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A lifelong professional dance artist and Founding Member of PhysicalMind Institute, I have concentrated my attention on teaching Pilates Fundamentals (informed by Eve Gentry), Mat and Reformer Work (using Kinesiology and Ideokinesis frameworks, informed by Karen Clippinger and Pamela Matt ). Also, I am a Somatic Educator--The Swan Practice©--teaching all of the above in my private studio, The Lighthouse/Studio 5 O 2 (pre-COVID). Formerly the Director of Dance at the University of Nevada, Reno, as a scholar of poetic perception with my doctorate degree in Comparative Mythology, I am a Lecturer in Core Humanities at the University of Nevada, Reno, and a Public Lecturer. I am currently edting my book on the Pilates work.



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About me

I'm: a Woman - 67 Years Old
Where I Live: Reno, Nevada
Language(s) I Speak: English
Other Exercise I Enjoy: Cardio Machines (Three days a week), Walking (Twice a week), Yoga

My Pilates Practice

Years of Pilates Experience: 20+
Practice Frequency: Daily

My Teacher Training

Fletcher Pilates® - Comprehensive (1979)
Eve Gentry Pilates - Teacher Trainer (1991)
PhysicalMind Institute - Master (1995)

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