Conversations Create Action Part 2

We need to listen, digest, and do better.

In the second Conversations Create Action - Actions Create Change, we use this safe space to talk about issues that affect all of us. Misty Lynne Cauthen moderates to discuss the nuances of language, the stigma that comes with not fitting into the stereotypical Pilates prototype, tokenism, and other issues that many people of color face in the Pilates profession. Thank you to Sarita Allen, Tasha Martinear Edwards, Shauntel Douglas, and Martin Reid for sharing your experiences and thoughts about how we can make the Pilates industry more accepting and welcoming for all.

Please join us in continuing this conversation and moving the needle on empathy, tolerance, respect, and action.

Kevin Bowen
About the Author

Kevin Bowen

Kevin Bowen is the founder of The Pilates Initiative and the director of Core Dynamics Pilates. As a progressive leader in the Health/Fitness and Pilates profession for over 25 years, he has been presented at studios, workshops, and conferences around the world.


Thank you all for starting this important conversation.  I look forward to it continuing.

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