Class 491: Reformer Stretch Workout

30 min
What You'll Need:
Seeing as it was often said, "Your equipment is like your dance partner, you work with it......not at it", Amy puts together a series of stretches on the Reformer that satisfy the need to stretch the major muscles of the lower extremities and hips. These are stretches that feel great after a long walk, run, hike or bike ride and are not altogether traditional stretches on the Reformer. Creativity and exploration often lead one on a journey to find a new way of doing, sensing or moving. This stretch series would be wonderful with a little light music to help you relax and move through the positions and can be done many times over. Enjoy!
Jul 25, 2011
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I woke up this morning very sore in hips and glutes from a tough workout yesterday, logged into PA and waalaa there was Amy with this fantastic stretch series! Just what the doctor ordered.. wonderful stretch series Amy and I can incorporate alot of these moves in my teaching. I have several clients that are runners so just KNOW they will love these!
BTW ,where oh where did u get the great shirt? I am learning the Barre workouts and just love that.
Thanks Amy!! Jamie
4 years ago

Amy Havens (Moderator)
Hi Jamie! Yay, so glad these stretches came at a good time for you. They will absolutely be easy in incorporate into any Reformer session and can be a nice break from the 'norm' of stretches we typically do. Regarding the shirt....! I'm a Booty Barre teacher also and this is one of their shirts. It's really comfy, check it out!
4 years ago

Thanks Amy! Anytime you wanna teach BootyBarre here I am with ya.
4 years ago

Amy Havens (Moderator)
Thanks Jamie!
4 years ago

Perfect after your jumpboard session....this will be awesome after a bike to the beach too! Thank you thank you thank you! PA is one of the best "investments" I've made! Cheers
4 years ago

Amy Havens (Moderator)
Thanks for your wonderful feedback Jennifer!
4 years ago

Thank you Amy, I love this stretch series and have incorporated it into my repertoire!
4 years ago

Amy Havens (Moderator)
Thank you Lisa!!

4 years ago

Around the world rocked my world! That felt great after a long day of teaching. Thanks Amy! I love your insight.
3 years ago

Amy Havens (Moderator)
Hi Sarah!! Glad you liked the 'round the world'!! It is a nice little series isn't it?!! Thanks for your comments!
3 years ago

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