Nicole Hawthorne

Like many others, I discovered Pilates searching for relief from chronic pain and a way to safely move and restore my body after a series of injuries, pregnancy, surgeries and 20 years of deconditioning and misalignment from long days of corporate work and travel.

I studied and practiced Pilates for more than a decade before teaching. After losing a close friend to breast cancer I realized the time had come to change my life and focus my energy on helping others improve their health and well being. I left my tenured corporate management position to study Pilates full time and achieve comprehensive certification as a classical Pilates teacher.

Today I teach full time and run my own classically rooted studio in Ventura, CA -- Temple Pilates.



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About me

I'm: Female - 48 Years Old
Where I Live: Ventura CA

My Pilates Practice

Years of Pilates Experience: 16
Practice Frequency: Most days

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