How to Switch Up Your Routine and Stay Inspired

The second blog in our series: Free Yourself from the Myths of the Perfect At-home Pilates Practice.
Myth #2: You Have to Find the Perfect Class, the Perfect Video, and Hit Repeat.

Reality: Explore! New teachers and new classes might give you a new aha moment.

I get very attached to my Pilates teachers, and I know I’m not alone. I started taking private Pilates sessions in 2009, and I would not even take a session with a substitute when my "Wonder Woman" of a Pilates teacher was out of town. But slowly, I realized there were a lot of great Pilates teachers, and, fortunately (thanks to my day job), I had access to many of them. Each one has given me a glimmer of gold to enrich my Pilates journey.

Finding teachers you love can be a fun adventure.

Pilates Anytime has over 100 of the best Pilates teachers in the world. True, not every great Pilates teacher is featured on the site. (We can’t possibly video all of them!) But so many Pilates industry leaders are at your fingertips or just a mouse-click away.

Here are 5 tips to find new teachers and online Pilates classes you might love:

1. Try Something New on a Recovery Day.

One of my biggest frustrations: when I want to get something in particular out of my Pilates practice, and I don’t find the workout to give me exactly what I want. I skip around or try something new, and, in the end, I'm only left feeling unsatisfied.

Explore Latest Classes

So, I save the experimentation for a day when I don’t have those expectations. This gives me the freedom to skip around within the video, or stop for a few minutes in and try something else.

2. Create Your Own In-Home Pilates Challenge.

Make it a goal to try five new teachers in ten days, or ten new teachers in 30 days. Even if you just watch the first ten minutes of each video, you’ll get a little workout and a feel for a new teacher. Or, try a Pilates Anytime Challenge, and get moving!

Find a Challenge

3. Try a Program.

Pilates programs are the perfect place to find themed classes to fit your needs on any given day.

Explore Programs

4. Watch Teacher Bios.

All the teachers on Pilates Anytime have video biographies. If you have a minute, sneak in a peak of our teacher bios to find teachers that have the personality, tone, demeanor, background, or messaging you love.

Watch Teacher Bios

5. Follow Playlists.

Find and follow a few Teacher Playlists or Member Playlists to inspire and add continuity to your practice. Or, get creative, and build your own playlist!

Find Playlists to Follow

Bonus Tip: Mine Social Media.

Get clips of classes and information about teachers regularly on facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. If something resonates with you there, take a class!

Finding teachers you love can be a fun adventure. Make it a challenge, give it a bit of time, and before you know it, you’ll have plenty of favorite teachers along with a go-to queue filled with a variety of classes to keep you inspired, motivated, and having fun.
Chanda Hinman
About the Author

Chanda Hinman

Chanda is a Pilates teacher, certified on all apparatus by the Equinox Pilates Institute. She has been an employee of Pilates Anytime since 2016. She believes that Pilates is about returning to our natural state, forgetting our mind's machinations and improving symmetry, focus, mobility, strength, and confidence. Pilates makes it possible for her to do everything she loves to do in life from Lyra (aerial hoop) to Skiing. Photo Credit: Pilates Anytime


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