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I am a former professional ballerina. I danced with The National Ballet of Canada, (I joined when Rudolf Nureyev was setting The Sleeping Beauty) then danced with several smaller soloist groups. Ballet was my passion, but I also wanted a family. I certified with AFAA as a personal trainer, then began learning and teaching yoga - which led to my intro to Pilates. I fell in love! The work on the reformer has changed my body and my clients love how graceful and lithe they have become! I use my classical training to help them learn balance and co-ordination. I recently opened my own studio in downtown Naples, FL. Lots of work renovating myself - but it's really special. I have even planted a pretty garden outside the front door. PA people! ~Please visit if you are in the South-West Florida coastal area!



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I'm: a Woman - 70 Years Old
Where I Live: Naples, FL,
Other Exercise I Enjoy: Barre Workouts (Three days a week), Cycling - Outdoor (Twice a week), Tennis (Twice a week), Walking (Daily)

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