Class #101

Reformer Workout

60 min - Class


Workout out with both Kristi and Meredith in this Reformer class. Kristi cues you through a solid level 2 class that includes a short warm up on the Reformer carriage, followed by a standard BASI Pilates® intermediate workout. The class flows at a medium pace with only a few pauses when certain aspects of an exercise are being emphasized
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video


Okay, so we're going to begin with the standing cat. We're on one spring, so you're pretty close to your reformer and let's just stand here for two deep breaths. Sort of centering ourselves, getting r...


Kristi- That was a great, balanced workout. Your sideovers were precise and beautiful!
Thank you Kristi! I really enjoyed this workout. I'm starting BASI training in March and really focusing on your cuing, which I find really insightful. =)
Rachael ~ You've been with us a long time, are you beginning a teacher training for the first time? I'm so happy to hear you will be working with the BASI program. It's a lot of fun. Enjoy and good luck!
Yes, this will be my first teacher training. I can't wait to begin! Thank you so much for PA Kristi, I am learning so much from you. =)
It's my pleasure Rachael.
Thank you Kristi and Meredith, another great class from the treasure trove-really like the climb a tree here
Thank you Patti!
Lovely class. Thank you 😊

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