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Active Aging Tutorial

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Erika gives a wonderful explanation of senescence and why it is important to stay active. She teaches different sequences that are useful to strengthen muscles seniors need to prevent falling and the senior shuffle. Erika also demonstrates how to go into a Bridge safely using the Bosu for people with high or low blood pressure.
What You'll Need: Mat, BOSU®

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Mar 22, 2013
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Hi everyone. I'm Erica quest. I'm here to talk to you today about active aging, mobility and stability. So these folks are often termed seniors, right? We don't like that word. I like ...


This was a fabulous tutorial. I introduced the exercises into a session I had this morning with my 78 year old client and she was so delighted to learn more ways to improve her balance. Thanks Erika for clear, concise instruction. Would love to have more from you on Pilates Anytime
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Excellent tutorial. Will definitely try it with my aging clients. Liked the precise cueing. Would like to see from you. Thank you, Erica
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Hi Joyce and Usha! Thank you for your kind comments. The Active Aging audience is near and dear to my heart and I have a lot of clients in my studio in their upper 70's. I hope to bring more ideas about the "chronologically enriched" in the future. All the best and much love, Erika
OK, I am going to try this myself later today. It looks like fun!
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I really love this.
Thank you so much and looking forward to more.
Excellent info. I am also a Silver Sneakers instructor, as well as a personal trainer with seasonal clients. I will definitely include this into their program
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Very nice. Great cueing. We're all actively aging. Thanks, Erika!
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Great information. Thanks!
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Really good, great cueing absolutely going to try it for my aging clients! Thank you so much to Erika and Pilates Anytime. Please keep binging us more.
Thanks everyone for the continued comments! I will be back at Pilates Anytime in April to film more classes, and perhaps a bit more extended information and games in the Active Aging category. All my best, Erika
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