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New York-Paced Flow

60 min - Class


Monica takes you from the Reformer to the Mat to the Spine Corrector in this traditional New York-paced workout. You will flow through exercises like the Long Stretch Series, Stomach Massage, Neck Pull, and Grasshopper. She fits a lot into an hour, so you get a complete workout!
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Reformer w/Box, Mixed Equipment, Pilates Pole

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Apr 03, 2013
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All patients. So let's have a traditional glottis workout. Okay. New York Pace. All right, shall we, let's begin. Go ahead and lie down toes and start with your footwork and go on out and pull it. Good and stretch. Really engage your stomach to get lower back and reach long. Good. Yeah, let's do two more.

Beautiful. Last one, all the way in. Switched to your arches and how hand, Dan, I'm going to slide you over a hair and good breech. Good. Think of your box and keep lengthening this side a little longer each time you come in, reaching it. Good, nice. And enjoying that in and up. Feeling in your powerhouse.

Really lengthening your waist, really pulling up your spine, getting taller with each one last time and then slide up to heels. Good. Pull every toe back and out and pulling it in. Good as you come in. Let's stretch those toes even more. Get that nice feeling. Good, great powerhouse. Pulling it in and up. Nice, good. Long neck. Good. Really try to now squeeze or hug this midline. That's good.

And you're working it out. One more time. Pulling those toes back and now down to toes and we're going to slow it down to down to three and lift two, three and stretch. Grow Taller even though you're stretching and lift two, three, and down, down, down, and three. Good. Stretch two, three and lift, lift, lift, powerhouse in it up and use those hips and back of the inner thighs. Yeah, we've got a little more juice out of that one. That was good. Two more. Down to three. Think of lifting your arches, your inner thighs, and down. One more time to three and lift to come on in and prepare for the a hundred lowering your bar and even lowering your head piece for short spine massage.

Great. Keeping the springs the same. Give yourself a couple inches and let's go in with the air. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Then two, three, four, five. X Out. Two, three, four, five and two. Three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Love how your feet have no energy. They're just reaching God. Think about pulling maybe your under arms. Just one half an inch, quarter of an edge, even longer towards your hip bone. So you just pull that machine out a little bit more.

Really feeling that in and up. Lengthening, preparing your stomach for the rest of the exercises. God pump a little bit more above your body as well. Exhale in two, three, four, five. That should be 80 huh? Exhale, exhaling. Nice. Last one. Really lengthening the legs and really squeezing out all the air out about your body as much as you can and then dry everything and sit up and draw two spades. Drop two springs for your short or one. Actually, since we're on three, there we go. And prepare the straps for short spine.

Good. Bring those legs all the way over, keeping the carriage home. Nice, good, and roll on down. Great. All right, stretching right there. Drop the ribcage and let's begin in with the air out and exhale, scoop. Great in with the air. Lifting your pelvis even higher as you bend your knees. Good and exhale, dropping your chest bone first.

Nice reaching out one bone at a time. I'll give you a nice little stretch and bring down your heels in with the air. Empty your lungs. Inhale, bend the knees. Exhale, laying thin out. One bone, stretching and heels down. Hold two and inhale out one and up. Good and keep lengthening up to the ceiling and rural down.

We're going to do two more. Brain down your heels. Hold it for a moment, less energy in those feet, and now reach out. Now keep your waist really long. Good and gain a little more length here. That's it. And long down and bring down your heels. Hold it for the last one of the more soft point on the feet. Good. Reach out. Keep reaching long. Do those hip flexors.

That's nice. Getting the hips right over the shoulders and then roll it down, lengthening the hose and that's nice. Good stretch and bring down your heels, coordination, grabbing those handles. That's it. Bring your head up. Arms are in a tricep press position a little bit forward and in with the air out. Hold the breath. Exhale in and in. In how law? Open. Close. Exhale in and in.

Good in with the ear. Open, close, exhale in, and I'm centered length and down. Me. There you go. Good. And one more time. Reach scooping. That's it. And Great. Go ahead and hang up your handles. Grab your long box and let's prepare for pole straps. Good. Right, right.

You can just put right there. Perfect. Go ahead and lie down. All right. Scooping in your belly. Nice reaching long your spine and start pulling down. Good. And keep pulling up and up and up and come down. Reach long to the floor and pull right back. Scooping in Poland, back hands almost to those hips and down.

One more time. Scoop it in. Keep reaching your chest forward. Forward, forward. Come up a little more and down. Nice. Go into the t and the answer up and scooping in. Pull back, pull in a little more support for that back. Awesome. And reach out long to the sides. Let's start off with that support. There you go. Reaching long, your tailbone. Come up and up and reach. Long out to the side. Last one, scoop it in. That's it.

Keep pulling in. In, in. Yes. And reaching it back. Good. Transitioned to backstroke, adding a spring and now we're going to do hand, foot, hand, foot, awesome curl variety in and ready to go. And it's up. One, open to good and reach and reach. Beautiful. And Ben. Nice and lift up. One open and don't let me get in your way. Good. Just enjoy that stretch in the upper back and back and up.

Open and scoop breech. And one more time going up, open and long. Good. Open those collarbones a little more as you dive for those knees. Love it. Good. Prepare for Teaser, drop the spring nice and prepared. Get Nice and relaxed with it and then lifting the head and the feet.

Arms coming up down with the arms and we're going to pull up one. Good. Actually that's number two. We're going to go up three hold and now lengthen down. Scoop, scoop, scoop and pull it up. Go right into your circles. Good. Keep them more in front of your body. Good.

And keep pulling it right here and now go down a little more through those bones first. There we go. Let's go for the reverse. That's a beautiful scoop. Yes, down and really pull right into there. There you go. Going forward. Give me one more from here. That's it. Hold it there and go down through those first. Nice job. Very good.

I'll take those and go ahead and prepare for short box. Great. All right, we're going to grab our poll in our straps. Do you like to do it with the pad? Yeah. Okay, good. All right, so let's keep this snake Romana proud and keep the strap real quiet throughout our workout. All right, ready? Wrap the arms around and let's lift a little more into a Sikh her first.

So let me feel your belly pull into here. Then lift up off your seat and now really laying in that lower back first. Good, good. Rolling out. Nice in with the air and exhale. How long can you keep your waistband glued to that box? Good. Lifting into a big seeker and rest and lift up. Push your heels away. Real energy through there and in with the air.

Exhale, scooping in. As you push away, have more energy through there. I'm going to bring this down just a little bit more. That's it. More like that. All right, last one. Region and head. Good. Scoop it in and up. Big Lift in the curb. There we go. And now rest.

All right, grab your bar. Nice job. Not Making a sound there. All right, a little bit more forward and I want you to pull in here and lift up a little bit more. Not In the rib cage but in the waist. A little bit out of your lower back. There we go. And now squeeze in that seat like crazy. We're going to go back. I want you to pull more from here and forward going to get you into a little different position. Pull in here and pull right into here. There you go.

Now lift through those Aha and go back like that. Love it. That's really nice. And pulling forward. Little break. Good and same thing. Wonderful. That is a beautiful line. I want one more like that. Lifting up and from here, lifting and forward up, up, up, up, up and rest your arms. Good. Same thing for the side reach. So we're going to come up with those arms.

Good and coming forward. And pulling into that back and then lifting the waist and then over to the right, reaching both sides and coming center. Lift and reach. God and center and lifting and lift. Lift and center. And we're going to pull in and up, sliding the shoulder blade reach. Good. One more set.

Trying to reach where the wall reaches the ceiling here. Nice. And releasing that hip flexor. And one more to the left. Good. A little more length, a little more space between those ribs. Good and rest. Nice twist. Good. All right, very nice.

And reaching out and pull it right back up. Good and up. And I'm going to help you on this one a little bit. We're gonna reach out all the way from here. Feel nice and center and scooping in tourists and reached this way there. Yeah, go. And again, twist.

Good reaching. Very nice. Let's do one more set. So this is probably a tighter sides. We're going to reach that way. Good. It shouldn't be. And last time. Good. I know. And good job in reaching down after all that hard work.

I'll give you a little stretch. All right. Now we're going to do tree. Let's sit up nice and tall. There you go. And we're gonna stretch up one. Grow Taller to crown that head ceiling to the ceiling. Grow Taller. Crown that all the way up there. She's like, I'm trying. Reaching it out. Stretch over the leg. Good. Why you're there.

Pull your shoulder blades, get them back engaged, and stretch your spine forward instead. That's tough. There you go. And now we're going to roll back your waistband. Pull him back. Good. There we are all the way back and head to chest and curl it up. God, I want you to have a little more space between your hip flexor and your thighs. I'm going to help pull your leg as you roll away from me. Good.

So we're going to pull it. Really give it a nice good stretch there and now that's it. Reach it. Reach it. That's good. We're gonna do one more like that. Reaching it long God and in with the air and curl in up. Pull those toes back. Touch the head too.

We're going to come forward just a little bit. Slide your shoulder blades down through here, opening that chest. That's my good switch legs. All right. Little Taller, a little bit more on your sit bones. There you go. Stretch it up. Ben. Ben, Ben bed and hold it up and walk up.

Keep it reaching out of the hip as you reach down. Thank you. And now pulling back from both hip bones and down you go. Good. So same thing here. Trying not to hike that hip. There you go. Head Up. And we're going to reach that leg long. That's a lot better. And reaching it. Good. Squeeze. And from this hip.

So we're going to press both hips against each other. Nice. Excellent. One more time. Lengthening and inhale head and exhale. The the, that's beautiful. I always like to see a lot of wrinkles in the shirt. And we're going to slide. Beautiful. Maybe even open up your knee a little bit. That's it. Good. All right, bring the box down.

We're going to get ready from long stretch series. Here we go. So we're gonna do hand foot, hand, foot, bring your chose for just a tiny bit for me. So they're more on the crack. There you go. Open that part. But lift in here. Yes. Nice straight piece of steel from your head to your heel.

And let's push it out and let's pull it in and let's do it with a little more gusto. Go out and pull it in. That's it. Now lengthen the neck and out and the crown of the head out to the parking lot and out. And we're going to pull in from all of this and 2:00 AM pooling it in and last time and pulling it in and keep your bottom working and you're going to kneel down gently separating your feet. Good. Open up here. That's it. And in with the air. And exhale, scoop in, up and up and up. Good in with Deere and exhaling up, up.

Hold it here. Can you work your foot a little more to get the ball of the foot a little more forwards? [inaudible] good. So now really use that hamstring and glute as you go out on this last one. Good. Crawl up onto your fingertips. Good. And now reaching up. Good and stretching over. Nice job.

Patients that sit and curling up for the up stretch. Good. All right, so we're going to hold this and Lincoln out the legs squeezing down and eyes on your Knievel and pull it up. Good. Really think about lengthening your hip flexors as you go out. God, we're going to hold your powerhouse here and we're going to reach out and away. And one more time skipping in and reach out down at the bottom and scoop it in.

Beautiful. Let's lie down your heels. Good. Push the heels down in. Lift your toes up. Good. I want you to come back with your upper body chest a little bit. Yep. And go out and scoop in. Good out and really try to pull under, did we just get a little adjustment there that, that floating ribs likes to do that little pop in to more lift.

Even the pinkie chose one more time and scooping. Great job stuff off to the side. Stomach massage. Let's just add one spring. Okay, go ahead. I try to get little bit more of the Pinky toe on there. Okay. Scooping in. Is that a challenging position for you? Alright, I'm going to take your word for it and we're going to pull out down lift and good pulling out.

Really make sure your hipbones are staying over your sip bons and you're keeping them under your shoulders. Don't push them out. Hold it here for a second. Pull it. That lag in Joe wants you to get every time you come in. Okay, so put it all in. There we go. So that you keep that c curve. Now we're talking good. Give me two more. That's the eyes are nice and wrapping and squeezing, but lengthening out of those hips last time. All the way in. Hold it. Drop a spring and now before your hands go back, put him back on the front. Good. And I want you to lift more in here first.

Good. Really feel those waist muscles. Get light on the hands and then float your hands back. Good. Nice job. Very good. That's it. And we're going to go out, down, lift and in good. Really lengthening that waist. Great hands. Feel good like that. Good. I would just do thumbs with them and that would be great. Good.

Back of the legs. Working hard, scooping in long. Beautiful waist. Good too. And last one. Here we go. Out. Damn lifts state and keep that Nice. Now, same thing that you did on the that I, we got came in an extra inch and beautiful spine. We're going to inhale out and exhale, scoop and keep exhaling. Exhaling.

Remember that pinwheel and inhale out and exhale as long as you can. And we're going to do one more great line on your back. Stretching. Now I want you to enjoy the twist. So twisting out reach and center more waste and waste now or talking and pulling out with the waste. Yes and TUI [inaudible] reach all the way behind you. All the way in front.

One more set reached tool first and in, in last time long reach forward. Reach forward. Reach back and come. God, go ahead and step off and I'm going to set up your straps while you do semicircle. Do you want to pat on here? Okay, so ally on down what? Slide your toes a little bit over to the um, ocean. Just a teeny, teeny bit. All right. Let's try to keep the carriage still as we melt down our spine. Go all the way down. Push now.

Keep the carriage right here. Roll up your spine. Come in, send your knees as far forward as you can. Stretching those quads. Okay, and dam. Yeah, bell up and pulling it in. Here we go. One more time. Really wrap the back of your Bra Strap around that pad. Go Out, lift up and come in and let's do the reverse back of the legs and bottom, not a movement in that carriage. Beautiful coming in and you get caught and fixed it and going out. Down, all the way down. Coming in. Good and knees, a little narrower. One more and back of the legs and seat. Good. And coming in and up. That's it. And then bring your hands to your heels. Ankles.

Go ahead and stretch. There you go. If you want, lower your heels a little bit. Good. Nice. Grab onto the shoulder pads smoothly. Go back and let's do your frog and leg circles. So let's start off with frog. Just a little lower on the strap so that it's a little closer to your heel.

Then the middle of your foot. All right, and now how all the way from your waist and bend in good and reach. So little bit more like that. There we go. And Bend in. Good and enjoy this lovely length in your waist. And then, and let's do two more hugging that midline. Nice. And in and this time we'll stay out four circles and it's coming up and circle down. One and a good. Reaching out through those toes, even a little bit more. There you go. And three long waist and stretch those legs all the way from the lower back.

You're reaching those legs. Let's reverse go down around, up. Beautiful. Reverse. Not letting that powerhouse go. Good. Really work in the legs all the way from here and two, one more time. Reaching long around and stretch those legs to you. Okay, good. All right, I'm going to take these off. You still maintain a lot of flexibility for all the triathlons that you do. Go ahead and step really, and we're going to do knee stretches.

So kneeling down and out and scoop it in, that's better. And it can scoop it in little more here. Connecting [inaudible] hold it in and we're going to go to arch. Good. Open the collar bones more. Really open these. Create a shelf right here. Like lift that chest bone. So much. That's it. And two and one. Hold it in.

Scoop it up and out and scoop it in one. And in no movement. Those arms connect them and it's all in the powerhouse. Pulling those legs under and long. Knees to the Mat. You're really reaching. And last time and hold it in and down. All right, let's keep it on two. Let's lay down for running and pelvic tilt.

Good and long out and run. Here we go. Good. Skipping it. Good. Holding it up just as much as you push down. Stomach's pulling it up, squeezing with the seat to go down. Three, two, good. And now pull the machine back home. Arches on the corners. Guy Great and out. And as you come in, still keep this tilt but lengthen your waist and it's out.

Pull in it. So I want you to, we're going to lengthen your ways here. Give me a little bit more an out and pull all of this longer. Longer, longer. That's great. That's nice. How scoop. We'll do it one more time with you really reaching along that lower back and it's hamstrings and glutes and pull it in with those muscles lengthening and three and in and two more. Good reaching, reaching and last time out and pulling it in and roll down.

Enjoy that. Slide your feet together. Hug your knees in and we're going to be ready for your side splits. Do you want to do it with the blue pads or do you want to do with the black? Yeah. Okay. So as one spring. Okay, sure. Okay, so we'll start off here. There we go. Go ahead and step up. Good.

And your right foot out. Nice. [inaudible] there we go. Let's have nice classical arms there. Good squaring off hanging right now. Your low up. Exactly. Good. So we're gonna draw in and up and push out with the outer thighs. Good. A scoop it in. Very Nice, fair and nice. And this hip is just a little lower, so make sure you push out just as much with this hip. Exactly.

We're going to push out. No hanging out in the upper back and grow taller, taller, taller, taller. And one more time. Push out still crown of the head to the ceiling though. Hang out here for a second. Let's pick up some roses. Scooping in, little less bottom out. Curl that tailbone under and Leith and up. Good. Come on in. Lifting up tall or this time kind of roll forward more than pushing your bottom too far back. Good. Good. And now curling it up.

That's it. And heel toe with still staying lifted and quiet as can be with that carriage. Bring the right foot and turn towards the springs. Very nice. Left foot out first. Good. And you're going to heel toe the right damn nice. Okay. Maybe open up the heel a little bit more. There you go. Good. And scooping it.

Long arms on this one and we're going to go out lifting up. Scoop, scoop, scoop. Same thing on [inaudible]. You even yourself out. Push evenly with this leg as much as you do with your other leg and scooping it up. We're going to do one more little more. Pull it into your back here and go and out scoop. Scoop skips. Stay there. We're going to take your left hand to your right foot.

Good. Curling onto your tailbone to start lifting up long through your waist. There we go. Holding the carriage still and hand toe. Good. Curling up. Tailbone under. And now pull in the machine by pulling up in one more time. Each side, holding that carriage home with your inner thighs like crazy. Lifting up tall. Good job and go and down. Very good. Scooping in.

Grow a little bit taller here and heel toe that left foot. Heel toe, heel, toe. Great. And Go ahead and step off and we're going to set up four front splits and thighs. What's the finish? Our intermediate former. You want it there? Is that good? Yeah. Okay. I'll put this one down. All right, so we're gonna put your hands up here. Good. Let's start off with your right toes. There we go.

Square off. Let's pull back the hips just a little bit. Square him off a little more. Good. And then really pull and pretend you're going to sit. Pull into your bottom and sit on that heel. Good head. A little more sleep by your front leg.

[inaudible] we're gonna push out with his back. He'll pushing out one and come in and again, war space in this area. Nice. And to come in and stretching, miss teaching you. And one more time going out and coming in and here. Now we're going to lift your hips to a right angle and demi point if you can on that front foot and then hands behind the head. Oh, there you go. Good Square off the hips. A bit. Knee, a little more center so you can push onto me and you're going to pull out pushing with the front leg, pushing out one all the way straight with the front leg and bend it in.

Good and push. Good. Yeah. One more supporting. Always with that powerhouse and in, and now reach long with your arms all the way forward. Grab that bar. Lower your left knee. All right, let's get a nice thigh stretch there. Good. And pushing out and we're going to very good and we're going to come on in. It's true that. All right. On your knee.

Eight out and in. Good hand. One more time. Stretch. Great. And if you want, you can add the arms up to the ceiling. Good. Nice. Left. Beautiful. All right. Go ahead and stand up and left foot on the bar.

Little more center with that left toe. There we go. Okay. Pull this hip back towards me. That's it. And always trying to occur of your spine on this stretch. Nice. Push out with the back leg and come in hand stretch.

Yeah, two more. Yeah, all the way in. And one more time. Good. And now Neil, oh sorry. We're going to do the best part and hands behind your head and pull it up. See if you can do a little more lift in the heel here for a little Demi Pointe.

Good. And yet drop that hip a tiny bit. Lengthening that left side is that we're going to hold it here. Drop just a hair and now push into me. Good and coming in. Now use your powerhouse to lift a little more upright and there we go. Yep.

One more time. Push it into me. Front leg working. Alright. Long arms up to the ceiling. Good. Reaching forward and lower that right knee. Great. Good. There we are. And pushing out with the back leg to come in.

That's my favorite stretch and out and in. Try to lower that hip as much as you [inaudible] you're like, yeah, good luck. And one more stretch. Scooping in always. There you go. Nice. Arms Up. Beautiful. Alright, good. Okay.

We're done with our intermediate reformer. Okay, let's continue on. All right, let's start a nice intermediate mat. Nice and quick again. Come forward a little bit more. Good and Kinda ground yourself out. Your what? Your weight not to forward onto the toes, not too far back.

Then place one arm over the other. Good. And I want you to put one foot in front of the other and lower yourself down while still keeping your energy up. Center yourself on the Mat. Good. All right, we're going to, we already did the a hundred and the other ones who were just going to go right into the roll up and on this one I'm going to give you this slide back until your feet tense on there. Good arms back and I'm going to give you the pole just to give you a little bit of alignment. Okay. It's not a heavy one, but it'll do all right. That's normally we'd do the a hundred to start off, but we're going to skip that. So arms up to the ceiling head and peel up.

Roll on up. Beautiful. Keep your hip bones over your sit bones. Your arms can go a little lower. Good and range and then roll it back. Pull me back like a heavyweight. There Ya go. Slide those shoulder blades into joint. There Ya go. Reach it up and reach it back. One more like that. Arms head, head goes through. Good.

Keeping those in there and lifting in here and stretch. Good and rolling back. Really laying thinning this area. There we go. Good. And now let's double time. So arms head, reach for those toes and roll it back. Lower back, middle back and reaching back. Beautiful Arms. Hey, roll it up. Reach good and rolling down. Think of the of low real low ceiling though. Try to go under that ceiling.

Curl under it. There we go. Don't let your arms hit the ceiling. Say Nice and low. Two more. And we're going to go arms head. Say really low. There we go. Reach and those thighs are lengthening always towards me. One more time. Arms, head end. Keep lengthening to me. I love it. And roll back. Really reaching.

And let's go into single leg circles. Putting the bar down, right leg into your chest. Leg goes up to the ceiling. Stretch arms down by your side. Pull it up and cross around up. Good. Just like those other leg circles. Really trying to pull in, make them work from here, pulling it, that's it. One last one. And reverse. Reach it out long and then pull it up as high as you can.

Reach it down. Good. Cross all the way to that shoulder if you can last time and hugging that knee. Good and switching good and you can really use this strap to really help pull it into your waist too and arms press and use those arms to help pull and to your lower back to cross it around. And three, two, last one and reverse. Now give me this and I'm going to, there we go. All around, up. Good. Really reach out. That's what I want to see. Reaching out to around up last one. Good. And bend in your knee. Good. Both legs down.

Roll up for rolling like a ball. We're going to lift your bottom forward. You always had a real nice rolling like a ball. So we're going to curl. Instill a little more space between your hips and then yet lift and curl your ears between your knees and we're going to inhale, roll back and exhale right on up. Beautiful. Inhale, roll up back and exhale, rural. Inhale, lift your seat up. Good. And inhale, roll back and exhale two more. Keeping the shoulder blades down. That's really nice.

One more time in with the air and exhale all up. Good. Rest your feet. Now lift your bottom back and roll down with your right knee. Good. And just give me a little more pull. That's it. And switch. Good. That's what I'm talking about. And now double time.

That tempo [inaudible] right all the way in, elbows lifted. That's work, those arms. Good. Open those collarbones and really work on down the middle of your body for you so that you get your seat engaged here. Last set and both knees in good and in how reach scoop. Scoop arms can go a lot lower and circle back. Good and reach because your legs are low so your arms have to go low.

That's it. And reach and scoop it in and in with the air. Connect your arms also. Yes and two good. And one more on your own. Completely right leg to the ceiling.

Left forward and it switch and switch and really all from the lower back. Let's pull up the, there we go. That was a big change in that powerhouse. Love it. Scrape the ceiling with those toes. That's it. Richie opening the car runs just a bit more and last set and both legs up. Press your head into your hands as you reach the legs and the opposite edge, you go God, and the length and it really good and it's up and lay [inaudible] and two when it's up. One more time, a little more inner thighs work, those inner thighs.

There we go. And draw the right knee and twist all the way to it. Push into me a little bit more with your seat and switch. Good. Really pulling back that left elbow and twisting there from home. We're going to twist, twist, twist, beautiful and to the other side and we're going to twist, twist, twist, and hugging those knees. Great. Sit right on up for spine. Stretch forward heels little further back in the middle of the box.

Okay, and arms up at shoulder height. Lifting up off your seat and exhale God scooping. Stretch and inhaling. Shoulders a little bit down. Use me a little bit more to push down on me as you lift in your powerhouse.

Push down, lift, lift, lift, and then reach. Shoulders. Attach more yet again. Push down on me as you grow taller. That's the waist I want. Pushed those heels away as you curl up. Shoulderblades get one more time in exhaling every last bit of air as you go down and inhale as you come up. Nice and tall. Stack in your spine.

Good, great job. Come on back up into open like rocker. Really reached the legs away. So for it and back on, up, down, and come up. Now we'll challenge you a little bit more, just coming a little bit more forward and inhale back and exhale. Why hope you're starting to get a little bit of a sweat and work here and inhale back and exhale right on up. Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. One more time. Inhale, reach and exhale, scoop, scoop, scoop. Squeeze your legs together.

Roll away from them and I'm centered so you've got a length in that left leg. More [inaudible] legs up to the ceiling. There we go. Reach to your right circle around ample center. Same thing from that lower back. Don't let your belly puff out at all because it's all scooping into support that back. Good, right into here and against scope and one more set resisting.

Well that completes it. Let's sit up for a court, uh, for salt. Sliding back a little bit with the heels again. There you go. Good lift. And now exhale as you reach forward with this pinky, that other hips pulling away. Beautiful. Rolling up and lift tall on your waist and exhale great you rage, rage, and inhaling up and twist. Good.

And exhale and inhaling up. Little Taller. Good. And now exhale, drop that shoulder a little bit. There you go. And reach past. Let's get the baby toe, not the uh, ankle hole and inhaling up. Good and twist. And we're going to exhale, reaching for the baby. Chapo. There we go. And inhale up last time and exhale the [inaudible] there.

That's it. Sorry. Right here. There we go. All right. Bring your everything together. Flip onto your belly and let's do neck roll. Hands Underneath your shoulders a little more forward with your hands. Good, right and press. And you're going to come up. Good. Look over your right shoulder, circle down to your left and look forward. Look left. Circle down around to your and come down.

Really lengthening your spine. Great. One more time. Scooping up. Usually. I don't let people come up this habit. You really keep your spine nice and long so I feel good about that and other side and come coming down. Scoop. Good. Go right into single leg. Kick squeezing. One, two left. Two. I need you to press your hips together a little bit more.

Lift a little bit more here. Good. Right to here though. That's it. Get those knees up off the mat as much as you can. I know that you're tight. We're going to keep trying to work at last set. Good and right cheek on the mat and we're going to first press and I need you to scoop in here to lake the now that's and now lift up with long as one, two, three and lift. Lift, lift and kicking in. One, two, three and left. Two, 3:00 AM back of the legs. Get these up. That's it. And reach two, three, last time.

Light under those knees and lifting the stretch you a bit. Two, three. All right, round your back. Sit on your heels. Good. Go ahead and flip over. Let's do the strap for the neck pool. Come forward a little more so that's more of your ankles. There you go. I'm lie on down. Hand over hand. Good. All right. Scooping in. Right through here in with dear. Empty your lungs.

Kiss your knees. Stack your spine right on up tall. Really pull on the neck there to get down. Long spy. Good in with the year. Exhale. Inhale, sitting up. Tall lifting and a little bit more energy here. Yes, lengthening that part. Beautiful. And again in with the air. Exhale. Inhale, sitting up tall.

Good and keep linkdin and keep pulling good. Elbows as wide as you can on the way up. Beautiful. Inhaling up tall and pulling long in that way it's pushing away your heels. There you go. Lie On your right side for sidekicks. Good.

And we're just going to do a real small or just a normal setting here so that we can do our spine correct or so lift up that leg a little bit and kicking forward. Good. A little bit more length in your spine, all the way out your neck. All Aha. So that your hand is more of behind like the neck pool rather than a rest for your head. Good. And really reach that leg out long and three good. And I'm just gonna pull you just a little longer and forward and waist and time. God, now you've got to keep this length and we'd go up.

So I want you to pull back in the hips a little bit. I now reach as you push up. Good. So push something away from you as you go up. There you go. And press down a thousand pounds and one more with less movement.

Right here. There you go. I'm pressing me down. And now, five little circles. One great job keeping all this steady and reverse. One, two, three, four, five. Squeeze both legs up. Lie onto your stomach. Make a small pillow for your forehead. And I'm going to pull you a little. Yeah, you knew you were a little, little crooked there. So there we go. And lifting up the legs and 20 taka back. Oh, there you go. One, two, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Great job. Roll to your other side.

Legs forward. I'll bring that box forward a little bit. All right, and we're going to pull back the top pip. Reach out. Good and reach for the walls and back. Good as you go back. Makes that set better. Reaching at forward. Good position of the neck and spine. Looks good.

Where the reaching in four and back and three and two. Good. Working it forward. Region it, back up to the ceiling. Good. Reaching it long. Try to keep it this hip a little more. The waist, a little longer. Don't shrink in the way so much as it goes up. Yup. And then squeeze and keep it like that and squeeze to one more.

There you go. Hold that leg long and working. It's one, two, three. Make sure you're circling forward and back and reverse. One, two, three, four, five and relax. Good. Why on your back? Bend your knees into your chest, shake out your legs and throw a little tantrum. Get those quads loose. Stuff loosened up a little bit. Good legs up to the ceiling, arms reach back from that long waist.

And we're gonna rest your legs right here. And we're going to come on up and we're going to come. Beautiful. Good. And now roll down. Good. Now we're going to come on up. Good in arms. Lift and roll in a white awaken. Last one.

I'm going to completely let go a roll in a way. Good job hugging your knees. Good. We're going to sit up for seal. We're going to clap two, three. And I want you to brace yourself a little bit more with your stomach. Create more of a seeker, a little bit more space between your thighs and your belly button.

Pulled back a little more. That's it. And [inaudible] go forward when you clap. Use your, your thighs as well. So when you're up here, try to tighten those inner thighs. That's it. And tighten those inner thighs. Good. It's your last one. Try to let go. Cross your ankles. Roll up to a standing position. Excellent.

Turn around and let's do two sets of five pushups. Starting with your arms up to the ceiling. Good and rolling off an imaginary wall. Good region. Walk out in four paces without moving the hips. Too much.

Very good. And elbows right by your side. Down up one and two. And Nice, strong piece of steel. Give me one more good energy. Lifting up through the center and walking back to your feet and then roll up through your spine. Good. And one more set of five. Lengthening out. Good and walking out and hips tight and down. Up One and two. Good.

And three. There we go. Last time. Lift up through the center. Beautiful. Roll it up. Keep your weight over and stay there for a second. I want you to just take exhale for me and now inhale, push away the earth as you lift in and up and relax. That was a great Matt. Good job. All right, let's get the spine corrector.

I want to have a little fun there. Let's see. Yes, this way. Does that look pretty centered? All right. Okay Madame, come on over here and I want you to sit down right here. So we do tread a little ending with our spine corrector. So sit up a little bit higher now. Good.

Put One foot on top of this a little bit more forward. Good. And as you rolled back, this leg is going to push in and this leg is going to come with you up to the ceiling. Good. Rolling back and reaching that leg up to the ceiling. Good. And then slide back until both shoulder blades are on the mat and the arms feel long and straight. Bend your knees into your chest. Good. I feel like you need to go back a little bit more. Does that feel okay? Yeah.

Okay. All right. So I don't need my shoes anymore to spot you on the reformers and slide those off and want you to reach your legs up and open and we're going to circle down. And this is my favorite. Keep pulling into your waist and keeps direction. Those thighs wonderful and up and open and reach you. You could probably open a little wider, be a little more freer with it.

That's it. And then squeeze. Now two more on your own. Reaching Long Gore. Just one more keeping me center. Good. Reverse, and I'll help you with that. Reverse too. Nice around God and reaching out all round up. Three God and two more.

Nice and long. Last one. We're squeezing and work in the legs and bend the knees in for a moment. Good. And you can hug your knees if your arms are tired or you can just leave them there. Let's go into, I'm walking legs up. Good. Maybe hug the barrel a teeny bit into you. Good and long legs. Really keeping your legs center. Let's do an eight count walk. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and up to four. Five, six, seven, eight.

Make sure you're trying to get as low as you can. Keep your waistband still glued to that barrel so those thighs are getting their own stretch without me. And two more. Down to three. Little more seat. Little more length. There you go. Up. Good. Starting from the seat last time down. Seat working. There we go. Six, seven, eight and up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Good. Bend the knees in. Nice. Now we'll go into scissors.

So we're going to try to keep your left leg here and really reached out and long reach retreats. Sure to go all the way down. But now make sure it goes down the middle and then switch. And they can switch in. The air is fine too, but as you go down, it likes to go out, right? So keep that bottom working and down. Good and switching. Waste pulled and good work in the outer thigh there and bottom.

And one more set. Reaching both legs, reaching for the ceiling. Good. And bend the knees and we'll do bicycle. And not all of these are great preps for short. The hands underneath when you're doing your shoulder bridge bicycle. And so, so imagine that your hands are underneath and you don't want your bottom to be so heavy. So your bottom's always trying to stay almost up off that barrel. Okay, so legs up and let's reach your right leg towards me as you bend that left knee for our bicycle. Good. I'm just holding you here cause I love this structure.

This needs coming in as much as you can. This one's reaching out. Then start bending the right knee, reaching for that barrel than the right. And as this one goes in, good and down the middle with this left leg. There Ya go. Yes. And then bend that left knee as this one. And now just ride your bike.

Really a big wheel that sit going down the middle. Try to you. I think you can each time grab that Merrill. That's what I want you to do. That's it. That's your goal. Cause when you're free, let's reverse it. Now when you're, I'm doing it on your, your goal is to touch the floor. So you're really working at here. One knees deep into your chest. It's amazing how we can do it here.

But then when we'd take it away, it's not so easy. Last one and that's it. Bend the knees in. Good. All right. Now my favorite, not that all of them aren't my favorite, but rolling in and out. So squeeze, hug that mid line. Good heels are going to stay close to your bottom. And let's start with just the knees going towards your right ear and then towards your left ear and then towards your right shoulder and then towards your left shoulder and then over your right hip. Always hugging that way, span through to the barrel. Good.

Now let's start right to your nose and let's circle the knees to your right ear. To your right shoulder goes far over your right hip as you can circle over as far over your left hip, left shoulder, ear and center. Reverse. Give me all you got. How far over stack up those hips. There we go. Get those knees stacked as you go around. Don't let one slide more than the other. Reach the top knee over. [inaudible].

There you go. Scooping it in and reverse reaching over to the ocean pole in and around, scooping it in. Good and enough. Nice. Now go ahead and put your hands. Actually don't do that cause we're going to do leg circles onto head. How's that sound? Okay, we're going to go ahead and grab on to those. Uh, [inaudible]. Uh, now I changed my mind. So, right, we do want you to curl up your bottom and you're going to push away the yes.

Good. And because I love very importantly is the rest position after the rolling in and out, which is technically an exercise so we shouldn't throw in very much needed exercise. Right? So how'd your knees into your chest? Good. And I want you to come and do grasshopper. So stand up and then we'll come down this way. We'll do grasshopper swimming.

Good. So we're going to place our hands armed either cross, but the elbow will be on the mat. Forearms on the Mat. Good. And your forehead. That's it. Maybe a little tighter with the elbows towards the barrel. There we go. Scoop. And in here we're going to press those hips together. Hug me and let's lift those legs almost perpendicular to the ceiling.

Really reaching it up. Then pull them into your seat. Beautiful. Extend Long and eight beats. Two three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Two more times up we go. Keep lengthening extended long and eight by six 71 more time. Scoop it in from here. Lifting pool and into your seat long, long, long.

And one, two, three, four by six, seven, eight grade shop. Come back a little bit for rocking. Good. So you're gonna bring your legs back. Good. Really push your feet into your hands. Push the pelvis into the barrel and let's go for a rock to, let's do a little eight count here. Three. How's that positioning feel for you?

Good. Really lifting those guys up. Lift in the chest. One more good and kind of meltdown for a moment. Good. And now I want you to extend the arms and legs and I want to see the triathletes swim here. Okay. So we're going to lift up everything right arm and the left leg higher. Head up out of the water and it's inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Higher to the ceiling. Arms higher head, high and legs.

Fire and melt down. Very nice. Good. Go ahead and bring your knees actually into the barrel, bending them in and then just round over the barrel and just stretch. Reaching over. Yeah, just stretch. All right. And I want you to flip back on over and we're going to lie back down like we did originally for your leg circles onto your head and then we'll swing down into our teaser and hip circles.

So leg circles onto head. We're going to extend the legs up to the ceiling. Perfect. Good. We're going to start with an open leg circle, reaching down, simultaneously, lifting. Then the arms go straight up. Good. And as a circle back, you scoop the legs back up. Perfect. And Big circle around. Down in. That's it. Arms lift and circle. Legs go straight up to any one more.

Open around and lifting up. Arms lift good. And the legs go right up. Straight up to the ceiling. We're going to do the reverse. The legs go straight down. Good arm circle back and they come straight up at the legs. Gorgeous and like straight down. There you go. Arms Big circle. Good.

Circle the legs back up. Nice. One more time. One and arms and big circle with the legs. Good. And now we're going to bend the knees for a second and then we're going to extend the legs up. Good. And you need to gain some ground as we go up for the teasers. You're going to swing those legs down while really using your powerhouse to lift right on up. So here we go. On the count of three, one, two, three, lifting up. And we're going to slide just a bit forward.

Get into your teaser. Nice job. Now go ahead and bend the knees and gracefully slide your tailbone right into the crack. And we're going to do some hip circles. There you go. Getting nice position. Gets tall in that upper body as you can. Good. And now bring your legs. Here we go. It was more me than you. Push with your arms as straight as you can. There we go. That's it.

And now we're going to go to the right around and scoop it up. Good. And to the left around. Nice job at right around and scoop. Good job. And around and up. One more set. Reach it around and up. Good.

And last one left around and scoop up. Good job patients. All right, I want you to finish with my favorite, which is breathing. So I want you to slide back the barrel. Actually, do you want to stand up for a moment and I'm going to slide back here. Yeah. Now go ahead and sit with your um, tailbone. Just sit down there. I'm going to grab two quick weights here. You can do this with either a weighted bar or two hand weights and I want you to, now you're going to slide forward until your tailbone feels like it's off that front edge and then roll back over the barrel and your legs are going to be long in front of you. Good. How's that tailbone feel good in the neck.

Feels okay too. Nice. All right, so let's see if we can keep those arms equal moving equally and we're just going to inhale up to the ceiling and you're going to exhale back straight back. Actually just like that and inhaling up and exhale. Good in. So if you had the bar, imagine. So that's why we can't do the circles and up. Now, the right arm doesn't like to open up as much as the left when you go back or the left one likes to go lower. Keep lowering that right there we go.

Up and exhale. One more time. Pull the ribs away from me. The shoulder blades away, the waist, exhaling in. Let the air and exhaling down. Good. And to get out of it, keep your weights there. Draw your chin to your chest, slide your bottom back to that crack. Good. And then reach all the way to your ankles and you end with that stretch and you are all finished my dear. Thank you. That was great. Yay.


This is just an all around great reformer class. I also just love Monicas teaching personality.Very nurturing yet confident..Lovely !!!
Nice version of grasshopper on the spine corrector. And a wonderful teaching style.
Monica Wilson
Thank you ladies:)
How much FuN was that !?! Thank you for an energetic multi apparatus class Monica :) Im ready for my day now ~ watch out world !!
Monica Wilson
Great cues and beautifully done.
You are such a gifted teacher. Your cues are so simple but so meaningful.Great tough class. Thank you so much.
Thank you
love it

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