The Breath is the foundation of Pilates

Joseph Pilates understood the importance of inhaling fresh air and exhaling stale air. He likened our lungs to bellows and stressed the need to fully inhale and to fully exhale as part of the path towards total health.
In Pilates, we also choreograph the breath pattern used in the exercises to help recruit the appropriate musculature, to provided rhythm and consistency to the movement patterns and to help focus the mind.
The breath is an important aspect of the Pilates method, but it is equally important that you don’t let the breath confuse, frustrate or inhibit your movement. It is better to breathe comfortably than to hold your breath or let the breath pattern dominate your awareness when practicing Pilates. Keep in mind that different teachers will teach different breath patterns for the same exercise.
Let Pilates Elder, Lolita San Miguel, help you maximize your capacity for breath a great exercise she offers in her class on breathing.


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I was practising Lolita San Miguel exercise with my clients in class, and one women, days after, came to me to tell me her doctor allow her not to use this "inhalador" (a little spray to breath) any more, because she breath deeply and better. She said thanks, and I give her and my thanks to Lolita for these presents she gave. (sorry about my english)
Laura ~ is great! I'll make sure Lolita sees this! Thank you for sharing it!
i was wondering whether the class was removed? because the link above leads nowhere..
many thanks in advance :)
Jenny ~ Thank you for your forum post. This class is still on the site and I have fixed the link so you can find it now. I hope you enjoy it!

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