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Magic Circle Basics

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Find important connections in this basic class using the Magic Circle. This class teaches skills necessary to work precisely as you continue your Pilates practice.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Feb 19, 2010
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So good morning. Hello. All right, so you guys are lying down. Some of you have pillows just to support your heads a little bit and your next [inaudible] and just kind of getting into your bodies. So just take a nice deep breath in. Keep your arms at your side, your knees are bent, and just start to exhale. Think of imprinting your spines into the mat, kind of squeeze your bottoms, pulling that navel down and lifting it up so your stomachs are flattening and your backs are pulling into the mat. Just one more time. Nice deep breath in and along. Breath out.

Keep your gaze down towards your belly buttons. Okay, I have you guys with magic circles this morning, so I'm going to have you actually take those circles and put them between your knees so your legs are still bent. The circle goes between your knees right above the knee bone [inaudible] and you don't want your knees to crunch, so you'll actually slide your feet forward a bit. Everyone can [inaudible] all right, so this is going to be inner outer thighs, but it's also all about your powerhouse. That magic circle. This is really represents your powerhouse and and pulling it in. So I'm going to have you begin by squeezing that circle and just like you did a moment ago when you took a deep breath in, you're going to exhale and pull into the med, pulling that navel deeper, wrapping the size and hold two, three rest is there. Great. Okay.

Exercises and five more. Squeeze pulling in, but not curling your hips up. You're flattening that tailbone and rest. Okay. And three, begin to squeeze the circle. Try not to tense your shoulders here and hold.

Try to get those ribs to pull together at the same time. Two, three, a little bit deeper and rest. Good. And two more. Nice. Deep breath in. Keep your gaze down so you don't strain your neck and hold. Exhaling, squeeze. Squeeze that circle. Squeeze your [inaudible], bottom and rest. And last one you can to squeeze. Good. It's kind of getting a nice feel for that powerhouse. Two, three, and rest.

Okay. I'm going to have you take the circle between your hands, between your palms. Your fingers are long, Huh? You're not gripping it. That's it. It's in your imaginary window, so you should be able to see the circle. You hold that circle, begin to squeeze it, open up your chest and slide your shoulders down. Think of those ribs again, pulling together, stitching them together in. Squeeze your bottom. Hold, hold, hold, rest and Surry. Squeeze it so you're not locking the elbows. The arms are fairly long, but you're using your shoulders and your backs and your powerhouse and rest and three more. So it's not a big squeeze, but you'll feel it a little bit higher. Shoulders down more. Go ahead and rest a little bit higher, Wendy. And two more.

And squeeze. Two, three, rest. And last one. Squeeze two, three rests. Go ahead and bend your arms and rest for a moment. Okay. Take the orange back up. Lower them down a bit towards the knees. Arms are really long, a little bit lower. That right there.

Chesler open shoulders are down, and then you'll squeeze the circle. Start to imprint your spines. So hold two, three, rest, just two more. And squeeze in whole. Imagine that same resistance between your knees that you had earlier when you were squeezing the circle between the knees and breath so you still engage your bottoms. And one more time, squeeze to three and rest. Go ahead and bend your arms. Okay.

You can take the arms back up and the arms are long and little pumps. So not just yet, but I'm just going to talk you through it for a second. You're going to pump the circle down for eight counts and backup for eight counts. Keeping those shoulders from lifting. Here you go. Arms are long. Begin a little bit closer to your ears, a little higher to start. Yes, and here you go. And pump one, two, working your way down. Four, five, six, seven, eight. Come back up to four, five, six, seven, eight little bit quicker. One, two, four.

Squeeze your bottoms. Six, seven, eight, up to six, seven, eight, two more sets. One, two, four, six. Push my hands. Seven, eight and up to four. Five, six, seven, eight. Last set to four by six. Drop Your Chin. Seven eight up to five, six, seven, eight and drop your circles at your side. Drop your arms. Go ahead and turn your heads to stretch your neck a little bit. Shake your arms out if you'd like.

You can straighten your legs to stretch as well. Bent for awhile. All right. Yeah, go ahead and rest the circles at your side. Legs are long. Have you start with that just for a moment. And let's just kinda imprint your spine. So take a nice deep breath in. Take your arms up and begin to exhale. Lowering your arms down to your side.

As you lower those arms down, your head stays down. Don't lift your head, just the arms are coming down and you want to fill that gap between your back and the mat and pulling up. Wrapping the size. Two more arms can come up your head. Stay still, just the arms are going to lower. You're just trying to flatten your whole back against that mat. Pulling your spot. Navels up. Soft feet. Last one. You can let the arms come all the way down. Deep breaths.

Start to push your spine and pull your tummies up. Exhale. Okay. Now have you bend your knees. Again, not going to do too much with the magic circle today. Just want to just start a little engagement there and I'm going to have you go into your hundreds that breathing exercise. So bring your knees into your chest. Please listen to your body. So if you come to an exercise that becomes too challenging, leave it out.

Join us on the next exercise. Heels together, toes apart. You're going to begin by reaching the arms out long. The arms will start to come up above your hips and then you add your heads. You're going to start to lift your heads, lengthening the next, curling your chin towards your chest, looking at that belly button. All right, you can start to take the legs straight up. Keep them bent if you feel any gap in your backs and begin pumping.

Nice deep breath in. And a long breath out. Two, three, four or five. Inhale two thought, x two, three, four, five. If you feel anything you're next, you can continue with the arms, but drop your head. Exhale and nice deep breath in soft knees, soft feet. Exhale. When do you could lower your legs a little bit for more challenge. Exhale, four more. Nice deep breath in. Long breath out. Two, four, five. So the exhales really pulling you in. Three, four, five. Exhale.

So the lower the legs begin to go, the harder this becomes. Be careful not to lock your knees and exhale so his knees stay in that powerhouse. And last one. Nice. Deep breath in. And exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Bend your knees. Rest your heads. Restaurant arms. Okay, I'm going to have you guys sit up next. Do a little bit of a rollback exercise. Your legs are bent. You can have your feet, um, two ways. You can have them apart hip with part or heels together. Toes work.

Let's have you start with the heels together. Toes apart. You're holding onto the back of your size and your heads are down. You want to really scoop in, rounding your back so you have to squeeze those bottoms. Start to round back just a little bit. Keep the feet flat on the mat so the feet aren't gonna move.

Just your upper body. Shoulders down, holding lightly. Now you're going to begin to start to round backwards just to where your arms are straight so you can slide your hands down a little bit. Good. That's it. When the arms are straight, I want you to stop. Try to relax your neck. Keep squeezing your inner thighs. Nice. Deep breath in and exhale around. Back Up. So curl into it.

Try to put your heads between your knees arrest. All right, and continue with that if that's hard enough. Otherwise I'm going to have you add on the whole go all the way down. Articulate one vertebra at a time. Last thing down being the head. Otherwise you're just going to wear the arm just straight. Your heads will rest. Nice. Deep breath in and begin to come up. Exhale, so really squeezed. Good.

Drop your head soft again all the way up. And when do you go ahead and straighten your legs? You'll go into a full roll up. You can to go ahead and straighten your legs. Yeah, and start to round backwards. Wrap this size. Soften your knees, bend them a little bit. Now tuck.

Yes. Good. Take your arms straight up and go ahead and lie down, Wendy. So we're all together now. Good rapping. Nice deep breath in. You're gonna peel off that mat and then don't do any more. You've done enough. And then you'll join. Join us on the next one and exhale. That's it. Keep pulling in. Good. And stretch over. Now as you go back, you'll bend your knees a little bit. When do you keep your legs long? Shoulders down, more. Curl your hip center. Good.

[inaudible] so there's different ways to do this. You have to listen to your body. You may just do the half rolls, [inaudible] or the more advanced or medium, but they're all very difficult. [inaudible] just listen to what your bodies are capable of. [inaudible] and last one, pull in. As you come up, you can straighten your legs once you're up and then start to lie back down. You can slide the knees back, curl your hips hole all the way down. Tuck your chin, and that's enough. Go ahead and stay down.

All right, so now you're going to lie back down on the Mat. If you're sitting up. Good. Bring your right leg into your chest and give that right thigh a stretch. So hold onto your thigh to stretch and your left knee. Go ahead and bend your left knee once you guys to have a really good support in your smiles. So feel your back is a gapping.

You want to make sure it's not gapping. You really anchored to that. Men are not arching it. All right. Take that right leg up. Give it a nice little stretch. Place your hands at your side. This is an easy one to tense your shoulders. So careful not to use those arms. You can straighten your legs for more challenge. Alright, so going into your circles, you're going to begin working those inner thighs around an outer thigh and hip flexor. Stretch the leg straight up to the ceiling.

Now don't let your hips move. Anchor that back. Good. Yes. And then come back up. So as you're moving, your hips are going to want to move. You keep them still and four, one more and five. Then reverse it five times. Shoulders relaxed. Now you're capping your back. Yes, exactly. So if really focus on that back and two, you'll get stronger faster. Three, drop your chins a bit. Four and five. Bend your knee.

Give the leg a stretch and a hello back a little bit so your neck is longer good. And just keep that gaze down through your neck. Doesn't strength. All right, switch legs, left leg, give it a stretch. Right knee can be bent or straight. If you had it straight before, keep it straight this time you had it bent before. Keep it bent. Take your leg up, hands at your side, gazes down. Good, soft foot. Even though you're reaching up, you don't want to tense your knee or your foot and begin to circle in towards your right shoulder. Back up to the nose. Five Times one. Keep that gaze down to [inaudible]. Otherwise you'll start to strain your neck.

Three, pushing four [inaudible] and five, reverse it. So it's not a big lake circle. It's the hip circles. So keep those hips really still. Three, four, and five. Bend your leg. Give that leg a stretch. Go ahead and place your feet down. I'm going to have you guys sit back up and actually go ahead and take the circles and put them between your knees for a rolling like a ball. These circles are a pretty good cause. They're padded, so you have them between your knees, you're going to drop your forehead towards the circle.

[inaudible] you're holding onto the back of your thighs. More advanced would be holding onto the ankles. But let's have you hold onto your thighs, really round your back. So those ribs are really scooped. [inaudible] begin to squeeze the circle a bit and then I want you to try to find your balance.

Good. Keep your shoulders relaxed. You're going to begin to roll back and try to come up and balance for you. Don't come all the way up. Just stay on your back. So you go ahead and begin to roll back, stop and just a little bit up 10 times and then stop and up and balance.

Keep your head down so your case stays junior navels and up and bound. Centering exercise. Try to close the gap. Try to keep that. There you go. And three more [inaudible] and to any back issues. Don't come all the way up. Just stay on your backs. Just a little rock and ah, and that's enough. Place your feet down.

Take the circle out, place it at your side. I'm gonna have you lie back down on your backs, good for your stomach series. And Go ahead and bring your right leg in. Right hand holds onto the ankle, left hand on your knee. So it's kind of a coordination exercise as well. Hence mind body.

Bend your left knee into your chest. Take that left leg straight up. Begin to lower it down to a comfortable level. So in other words, where your backs are supported, that will the longer and the lower this leg is, the more challenging the exercise becomes. So be conscious of your spines. Start to lift your heads, look at your tummies. Now really pull in scoop, scoop, scoop whole. Squeeze your bottom. Switch legs and hold. Now if you're next, feel it. Drop your head soft, not in here. Squeeze your bottom yes and switch and whole.

Pull that leg towards your ear. That right there. Soft and switch. Hold it. Square yourself off. Check your box. Make sure your shoulders are lined up really here. Okay. Okay. And switch. Chest Open. So open up your chest a little bit more, Wendy and switch scoop. And now three fast switch. One switch, one pulling in each time.

Scope to scoop to really deep. Fill this in three and there you go. Rest. Drop your heads. Drop your feet. Okay. Bring your knees back into your chest. Going into your double leg. Stretch, heels together, toes apart. Um, you can hold on to, excuse me, to the back of your thighs. Keep your feet relaxed though. And you're going to begin to lift your heads. Look at your tummies again.

You can drop the next. If they get tired, you're going to take a nice deep breath in and arms go out, legs go out and exhale. Circle your arms, grabbed back onto the ankles. Inhale, stretch your whole body out long. Bring it back together and inhale, go back. Exhale, bring it back in. Inhale, hold it out. So curl your chin towards your chest. Curl that sternum up. There you go. Now come back in so you're not letting those backs arch. Inhale, so don't let your legs go too low, a little bit higher with the legs.

Three more. Inhale out. Exhale, bring it together to reach. Squeeze your bottom and exhale. Last one. Deep breath in. Exhale, bring it together and rest your legs. Rest your heads. Okay. All right. Again, put your head down or you can even put your hands behind your head and just do the licks. All. Alright, next.

Bring your right leg back into your chest. Try to straighten it. You're going to walk both hands up for those scissors, single leg pool. [inaudible] as high as you can on that ankle or calf as far as and shoulders down. Bend your left knee and take it up. Lower it to a comfortable level protecting your back. Walk your hands up a little bit higher. Wendy, and now two pools.

Pull the leg towards you. Pull, pull and scissor. Pull. Poor. As you pull, pull your tummies in. That's really the scoop. Scoop, scoop and switch. Put your hands behind your head and lift your head and just move the legs. Now way up with your chest and switch a little bit down with Elaine and bring the leg in like scissors and pull. Pull with the lake and switch. Cool. Cool. Switch. Keep going to one and pull. Pull, pull, pull Tommy N and N. Rest your heads. Rest or like good. Hopefully you're starting to feel those. Okay. Okay.

All right. Um, let's go ahead and have you sit up. Just skip the next. Whoops. Open your legs. Feet flex going into your spine. Stretch forward. Your arms are in front of you both feet or flex or heels are out. Squeeze your bottoms. Take a nice deep breath in.

Try to grow taller and start to exit around. Back Down. Think of the crown of your head, going to the mat as you pull in. Go as low as you can. Drop your shoulders, so no tension in your neck or shoulders and careful that your feet don't roll out. Yes. And then come back up tall. One Vertebrae at a time. Keep those feet flex and deep breath in. Exhale, start to round. Back Down. Squeeze your bottoms.

I'm going to have you go here. Drop your shoulders. Yes. And then come back up. Open your chest, lift your back. Two more deep breaths in, squeezing your seats. Exhale. Take that back down and come on up. Just open and last one deep breath and careful your feet wanna roll out here. You want to keep them lined up with your knees and your hips. [inaudible] you're not rolling them out and tall. Okay. Take your arms to this side.

Sitting tall, going into a saw. Keep your feet still. Keep your hip still. It's a twist from the waist. So you're going to start to turn to the right. Take your pinky and reach for that little toe. And this is where your hips will want to move your feet. We'll want to move. Try to keep them still. Drop your Chins, drop your heads.

Think of the nose going to the knees, you stretch into it. Pull your tummies back and keep squeezing your bottoms and then round up articulating the spine instead of tall. Center out and turn and reach for the toe. Now you're not reaching with the shoulder. You're trying to drop the shoulder and really scope. Okay?

Squeeze your bottom, try to set off your toe, your baby toe way over here. There you go. There it is. And then come back up. Sit Up tall and center. So lift your back, squeeze your bottoms and turn and drew up those shoulders. Nice relaxed shoulders and you're pretty flexible. Pull into here. There you go. That's it. And just relax and come back up.

Easier said than done and center and last one. And turn and reach. I shifted just a little bit. There you go. They're going to look relaxed and then come back up and center. Okay, I'm gonna have you guys flip over to your stomach so you can move your towels out of the way. If you had something for your neck and um, put your palms underneath your shoulders, your foreheads are down, just a little back exercise. Okay. Ideally your heel should be together, but if they're apart, that's okay. If it feels better on your backs, just make sure you're centered, which may not be able to feel. There we go. Alright, so elbows in Nice and relaxed. Okay. Alright. You're going to begin by lifting your head. Think of that next and long through your foreheads. Point down.

Start to lift your head. Start to lift your chest. Take both hands off the mat and just kinda hover there. Try to get your chest up. Try to get your tummies up and hold. One, two, three, rest good. Four more. And come on up. Pulling your tummies up at the same time. Head, chest, hand, drop your forehead a little bit. Your neck stays with you even longer. And three head chip.

That's it. So keep this link, diaper changes. There you go. And that feel better. Two, three and rest. Two more. Head, chest, palms, lower your next good. Your next long, you're not crunching them. And last one, head, chest, palms, stomachs powerhouse to three. And that's enough rest.

Go ahead and straighten your arm straight out in front of you. Okay. That's it called a swimming exercise. You're gonna take your right arm up and your left leg off the mat and you're always trying to lengthen the body. So reach that right arm forward. Reach that left leg out, keep it lined up with your hip and squeeze your bottom. Now lift your tummy. You can keep your head down. Keep your head down. Arm Up, right arm.

Yes. And then resting switch sides. Left leg or sorry. Right leg, left arm, long, long leg. Good and rest. Switch arms, switch legs. Make sure you don't roll on those hips and rest and switch. Very nice. So your hip. Stay stable. They're not rocking and rest.

Now we're going to make it a little bit more challenging. So rest for just a second. This one, you will start to lift your heads. Length swimming. One arm comes up. So right arm, left leg. Lift your heads up out of the water and begin to paddle for 20 counts and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 10, nine, eight, seven, six. Try to get your knees off the mat. Three, two, one and rest. Go ahead and stretch back to your heels.

Just trying to stretch your backs out. Good. Pull up your tummies, drop your next, drop your foreheads, come up onto your pumps. Have you do a bit of a cat pack. Exercise a little stretch. So palms underneath your shoulders, hips on top of your knees, your knees can be hip with the part. Hands are underneath your shoulders though. All right?

And then you're going to start to scoop up. So drop your heads and round your backs. Pull up as deep as you can. Take a nice deep breath in and start to exhale. Lifting your heads and open up your chest and acer to open up the upper back.

But then totally collapse your tummies. Lift your head up and open. Good and tumor. Drop your head, Curl your hip center. This is your c curve. We do this a lot in different exercises. So sitting up, this is your secret. This is what it should looks like from the side when you're sitting up. And exhale, open up the chest.

Good. Last one. Nice. Deep breath in. Scooping up. Shift your weight back a little bit, Wendy. Good. And exhale. Open up the chest. Okay, I'm going to have you guys turn back over. Sit onto your bottoms again. All right, so your feet or your knees or been hit with the park. Come this way so you can see me. Okay?

And you'll hold onto the back of your thighs. Heads down, back in the seeker. So you're really curling those hips underneath. You start to squeeze your bottoms theatre hip width apart, and you're going to lie down on the mat or go to just where the arms are. Straight. Stop. Now where your hips Tuck your bottom hold even more stuck back. Good. And then you're going to come back up this time. Sit as tall as you can.

Now, for those of you who know these exercise better, you're gonna take your hands behind your head. Elbows in, Huh? Round your back. Otherwise still hold onto your thigh, knees, hip with the part, and you're going to try it around all the way down. Curl those hips, articulating one vertebra down to the mat at a time here. [inaudible] Tuck, there you go. And then the next vertebrae, squeeze your bottom. Rest your heads and only about three to five for you.

And Nice deep breath in. Squeeze your bottom. Exhale around, up over to the knees, and then sit up tall. [inaudible]. If you want to add straight legs, you may and Tuck your chin. Otherwise continue on one vertebrae at a time. Articulating especially that lower back and rest.

Nice deep breath in. Exhale. So you're getting a really deep of that powerhouse, that of tall. Let's have you just do one more. Open your feet a little bit. That's it. Other than shoulders down, drop their shoulders, squeeze your bottom and yes, that's better. Much better. And that's enough. Go ahead and lie down and stay down Wendy. It's fine. Done enough. Okay, I'm going to have you guys lie on your left side.

So your right leg is on top going into some leg kick series. Huh? So you want to line yourself up at the back of the Mat, get into kind of a v so your legs are forward. Hips are right on top of each other. Shoulders are on top of each other. If you have any neck issues, you can lie on your arm or otherwise you should be up on your palm. Okay. Feet are soft. Hips right on top of each other.

Okay. And then you're going to take that leg up hip level. Your right hand isn't on the Mat for support. Keep your tummies in two kicks forward front kick, kick, kick, swing it back. Now it's when you go back that you have to really be conscious of what your backs are doing. Don't go too far back, just about two to three inches. Kick, kick front and swing it back. Pull your stomach's in and kick, kick back. Kick, kick and hold. Hold it on the bat. Now Roll your head forward. Fill this in. Yes, that's your power house and kick kick.

That's gonna strengthen your back. So you want to make sure those ribs stay together and those backstay really still good to more kick, kick back. Shoulders down last one, and rest your legs back on top of each other. Soft knees. Good. Take your leg up once again. Hip level. Rotate your knees towards the ceiling. Make sure that foot is only hip level, so not too high. And now the leg goes up towards the ceiling.

Make sure your hips stay on top of each other. They'll wanna roll back. Start to lower it down, reach that right leg out of the hips, or reach it really long. Stretch, stretch, stretch, and skip your tummies and taking it up. It doesn't have to be really high just to where you can take the leg and bring it down. And four more up. It's about six times and reach. Let me see your bottom. Squeezing and push your hips into it a little bit more.

You're back really long and up and lower. You can rest your head if you want. [inaudible] and two, I'm gonna have you open your chest a little bit and now reach that leg out. There you go. She'd see us stretch through here and feel it here. And last one. And now reach, fill, listen, scope, scope, scope. There you go. Now it feels better. Rest. Alright, so next year, going into those leg circles. So take your leg up about hip level again.

Hips right on top of each and begin to circle the leg. Soften your knees here. Kind of bend that right knee a little bit. Feel this in your hips. Now you don't let your hips wobble. Keep your tummies in four and five, reverse your circle. Five Times one and two. Go back with his high three.

That's it for now. You're working your leg five and rest. Okay, let's have you guys go ahead and lie onto your backs, Huh? Hip with the part with the feet. Slide your feet a little bit forward so your knees are bent. And I'm going to have you just do a little pelvic lift, so make sure you're centered. View. Check your box. Shoulders lined up with your hips when you move your hips a little to the left and your feet. All right, so here you go. Your feet are hip width apart. Your necks are long. You had a hello.

You can put them back behind your head and you're going to start to squeeze your bottoms and lift your head up for a second. Drop your head and your knees are apart. You're going to curl your hips up just a little bit. Hold that, push those ribs down into the mat. So think of those chest pushing in, pulling your tummies up, and then slowly roll your hips back down one vertebrae. At a time. So not even that high. So start to squeeze your bottom and start to curl your hips up, pushing down to those ribs. There you go. That's it. Hold.

Really wrap the thighs and pull up your stomach and that's it. And then come back down. So it's not a really big movement I'm having you do just the first four vertebra pulling up and squeeze and start to curl up. Your feet should be hip with the part, sorry. And then rural back down to more control the movement going down.

Careful not to use those shoulders. Gazes down and [inaudible] chest relax. Shoulders and roll down. Very good. And last one little lift. Pull your tummies up and then melt that down.

Last thing down is the tailbone. All right, other sides. So you lie on your right side. So your left leg is on top. Getting ready for your sidekicks. Excuse me, a sure. No. Why don't you face the other way since they saw the other view, whatever. You guys are comfortable. All right, so hip on top of hip. It's good to be able to see both sides. [inaudible] hand on the Mat for support.

Make sure that it's really easy to let that shoulder roll forward. Make sure your shoulders or your chest is open, that you're not rounding and that you're not crunching your neck. So keep your next long and you gaze forward. All right, start to take your left leg up about hip level. Nice soft feet. Squeeze your bottoms already. Pull your tummies in as deep as you can and get those ribs to push in.

That's it. Now you're solid. Alright. Rotate the knee slightly. You're going to start to go into your front kick, kick, kick front. Swing it back. Nothing should move in the upper body. So fill this back in. Yes and kick, kick and back. Six times and two kicks forward. So little kick pick, kick three and kick kick four and kick kick five not too far back.

More forward kick, kick front and six. That's enough fresh. Your legs on top of each other. Take your leg up, have level going into the up and downs. This time you're like can go up towards the ceiling and as you bring that leg down, you want to get those inner thighs to squeeze here. You have to squeeze your bottom. Get that tailbone, a flat noun and up. Reach that left leg out long and pulling two and up long.

Lengthening that like three and four. I'm going to shift your hips a little bit and reach. Pull this in five. Last one to really squeeze right in here. Squeeze, squeeze and rest. Okay, ready for your leg circles. Take that left leg up. Hip Level, soft feet. You're going to circle your leg around and up five times.

Keeping that left knee a little bit soft. Three, four, five reverses that. Don't roll your hips back one. That's it. To brush my hand. Three, four, and five. That's it. Rest your legs on top of each other. Go head, live back onto your back. So I have you do a little teaser exercise and slide your feet together. Slide your feet pretty far forward, but your knees are bent. And again, just get that feeling and be rec. Let's just have you stretch back with both arms.

Your knees are bent or your feet are on the mat. [inaudible] and then drop your arms down to your side and start to exhale. Imprinting your spine. Keep your heads down. Just trying to get the feeling of your back. So heads are down, just the arms are moving. And two more, just the arms and the Erin's backs. Nice deep breath in. Now, right there, your backs will arch.

Push 'em into the mat. Deep, deep, deep with your backs. Push them down and exhale. Lower the arms to your side. Last one. Arms Up. Nice. Deep breath in. Squish my hand. And now start to lower your arms. Exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Take that tension out of your shoulders.

Put it into your powerhouse block. So shoulders more, much better. Rest. All right, glue your knees and feet together. Take your right out. So the right legs extended and it's up, but your knees are together. We lose knees together. Take both arms straight up. You're gonna Begin to round up.

And I only want you to come up to where that left foot stays still. So if your left foot starts to lift, that means you've come too high. So you go to where your body can control the movement. So start to lift your head. You'll peel off that mat, reach for the toes, then hold your position and then sit as tall as you can. Reach up towards your ears, drop the shoulders, curl your chins to your chest and start to round down. Once you pull me down.

Yes, all powerhouse. Good. I'm going to let go. You control it. Very nice. And three months. Use that. Exhale. Peel off that mad. You don't miss a vertebra. Lift your backs up tall and now knife control movement going. Now curl those hips under. Don't miss that. Lower back.

Be Very conscious what you're doing and good coming up. Reach up tall. You'll get a lot of these. Just come to the tips of the shoulders. Pull me down, not with your arms, with your powerhouse. Yes. Okay, last one. Deep breath in. Exhale, tall. [inaudible] so you don't get any intention in those legs.

Tuck your hips and rest your legs. Rest your arms, rest your heads. Switch legs. Other side. So the left leg is out. A little note. If you slide your right foot forward, the one that's on the mat, that'll help. The closer it is to your bottom, the harder this becomes. All right, take your arms straight up toward your ears or about right there. Knees together. Alright, squeeze your bottom. Anchor that lower back. Now you're engaged. Nice deep breath in. Start to exhale, peel off the mat. Hold. Pull your timing and even more.

Now reach for your ears. Weigh up, put your arms hold, lie back down. Okay, that three more. If you can do what you can and nice deep breath in. Arms Up. First Chins up. Second. Exhale. No momentum. Lift your backs if you're up tall, and then control that movement.

Especially here as you come down. Yes, two and nice deep breath in. Shoulders down. Nice long neck reach and bring it down. Very good homework exercise to do when you're sitting in front of the TV. Two more. And exhale, soft feet, soft knee so you don't use that energy in your knees or your feet. Use that in your powerhouse and that's it. Very good. Last one. If you've already done five and four, just stop.

Okay. And then you'll lie back down. You'll stay down. Okay. Have you guys sit up? I'm going to have you roll that out back into that rolling like a ball. So when you're going to go into your seal, so hands inside the legs on your ankles, and you can too, like you to hold onto your thighs with your head down. So you're in a seeker. [inaudible] shoulders down, chins down, looking at your tummies.

Make sure there's nothing behind you and only roll to the tips of your shoulders. You're gonna Inhale, go back. Exhale. Try to come up and balance. You can add the claps if you like. Good. No momentum to come up to the shoulders and inhale, go back around off the mat. So you're peeling off the mat just like you would for your roll-ups. And one, two, three up. One, two, three back.

So you can add a clap with your heels. One, two, three, back. One, two, three, round up. Try not to round so far back. Drop Your Chin. And when? Two three, back to more. One, two, three, up, head down. Don't let your heads pop you up. They stay down the last one and then you'll come up and balance. Place your feet down and arrest. Okay, let's go ahead and have you guys stand up. You can, I'm going to have you take your circles. So your magic circle and if you have anything going on with your shoulders or forearms or anything, I would just skip these or just don't do it as intensely. Don't hold on.

It squeezes tightly. So arms are in front of you. Heels together, toes apart. Open up your chest, and now flatten your backs out. Pull up. Now get your weight towards your toes. Really squeezed. Get your hips forward. Tommy's up, up, up, up, up. Good way up here and here. There you go.

Soften your elbows a little bit and just lightly squeeze with your fingers out. Long more shoulders in anything and hold and powerhouse. Two, three, and the rest. Pull your shoulders back. So get this check. Yes, and lift up tall as you squeeze that circle. Fill this in and hold two, three, rest. And one more time. Squeeze two, three, rest. Take that circle. Just go ahead and put it on your hip.

Yup. Say you're still in your Pilati snare. It's your weight as towards your toes, your light on your heels, and your lifted on. And put your palm on the circle. Arms should be so lower the circle a little bit, right above or right on the hip. Good. All right, so chest is open. Might see me. All right. And you want to squeeze, push into the circle, lift up.

And it's done. A big squeeze. Hold two, three, rest and hold. Now pull up your tummy. There you go. Two, three, rest. Last one. I'm only going to have you do three and hold two, three, four, rest. Switch sides. Good. So Chesser open your box is nice and square. It's not a big squeeze. It's a, you'll want to feel this back here and squeeze the circle.

So shoulder girdle and hold powerhouse to lifting three. So careful you don't fall into it and chew more. Squeeze too relaxed. Yeah. Three rest and last one. Little squeeze. Soft elbow, two, three, and rest. Okay, so now a little bit trickier. They have you put it between your ankles.

So it's more balanced that it's also inner outer thigh. You can see me here. Yeah, probably come in front of you. All right, so it's between your ankles right above the ankle bone. See if I can balance with my shoes on. And then you're gonna take one leg up. Fix your hips really tall so your bottom's not sticking out. Tell me that. And then you hold the circle and then you're gonna try to squeeze with your bottom. So keep your knees off and hold and rest.

You can put your hands on your hips or straight down and hold Tommy's up to three rest and squeeze. Lift your tummies. Two, three breath. And think to challenge yourself. And last one to get your hips into it a little bit more and hold two three rests. You're going to transition to the other side. Use that left toe to find your balance. And then flatten your spine.

That lifts your powerhouse. So if you think of that lift coming up from here, that'll keep you balanced. Otherwise you'll fall. So keep growing taller. Yes. And then squeeze and hold and just kind of get yourself into it and rescue breathing. Good. Hold two, three ref. If you fall, just find your balance again and last one and hold two, three RESCO head and go back to both feet. Take the circle out. Go ahead and drop it. Not Too much. Heels together, toes apart, weight towards your toes, wrapping the size, getting that lift. Three big circles with the arms. Nice deep breath in.

Try to get your heels together and exhale, grow taller. Two more nice deep breath in. Careful not to fall forward. Push your ribs together. Yes, and one more time softer in your exhale. All right, let your arms just drop. Let your next relax and start to drop your heads and start to round forward soft toes. [inaudible] just relax them.

You can fix your alignment in just a second. Now hold just to the top of the hips, so not so far down. That's it. Okay. Now your weight. Here's where you want to change it a little bit. You want to try to transition your weight towards your toes a bit. Careful not to fall. You might have to bend your knees a little bit, relaxing those shoulders and neck and getting that deep scoop.

So you still squeeze your bottoms. All right? Then you're gonna give your arms a little push and let them circle. That's it. Now let the momentum do the work. So they're circling, but you're not pushing them. And now a little pushed. Reverse your circle. This is good to do against a wall.

So your bottom would be against that wall because it wouldn't let you fall back and softer in your neck. Good. Alright, so now let your arms just hang. You're going to start to come up. You may have to bend your knees to get those hips on top of your ankles to bend your knees. Now get those hips forward right. There you go. Now start to straighten your legs as you come up. So you're filling this in. Ah, not quite. Fill this up as you come up. There you go. That's it. Nice and slow. Come to a standing position. Keeping your weight again towards those toes. Lifting your spines up.

Take both arms up. Try to come up onto your toes. So keep that length going up. Nice. Deep breath in and exhale. Drop to a flat foot. Shake yourselves out, and you guys are all done. Nice job. Thanks for hanging in there.


this is a terrible class she hardly used the magic circle and she just goes through THE STANDARD PILATES mat series

There are much better and more original teachers

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