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Corporate to Studio Owner

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In this quick discussion, Niedra talks to Nicole Hawthorne, owner of Temple Pilates, about how she made the transition from the corporate world to become a Pilates teacher and studio owner. She shares what motivated her to change as well as how she was able to do it. She explains how she needed to be strategic and creative and how this has helped her to have a successful studio.
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Sep 04, 2019
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Welcome everybody following the business section of this course. I wanted to introduce my good friend Nicole Hawthorne, who is a pilates studio owner in Ventura, Ventura Temple [inaudible]. How many y...

Becoming: The Secrets to Thriving as a Teacher: with Niedra Gabriel


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Thank you Niedra for this discussion and Nicole for sharing your story.  I am in a similar situation, fear of leaving corporate security and this was inspiring!
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I so appreciate this discussion as I built my business in Egypt from 0 !! With very high standards what I wanted to provide to the community ... And I refused all the generous offers for 6 Dollars an hour in all the 'prestigious' fitness facilities (unfortunately, this is the average rate here although we pay European/American rates here for training and further education) ... Never looked back and have a full schedule since 12 years !!  I love your approach Nicole and wish you all the best and Niedra, I  adore you !!! one day I will join you in  one of your retreats, it's on my ',to do' lists, definitely... 
Randi  So happy to hear it's helpful to you! Transitioning careers was very challenging and costly from a financial perspective -- but from a quality of life perspective, it was the best thing I have ever done! Giving up the stress and shifting from such a low vibration in my day to day has given me a whole new level of happiness and motivation and success. Happy to share more about the lessons I learned -- what I would do again and what I would do differently. Best wishes to you!   
Petra Thank you so much! Awesome and inspiring to hear your risk has paid off and has been so sustainable for you! Maybe we will meet each other one day at one of Niedra's AMAZING retreats!
Randi ,Petra ,Nic  you are all witnessing and sharing - i LOVE this.  how strong we will be supporting each other. My dream is to have a way for everyone to brain storm what is next...  ( next course maybe) and just as an aside - I am smiling here reading about you wanting to join my retreats - I just finished one in Tuscany and am putting together my 2020 schedule.   If you sign up to my mailing list via my website, you will get my posts on what is going on.   Big smile here... 

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