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Playful Mat Variations

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You will find the playfulness in your movements with this fun Mat workout by Blossom Leilani Crawford. She teaches exercises and concepts that were inspired by teachers like Kathy Grant, Deborah Lessen, and others. She also works on finding the push and pull in your movements so you can use the opposition to help you.
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Hi, I'm blessedly lining Crawford. I'm here with my friend, Cynthia, Steven and Julie, and we're going to do a mat work that's a different hopefully from the other mat works I have on plots anytime. So hope you have some fun. The emphasis is going to be a little bit more on extension and I'm kind of just playing around. So come with me. It's going to be a little lots of fun. I hope I almost had a little fun. You can decide. So I'm on your hands and knees. Let's get on our hands and knees and let's get ready to do some cat movement.

So just try to find the cat position, hands underneath your shoulders, knees under the hips, and just find that beautiful, neutral spine and breathe. And then from here, let's shift forward. Inhaling, and as you shift back, lengthen out of the top of the head energy out of the head as you shift back, as you shift forward, lengthen out of the tailbone. Inhaling, and as you shift back, exhale, lengthen out of the top of the head, pushing the floor away. One more time. Inhale as you shift forward. And as you exhale, lengthen out of the top of the head. As you push from there, drop your head round your spine and let your head dangle. Curl your pubic bone under. And so from here, can you just dangle that head? And now from here, do your cat have choice? When you're ready, slowly reverse your spine. Stick your booty out, lift your Chin and chest and do any movement that feels good.

Any cat cow motions of your spine. Yeah, that's exactly it. So when Ed home just listened to your body, see what it needs. And if you're not sure, go into an extension of your spine. Go into a rounding, maybe do a little look over your shoulder. Do any other sort of side bending that kind of feels good for you. Cat of choice. Just take another couple of breaths to sort of feel around and see what you need as a teacher. It's always interesting to sort of see a blank. Oh, okay, she needs this. He wants that. Yeah.

It's interesting to sort of see what cats come out. So when you are ready everybody drop your head and round your spine and just curl under one more bit. How about a little shake of that head? No. And then from this lovely rounded spine position, let's go forward into a swan. So maybe crawl your hands further forward. Go into a big extension of your spine, lift the chin, lift your chest.

And in this moment take the pubic bone up with you. And as you exhale, melt down to the floor. Good hands underneath your forehead please. Resting your forehead down on your fingertips. It doesn't matter which hand is on top. Hold on. Microphone in here. Okay.

So from here, pushing down into your hands, just give me a big inhale. And as you exhale, just raise your head up off the ground just a few inches and hold. That's it. We're still looking down at the floor. We're looking at the fingertips and as you exhale, relax it back down. Do that a couple more times. So this series is inspired by Deborah lesson.

I'm throwing in some Cathy grants. So it's just a big old mish-mosh. And again, lift it up. Yeah, that's it. But say looking down at the floor, so long back of the neck, gorgeous. And rest your head back down. Let's add on. Inhale again. And as you exhale, do that little head lift. I call this angry turtle. From there, keep your rib cage down on the floor. Lift the chin and chest, but keep that bottom of the rib cage down and that's it. No stretch the jaw muscles almost open up the throat, but keep that ribcage down. Great. Melt back down to the floor.

So the hope here is that you keep the rib cage down and really get thoracic extension. One more time. Head lift please. Big exhale. As you lift the chin, lift the chest and make that head and neck be the last bit in the, make sure you get that rib cage and gorgeous yet. Push down into those hands and you can even reach those elbows forward as you rest your head back down. What do you say one more time guys? Yeah, big inhale please. And as you exhale, lift your head up. Just like that. Looking down at the floor and now thing spinal extension. Spinal extension ribs day rib. Say yes and rest your head down and relax.

Pushing down into your hands. Just nice and easy. Um, maybe even reach those elbows forward so you can get those shoulders down toward the floor, pushing down into the hands. Just a little lift of the navel as you inhale. That's all it is. Exhale, keep the naval lifted. Inhale, keep that beautiful internal lift. There's not much to see. Inhale again. And as you exhale, release it down. Let's just do that one more time. So this is Kathy grant's belly button. Breathing. Inhale. Draw the navel internally up. Maybe you lift, maybe you don't exhale. Keep that connection.

Inhale, keep that connection. And as you exhale, release it down. One more time. Inhale, lift the navel up and now lift both legs up. Yes, they stay straight. Yeah, stay here breathing. You can let the legs open slightly. Don't have to bring them together. And on the next exhale, take the legs down. Just do that a couple more times. Add the naval or not. See how it feels. If you don't add the naval, just lift those legs up.

See how that feels and if you like the naval lifting with the legs and do that. Yes. Lifting those legs. Exactly. And take it down. Just one more time. Pushing down into those hands. Just an easy lift of both legs. Really saying hello to the back line of the body.

Staying there with both legs lifting. Can you lower the legs halfway down, but straighten the legs completely. Yes. Hello Hamstrings. Everybody hopefully are feeling that. And as you exhale, rest everything down from here. Pushing down into your hands. Lift one leg up only. I always like to see what like most of the time people pick their right leg. So just because that's the one they picked. Let's, I'm going to switch it on.

You pick your other leg. Yeah. And staying there. Draw a circle with this leg please. So as you circle what I'm looking for is a nice, easy, even circle. And as you're circling the leg, can you feel your hips staying still? Ish. Exactly. And then maybe reverse the circle of that leg. Exactly.

And don't worry about lifting it high. Keep it straight. Yeah. Really think of keeping that leg really super straight. And then when you can take that leg down, change sides, please lift the other leg up. Exactly right. And again, don't worry about the height, really think of finding this hamstring and lowering it, but maybe straightening and now circle this leg and um, just check in with yourself. You might want to internally rotate that leg ever so slightly because you're going to get, yeah, a little bit of a different firing in the back line because most of us like to turn out ever so slightly. And did we reverse that circle cause I forgot already. Thank you.

I appreciate that. Yeah. And think of the big femur that by doing the circle right and maybe as you're trying to stay internally rotate, find that big toe Aha that can help find that spiral. Just one more and take it down. Rest, putting it all together guys, lift your head, hands, elbow, stay looking down at the floor, bringing the fingertips to the forehead. Lift the legs too and clap the legs together. Inhale. So this extension series, exhale.

I'm saying councilors are hundreds. Inhale, three, four, five. Exhale. Breathe it through. Yes, a few more breaths. Inhale. And as you clap, think of those upper inner thighs being the thing that you're clapping from. Right? And inhale, big. Exhale, Jess. One more. You're almost there. Big Inhale. And exhale. Relax everything down. Nicely done guys. Push back. Sit on your heels. Yoga poses the child.

Just get a little stretch with the bat going in the opposite direction and take a few deep, enjoyable, hopefully breath. Excellent guys. So when you can sit to the front edges of your mat so your hips are going to be pretty far forward. And let's get ready for some roll-ups please. So sitting up, by the way, um, I'm sort of starting slow. We'll get going faster eventually. So from here, reach both arms forward in toward each other. Inhale. And as you exhale, just a nice, easy, slow rolling down.

Maybe hum as you lie down. Okay. Mm. Maybe you have to bend your knees at a certain point. Bring the arms over your head. Take a nice moment to stretch. As you reach back, just breathe from here. Bring your arms up to the ceiling en hold. Lift your head up, give you a big exhale. Stay right there. That's good. Great. So you come up to that next wrinkle of your tee shirt and you stay right there.

Count out loud to 10. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Next block. Come up a little bit higher. Count to 10. Yeah. Use those numbers of breathe and hold the spot. One more spot right there. Beautiful one. Yeah. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Go forward. Inhaling, as you exhale, drop your head. Reach past your toes.

We're going to do that one more time. You have another opportunity. That's it. Just stay here. Breathing. Inhale again. And as you exhale forward and breathe forward, a little bit more. Come for, yeah, that's exactly it. And in your effort to reach forward, keep the back of the head lifted ever so slightly. And one more exhale reaching forward from here. Start to roll backwards. Inhale as you roll back. Exactly. And as you exhale, just roll through that spine. Lying down a scoot in a little bit more. Julie, if you don't mind, as you [inaudible] and then from there, keep those arms overhead. Let's do it one more time.

So we reaching the arms over our head. Bring the arms up to the ceiling and hold. Excellent. Press those legs together. Give me a big exhale. Lifting your head up. Yes. From here, you're going to come up to the next wrinkles. Stay right there. Count out loud to 10. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Next Lot. Come up a little bit right there. Count to 10, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. One more spot. Come up right here. Maybe you have to grab on.

Go ahead. Count. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Come all the way forward. Drop your head. Big exhale. In fact, staying here. Can you say hanging over? Let's whistle on the exhale. Go. Yeah. One more breath like that. So notice that when you whistle, what the belly naturally does. Whistle going forward. Yeah. Whistle, whistle, whistle. When you're ready, start to roll backwards. Inhaling. And as you exhale, we're just going to do lying all the way down.

And you're going to do some roll ups now on your own timing. So from the arms reaching over your head, let's get going. Inhale as you roll up, big exhale. As you go forward, drop the head, reach past the toes, inhale as you roll back. And as you exhale, lie down. Do your own timing. You guys your own timing too. Yeah. So just inhaling an excellent whatever speed your ready for.

Yeah, because let's face it, I don't do them the same way every day and I don't expect you to. Yes. And so as you go forward, make sure that you are lifting that back of the head as you exhale forward. Exhale with the stomach in. When you lie down, you want to try to reach back and not have the ribs fly up off the ground. Keep a little connection to the earth. Yes. And on the next one, everybody, and reaching forward, please inhale to come up. Big exhale to go forward and take a nice big stretch going forward from here.

You're going to do a little bit of a trick that I learned from this lady right here that she, I believe, taught the roll-up rollover. So from here, nice and easy. You can take a peek at it. If you want, just kind of playful. You're going to bend the knees into your chest, roll back, and kind of roll those legs up and over your head. Nothing fancy, just like that. And slowly roll through the spine and come right back up again. Roll through, reach forward, drop the head and stretch a few more times. Nice and easy up. Inhale, exhale, roll back. That's it. And Roll on through the whether or not you straighten your legs, I don't care, but it should feel good and you're just waking that spine up and letting it bear a little bit of weight. That's it. And roll it up.

You're going to do one more and everybody end with those legs up and over your head. Take a nice stretch. Stay there from this stretching position, I'm going to Tuck you in a little bit. Inhale, and as you exhale, slowly roll down, lengthening, just exhaling, exhaling, exhaling, and come back on your maths when you can, if you need to, scoot on in and hug your right knee into your chest. So yes, Cynthia and Stephen come back on. Exactly. Hug your right knee into your chest and hold it there. We're let rest in that left leg on the floor. And from here, extend the right leg up to the ceiling, holding onto the back of the thigh. Gently press that five forward and down. So you're almost spiraling the thigh outlets point and flex the foot that's in the air. Oh yes. Hello. Right [inaudible].

And so don't worry about how close the leg is to you. Really press that thigh forward and down so that you're almost grounding that femur into the floor. Yes. And then did we circle the foot yet? Yeah. Click, Goodie. Click, click, click, click, click. Reverse. The circle is, that's happening here with these fee. Maybe you're clicking, maybe it's not. All right guys. And with a foot pointed please. And let's do arms down by your side. Let's do circles with Poles today.

So here we go. The leg goes. Inhale across the body, down, out to the side, up, grab onto it. Go for two pulls again. Inhale, exhale up. Grab on, pole it twice and go. Inhale. Exhale up. Grab on to pulls. Two more times. Inhale. Exhale, grab on. Pull, pull. One more time. When you pull the leg, ground the hip bone down. Say here, reverse to the side. Across the body. Grab on, hip is down. That's right. Exhale. Ah, cross and hip stays down three more times. Exhale. Ah, cross.

Yes and hip stays down. Last two. No pull. Pull. One more time. I could have done a six one. Yeah. Extra measure. When you're ready, lift your head up. Give yourself a nice stretch. Now on this next set, let's take a look at our standing leg. Can we go parallel with that standing leg? Yeah.

And find that internal spiral of that standing leg and almost an external spiral of the leg. We're stretching. Excellent guy. Scissor. The leg in the air to change sides. Point the foot that's in the air. Rest the standing leg on the floor and before you leave it, flex it and let's make sure that, yeah, exactly. Rest that head down. Hold onto the back of the thigh. Press the fide down exactly in forward as you pull against it.

So Cynthia holding even lower, I think down the thigh yet and even lower more. That's it. As you press the five four point and flex the foot guys. Yes. Such a simple move and it's always like, why don't I do this more often? Right? And when you can, and with the foot pointed and just easy circle of the foot as you're circling, see if you could not let your knee move around. Not that you're doing that, but like just a thought. Sometimes it's good to keep that knee steady and just move the from the ankle down. Nice guys. So when you're done, point the foot, bring your arms down by your side. When you candle it goes across. Inhale, exhale up, grab on, pull, pull again. Inhale, exhale up, grab on, keep your standing leg and go. Inhale, exhale and go pull. Pull. Two more times.

Hand Up. Paul. Paul. One more time. Thank you very much. Get ready to reverse to the Sida Cross. So close. It's really exciting. Exhale, look across and go pull. Pull three more times and go pull. Pull two more. There you go. Pull. It's amazing. Yes. Last one. Exhale. Grab onto this leg.

Lift your head up and just go for a nice stretch. Excellent. So yes, you're pulling. Look up at that foot. Maybe. Good. Bring both legs up into the air please. Holding onto the backs of both thighs. Inhale. And as you exhale, maybe lower skin. Press those thighs towards you. Press yourself up into a teaser position. Just for a moment. Yes. So right now you're filling the ultimate of belly in opposition to the thighs.

Pressing. Yeah. And just one more breath. Bend the knees in. Hold onto the front of the shins. Curl into a ball, and in this tight little ball position, still feel length in the spa time and flex the feet for me. Keep your torso as is. Lower the heels down. Pick the feet back up. Zip and curl. Yeah, one more time like that. Lower those feet down from that belly. Zip and curl. Easy. Does it? Beautiful.

Rolling like a ball guys. Easy Rolling. Like ball roll back. Pull out. Push. Pull on those legs. Yeah. Cause there's that push pull again. Exactly. A few more. So just easy rolls again. Your timing and got one more. Yes. Balance up top. Stay here. Put the soles of the feet on the floor.

Let the souls of the feet come together. Let those knees open. Take an easy open. Hang over the leg. Stretch. Sure. That's what it's called. Hang over the leg stretch. Um, I'm sure it's like bought a Canasta or something like that, isn't it? You don't know. W W I don't know. I just butterfly. That's what we call it in ballet class. Remember Butterfly. All right, so from here we're going to do, I'm a little stretch so I'll have you guys face me.

So just bring one knee on top of the other and you're going to, oh, actually I'll face you. What am I doing? Yeah, you face me and I call it t v watching game of Thrones. Watching position. Yeah. And so the hand goes farther away than you think and you're actually going to Slouch, dare I say it and take that other hand. And I like to put it on the rib cage and I want you to just, uh, breathe into the ribs. I have this joke that I tell in my math class, cause I do this. And sometimes there's some girls that are kind of like, they're looking around going like, what are they stretching? And I say, if you were in your 20s, you might not feel this, but don't worry, you will. It's terrible. It's like, I'm like, I'm like that Old Lady's like, Oh, you'll feel this, but hopefully you're feeling a nice stretch. And if you slouch it even, yeah. Feels better. That's all it is.

Guys rolled over to the other side. So just easy, nothing fancy slouch and oh yeah. And one side is going to be different from the other yet Julie go anyway. Yes. And that's it. And so the hand that's on the ribcage, I'm trying to get you to breathe into that rib cage. So it's almost like a fan opening. That's what I'm sort of imagining happening with my ribs and fingertips.

And closing. One more time. Just really breathe deeply and like that's it. So you're letting that rib spine open. That's the image. Wow. Try that at home. Kids. Try it at home or here, which you'd like to see. Well, okay, great. Great. That's it. All right. That's what's happening. All right, so from there, slowly come back to center please. Facing in toward each other, shall we inhale. And as you exhale, you're going to hold onto your right knee.

As you lie down slow, let's go right into our stomach series. Lowering the torso down. Push, pull with the leg and pull change side to side. Go. Inhale for right or left, right. Exhale, left, right. Keep going. Side to side. Yeah, keep breathing. And exhale. One more breath. Yep.

And then inhale and then exhale. Exciting. Hug both knees in, pull tight. And now just a little different. Rest your head down please. Good. When you can. Inhale as you bring your arms and legs up to the ceiling and hold yes on the next exhale. Keep your head down please. Lower the arms and legs toward the floor to the place that challenges your belly. Arms go forward as well, Steven. Yes. And just stay here breathing. Yeah, that's good that you don't have to go any lower than that.

Bend the knees into the chest. Pull tight. So as you lower the legs, the Chin's gonna want to come up, but you're going to resist that urge. Arms and legs up. Good. Maybe find that v of the feet where you're rotating those lights that and you reach it for you. Find the place where you're challenging your belly but not your back. Oh yeah, that's work, right. Bend the knees into the chest. Adding on. Here we go. Arms and legs up again.

Lower those arms and legs forward and you stay there if you want to bring your head up now. Big exhale. Yes. From there, reach your arms back by the ears. Count out loud to five. Say One, two, three, four, five. Circle the arms around. Bend the knees into your chest. Arms back, legs forward. Here we go. You inhale, go to five. One, two, three, four, five. Circle the arms around. Just one more like that. Arms back, legs forward. Inhale, come to five, four, five. Big exhale. Rest your heads down. Please stretch your left leg up to the ceiling. Hold onto the left leg with both hands on the next exhale.

Lift your head and stretch your right leg forward, but not onto the floor. Lift the head. Extend the leg forward. Good. Look up toward the toes. And think of the tips of the shoulder blade saying onto the mat. Sin For you. Press the thigh. Yeah, it's more about grounding the palace. Double pull, go, pull, pull, change legs. Pull, pull, change legs. So notice when you pull the belly connects. Yeah, keep that connection to another side actually. And another side. Okay, so stay here. Keep that belly connection. Slowest change ever.

Keeping the connection change sides. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Grab on. Little pull. Bigger. Pull one. More like that. Keep the connection. Keep it a slower, slower, slower, slower, slow reaching, reaching, reaching, stretching, stretching. Oh, let's do another set. Let's do another set. Here we go. We keep that belly connection. And as you change sides, reaching, reaching, reaching, reaching, reaching. Yes. And then push pull. Yet we use that press for just one more like that. And when you go for the pull, don't do it in your neck thing belly and pull the thigh. Yes.

And then with the knees into the chest, both hands behind your neck. Take a little mini break. Rest your head down. Ah, inhale please. As you exhale, draw your elbows up toward the ceiling. Exhale as you lift your head up. Stretch both legs up to the ceiling. Just an easy inhale. Lower both legs down. And as you exhale, slowly bring the legs up. You have just one more time like that. Inhale, lower the legs down. And this time as you bring the legs up, gently press your head back into your hands as you exhale to bring the legs up. Yes, that's so good. One more time. Inhale to lower. And Cynthia, instead of looking up, look toward the naval maybe. Yes.

Bend the knees into your chest. Let's all twist to face out, away from the ocean. Left leg or the leg closest to the ocean goes forward. Yes. Changed sides was like, which way change. I have to teach you guys. Ocean directions change again. In Hawaii, there's ocean to the ocean and going away from the ocean. Keep going side to side, away from the ocean to the ocean. Molokai and Malka are the directions.

This will also be a Hawaiian language lesson. You didn't know that. Just one more breath. Yes. Hug both knees in. Pull really tight you guys. Thank you for bearing with me through that and rest your head down. Putting your feet down on the floor. Easy, simple. Pelvic lift. Lift your hips up. I don't care how you lift him up. Just lift him up. Yeah, are you already? And then when you can slowly come down, if there's one way you always like to lift your hips, then do it a different way today. Right? Or if you think, oh, I don't want to lift that way, then do it again. Lift up again.

Just simple pelvic lift and let's add a little Cathy grant wrinkle in there. So keeping your hips lifted, reach your hands forward to the tops of your thighs, pressing down on top of your thighs. So hands are literally on your thighs. Hands press down as you press your hips up against. Yes, that good. Now from there, reach both arms up and over your head. Lift the hips even higher. Lengthen the whole front line of the hip. So dare I say it, let your rib cage flare. Oh no, go for it. I'll sit in here with you like this. And as you exhale, lift your hands a couple of inches off the ground and roll through that spine.

Roll on down. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That should feel really good. From there, you're going to, uh, let's do it again. So extend the legs forward. So yeah, assemblies for two straight. So when you are in Hawaii, when you're going toward the ocean with your hands and legs, that's called going MCI. So let's go. Arms and legs going with Chi. Yes. Oh, see Hawaiian lesson. It's coming. It's coming. And in fact you can even grab the hand that's farther away from the ocean and give yourself a little bit of a Yank. So the image that I'd like you to think of is you, what your spine is doing. I'd like you to think of one big c shape. Yeah.

And see if it's equally distributed. Right. Cause sometimes there's like one spot that does all of the bending and then we've got get that re yes. Good. And then let's go Malka when the feet and hands go away from the ocean toward the mountains. And if you are on an island, right? That is going Malka. Oh yes. Some directions are harder than others. Sometimes we have an easier time going to oceans than we do to mountains. Yeah.

And then with your arm you grab onto the side closest to the ocean and you pull. Yeah. So again, imagine that big sea shaped spine. Yeah. Keep your torso where it is and bring the feet in the opposite direction. So for you guys, you're going to take your legs back to the ocean. So now I'm trying to get you to feel a s o most. That's a little harder.

Everyone's like, this is weird. This is right. So if you're reaching out of your left arm, left your your right arm, you're going to reach with the opposite leg. Yes, that's right. So it's sort of weird. So if it's right arm going over, left leg is reaching, if it's left arm over or if it's right arm over left. Oh, I said the same thing twice. Fabulous. Now you have that one. Now from here, keep the uh, legs where it is. Move your torso over. Yes. Keep moving. Keep moving. Keep moving. Yes. And then bring the legs in the opposite direction. All right. So see if you can stay looking up to the ceiling.

Just imagine that weird s shape that you're trying. So sweet. I switch the hands. So now you're pulling the torso is going in one semicircle and now you're reaching out of this right heel long. And Yeah. So this, you know, it's just a different, just trying to mix it up a little bit. Uh Huh. A little less here. A little more there. Yes, there you go. All right, come back to center. Let's rejigger all of that.

So with both arms over your head, take a little bit of a moment. And from here, let's roll all the way up to sitting up tall. Press those eyes together. Come up to sitting up tall. Let's rejigger. Open up those legs a little bit past the shoulders. Feet are flexed. Inhale. And as you exhale, drop your head between your arms and go for a spine. Stretch forward. Yes, stay there. Inhaling.

And as you exhale, just a little external spiral in that upper arm. And then inhale again. Exhale, go further forward. Think of the sacred stang where it is and you go forward. Good, good, good, good. I like to remind people, it's called spine stretch forward. Use Your tummies. You'd come up to sitting up tall. Shall we do that one more time? Inhale. And as you exhale, go forward.

Drop your head. Yes. And the upper arm. Stay nice and externally spread as you keep going forward. Four. Yes. Nope, no shoulders yet. And it's really yes using you at spine. And then when you can just pretend you're coming up to sitting up tall against a lovely wall. Don't I used to have this thing she'd say, don't touch me, but don't push me. Ah, thank you very much. From here. Put your hands behind your neck.

Get ready for Kathy grant's lateral. So just there. Now with your hands behind your neck, there's a want to go here. Don't worry about elbows wide, elbows slightly forward. So from here, tilt easily to the right. So I think leaning tower of Pisa, tilt to the right. That's it. Just hold from there. Let's stretch the flesh. You're going to stretch all that skin, so you're going to keep yes, move that rib cage with you. Keep going, keep going. Beautiful.

Lean your head into your hands as you come back to sitting up tall. This is lateral number one to the other side. Tilt leaning tower of Pisa and then stretch the flesh. So think of taking that root cage with you. Good. Yes, yes. Yeah. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Yes. And use your Tammie.

Lean your head into your hands as you slowly come up to sitting up tall. One more set like that. Tilt to the right. I remember Kathy would say as you get older there's more flesh to stretch. Stretch it again. Didn't know what she meant then when I was in my twenties I know now I know.

Now Lean your head into your hand as you come back up. Just one more time. So first just tilts a spine in one piece. Beautiful. Leave the hip alone and length it. Good. And it's important to say looking forward because that's going to help keep you or that's it from twisting. Beautiful. Lean your head into your hands to come up. So that's lateral number one.

Adding on right elbow is going to go to the outside of the right knee as you inhale. Nothing fancy. That's all it is. Good for the left elbow in. Make a big knee Taco. Yes. Stay right there. Open up the left elbow. Yes. Lean your head into your hands. Come up to sitting up tall. Look straight ahead. Yes to the other side. Left elbow to the outside of the lift. Left knee. As you inhale, even right now, that opposite hip is down. Lean your head into your hands.

That's the opposition. Good fold in knee tacos are delicious. Open up that right elbow and lean your head into your hands as you come up to sitting up tall. That's a slow mo version. Are we ready for faster, right? Goes outside, left, goes inside, open, left. You come up to sitting. Other side left. Exhale, stomach in, open and sit up. Tall. No hips, right, goes outside, left, goes inside, open, left and sit up tall last time. Inhale big.

Exhale open and sit up tall. Here comes number three. The rarely. See number three, I have to do it with you. So from here I'll talk. I'll, so I'll do it. The city. So let's do it together. Tilt to the right. Yes. From here, leave the hips alone. You're going to rotate to the left. Go into extension and rotation from there, come up to sitting up tall so that your head comes up and you're just sitting. But looking at a twisted position, bring your chin to your chest.

Look straight ahead. As you come up to sitting up tall, I'll give you the monologue from here. Tilt. Yes. And I think what's over there. And I wrote it in and I'm thinking of that. For me, it's my left elbow carving around, right? That opposite elbow that's going forward. And I'm coming up to sitting up tall. So I get that funky spot in my middle back and then this part I think I can't even, that's literally what I think cause I'm like ugh. Anyway, to the right tilt, find that rotation. No hips. I think of above the wasteland. I'm tilting.

You should really now that Oh elbow, that's carving ground. That's the one you feel come up to sitting up. Yes. I can't even mom anyway to the other side Til I'll have a teenager. She'll she, I'm sure to do that. And twist, rotate, rotate, rotate, rotate, rotate. Yes. Carving that elbow and then Chin to the chest. I can't even, and center who do we feel that in our back?

Like some spiciness. Yeah, go easy on that one. If you don't like it, don't do it. But if you like it because it's just not a position we go, like extension of, you know, we don't really do that one that often. So I'm bringing it back. Number three. All right, so open leg rocker guys. So from here, draw those legs together and reach forward. Inhale. And as you exhale, lower that torso halfway down and hold just like that. And if you can slide on those sticky mats a little, can you slide those legs in, which means you have to lift them. And slide four.

Just do that a couple more times. Deep Curl as you exhale and inhale to straighten. One more time. Deep Curl. Grab on to the backs of the thigh or calves, whichever was available to you. Extend the letting eggs and Ben do that a couple more times. Big Inhale. Exhale.

Extend the legs and take it down last time. Extend the legs and hold and on your own timing. Chin to the chest to roll back please. Yes. Notice how I just did that part of that then do this part. Yes. Balance up top. Eyes Up, Chin Up. Yes. Do a few [inaudible]. Yes.

Chin to the chest. Roll back. Now keep that deep. Inhale curl as you come up. It's just the headless up. Yeah. Last one. Chin to the chest there. That deep, low curl. Keep the low curl as you just lift the chin up yet. Now stay here balanced and you're going to breathe. Cause this is the hard part. That's why I'm just talking with you. Keep feeling that opposition. Bring those legs together. And as you exhale, put your feet down by bending the knees. Everybody scoot forward.

I'd like you to have your feet on something that you can kind of slide on easily. Reach both arms forward. Again, inhale. And as you exhale, torso lowers halfway down. Well I can do this here. Good. And when you can, you're going to bend those legs in and just hold. So keeping your knees bent. Twist the torso to one side. I don't care which one. And come back to center. Jess. Try not to twist the hips as you do this. Yes. And come back to center. What'd he say? One more set. Big Inhale. Exhale, twist. Yeah, you can keep the feet on the floor, Julia Gas and come back to center and then to the other side.

From that waistline. Yes. Come back to center. Straighten those legs. Sit Up. Nice and tall. Inhale please. Next bit. Big exhale as you lower down. Yes. Stay there looking straight ahead. Gorgeous. Bend those knees in. Stay right here. Hands are above the knees. Yes. Keep the hands as is from here. Can you just sit into one?

But Chico ladle care. Which one? Let those knees twist. Yes. And come back to center. Right to the other side. Hands say parallel like a train track at a Palani studio and come back to center. You got one more set? Big Twists. Yes. Ooh, that's a heart. Yes. And come back to center. One more. Okay. Yeah, come back to center. Straighten those legs. Sit Up nice and tall. Take another breath. Let's put it all together. Big exhale.

Lower the torso down. One more time. Bend those knees in. So let's go. Legs to the right. Arms to the left. Or You guys feel that twist now stay there. Steven. Look at your hands. Oh yeah, that's different. And come back to center legs to the left arm to the right. And really look a Cynthia. A little less Martha. A little more just German street. Yes. And come to you. She Uni out.

We'd come back. Go. She can't help herself. Come back to center one more time. Legs to the right. Arms to the left. Now stay here. Can you tilt the crown of your head toward the knees? Oh yeah. Come back to center. I know. Funky, right? And then to the other side. And then can you take your head with your knees? Oh, I don't like that one.

Come back to center. Inhale. And as you exhale, US come up to sitting up tall. How are those hip flexors? Open up the legs a little bit past the shoulders. Open up the arms. Inhale, twist to your left. Left. Yes. Thank you. Oh, here we go. And right little finger saws off the left little toe. Drop your head and just, that's it. Okay. And come back to sitting up tall too. The other side. Inhale. Exhale, twist. I love it. Now stay here.

Now let's talk here for a moment. From here. From here. Can you really do little finger to the baby toe? Yeah, that's it. And I really would like you to almost press. There you go. That's the press back. Palm presses up and now go three times. Go [inaudible] do twice. Speak French. Now to the other side. Inhale. Exhale, twist. Yes. Right-Hand. So there it is. That little finger.

So literally palm down back there soon. Yeah. And print and I sometimes surprise. Yeah. Press go. Three hip down to one and sit up tall. Just one more set like that. Inhale. Exhale, twist. Yes. That's it. Think left hip back. Left hip back yet. The opposite hip. Sit Up. Nice and tall.

Gorgeous to the other side. Yeah. And inhale. Exhale, twist and go. Three. Touch that toe to yes. And just one more. Yes. And sit up nice and tall. I see we stretch the front of our hips out. Inhale. And as you exhale on down, bend your knees. Feet are flat on the floor. Julie, scoot down just a little bit more so you have a little more head on there. Great. So from here guys, let's just do the feet together. Yeah. Simple pelvic lift with the feet together. Ish. Yeah.

With the hips lifted, can you think of those? Ankle bones, these boney bones right here. Almost spiraling away from each other. Yeah, that business. Inhale. And as you exhale, come on down. Let's add on again. Pelvic lift. Good. Now this is gonna sound funny. You're gonna stick your booty out. Come halfway down and hold. Sticking it out. Sing it out. Yes. Right there. Extend the right leg along the Florida Strait. Huh?

Lift that right leg up just a little bit and hold it right there. That's exactly it. Lower the leg down. Let's just do that one more time. Just a little lift. Remember when that was the front line of your body that was hurting. Take the leg down, slide that leg in and bring it on down.

It means, but comes down. Here we go. Pelvic lift again in full. Lifted the hips. And as you exhale, come halfway down. Yeah. Which is an interesting place, right? So it's a little more booty out than you think. Extend the other leg along the floor, which is your left good.

And when you can find a, just that little lifted that leg up off the ground. Yeah. And it's really hard to stay even. Right. Got One more breath. Lower that leg down. And again, without changing the hips, could you lift that leg up, Jess? Yeah, exactly. Take that leg down. Slide the leg in and as you exhale, slowly roll down. Nicely done. You guys from here, I'd like you to lie on your side facing Malka away from the ocean toward the well toward the mountain. Yeah, that's up Malka. Okay, so here we go.

So flexing the feet. Uh, Julie's scoot in a little bit. You're going to be fine. Just a little bit. Exactly. All right, so from here, flexing the feet. I want you to be in one long line. From the fingertips to the heels. The legs are straight to begin. The feet are flexed. Yeah. Inhale, lift the waist line up. That's all it is. And as you exhale, take it down and just make sure that the hips are stacked. One on top of the other. Inhale, lift that waistline up and just stay right there.

Lift the top leg up as you inhale to come up. Keep going, keep going, keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Oh yes, keep going up. Yes, and exhale. Take it down. I used to have a choreographer that would do that. If we went too slow, she'd pretend to snore and fall asleep. Inhale the lift up, keep going, keep going. Oh well, big exhale to come down. Yes. So that whole inhale is a lift up. And Go ahead. Inhale, lift up. And you spiral that leg. Yes, yes, yes. As you lift the waistline, keep going. Yes. And take it down. You've got one more to go.

Inhale to lift that leg up and stay up there. Just a little circle right there. Up High. Tiny. Yeah. And the hard part is that back half to really get the back half reversed. The Circle. Yeah. And you were using that standing like it is straight. It is flex and work gang.

Don't you guys think so? Yeah. And take that leg down and rest. Rotate that top palm up to the ceiling please. And just rest pushing down into that top a front hand. Lift the hand, the full hand that's on the floor. The elbow that's on the floor and half of that armpit. That's it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And take it down. And again, when you're ready, lift the hand, elbow and half a pit. You take it down. One more time.

Lift the hand, elbow. And a half a pit and take it down. Rest both parts together. Torso and legs. Lift up. Yes. Yes, yes. Banana, as Alan would say, and take it down. Banana and again lifted on up. Yes. Yes. He has to make sure that arm lifts the heads in. Yes, and take it down.

Just one more. Torso and legs. Lift up. Stay their inner thighs like crazy. Touched down both arms over the head. Oh, no, no, no. Stay up there both arms over the head or big. I don't know. Yeah, I was going to say big banana. Nah, that's not what we're doing. Touchdowns better. Yes, and take it down and rest. Are we okay? Excellent. From there, keep the legs where they are. The thighs especially. You're going to bend the heels back. I'm doing it with one that's at Julia.

You're going to bend the knees, flexing both feet so that the heels go back and the pelvis stays forward so that you're making like a backwards letter l, if that makes sense. Yeah, so you're going to flex the feet a lot. Yes. Bring the hips a little four to that. It a little tuck there. Now if you are having a little knee pain, you might want to not do this, but it would also help if you would just lift the top knee a little bit if you're feeling a little bit of pain, just the top knee adding on. So this is a little series from Irene Dowd. By the way, anytime I borrow something from someone, it's really my version of it because it could be a small bastardization. So don't go back to him and be like, so blossom said, cause I'm probably making some part of it up. So here we go.

Pushing down into the front hand that bottom foot. Can you lift your hips up off the ground? Yeah. Yes. And take it down. By the way, if you don't lift very much, it's fine. Just a little. Just a little unweighting two more times like that. Inhale, lift up. That's great you guys. And exhale, take it down. It's very hard. Even though you can't hear the work that's happening here.

Inhale, lift up and stay there. Keep the hips lifted. Can you lift your top leg up and down? Three times. Inhale up and exhale down. Yeah, that's all it is. Two flexing that tough foot as well. Julie Zarif flex up bottom foot too. And everybody pray, get down and rest. Bring it all down. Shall we add on? Here we go. Lift the torso up.

Lift the hips up. I said tours. I was wrong. Lift the hips up. Yeah, no, that would have been hard. Lift the top leg up and hold. Good. And imagine that you're drawing a circle on my hand. Yeah, that's all it is. Reverse the circle flexes foot love. Yes. And again, small Julie. Teeny tiny. Yeah, exactly. And take it down. Rest when you can, the hand that's been on front of you, kind of propping you up. Put that hand behind your neck and lift the top leg up. That's exactly it. Good. So when you're ready, elbow forward, thigh goes back, elbow forward. Thigh goes back. I think that's exactly it. Changed sides. Knee forward, elbow back and enjoy that nice twisting situation.

Yeah. One more time like that. This is a little cookie to feed them before the next little doozy cookie before the doozy. Yes. More thigh. More thigh. More thigh. Yes. And one more twisting back is just encounter, wasn't that Nice. Excellent. Come back to your beginning position. Flexing the feet again when you can. That hand stays behind the neck.

You're going to hopefully lift your hips up again. Maybe you just do it with your eyebrows. Yes. You lift that top leg up if you can. Great. And if you can you continue by doing elbow forward thigh back with the hips lifted. I didn't make this up. I didn't make it up. Yeah, no, that's it. By the way, if it's too hard then you just sort of do what you can. Yeah. Yes. Excellent. You guys and come back to center. Wow.

We have to do that whole thing to the other side. Rest rollover, Grover or we. Okay. Other side. I was like, I know it's a lot, right? Yeah, I know we have a hard time with a butt to the camera, but that's okay. It's okay. That way they can see the legs. Okay, so the legs are straight, the feet are flexed, and make sure you're in one long line from the fingertips to the heels. And here we go. Inhale, lift the waistline up and top leg lifts up. Inhale, lift up, exhale down again, please. Inhale up. Long, long, long, long inhale. Exhale down. That is right. Inhale up, up, up, up. Exhale, down.

Last one, please. Inhale up and stay up there. A little circle. Small. Yes, yes. Reverse the circles please. Oh yeah, that's right. Keep that internal spiral. It's a little bit of a doozy. Yeah. Try not to keep the hips. Try to keep the hips still. That's it. And take the legs down and rest.

When you can rotate that top palm up to the ceiling, pushing down into the front hand. Lift the hand, elbow, and half an armpit. That's it. There. Say there, but straighten that arm and take it down. Rest and again, inhale, lift the torso up. Good. Leigh, you can lean forward into that front hand. You can really lean forward. Yes, and take it down. Just one more time. Inhale, lift that torso up. That's exactly lean forward into that front end even more so yet it's not a crutch. It's actually what you need to do. Yes. And take it down both parts together, Cathy. Grant, lift both legs up together.

Remember memories and take it down. Rest. Cynthia and Stephen both study with Kathy. Grit at NYU as well. Inhale, lift the legs up. Torso up. Yes, and take it down one more time. Torso and legs. Lift up and stay there. Banana. Touchdown. Touchdown. Banana. That's the new name. Yeah. Yeah. Inner thighs. Sid, not fifth. Position. Reach. Reach. Yes. Yes. Keep breathing. Oh, I know it. Take it down. Rest when you can. That front arm goes back in front of you. Bend the legs, yet flex the feet could pushing down into that front hand.

Flex the feet in the back. Yes. Lift the hips up. Stay there when the hips lift the butt sometimes wants to go back. Pubic bone forward and take it down. Flex those feet and again, inhale, lift those legs. Hips up. I should say [inaudible]. [inaudible] you will want that baby toe down. Lift the hips up. Yes. And take it down. One more time. Lift the hips up and stay up there.

Keeping the hips lifted. Can you lift that top leg up? Inhale up and exhale down. Inhale up the pubic bone. Forward is good. And exhale down two more times. Inhale up and exhale down. Last one. Inhale up and stay up there. How about a little circle with that top knee? Yeah.

Yes. Yeah. I like to give the visual of the, where that need doing the circle. Reverse the circles cause there's a lot of things moving. Sometimes it feels like, oh my gosh, what's really doing the circle? Take it down. Rest. Here comes the little cookie. When you can, that hand that's been bent in front of you, you're gonna put it behind your neck. Lift the top leg up and when you can elbow forward thigh back.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And Change Elbow, back, thigh forward. Big exhale. You have reaching, reaching, reaching, reaching, reaching. Yeah. And Yeah. This, look at those. Yeah. One more time. Not Rocket Science. Elbow forward. Thigh back. Yes. Keep reaching. Keep reaching. Keep reaching more thigh. Julie Franks. Yes. And knee forward. Elbow back.

Now everyone knows her last name. Perfect. Keep going yet. Take that naval with you. Beautiful. I say one more. We really need it. Here we go. Elbow forward, thigh back. Yes. And see how you're using that bottom leg. Even now it's sort of an anchor or that pivot point and reverse it. Elbow back, knee forward. Here comes the grand finale.

Sort of come back to center when you are ready. Yeah. Flexing the feet when you can lift the hips up. Whoa. Lift the top leg up and see if you can get that little bit of a figure eight in as well. Yeah. Elbow for thigh back. Yes. Yes. Change. Yeah. And it's going to look different than when you had your hip down, but that's fine. Uh, s one more set. Like I'm doing it with my head. Yeah. Yes, yes. I know.

See the upside about this is that they can't see your facial expressions cause this work for side to take it down and rest line your back when you can. Let's stretch that out for a second, shall we? How about a little like, oh yeah, I know. So lie on your back. I had a friend who used to call it cocktail eggs. You just cross one leg over the other, bring your knees into your chest and hug your knees and just so don't hold on there. Hold onto the tops of the knees and pull into the center of the chest. Yeah, that okay for you. Excellent. Right. Just breathe. Yes. So you're, as you're doing this, you're going to just pull them right into the center of the chest.

Nothing too crazy. And then when you can slide those hands down to the ankles and give yourself a little bit of a pull, you're pulling out this way. Yeah. And so may I Steven, so if you could ha ha. Yeah. So the image that I think of is that I'm trying to draw one line from one heel to the other heel. Yeah. I call it the trust chicken. Yeah. Yeah. The poor chickens. Right. Let's do boat that to the other side and do the legs.

Just give them a little shake. Yes. And then do knee to knee on the other side and pull into the center of the chest. So holding on here. Yeah, and you really, yes, exactly. And when you're pulling [inaudible] booty down, knees into the shift, who shall we trust the chicken. Slide your hands down and do what you can. By the way, if this isn't an option for you, you could also just do like a little bit of a, this situation. This is called a, I don't know, cradling your, your lower leg. Yeah. And one more. Just give a sort of little pull out to the sides a little bit and release. We're almost there, you guys. So when you're ready, go onto your tummies please.

Let's stretch the front of the head and let's do heads in facing in toward each other. If you don't mind. Thank you very much. [inaudible] from here, put your hands underneath your shoulders, pushing down, lift your Chin and justice. Just stretch that whole front line. Go into a bit of a swan position. So pushing down, lift the chin, lift the chest. Yes, fully straightening of the arms if you can make it. And then as you exhale, just rest down slow, Leigh. Yes, here we go. Reach both arms forward please. Palms face in toward each other. Hands our shoulder with the parts of just a little wider. Julie, from here, lift your head, arms and legs up, and let's start to swim. Inhale.

As you look down, exhale. As you look up, eyes up, Chin Up. One more breath. Inhale. As you look down even wider hands, Julie. Big exhale as you look up. Yes, yes. One more breath. Inhale, looking down. Now remember that about how high you lift the leg. It's about straighten the legs. Exhale and rest it down.

From here. We're almost there. You guys took all 10 toes underneath you. [inaudible] we're all the way on our tummies. Hands underneath the shoulders please. Toes are tucked under. Bring those legs together. Inhale, and as you exhale, can you come up into a pushup position? And let's just stay here in breathe. So from here, let's go down.

Let's do some funky pushups. You're going to slowly lower yourself down. Now. Don't worry about having to come back up because we're actually going to go all the way down and relax. Ah. Inhale. One more time. Push. That's the sound I make. Yes. And then slowest, lower to the floor. That's it. And no, it's okay. Just go through that hard spot and rest. Ha Ha.

Ras, last time. Come on up. Walk your hands back to your feet, please. Yes. Hang over your legs. Maybe walk forward onto the mat. Everybody with your head hanging down just to do a little shake of the head. No. A gentle nod of the head. Yes.

And slowly come up to standing. Ah, a little Kathy grant ending. Inhale. As you reach up, look up for me. Look straight ahead. And as you exhale, release the arms. Thank you very much. You guys. Woo.


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Wow! wow ! Wow! Really beautiful class ! Love your voice, your cues, your energy. Thank you so much . 
i love creative classes like this!
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Beautiful class! Love the stretches. (Especially the Chicken stretch) Hope to see you again soon on PA! Thank you! 😉🙏
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Thank you Blossom! Love your classes so much. Look forward to the next one and also to your possible  visit to our Sydney PAA conference in the future!? :)  
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I always love your classes blossom you have such a lovely manner which gives a sense of ease, which is of course totally misleading. Thanks look forward to your next one
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This class is brilliant, love the cues and the variations, thanks!
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Full of variations!!!! I could use some of this!!! thank you!

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Love Love Love Thank you Lovely!!!!
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Blossom, what an amazing class!  The stretches along with working on strenght. Thank you!!
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Brilliant class, this is awesome, thank you xo
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