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Playful Mat Variations

50 min - Class


You will find the playfulness in your movements with this fun Mat workout by Blossom Leilani Crawford. She teaches exercises and concepts that were inspired by teachers like Kathy Grant, Deborah Lessen, and others. She also works on finding the push and pull in your movements so you can use the opposition to help you.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, I'm blessedly lining Crawford. I'm here with my friend, Cynthia, Steven and Julie, and we're going to do a mat work that's a different hopefully from the other mat works I have on plots anytime. S...


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Wow! wow ! Wow! Really beautiful class ! Love your voice, your cues, your energy. Thank you so much . 
i love creative classes like this!
Beautiful class! Love the stretches. (Especially the Chicken stretch) Hope to see you again soon on PA! Thank you! 😉🙏
Thank you Blossom! Love your classes so much. Look forward to the next one and also to your possible  visit to our Sydney PAA conference in the future!? :)  
I always love your classes blossom you have such a lovely manner which gives a sense of ease, which is of course totally misleading. Thanks look forward to your next one
This class is brilliant, love the cues and the variations, thanks!
Full of variations!!!! I could use some of this!!! thank you!

Love Love Love Thank you Lovely!!!!
Blossom, what an amazing class!  The stretches along with working on strenght. Thank you!!
Brilliant class, this is awesome, thank you xo
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