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I started Pilates as part of my dance training over 20 years ago, I then worked as a performer, stage manager, theatre manager, (all of which i loved) personal trainer (i definitely didn't love) and reflexologist (loved but i didn't move enough) until eventually I finally realized Pilates was where I wanted to be, that was 11 years ago and I haven't looked back since. I run my own Mat classes in London but am qualified in the equipment too, I love learning and travelling and I try to study with as many teachers as possible (i think everyone has something to teach me), whilst I think Pilates should be taken seriously I think we should all take ourselves a little less seriously, my job as I see it is to keep myself and those around me moving freely, with strength, flexibilty and grace, thus making the most of a body that is truly a gift to us all!



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I'm: a Woman - 50 Years Old
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