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Advanced Wunda Chair

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Monica teaches an advanced Wunda Chair workout designed to keep your mind and body connected the entire time. Monica emphasizes beauty, grace, and control for each transition between the challenging exercises like Horseback, Twist, Star, and many more. It's so great to see all of the amazing things that can be done on this small apparatus!
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Jun 19, 2013
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Okay. Ninja. I'm so excited to teach you Sara. I'm so excited to learn. So we're going to have a fun chair. Now, the one to chair is, in my opinion, one of the most advanced pieces of the of equipment that Joseph Pilati is designed. And it's, uh, something that really should be worked one on one with an instructor because there's such little subtleties that your body will try to do to compensate that your instructor really needs to be right on you to tell you, you know, you're using your one side more the shoulder coming up or your hip or it's very hard and you really can't look at yourself in the mirror, but it's still fun. And if you've got a good experience implies to give it a good try. So there's many different orders. This is just an order that I'd like I enjoy doing. So we're gonna do it.

The most important thing if you're going to really go for the chair is that you stay connected your mind and your body from start to finish, like all other pieces of equipment. But it can be very easy, like you get off and you want to just kind of throw it all to the wind and you don't want to. In the, in today's exercises, you're going to want to get off with beauty and grace and control, always using our stomach. And many times we'll also, and where you're lifting through the spine, if, if after we roll up to a standing position, something like that. But it doesn't need to be over the top then anything. Sound good? Great. All right, so we're going to start off with our footwork. Okay. So we're going to go ahead and sit down here. You can put a pad, but nowadays they have so much patty that you don't, we'll come into play when we need it and you might need a yoga mat to help out with some of the things that we're going to be on your stomach. So that Yoga Mat is a good idea with the chair.

Can't really add a grots mat here. So let's start with your hands on the back. Good. And do you want your spine perfectly stacked? One Vertebra, the other. Try to lift the pedal up as high as you can. Good and nice. Pilati stance. We're going to do 10 and the belly is going to go in and up or we're going to push down and pull up and down. Good and scoop. Ended up growing taller, lifting up to the neck. I love it. Good. Very nice. Wonderful. You're trying not to move the pelvis. In fact, you press the pelvis and pushed out. Getting one more. That's it. Good.

Now Arches. That was a nice change. And now let's put your hands to the side. Good. Still with a nice open chest and squeeze those hips and push down and pull up and down and up. Great. This is so wonderful because from this angle, I don't even know you're pumping and that's what I want to see. I don't want to see you pumping with your lower yeah. Back or your quads. I want your whole body pump. Good. Ran In those toes. Give me one more good.

And now we're gonna go to heels and let's go for the most advanced arm position. One arm over the other. Good. Still pressing those hips together and lift and let sales go down and up and up. And you grow taller and strong and powerhouse. Good. That's it. And four and three. Good scooping and I love it too. It'd be the last one.

Nice. Go ahead and step off forward. We're going to do tendance directions. Spinning around. Place your hands right here. One foot up on the pedal and we're going to bring it down. Hands go to the back of the chair. Great Shot. And we're going to bring our shoulders over the hint risks, but we will not move the pedal.

We're going to go down with those heels down to three. Really stretch now curl your tailbone under and left. Good and stretch. Aha. Stretching down to three. And it's all from here. It gets more round. Round, round. Yeah. And down two, three. Think of lifting your arches, lifting your inner thighs, lifting your pelvic floor. There you go. And reach away.

Stretch this phone away from this one. Away from that one away from that one. That's it. And then pull into him. Really, I think this is the most therapeutic Mitch, uh, apparatus go down for my spine. I really just come out with a completely new and supported and even spine when I work on the one to chair. One more time. Reaching down your thigh should be on fire. Everything should be really work in here. Hold and it there.

One foot to the floor, control it up with the other. Very nice and round up. Nice and tall through your spine. Come on over here and I want you to sit on this edge facing that way. And with your tailbone off the front edge are going to lie on your back for the a hundred. So we're going to throw in a few mat exercises here. Good. And start pumping. That's nice. And exhale.

I want the bottom of the shoulder blades down. Actually I want him down. Collarbones open and reaching. Good. And now I'm going to pull you, pull your waist away from me. Oh, that's nice. Good. That's it. Good. Really. This is a great place to do. I'm going to let go.

You keep all that feeling less energy in the toes. Yes, zipping up is a great way. Place to feel. You're pulling in and supporting your back cause there's not much padding on here so you can bring the legs up and that's good. You've got to find your spot. I was thinking the same thing. Give me one more and it's you. It's for you. So put it where you want it, right. And then hug the knees in. And now let's do single leg stretch.

Keeping the right knee good and switch at it. Left. Good. Really pull in from that waist. Good and length in that dyad or that pelvis. You're thinking about your box, your frame, you're squaring off scooping in. That's it. Reach. Give me one more set in and, and, and bring both knees into the chest. Good. And reach long.

The arms and legs for double scoop. Scoop. That has my scoop and bullet back in and start with the scoop this time. Yeah. And exhale and reach from that scoop and exhale and strong [inaudible] and exhale. Two more reaching out. And and last time school skip, skip, skip, and in and right leg up to the ceiling, left lightboard and switch and switch and good. All solid.

Like you're rooted through that one. And look at that form. Beautiful. That's what I wanted to see. Reaching and reach and reach and reach. One more set and left and both legs up. Good and scoop into your, as you go down to three and cup and your powerhouse pushes your head into your hands and up and you reach those thighs out of your pelvis and up and two down to three and left. Give me one more down, down, down and up. And bend the right knee in. Good.

And we're going to turn to the left. Really work on that trust and coming up for the last one. Really enjoying that twist and the left. I think we are warm. Let's bring both knees into your chest. Hug. Amen. Good. Let's go ahead and sit up and stand up.

And I'm going to switch to one spring in the middle. We originally had one on top, one on bottom. Probably could have helped if I said that. Um, now from what footwork we are gonna do the push down. So I want you to go ahead and stand over here. I like to have you reaching over to, um, the chair. Okay. Maybe even a teeny, teeny bit back.

Good little out of your comfort zone. So reach your arms up to the ceiling. That's it from your waist, and have your way a little more forward on the ball of your foot. Good. Without pushing your bottom behind your heels. Roll off. That's good. And reach with your waist. Yeah, soften the knees a little bit. Thank you.

A little more curl and the tailbone for me. Good head through your arms. Good. And I want you to push down God, and now hold it here and curl your tailbone under. Draw up your inner thighs, roll up through the lower back. That's it. And push down thumbs and fingers if you can. Wonderful. And we're going to scoop in curling that table and squeeze in that thought, those size. Good. Go down. And we're going to stay down this time, the Andhra, and we want you to hold the upper body there as you bend the elbows and scoop more. Yeah, two more. Bend and scoop. Good. One more bend scoop.

Now really curl the tailbone and come up all the way. I want to see that fancy ending here. You're gonna roll up and against an imaginary wall. Arms here. Good lifting, and then push the earth away. Nice up through your spine. Great job. We're going to do push down one arm.

So we're going to draw an imaginary line here. Now I want you to stand right here facing this way. Great. And now reach your arms up to the ceiling. Always. Still, even though it's one arm working simultaneously and you're going to roll off an imaginary wall, both arms go on down. Good. Then the right hand is going to go the middle of the chair, the left arm, and you're going to bend this. Oh sorry. You are correct. They were going to bring this arm all the way up. I was thinking push ups.

I was going to throw you into pushups, right, right off the bat. Right into the deep end. And so now we're going to work evenly and we're going to push that bar down. And this one's like reaching up to the ceiling. Good. And pull up. Yeah. Damn. And pulling up. Good. Good, good.

One more. And tailbone under. Curling up both arms. Reach for the floor. You're going to roll up your spine with that fantastic ending arms up to the ceiling and pushing down. Just staying in your body and coming on over this side for push down on this side. Good. All right. Palladia stance. That's it. And you're gonna reach long and forward.

[inaudible] rolling off and imagining a lovely job. This arm reaches up to the ceiling when we come from this side this time, bring your, if you can, the right arm higher up right there. Good. And now pulling into your powerhouse. Always push down and like I can just pull you up good and down and scoop it in that sit. One more time. Feel the lift in your arch, the lifting in your inner thigh, all the way through your pelvic floor, all the way up both arms reach for the floor and you roll up, arms up and finish it off. Nice and beautiful. I love it. Great. We're going to do swan.

So gonna slide it a little bit forward to see you feel like you have a lot of space and you're going to lie down on your stomach. Push the pedal down. We're just going to stay on this one. Middle Spring. Good. And your shoulders are right over the hands. The risks of scoop for just a teeny bit more. Good. And again, this is such a super padded chair that you don't need extra padding but you can if you need it. Alright, nice. Open collar bones. We're going to do three pumps, so we're going to work on keeping, that's it. Pumping one, two, three. Now arms stay straight and your powerhouse lifts and opens the chest and pull up the pedals as much as you can. Go down and let's do three more. Good.

Pumping one elbow straight back and three. Good job. And scooping in. Lift your chest bone with your waist. That is what we're trying to do and we're going to do it one more time. One Nice long neck energy out the crown of your head. Hold the arm straight and now really open those collarbones. Come on, lifting up the chest from your waist. Wonderful. And going down.

Now I want you to put your right hand almost into the center. Good. And the left arm out to the side. Great. And we're going to keep those shoulders square and we're going to do the same thing. Bending just with one arm, one, two, three. Good. And actually we're going to put the other arm back on. That's all. We're going. Not going to come into the bend with it. Block that good.

And bending. One. Very nice and even very good knee Andra. And now both arms down and let's now do a nice swan with both arms. So scoop and an opening, the collarbones and coming up. Beautiful. Nice. All right, come on back. Good feet to the floor and finish nicely by rounding up your spine.

Wonderful. Okay. Here. I will put a pad for our teaser combination. So we're going to sit down with your back to the chair, the peddle. Good. I want you to bend your knees into your chest. Very good, good. And I want you to hold underneath your knees. You're very flexible, but I want you to put a hands with behind you.

It's about the hands with from your tailbone. Once your knees are actually up, it does change a little bit, right? So you want your feet up. Very good. And now I want you to extend into a beautiful teaser from your powerhouse. Reach your arms. Good. Now with absolute control, you're going to palms up, bend your elbows behind you in place the hands on the pedal with the thumbs and fingers. Great. Now this, I like to think of my powerhouse like a six pack at this point. So my lower set, my middle and my upper, it's always a goal for me, but I want you to start pushing it down with the lower set of your six pack, then your middle set and then your upper good until it's all the way down. And now when you come up, curl in your upper set first, then your middle, then your lower good. I'd like your legs a little bit lower if that's okay with you, your angle.

And now rolling away your lower. Set, your middle, set, your upper. As you reach those legs away. And now your upper set, your middle, your lower. Very nice. One more time. And with energy, go for it. Reaching away and curling in and reach your arms all the way up to your toes. I'll come up forward more. Go for it. Go for good. Hug the knees into your chest. Nice. Now we'd go back just a little bit.

So let's take our pad back just a tiny bit and go ahead and sit down. And we're going to go into teaser again just like you did. Get into comfortably into a teaser. Good. Arms forward. Good. And now bend your elbows past two hands on the pedal. Good. Scooping your way waist and lengthen your legs out of the hips.

Down to parallel. Keep your upper body where they [inaudible]. That's it. And now, lower set, middle. Good. Going down. So your reach is, that's it. And Scoop and upper set. Middle. Good. And two more. This is a little harder and as you can attest and curling into yourself one more time. And on the last one it's a little fun.

You get to add some choreography and you're going to pull your legs up with you as you curl into yourself and stay there if you can. And you're going to go into the last one, which is down everything. Ready and Dan and curl into yourself a little more lower set. Middle. Upper. Yeah. Upper set. Middle. Oh, that's fantastic. Give me one more of those. Lower set and middle set. Upper. Yeah, you have a six back. Don't Jimmy, Andrea.

And coming up and our reach your hands all the way for your feet and hugging your knees. Fantastic. Good job. Now we're going to do mermaid, everyone's favorite and least in mine. All right, so you're gonna sit about right here facing that way. Good left ankle over right. Good. And you want to think about as if you were hanging from the Cadillac. You really want that waist long lifting. Good. And you're just hanging in there. Nice. Lean a little bit in front of your hip bones.

Good and support yourself a little bit more through here. Yes, that's it, but go forward with the shoulders. That's it. The right left arm is going to go down. Okay. It's going to be eventually on that pedal, but you need to get there. This arm stays as close to your head as you can. Lifting off your seat, off your bum. We're going to go over and you're going to keep this hip down as you reach, reach, reach, and pull your waist up. Good.

Keep the hand on the pedal and go forward. Again, stay a little more forward in front of the hip bones. Wonderful, great, great job and pulling up. I love how rooted you are with this hip and reaching, keeping that hip shoulder in joint. Now let this arm wrap around your head because you deserve it. Length in that arm all the way from your waist and seeing rooted in this hip pool up your pedal. Good. Both arms up and step off. Going forward. We're going to go the other side.

Nice. Fantastic. All right, both arms lift and again, I want you to be a little more forward with this. Okay, so reaching forward that said, rooting those hips like your tailbone through the one to chair, the little right arms going to go down. It'll eventually be there and you're going to reach up and over while keeping the fingers pointing forward and a little more forward with the hand too. Yeah. Now that'll be a little more enjoying. Good. Stretch away from that hip and use your waist. Make sure you don't lean back, stay forward and scooping. Mm, that's it.

And pooling right into yours. You come up. Great. One more time reaching. This is the one where you get to add the arm wrapping around your head. Good. Straighten it, laying in it and pulling in and both arms up and Voila, you're done with those. Nice job. Good. We're going to go to backward arms next to go ahead and step forward and I'm going to place a pad right here and I'll adjust the chair as needed.

Go ahead and sit down. Go ahead. All right, so I'm going to bring the pedal down behind and you're gonna put the hands very good. Now if I ha I love using a pole here, but I'm not going to go grab one. So you want to imagine that there is a pole right behind you. Send your tailbone through the earth. Pool your waist in and up. Let's keep every vertebra on that pole. This shoulder likes to rotate a little forward. There you go.

So now they're both tighten the back of your arms, your triceps, and flex the toes back. Flex your feet. Good. Alright. Use the back of the arms to lift your elbows. Bending the elbows. You're going to lift the elbows up, up, up, and push down as you grow taller and bending and push down as you grow taller and bending, pull it up, up, up, and push down. And one more. Bending those elbows and push down. Good. Good. Switch your grip. So now the hands and fingers will point the other way. Good.

Pull back your left shoulder just a bit. Good. Pull into your waist a little more. Lift off that seat. Push your heels away. Good. All that. And lifting up good and from your waist. Lift up. Great job with the open collar bones.

You're keeping your back nice and straight. Give me one more little more. [inaudible] off that bottom. There we go. And now I'll hold the pedal. You take your hands and reach forward for your feet. Very good. Go ahead and just stretch. And we're going to do arm. Um, I'm frog. So facing the chair, just a nice one where we are going to start facing the chair.

Let me get you in a nice position. That's I think good. Yeah. And I want you to go ahead and lift your arms up to the ceiling. Good. And you do not need a Relevate, but I want you to just keep lifting everything. You're a little more turned out with your right foot. Then your left. So let's even you out there, Waco, let's slide this over. Just a hair.

All right. It needs to be just right, right. All right, so we're gonna go ahead and lower your arms as you play a in bend your knees. Good. And the heel of the hand is going to go onto the pedal. So I'm going to slide it. You can stay right where you, I'm going to slighted an inch towards you to fix that alignment. So now again, if I had a pole, you would have a perfectly your shoulders right over your hips. That's a little bit better. Do I need to bring it a little more towards you or it's good. Alright.

So the whole emphasis on this exercise is exactly where you have this tie right here. Actually. Even a little higher. Nope. Yeah. I want you to pull in like you were, and we're trying to gain, um, space between each of those vertebra. So bring the pedal up, push into my hand more. That's it. And can you stretch each vertebra away as you pull it down, pull in and stretch them and release. I don't want it going down so low and I don't want you to arch this part of your back. I want you to actually pull into it so your, that's it and come up. So however much you think you can stretch between each vertebra.

It's Kinda how low that pedal should go, which is not much. There you go, hold and release. It's connecting the arms to your shoulder girdle, pulling down hold and release. Let's do a quick set of three pumps, pumping one, two, three and release. So felt a little rocking there. So let's get stable again and pumping in one. Oh, that's gorgeous. Two, three and release. Now one more time. We're going to hold on. Three one, two, hold, press pulling in, in and release. And now arms up to the ceiling and come up with beauty and grace. Up we go. Yes, I knew you had it in here. Very good. Yes. So now we're going to do mermaid kneeling.

Let's start with the right hands that come on over onto this side and we're going to put the pad about right here, God. And I want you to carefully and gently arms going up to the ceiling. Or they can be in front of you, whichever you like, and you're going to lower your knees to that pad. Good. All right, great. And you're in place, the right hand in the middle, facing forward. That's it. That looks pretty good to me. Maybe in should just teeny bit towards the chair.

Take your knees a teeny bit. That's it. Left arm up to the ceiling. Wonderful. Okay, so we're going to squeeze your hips. You want to press the side view. There is no dip here. I need you to push your hips through here. Aha. Nice Gut and the stomach of course takes care of any front protrusions there.

That's much nicer and we're going to be sure that we don't push our hip out away from the chair. Lifting in and up from that waist. Go over, pushing that pedal down, lift, lift, lift and then control it with those obliques as you come back up. Very nice from this angle. And again, watch that shoulder lifting, polling in this hip that a little rotation and scooping in, lifting from that waste and one more time scooping in, reaching, reaching, reaching. Keep pushing your hips a little more forward and towards the chair. Yes, and keep them there as you pull up to the ceiling. Great job both arms up, flex your toes underneath and if you can pull your weight up and lift them up. Very nice. Good. That's not easy on those knees and we're going to bring yourself right over here. Good job. Yeah, going down a little overkill. Yes. There you go. Start with your arms lifted.

That's it. And you're going to take your left hand to the pedal. Wonderful. I'm going to bring it just a teeny bit towards, you can't really tell you why. Just how I see it. All right. And very nice. Okay. Scooping in, pressing your hips forward, right. And you're going to reach up and over, up and over. Up and over, over up, up, up and lift up through the waist as you come home.

Keep taking your right hip towards me. [inaudible] that's cool. More on the way up is what, and we're going to go over it likes to just try to take a little bit of a break as you come up, but instead you're going to keep squeezing it to me and lifting through your waist. That was very nice. One more time. Shoulder looks nice. Scoop. And in and up, over and over and over. Don't rotate with that one. [inaudible] and then lifting up all the way through, both arms, up to the ceiling. Flex those toes under and Ollie up here we go. Up to the ceiling. Good. All right, good.

Now we're in for some real fun with horseback. Love it. Okay. There's many ways to get on, but we're just going to go ahead and swing sand from one side and bring your legs. Now it is a little not exciting, so let's put some paths or inner thighs. Don't get bruised up there. Great. I like you to come back a little bit. [inaudible] God, and I want you to put your hands right here. Wonderful. And I want you to compress into those hands just without lifting.

Just push and give energy. Then press your hips together, push with the inner thighs and curl your tailbone under. Ooh, that's nice. Keep curling under, looking at your belly. Good skew pushing into those hands and really get this wonderful, fabulous. Now just stay there and now let your arms float up. Good God, great job. Keeps squeezing. Bring your hands to the pedal forward. Excellent.

Great job. All the way forward. He also the hands with thumbs together, but the fingers good. So here's your pelvis and I want you to reach starting from the top. Reach away from your pelvis. Go for it. Reach down, down, down, down. And they all start from your lower sixth back. You're going to pull up curling that tailbone or squeezing those inner thighs.

And down to that is just beautiful. And then scooping in from that tailbone inner thighs, we'll watch that shoulder just a teeny bit. And one more going down and school wheezing with the hips and scooping in your powerhouse. And now keep this beautiful horseback. Come up a little bit more, a little bit more and give me three circles with your arms because you can circle one and two and three and bend those elbows by your side and set. Voila. Ah, excellent. Swing one leg over. Didn't that feel good? I love it. We're going to do push ups number one.

So I want you to stand again like you did for the, um, the push down with one arm right here is if there's an imaginary line. Excellent. Good. Arms up to the ceiling. Go ahead. And you're going to roll off an imaginary wall at this time. The right hand is going to go to the pedal, the and it's going to bend as the left arm goes down to the bend the elbow. There Ya go. Good.

So the hardest thing here is once we're out in our pushup position to even out the shoulders, this one's going to want to be higher. So take those four steps out. Good. Hold it there. Everything in your power house has to work. You have to squeeze your glutes. Don't move that pedal at all down three more inches. No, pedal to one. Good. You have to open the chest now a little bit. Yeah.

Now squeeze and scoop and push down and do five pumps with that one and bend it. You can. And two, you're not using your seat. I bet you. There we go. Look at that. Now who's got the power? One more. Yes. And now walk your feet back in. Very nice and round all the way up and end with beauty and grace.

That's it. Pushing down good and go around to the other side. Good. Imagining that line a little bit towards the chair. Teeny bit. [inaudible] good. Reaching up your arms. Good and roll off an imaginary wall. Good left hand and it's going to have to bend and you're going to walk your feet street back here. [inaudible] an eye on him. Good. And now really squeeze the glutes.

It's very important and holding this joint in the shoulder in joint. Pumped down five times down up. And we lost the bottom again. There we go. Squeezing and three, four, right? I think I'm adding one, but we're going to add, there we go. And now walk your feet back in. Very good effort. Name, Dra. Very nice. Rounding on up, ending with that beauty and grace. That's it. Good.

And now I want you to do the twist. Let's have some fun with the twist. So we're going to go ahead. I like to draw an imaginary x on here and line up the bottom of our box, our hips with that x. So let's start facing me and we're gonna put your left hip bone almost right here. And your right one's going to be here. So facing me. There you go. Yep. And scoop full the little bit.

And we're going to start in a teaser. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna Square you off here. Bring your knees up to your chest all the way to your chest. And then that's it. There you go. So, so this line, I had you so wrong. We're getting on the same page and, and I'm sure it was me. Um, so this line, I want it to line up with this line. So you got an Aha and you always need to be almost falling off of this edge.

So that's the only other trick that looks pretty good. I'd bring this just a teeny bit forward and then I feel really good about that. So we're going to bring the legs up, good. And cross the front leg, the right ankle over, and reach your arms effortlessly. That's it. You're going to gracefully bend your right arm and place it on the back corner. But keep your shoulders square and facing forward.

Straighten that arm with the hand on the back of the HAH. Yes. Good cause we're now going to twist our whole powerhouse. So we're going to reach around. Good. Pushing down, scooping in, reaching those legs. Good, good. And right here. Get that pedal down and straight. Alright. And coming back up. Use your powerhouse to control up that pedal.

Very nice. This time I want you to hit a straight line before you twist your upper body, right scooping in. Push down that pedal. Reach down, push down on that pedal all the way. So this upper is going to stay right there. Squeeze your hips over until you touch my hand. Nice. Now twist. Just though that the thoracic, keep twisting. Keep twisting. Tweet. Oh that's gorgeous. Come back. Center and untwist. That was beautiful.

Pull through your center. One more. Go for it. Going. Use that waist. Reaching out all the way down. Good. Holding it. Big Twist. Lovely on twist. This is the fish. We're going to bring this on over your thigh. Look at your thighs. Good. And try to lift your upper body and legs at the same time and go down.

Good. Two more. Lift those legs. Oh yeah. And exactly. On this diagonal. Whoa. Live, live, live. Add down. Arm goes back overhead. And then untwist. That was lovely. And both arms up and other side. Look at you making it look easy. Okay, slide over just a bit more. So your right hips almost off. Yes.

And then bring it in. Just a little overkill and I'm gonna know. There you go. That looks good to me. Bringing your knees. How's that feel? Did you feel secure on the other side after I had scrambled you all up? So you're going to bring your legs up and bring always the front leg and then reach forward a little more. Lift in that good.

The right arm is going to go back. Good. And the left arm up to your ear. Good. And now from your waist, work that powerhouse to twist and reach. Pushing down that pedal. Good. Hold the straight line first. Squeeze this more. Good. And now twist in the Thoracic Dad.

Sit and untwist and from that powerhouse, control the pedal up. Watch that shoulder from lifting. That'll help you and lock it down. Scoop it in and really Jane. Good. And then twist, reaching long the fides out of that powerhouse and back to square off and scoop it in. And what I want you to go right into that last one. Okay. Scoop it in. Good. Push it down at the same time. That's it.

And Yantra and twit. Do that. Nice twist. That's it. Keeping the hips stacked and untwist and put your arm over towards your feet. Good. And look over to him and use that waist to lift up the legs and down. And we're going to lift and down. Little teamwork.

One more and up because you feel it, don't you? Yeah, arm back over. It's not that you're cheating and round back up into your teaser. I'm not doing it for you. I'm just helping you feel it. That much more good. And that's enough of those we're going to do push up number two. So you're going to come there and keep coming.

They just come on over to this size cause since we started with your right hand and this time you're going to be about right here when you start and you're going to roll off an imaginary wall. So come forward just a little bit more good. Arms up to the ceiling. Good. And we'll lock that imaginary while the right hand is beautifully in the center. A little more forward. Left-Hand there. And now walk the feet. Watch where they're going. Good. Squeeze like crazy. Those hips down.

Think of this like a one-arm push up. So this elbow needs to bend and it's going to bend and straighten. We've, we're fallen down a little bit in here, so let's try to go down and good and squeeze what? We lost those hips. Sorry. There we go. Let's do three now. Like that. Oh yeah, that's it. One more. And Walk your feet back in. That was nice. And even, and straight round yourself up. Got The zooming in and zooming out. Come on over here. Let's do the other arm. Great.

Feet in closer to me. Lot more. That's right. And there you go. Where am I? Okay. And arms up to the ceiling. A rolling forward. Yeah. That's important to note. You know these exercises and walk out and that's why we're able to move at this beautiful tempo squeezing cause you're familiar and you're aware of. So it's a good workout for you and squeeze in that bottom.

We're not going to lose it this time and pulling up good and down up and give me three more. That's very nice and too last time. God. And Walk your feet back and those are no, not easy are they? And rounding up and pushing down the earth and lifting, not your strong point. That's funny. Okay. Tendon stretch. We can do a pad or no pad, which, how do you prefer? Okay. Again, this has a little bit much, patty.

I'm going to put once adding one spring on the bottom. So we have one middle and one bottom for attendant stretch. We're going to do a little one leg attendance check just to make sure we're in the right frame of mind. You need to be right. Okay. So we're going to sit down, put your arches on that pedal, push it down. Good and in a little bit of a Palladia stance. And we're going to lift up our bottom good.

Now the goal of this exercise is to keep some light between you and the chair. That's a goal. Bend your elbows and you're gonna wrap in. Squeeze. Good. Scooping in. And we're going to curl that table and under a little bit more. And we're going to lift up that pedal. Pull it up. Good. Very good. Lifting up from the waist and down. We're going to do four more.

Up and down. That's it. And up and down at, up and down. Now take the right foot just a little bit in front of the [inaudible] and we're going to scoop up and down, really working that left hip now. And one more. And I want you to put the right hand in between your legs and reach that right leg out. So this hand right there, good. Reach that leg out. Good. And we're looking down at the hip, looking down, and you're like, yes. And we're going to pull up with it and pull up.

Good and up and give me one more up. And now we're going to reach to the back. Good. And we're going to pull up with that hip and scoop in and pull up and down and up and down. And one more. Nice job and bring that like all the way forward for the other leg. Good left legs going to go a little bit forward.

You look in great and scooping in and that right hips gonna work, pulling it up one, two and three. And now put the left hand in the middle and like out to the side and pull it in and pull it up. One long leg outlive seem to the ceiling three and that's the energy I needed. And now as we lift we're going to lift up to the ceiling and two and give me one more great alignment and like up and forward. And Go ahead and sit down. Whoo.

Talk about a workout step on forward. I am going to switch it. Actually I'm going to keep it from mountain climb. Okay, so you're going to now come from the front and place your hands one foot on the pedal God and one foot up. Place your hands on the front edge and really concentrate on your c curve here. Breathe, feel it. This knee is going to bend above the pedal. That's it. Even out those hips. So we've got the nice hips.

Beautiful scooping in and we're gonna do eight counts. Pushing here down to three and four, five, six and seven and slowly coming up with the pea. Pumping arms up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. Hold it there. Hold the arms, reaching up, pumping, lengthening the waist, heaping the hips. Seven and eight and coming down. Curling. Two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Nice job. Other like very good. I can tell that was maybe a little different combination than you were thinking and you just like pulled it all. All in. Okay.

We're going to even out those hips. Very good. Resting the hands just on the Front for eight counts. Work a little more on the c curve here. That's it. And staying here. Benny one and two and threes. Keep the hip here. Five, six, seven and eight. Slowly lifting work this long hip. This is a good one for you. Lifting up through the ways. Come, I'm more round in the lower back and keep it up, up with the arms, arms forward and two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. And Nice and job mantra.

That's a good one for this hip. Huh? We're going to control it up. Yeah. That's a really good one for that hip need spotting. It's all part of it. Okay. We're going to do, um, the pull up and pull up one arm. I think we're gonna do the pullup on, um, one spring on the top. I know, I know.

I never forget that when I had my first child cause uh, Romana and I really liked to see it on one spring in the, um, middle as a, as a good standard. But I remember having the, I think I was three months out and they said, okay, you just had a baby one on top, so, but I know you can do this. Let's get this nice and scooped and we're going to pull like a balloon is right here and we're gonna float it up to the ceiling and controlling it. Damn good. You could if you curled into yourself a little more with the hips, press them together and lifting right from here. Scoop into my hand right there.

That's it. Now push the pedal away from this Straw. Oh yeah, and we're going to come up one more time scooping and pulling right up into you. Now stay here and push it down. One inch in. Pull it up and two and one more. And now push. All right. All the way down. Excellent job. One foot to the floor and we're going to control it up with the other foot.

Keep your hands right there. Good. Both hand feet to the ground there and then rounded up. Ended again with the beauty and grace with the arms. Good and pushing down. I want more of a lift in that. That's better. I'm going to get the yoga mat and we're going to do some Nice Flying Eagle and corkscrew. Probably one of your favorites. Yes, it's nice.

All right. Do you prefer a side, whether it's the Ripley or the other? Okay, so on this I'm going to change it back to one spring in the middle. Thank you. Ninja and I want you to just lie down on your tummy and we're going to have the hands, the heel of the hands up on the pedal, just resting. Place the right facial cheek on the mat. That's it. Good. And just really just let those shoulders. That's it. Nice. All right, so this is shoulders and extreme back extension. Press your hips together, pull your belly in and start pulling back your shoulder blades.

As you press down the pedal and slowly lift up, look on the simultaneously, open those collarbones more. That's it. Lifting God. And now try to stay really lifted as your pedal comes up. So as you come up and you'll keep lengthening, lengthening, lengthening, lengthening until you finally come down. Left cheek down this time and pulling down and back and lifting in your powerhouse. Lifting, lifting, lifting, pushing down those shoulders. Good.

And we're going to come up with the pedal and slowly lengthen your spine down. Looking very nice leg. Started to go. A little bit of skew there. One more set, pulling down. Good. Keep pulling down those shoulder blades. Get those shoulders in joint. Lift up your chest bone to the ceiling from your powerhouse, and then reach through those arms from the waist as you come down.

Linkedin each bone away from the next. Doing all right. Right, left cheek down last one. And pull in into this side as we come up. Both sides work in, sorry, not so over. Very, very good. Good. And now really reach each bone away as your arms start coming up. Lengthening all through there. Keep the shoulders end joint reaching, reaching, reaching and right cheek ends on the floor. Great job.

Round your back and sit on your heels. Nice job. And then we're going to turn around and do corkscrew, which is one of my favorites also. So we're going to turn around onto your back and I'm just going to be up here to help you and you're going to hold onto the pedal, which should doesn't have much tension on it then we don't. Either way I think right here is good. Um, take your shoulders over just a teeny bit to the left. Sorry, I didn't. And now you're going to bend your knees.

You are with the chair. Okay. And then you're going to, that's why it's so important to have someone and then bring your legs back and all the way over to me. Nice. Nice long arms. Reach through those shoulder blades. Okay. And we're not gonna move that pedal at all as we roll down our back and then go to the right with the legs corkscrew around. Scoop it in and scooped in and pull right on up here. I'm a little bit more jazzy energy here. Scoop it in, roll through each bone to the left, around and right on up that say, and rolling down into the right scoop and around.

Sweep the floor around and lift and down each vertebra to the left around and scoop in that powerhouse. Lift one more set length in each one away from this. Reached the legs as far over, all the way to the left and up. One more time, down to the left, all the way around. Scoop it in and hold at feet right there. Nice and roll through each bone to come down. Very, very nice in that feel lovely. Good. Go ahead and cross your legs. Go ahead and roll up to a seated pit. Standing position. Good. Alright.

And we're going to do going up front, so I'm going to get rid of this and I'm going to do one spring on top, one spring and the bottom. You like the sound of that? That's good. All right. So we're gonna put your hands here to start and we're just going to get it on it and the right foot go up. Good. And bring the pedal all the way down the left foot. There's definitely more advanced ways to get on, but this is a nice, safe, good way. Okay.

Holding nice classical arms rounding at the elbows if that's all right with you. And a little bit more forward thinking of the um, big chair. You know, if we had the big chair, what I want you to drop this hip a little bit and actually lift up out of the, Oh, that's so nice when you lift it up out of there. Good. And when you, if you need me at all, let me know. Come a little bit forward and pulling up the back of the thigh and the glute, and we're going to do that two more times. Push it away from you as your waist lifts and pulling up at the back of the thigh and the glute and pushing it away. Don't let this hip high try to keep it even. Yes, one more time.

Good. Now you're going to stay up here length in the standing leg and go into an arabesque. So leg goes up behind you. Good. It's going to go to the side trying to keep your hip nice and as high up to the size you can over my head. Bring this toe to the knee to a pos. Say extend behind you in an air. Best ple a or bend this knee as you bring back that foot to the and then straighten it and bring the foot back to the pedal and square off again and control down. Pushing it down. Beautiful.

Look at that. We're going to switch legs. Go ahead and put your hands down. How'd that feel? Wonderful. All my students. Good. That's nice. And even right there about right there. Okay. Scooping in, leaning a little forward, using the back of your left thigh to pull it up. Yes. And pushing it away with the ball of your foot and the backer.

I try not that right. One to hike up at all. One more time. Pull it up. And then length and that standing leg Aribel desk, try and all the way. Good. Go into the side, lifting that leg high from your powerhouse more. And then try not to stand in that leg too much. I'm not. And then towed a knee. Good. Little bit more open in the hips. Push that Le [inaudible] and then behind you.

Good plea. AA, lifting even higher. Good control there. And that's it. And evening out those hips, lifting in the waist, pushing down. God both hands on the good. Bring your right foot down. Not Completely. Sorry. Just to the pedal and you're going to turn towards the, the whatever direction this says. There you go. And you're gonna put your, Oh, I don't want the right foot up there. Yes, but I don't want the same leg. So sorry. That's where I was confused on telling you which direction I do.

I want going upside. So your hands are going to go behind your head. Now one over the other. That's it. Good. Good. All right. That looks pretty good. I like how this heel is going to the arch, but I want your spine tall. And so leaning a little forward. Good. Really working. This wrap and we're going to work those inner thighs. Let's pull up that pedal, pulling it up Nice and control it down.

Squeeze your bottom forward a little bit more and pull it up. Good. And we're gonna do one more. Lifting up in your waist all the way to a standing light. Keep that hip open. And this is going to go toe a knee. And then you're going to do three whipping and going one. That's it.

To longer standing. Good. And reverse that one and two and three. And then Tony and return the foot down. Good. Square off these hips, lifting in the waist. You might prefer your hand. That's wonderful. Did you have a mirror?

You just square that off just perfectly. I'm reading your mind. Ah, I like it. Turned towards the chair. Turn the other direction. Do you like it with your hands there? You can try a different pan position for this other side if you'd like. Whatever. I'm thinking so much about my hip. That's what I like. Okay, good. Yeah. If we were on the big chair, this is a comfortable hand position, but you can also hold them out too, however you prefer.

And we're gonna pull up for three. One keeping weight on the ball, every tow two and one more. Tillman a little bit more to the ground. And let's go for those. Bending the toe to the knee and one and two strong, stable top and reverse it. One, two, and three. And now bring that leg back down. Lifting in your center. Watch the knee and toe placement. Good. This hips a little high.

Mm. Yeah. Check you out. Yes. Perfect. Nice. Turn towards the chair to come off. Good. One step to the floor. Good. Controlling it. Wonderful. We're gonna do one more exercise. Okay. It's the star because you are a star. Great job.

So what we're gonna do is, um, we're gonna get into it. And Romani used to say that's pretty much most of the exercises just getting into it. So let's start with your, um, left foot on first. So we're gonna actually come the advanced way, which would be from here. Yeah, go ahead. And you're gonna put your left foot on the pedal. That's your left, right? And you're gonna push it down nice and square. Good, good. And then this hand's going to go a little bit forward. Good. This arm's going to be up to the behind your head actually. Good and pushing down. You're going to take that right leg out to the side.

So we got to work on squaring off our body, right? Lengthening our tailbone away from us, pooling in and up and getting this shoulder right over this wrist. There you go. Leg really lift. So this, like I said, is most of the exercise right here. Energy out your foot. Really reach. You have good energy. I want to see it. Good. If you can. From this point. We're gonna use these waist muscles and we're gonna lift up the pedal.

Scooping in. Pull it up. One, check you out. Bottom towards that ocean for me and two and one more. Work that waist bottom towards that ocean. You got it both feet on the pedal. Turn to the other side. How'd that feel? I love that position. It's just like, ah. Hell.

There we go. And long leg. Good Energy, right? Reaching out, pulling into here a little bit more. There we go. And here we go. We're going to pull up with this waist one. Good. Squeeze your hips forward. Two and one more. Reaching and hips. Yep. That was hardly any help.

Bo, turn towards the chair. One foot to the floor, control it up. Good. Other foot to the floor and I'm going to round up with you. Arms up to the ceiling. Push the earth away and exhale. And you are all finish. Nice job. I love it. Very good. Nice job.


Wow Wee! What a great class! Inspirational. Niedra, you were wonderful.
That was a great workout and I just watched it. Can't wait to teach this tomorrow!
Very interesting variations such as the calf raises with the pedal down in pike position, star and teaser twist. Also wonderful idea to do ab workout on the chair for greater core engagement
Very interesting variations such as the calf raises with the pedal down in pike position, star and teaser twist. Also wonderful idea to do ab workout on the chair for greater core engagement
Simply amazing! Niedra you are an incredible mover;)
She sure is!
Wow!! Great class! I def need to work on the teaser and star and tendon stretch... basically I need to take this again and again! Thank you:)
Thanks Monica! Just did this workout on my exo chair! Love the graceful flow!
Yup! Flow is a crucial part of Pilates and enabling your body reach goals you never thought you could!:)
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i loved the camera shots in this session. it really helped me grasp the cues ;) EXCELLENT session. lovely flow! thank you :D
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