a physical therapist.

I mean that's the wonderful thing about the PMA. Some people say we're the Switzerland of philosophies. Everyone is welcome from every lineage, from every area and to come together and learn and share information and encourage each other. There's so much traveling that goes on with [inaudible]. Teachers are going around the world all the time and it's just a fantastic way to unify people. It's not just a hobby. It's a true profession. Yes, exactly. That's what the message we want to get out.

Julian Littleford

So I'm Hey with a distinguished instructor, Julian Linford.

He was one of the first instructors on [inaudible] anytime. And I love him cause he's amazing. Great dancer. He paid me. No he didn't, but he's a fellow Brit. We Britt stick together. No more than other wallet for sure. You know, we'll keep a shape yourselves. What has been your inspiration for these years? You've been doing it for how many years now?

34 started in London as well. Individually teachers in the early seventies. You [inaudible] Oh man. But I'm not changing my never asked. Um, but uh, yeah, so I've been teaching it and inspiration I think really is, I just like people, I like working with people. You know, when they come into the studio, they've got a story to tell and I listen and want to be part of it, I suppose. Yes. Do you see your approaches changed? Was he being very consistent? Oh no. The post changes every day. You have to be a comedian in this work. You know, you can't go rip somebodies ass and then turn around and then you're going to turn around and do it to the next person. You can't, you know, people come to you for different things and that's when you go to turn around and, and be that comedian. What people don't realize is that we learned from them.

We learning from them every day. You don't learn something today. You're finished as a teacher. I think

Alan Herdman

so. My, Hey, with Allen hood man come all the way from London as a distinguished Polarez instructor who I had the privilege of many, many, many years ago taking his class. He was one of my inspirations to go on into polities and he's white here with me. And I loved that. How, how have you seen Caladrius evolve in the past 42 years? Actually, what is great is that there's so many flawless people about, so there's a lot of, um, interaction between different schools, which is great. And people share ideas because when I started, it was very small and everybody kept things to themselves. There was no sharing, not everyone shares, which I love isn't that great.

And absolutely great. Very interesting. I'm sure a lot of people, how do you see a lot is growing in the UK as it grown exponentially? It's, we're sort of pattered out now, but it is, it's still, there's still a lot of interest and I think the, um, we've got a situation where there almost too many teachers and not enough. So I think that's balancing out, you know, when you train too many people, a lot of people are rushing for the jobs, but that is, that is getting, it's much better now. Tell me personally, what is, what is your inspiration for doing all these years? I mean, yeah, I love people at, you know, every new client teaches me something that just had many of us talking to and living with her.

And he said exactly the same. No, I mean if, when I'm training people, I, if I see some, and I think they, they don't really like people. I said this is the wrong profession because even if you don't like them, whatever size, shape or age give up. Well, thank you so much. We appreciate all the hard work that you do and we would really love to see you on Caladrius anytime. See, you're excited.

That is something you're gonna look forward to seeing seen Allen hood man next spring. So I'm right here with a very, very,

Jennifer Kries

very good friend Jennifer crease. And as a disclaimer, we've known each other for how many years now to say actually since 98 99 when we were about 17 was that all right? We met a long time ago when the good old Jannie for hair was beautiful on the cover of the first collaborative DVD, the method we went then on to host the method show together, the fusion of fitness and poor coolattas and yoga and yoga. Qigong. Yeah. I think you became so famous for you, had you realize what you actually did. You put commodities on the mat, [inaudible] colonies on the mat and I think come back here. She's moving off the camera and during the way she put the ladies on the mat and I don't think many of us realize that and she took a big hiatus.

How do you feel by coming back? I mean, do you feel like a new person? I mean, you know, it's incredible. I actually, I was creating her body cool mind, the new series which I've been working on. So I think when someone is in production years, they're not quite as visible publicly. So I didn't, I felt like I sort of retreated from the Polonius community for a bed. Um, because to be honest, it wasn't nearly as welcoming or a warm as it is now. And I think it's really important to acknowledge that, that I think that now, especially because of the lot is anytime and because of what Christie has done with Ted and John, that there's a sense of unity and love and support for the diversity in the community. And I, for one, I will tell you that when I went for the first time and I was at the studio in Carpentaria, I felt so overwhelmed, so incredibly emotional and so grateful that this was the feeling I always wanted to have about the lattes. And here was this woman who had assembled this incredible a team to bring that feeling to the community. And it's, it goes well beyond just the Palladia community. I think it's emblematic of what the planet needs to feel, that we all need to feel [inaudible] which is what you adequately do.

And thank you for everybody respected in the industry because people need that continuing education that you provide. Thank you. And what is cause you now, what is inspiring you to keep going? You know, it's interesting. We saw the tribute to Ron Fletcher today and he was saying that movement is life. And, and for me, I would have to say something very similar. And when I was at Valadez anytime about a month ago, I, I talked to everyone about the, the Latin root of the word inspiration, which is in sped audio and in sped on the lot.

It has a nice name and it means to breathe into the, into. And so yeah, from the time I'm a kid, I've always been interested in what makes people move, what inspires them, what's the purpose of the movement, what is the purpose? And what is the purpose of living? I mean, I could get very existential, but from me, what gives my life meaning and purpose is to see how movement helps people to transform and literally, literally from the inside out. And so yeah, that's not, I felt like transpo because everybody out that is coming to Florida is anytime for transformation, whether it's physically, emotionally, and that's what philosophy stuff, that is what it does. And I think that's why joke a lot is began, you know, investigating the life of the mind and the body. And I feel like I just, I love PyLadies anytime because I feel like it's a playground for all of us.

We get to send them and play with each other. Maybe I shouldn't have said that it's construed, but yes, I think it's just, um, it's just a wonderful time that we're living in now. We all have the responsibility of helping others who have not yet been made privy to this. You have to come along, come along, come along, come and join us and have some fun.


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Oh my.......who are all those beautiful people!! Who is that blonde with "poofed" up hair and a lime green dress? I think she belongs in Hollywood......the "other" red carpet!!!
Ha! Very funny Carrie! BTW, you looked beautiful that night!
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Too bad we couldn't all attend.....looks like a great time!!
Here's a toast to all of you that work so hard putting Pilates out there to the world!!!
Thanks for posting this. I just got around to watching and it is enjoyable to see and listen to Tracey and the various teachers.
Tracey: you are funny! Nice interviews.
Loved how the overall message was: unity.

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