Pilates Moves for Hikers

Do these Pilates moves for increased strength and stamina, and soar to your highest peak this summer.
Whether you're day hiking in the nearest national park or attempting the heights of Kilimanjaro, prepping for your ascent doesn't have to be an uphill climb.

Do these 5 Pilates moves for hikers, and be ready for summit success:


With stronger abs and a more flexible spine, you'll feel lift through your trunk and feel lighter as you climb.


When you're bounding across boulders or jumping over winding streams, being mobile and agile is key.

Shoulder Bridge

Spine Stretch

Leg Pull Back

Work your entire body, and gain strength overall.
Kathy Schader
About the Author

Kathy Schader

Kathy currently teaches Pilates in Manhattan Beach, CA, and she loves sharing the transformative power of Pilates. When not in the studio, she enjoys spending time with her family and being active outdoors in Southern California.


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