What we are doing to support the Pilates community?

On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, the team at Pilates Anytime started working from home. We canceled all the filming at the Studio at Padaro Beach and we closed the office in Los Angeles. We have now been working remotely for over two weeks. This is a quick summary of what we have been up to and our plans.

Live Business Webinars

Last week we hosted three free business webinars that were aimed at helping Pilates teachers and Pilates studio owners survive the economic impact of the pandemic. This week we will be hosting three more webinars. You can watch them live and take part in the 'Question and Answer' sessions, or you can watch the recording at a later time. We are offering the webinars free of charge.

Business Webinars (past and future)

If you have a suggestion for a future webinar please write in the comments or send us an email.

For a summary of the ideas shared during the first three webinars read John Marston's blog post "Ideas for Pilates Professionals to Keep their Businesses Alive".

Live Classes

We will start streaming live classes very soon. Watch out for our announcement.

Publishing New Content

We film content weeks before we publish it. We are still publishing content that we produced before we closed the studio.

We are now busy working out how to film quality content in the homes of the amazing teachers we work with (without being physically present). We are excited to share the recorded classes that will be filmed in the homes of our teachers.

Dance Party

We love a good dance party and we will be live-streaming a dance party on Friday, April 3, 2020, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm PST. The party will be free and open to everyone. Register here.

Member Support

Our member support team has been busy helping. If you ever need any help you can contact our support team via phone (+1-424-999-1700) or email (support@pilatesanytime.com).

We hope everyone stays safe and healthy.


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thank you for the webinars! im really enjoying watching them.
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Flattening the curve yet still flattening the bellies! It's a win/win.

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