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Mat Workout

50 min - Class


Tom McCook returns to Pilates Anytime with a Mat workout where you can feel what's happening in your body. He blends in corrective exercises with the regular Mat exercises to create more mobility in the body. Enjoy his warm up which uses a lot of circular movement to loosen up the spine, hips, and ankles. Then you will learn many new exercises like his variations on the Single Leg Kick.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Hi everybody, I'm Tom McCook, I'm here with Kristy and Wendy, we're here to do a mat class, probably about a level two and we're gonna do a lot of corrective exercises blended into Pilates, even thoug...


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After my AWESOME workshop with Dawn Marie-Ickes... I have been searching for classes on Tom McCook! This is a wonderful class on Mobility and Stability and I admire Tom's teaching style! I hope to someday someday have worked with all of the educated and talented Pilates Anytime Instructors in person...Much love and appreciation to Pilates Anytime!
I also LOVE Tom's teaching style! Please come join us in the studio Jill! Thank you for your feedback!
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I hope to come and visit from Minnesota very, very soon! You all are amazing!
this workout was fantastic body work. Tom, you really seem to know what you're doing to fire up many areas of the body. i love switching up the basics, and i love actually sweating!
We look forward to having you for a visit Jill! Let us know when you're on your way and we'll let you know who will be in the Studio!
Nice variations, will use. Thanks!
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Thank you, Tom, Kristi, Pilates Anytime. Man, did I need this gift today! Delicious fluidity, the opportunity to go inside, discover, correct. evolve. Thank you for your wonderful imagery, Tom! It sure worked! A glorious moving meditation, all in all!
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Tom, loved your thoracic mobility movements and how beautifully each movement in ths class is a building block for the next sequence. Your calm, crystal clear cueing helped me move deeper into each movement. Lovely class! Thank you. More please!
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Lots of gems in this one...awesome. Plan to be quoting you all over town during my next mat session! Thank you Master McCook & PA...never disappoint. ??
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Thank you everyone for you thoughtful and inspiring feedback! I'm really happy you appreciate and enjoyed the class. Thank you Kristi for making this great venue possible!
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