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Meredith teaches a solid level 2 class offering variety by including standing leg work, sprinkling in stretches, and toward the later part of the class, emphasizing rotation and lateral flexion.
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Mar 03, 2010
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We're going to start today with some roll downs. So if you would find yourself on both of your feet hopefully and stand tall, shift forward and back, putting weight into the toes and then into the heels. Do that just a couple of times. And as you do that, try to start thinking about letting whatever else is going on in your life outside of this room. Go and bringing yourself into the room from there. Find a balance between the friends in the backs of the feet. Reach the arms towards the ground. We're heading into a roll down. So as you exhale, drop the head down.

Feel the ribs knit together, the top of the head, heavy the shoulders heavy downwards, down the back rather than heavy towards the ears. Folding yourself forward or furling yourself downwards. Breathing in at the bottom. Start contracting through your abdominals. If you've lost that contraction at all, we'll roll yourself back up. Press the hips forward, and then just stack the spine.

One Vertebrae at a time. And when I say press the hips, it's not a very strong press. It's just you want to make sure that the pelvis is underneath the spine as it comes on top. Here we go again. Exhale. As you roll down, setting your intention for the class. Sounds like my voice is about to go and it's not a good time because we're at the beginning. Inhale, lift the belly, see if that will let you go down further. And exhale. Pull up once again from the waist. You're pulling up. Shoulders are heavy.

Feel that you're stacking one bone at a time or right over the pelvis. We're going to do that one more time. Starting to link your mind in your body. Link, your breath and your movement. Paying attention to what you feel. Do you feel shifting? Do you feel a heavier on one side than the other? Hold. Lengthen, deepen. Inhale and exhale to come back up.

Okay. And then for the start of class today, we're just gonna do a little footwork, legwork. So for those of us who've been on the reformer, it's going to mimic those movements. I think most of us have at least sent it on the map before. So with that, what I'm going to ask for you to do is bend your knees and as you bend your knees, sit back, almost like there's a chair back there that you're trying to sit into. Keep weight on your heels, keep weight on your whole foot. But if you, um, go too much into the toes, it's going to turn into a quad thing. And we want to try to find the box of the leg. So with that, let's go slowly.

First we're going to squeeze the glutes, press up as you squeeze the glutes and press your arms to your sides. We're going to NTL as we've been in, as we've been. Sit back, feel the work in the glutes, keep the spine long, exhale to press up and to bend down, sending the spine forward, the hips back and XL to come up. So in theme with the Olympics, it could be very much like a starting position for a ski or a ski race. Bending down deep and pressing up. And I did say we'd go faster in, here we go. Let's do five more inner thighs working backs of the legs working as you push your arms through space, you're pushing from your opera back. Looking forward and looking straight ahead forward as you go down, straight ahead as you come up or go on one more time here and then, and then with that we're going to just rise up onto the toes a little bit.

Now the higher your heels lift up, the more challenging this will be. So there is some information for you. Bend your knees. Same thing. Sit back a little harder to find the glutes here, but possible. Squeeze and press up or I'm just come down to your sides like you're pushing something heavy. Inhale bed. Keep the ABS working. That's what's going to help you support the spine. Exhale, come in, he'll bend.

Good. Taking the spine down on a diagonal, shoulders, reaching back as the arms reach downwards as you go through that upper back activity. Avoid squeezing the shoulders together. That's just gonna create unnecessary neck tension. What you really want is just sit down where the heaviness through the arms, through the shoulder blades. Here's our last four a little faster. It's Whoa and bend down. Lean forward and to and keep the glutes tight on the abs tight.

Three and four. Swivel the heels together so you're in a small v position. We're going to raise up onto the toes again. So again, the higher the lift of the heels, the harder it's going to be. It's the same. Lean backwards. Here we go in heel bend, squeeze the heels together, accessing the inner thigh muscles. Inhale, bend, go back, exhale, squeeze, press. Sending the spine forward on the diag and I'll, as you lean forward with your body, can you get a sense of pulling the abs towards the pelvis? Or I'm thinking about pulling anyway. I don't know what I'm thinking about. I'm trying to express what I'm thinking about and having a hard time.

What I'm really thinking about is trying to pull my femurs into my hip socket. So, and that's coming from the depth in my lower abdominal specifically. We're going three more times. Here we go, inhale and exhale and I'm press one more and press, lower the heels down. Come straight up. I'm a turnaround. So you can see, but you can just go to the outsides of your mat maybe. So you want a pretty wide foot position. Toes turned down, heels turned in, going through that same lean back, lean forward position. They'll tuck just a little bit and think of that. Just maintaining that as you bend down. Here we go, we bend the knees, we sit back, the spine goes straight down.

It's a pretty big bend and we press that in. He'll feel a sense of trying to pull the heels inwards or engage the inner thighs. It's like you're trying to slide your legs together and we press up and we bend down in her thighs, out or thighs, keeping the glutes tight, pressing through space with the arms. Last for Jennifer, keep your arms real straight. Ross solid. Here's three we see you can put your ribs in as you go forward a little bit and then think about coming.

So there's almost like forward and then up and forward and then one more. And then from there it's that same small heel rise. This is our last set on our double legs. Hope that's not true. And then we bent a little harder, like Spec the ankles to wobble a little bit. They will keep the chest brought in. He'll sitting back and exhale to come on.

I can guarantee that the deeper you're working in your abs, the more likely you are to create stability in your spine or sore in the muscles surrounding your spine. Here's five. Feeling the inner thighs working as you come up, feeling them working as you go down. Okay, we're back working a little lengthening or spreading out the collarbones. I think we've got two more and one more. Lower the heels down and walk the feet back towards one another.

We're going to be parallel to one another. We're just going to do some calve raises and call it a night for this anyway, so shift your body forward, arms at your sides. So slight reached downwards with the fingertips and then we're going to rise up onto the toes, rolling through the foot and come right back down. So gentle touch down and come straight up. So you want that slight lean go in with the theme of school.

He's in the glutes trying to lift a right up from the top of the leg with the ads. So can you give yourself a sense of being light on your feet? And last five and last four arms reached down as the heels come on. One way from there. Take a breath. Exhale, round, round yourself down one more time and just going down for the stretch, keeping the ABS lifted, staying down at the bottom. Bend your right knee, let your right hip drop as you lean into your left.

Tip a little. Stretch the right leg. Bend the left knee, making sure that the straight leg and the bed knee facing straight ahead. Straighten that leg. Take a breath coming up on the exhale and I sit and fluid through the spine. Head heavy. Okay. And then just step towards the front of your mat. Bring one leg behind you. Either one will work, arms up, or kind of come down to the mats here. So rising up on both toes. Bend your knees and with control.

Lower yourself to the mat. Sliding the legs out in front. Yeah, reaching the arms forward. Feel free to use your shins to help you get a little tolerating all the time. You want arms straight and here we go. We're gonna exhale, sliding back. It's at least to start with the pelvis more. So really make that action happen.

That'll be better. Good where you go to where you can go, where you feel safe, where you feel strong XL as you come up, go forward first and then sit up tall and inhale and exhale. Start everyone. Think about the pubic bone and coming up towards the nose. The front hip bones traveling back as the back hip bones travel towards the heals. Inhale, pause, exhale, go deep. Come up, lifted up tall. Do that three more times and it warm in here. Rolling down. I was wondering if it was just me starting the contraction of the abdominals first. Letting all the air out of the body so that by the time your shoulders over your hips, you're in healing in, that helps you get longer. Less too good. Oh, that's better with the pelvis. Pausing. Take a breath. Exhale.

We're coming home. I'm going to add onto this next one. It's going to be the end. I'd advise you did not go so far back that it turns into a struggle or to a low back thing. Find a place that you can maintain. Pause there. Take the arm closest to me and reach behind you. Open up, Xcel, engaged with the obliques, bringing it back. Inhale the opposite arm stretches and Xcel to come back.

Keep the back of the legs. Engage. You can squeeze your glutes a little, I promise it'll help you stay a little bit more stable through your lower half. Anyway, exhale, bring it back. Push the arm back through space. We're going two more to each side. It's a great modification. Helen. Good. Here's our last one. We stretch open and we close. We stretch open.

Let me close and pause there and bring yourself all the way down to the mat. Slide your feet in a little closer to you. Place the arms down on the mat for the pelvic crawl, so settling and feeling. Wait, he equally distributed throughout the feet. We're going to breathe in. Prepare as we exhale, flatten the spine using the abdominals. Feel again that talking of the pelvis. Then articulate the spine up and as the pelvis is lifting, send it in the direction of your heels. There's a sense of lengthening away.

Inhale to hold at the top. Exhale as you come down first from the chest, then all 12 ribs individually and between the ribs in the low back or the pelvis, there was five bones. Can you find those and then really stand in hand. Exhale to articulate the spine, so just rounding a very energetic through the insides of the legs. Inhale as you pause, keep a little bit more of a Tuck, val, so you want to really want to fight for that excelling as you come down manipulating the spine. Awesome, great. Go again.

Coming up on the exhale. As you come up and down through the spine, you feel an equal pressure in both sides of your waist. Just things to think about as you come down is specially can you feel that the side of the back on each side of the spine comes down evenly. This is our last one. Let's make it perfect. Breathe in, breathe out all the air out of the body, stretching the arms towards the heel. So we've got our upper back engaged fingers, long and extended. Definitely a Tuck at the top. That's better. Val. Inhale, we hold and we coming down on the exhale and then bring your arms either out to the side and uh, and in fact down into a low v shape. Palms up, shoulders down, pick up the one link, pick up the other leg.

Can you feel as your legs are in the year that you have to hold them steady or have to hold the weight of them with the center of yourself in? He'll bring both knees towards me. Exhale, bring both legs back to center in. He'll go away from me coming, passing through center without a lot of stopping or without any stopping. Anyway, inhale an exhale. You want to feel that the feet stayed directly in front of the knees and that there is d David, Jenna, that's so good in heel feet just to see how you want to do that. Don't do that. So you're rocking across the sacrum, across the bottom of the hill, top of the pelvis, really, and it's just a hip to hip motion. Do you feel that? Definitely. Good, lovely.

Let's do one more to the back. Bring it back to center. Hugging. Ease into your chest. If you feel better, having your knees separate, if that would give you a bit of stretch in your back, please feel free to do that. Place your feet down on the mat. Interlock your hands behind the head. Inhale, prepare. Exhale. We're moving through the chest. Lift. Lift your head and chest.

Look for the low back to be flat, but also for the head to be heavy. For now. Inhale, reach behind the thighs. Lift a little higher. Inhale, let go. Raise the arms without lowering the body. Weigh back behind you. Interlock the hands there and Xcel to bring your body down. Breathe in again. Breathe out as you drop the ribs down the front of the body.

Pull the belly button inwards and upwards and lift the head and chest. Inhale, reach behind the thighs. Exhale, guide yourself up a little bit higher. Look for a neutral spine of the tailbone to be down. Let go. Reach out, hands back, and lengthen down. Creating space between the pelvis and the rib cage. Again, exhale, we lift up in how guy the hands behind the thighs. We're going to stay up for a little while. This time holding up.

Bring the arms just near the hits. Just the arms move, reaching back and push them back down. Feel the shoulders pull away from the ears. Inhale, reach them back so as you push him back down, think about heavyweights are pushing springs coming from just underneath the armpits to move the arms deep in the belly, or maybe you can think about as you push your arms down, you're pushing your abdominals down. More. One more to go. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, arms down. Inhale, arms up again. Re Bend your elbows. Hands behind your head. Exhale, lower your body. Oh, okay. Come right back up on your exhale. Take a moment. Reach behind the size. Find a really good optimal position. Look for a neutral one hand on top of the other. Come towards me on your inhale.

Exhale, slice through center. Try to reach beyond the knees. Inhale, reach over, the opposite and you keep the bottom half of the body still squeeze the glutes a little. Squeeze the inner thighs towards one another a little, I don't mean touch him, I just mean find energy there. XL back. One more. Reach up over the knee and exhale, reach up over the knee. Exhale back, hold. Separate the arms were raised them over your head. Rebend your Elvis. Rest your head into your hands and lower your body down. We are almost there. Exhaling, lift the head and chest again.

Inhale, handsy in the thighs. Exhale, curl a little this time if you want, you can stick with the handed over hand position or we can go hands behind the head. It just challenges a little. We're going three to each side here as a one. Keep the head heavy, looks slightly beyond the knees, meaning forward rather than up at the ceiling and taking the eyes in the direction that you want your spine to go and think up and over and center and up and over center. This isn't apparent over bring it back center and lower your body down. Stretch your left leg out along the mat. Bring your right knee into wards your body, and then extend the leg up towards the ceiling.

Make sure that the pelvis is still is heavy. We're going into leg circles, so we're crossing the body. On the inhale. Circle down, around and up, and exhale. Draw the same circle down around Anna, so push into that supporting leg a little bit more about that will help make your circle only as big as you can. Create really good stability. One more pause at the top. Stay. Pull your belly in and see if you can bring your leg a little closer to you. I bet you can go the other way down or around in a cross and exhale and inhale so you're letting your femur rotate in your hip joint and a class. Last one here. Pause up, pull the leg back, suck the belly and even more. See how much you can pull your leg towards you. Bend your knee, hold onto the outside of your sign. Turn the leg to the left. I did give you lefts and rights. That's so helpful.

Brief. Keep Turning Ken back towards center. Stretch the right leg down. Incorporate into the mat, bend the left knee, stretch the left leg up. Here's where we look for sensitive heaviness in the joint. Lightness in the leg, and we go across the body on the inhale, sweep down around enough anchoring with that lower leg. I know you got to reaching down. You could always bend your knee if you needed to and across and one pause at the top.

Stay as you pull your abdominals deeper, see how much further the leg comes. It helps. Try to find that in the work. So pull up with the ABS, not just with the thigh and then it's a swing gun and catch and pull further and a swinging to catch and pull further in a big stabilization with that bottom leg. Go on one more time around hold. Pull even further back. Bend opposite hand to thigh. Yup. So your right hand held perfect. Unturn just enjoy the stretch there for a moment and then bring it back to center.

You bring both knees into the chest, push your knees into your hands, allow that action to assist you as you curl up off your shoulders. So right now we let the legs do a little work. Now engage the abdominals all lot. Let's tighten the glutes and the inner thighs a little and pull the shoulders down for the double leg. Stretch that trunk position stays solid as the legs and the arms stretch.

And then we exhale to come back. Inhale, arms, legs. Exhale, bring it around. Inhale earns legs. Exhale, bring it around. Challenge yourself to keep your abs in as your legs go out. To keep the heights of your trunk is your arms. Reach overhead. If it's too easy, try to narrow your arms behind you.

We're going three more times. Here it is. On and around. Push. Inhale, reach. Come around shoe and he'll reach. Come around three, hold, hold onto your knees. Come a little bit higher. Both hands on the left knee, right leg straight out. Look and see that your toes are lined up and we change who and one curling from just underneath the ribs or that's where we're challenging the work. Keeping the straight leg both legs tight.

So we got in a size active glutes active [inaudible] cause he could push down on the knee with the lads with the underneath of the arms. Let's do two more, both sides or more. Both knees in. Can we do it Chris Cross? Okay, here we go. Straight leg on the right and turn to the left and change. It's again hop and a cross and up in a cross. Challenge the rotation without falling back as you turn from side to side.

Here we go. And four miles on and on and three last one. Bring both knees and bring them away in. Reach your toes down towards the road. I'm almost done with you. Toes down and fire away into the chest. Lift the chest a little bit more. Toes down and size away into the chest.

Three-Way, Ken as you can. Um, it might help to not have quite as big of an angle. I'm not doing a big angle and not go down as far. Why lost it? One, one more. This is it. Lower your body down. That is the lot. Feet down on the ground. Arms at your sides for another pelvic curl. Breathing in, breathing out. As you actively press the spine into the mind. Roll through your spine. Coming up, God looking for the Tuck.

That's the way we're going to open up the front of the body. That's the way we're gonna activate the back of the legs more. As you exhale, start dropping the chest through the arms without rounding the shoulders towards the chest. Come down just to the bottom of the ribs. And as you do so, maximize the round of the rounding of the lower back by continuing to press the pubic bone towards the chin. From there, roll straight, back up. Keeping that Tuck for as long as you can. When you, uh, when you lose the talk, that's when you're straight. That's it. Do it again around, down to the bottom of the wrens inner thighs active and then actively talk a little more and come back up. Stay at the top, weight on the left leg. Pick up the right leg, stretch it towards the ceiling, or you could keep it bent. We're going to take it down and bring it up and take it down and bring it up. Keep the hips level work both legs, not only the leg that's supporting you, but the back of the free slow weaning leg is going to help.

Last four back three. Pull up with your abs. Two and one. Take the leg down. Lower it, bend it. Roll once again to the bottom of the ribs. Tuck Val, Tuck, Tuck, Tuck, Dr. Good. And then we come right back up. We're going to do the other side, Eh, wait on the right lay without any shifting. Pickup the left. Stretch it to the ceiling. Look for inner thigh. We're taking it down on the XL and up. On the inhale, it's a pointed foot to lower on a flexed foot to lift. Shoulders are down, arms and fingers are long.

[inaudible] fuck and back. Six and back. Last three, two more. Last one, bring it up. Hold lower it again. Look for knee level folded in. Roll to the bottom of the ribs last time. Can you deepen the belly? Like you're pushing on something like a ball's holding your hips up and you're trying to push your belly and more than roll back up. This is it.

And with that, melt yourself down into the mat. Oh, the way to stretch out the right lane. Take the left side, reach around the back of the thigh, holding the leg, the thighbone, wherever, kind of high up near the pelvis, and then pull that thigh pretty close in towards your body going into a hamstring stretch. What I want you to look for is, okay, so stretch the leg. Now. Don't worry too much if it straightens or not, but keep the thighbone class. Inhale, fold at the knee, pull the abdominals in and try to let the lower leg be relaxed as you extend it. Knee and back. One more to go.

Stretch it on. And Ben, take that leg down, stretch it along the mat, slide the right leg in, reach around, hold onto the back of the thigh, check that the hips are level or feel that the hips are level. And then here we go. We just stretch. So you don't want to hold on right behind the knee. Good. No one is back end and stretch and back unless one, not a lot of tension in the foot, not a lot of tension in the lower limb and release down. Stretch the legs, leg onto the ground, raise your arms up, let the back arch a little bit as long as it feels good to you. And then try to just keep the arms where they are hovering off the ground and slide the bottom of the rib cage down into the mat. So that's uh, where you want to be for the bottom of the roll down in here is the roll a roll up. Sorry. Hold.

Utilize the abdominals as you curl through. So it's that same feeling of curling over to roll up, to be long, but to stay round. Inhale, let the tall shoulders down, Jen, keep that, that pressure downwards. Then your back. Exhale, roll down, Tuck the tailbone, continue tucking. Said where we get the articulation out of the low back, back of that touches. Ribs are down. Arms Up. Inhale, lift. The head and chest. Start Your exhale now and use the full extent of the breath to bring you all the way to the top. So you need air to move again. Exhale to roll down.

You feel heaviness in the shoulders. Lovely Dow that's getting better. It's gonna continue to get better. If you keep focusing there, Jen, legs together and exhale to come on. He would have felt, let's do three more drilling down on the exhale. Shoulders, any other hadn't. Chest exhale, Rola and value can, um, just get into the habit of putting your head all the way down as well at the bottom. So last one, everyone's kind of in a different place and that's totally fine. I'm just make your way up and when you get up, yeah, that's better Jen, with the shoulders. Take a stretch forward. Just enjoy it for a moment. Catch up with the rest of the class. And here we are together.

So we're in this forward fold saws in the knees just a little bit. Continue Holding on wherever you're holding on. Try to lengthen out of the low back or straight in the low. Back a little bit. It probably won't go all the way straight. And then try to stretch the knees a little straighter and then take yourself back forward over the legs. Getting a good stretch.

Rule yourself up using the front of the body to do so. Or rolling up with control or with intention. Take their right foot can go up against the tire. It can go up against the Shin if that's better for you or the knee. So just basically want your foot to be in a place where your knee can quite easily dropped down. So I don't know, Candace, you might even want it for the ride down, but you'll make your, you'll make it like here. I don't know, I'm not sure how your hips feeling is what I'm saying to you.

So you'll work it out, lift up tall. You can even use your hands to help you from behind or from the sides. Turn so that your chest is facing the leg. Make sure the knees facing straight up and then just gently bring yourself over that leg. Flexing the foot will increase the stretch up the back of the leg.

So can do that if you wish you well. Right now you're just hanging on with both hands somewhere. Keep the left hand where it is. Try to reach the right arm further than the left hand further than the foot. Maybe then start to roll the right ribs up.

We're just turning out into a side stretch. We're lifting the right chest, letting the arm be kind of heavy if it's too much on the neck or the shoulders. Let the arms stay in front a little bit and then we're taking the body back forward. Make sure that you do so again with intention, with good abdominal support, and roll yourself up the right leg. Well now straighten the left leg will bend and everyone will figure out where it's comfortable for them. We're going to lift up tall. Lifting up out of the low back specifically is imperative. Turn the chest towards the knee and make sure the knees pointing straight up and then just walk forward folding at the waist, pulling the abdominals back, taking a stretch hanging on.

You can pull yourself forward a little bit if you want. Mm. Well then the right hand is going to stay where it is, wherever it's hanging on the left, arm's gonna pass it in space, reach beyond it and then just start to turn the left ribs towards the ceiling, right ribs pointing out at the left knee. Head turns and looks up at the arm. Wow. Try to go forward as well as just up and around and then take the body back forward. Rolling all the way down to the chest, facing the knee again and then we come up.

Okay. All the way for the twist likes together legs, either straight or bent. I think I can be straight today. Let's do we have room for arms up. Just give back a little. Jen. Let's go forward a little Lisa. And I think that'll be okay.

All right. So, um, stretch the arms away from one another. Feel the back broad. Pull the ribs in. We're coming to me first. It's a double twist. Exhale, exhale and come back to center and [inaudible] if [inaudible] it's not working for you, go into a goalpost shade. Notice as you turn that the arm stays straight across. So have a look at here. When we turn this way, this arm shouldn't be coming forward. It should say straight up.

And then we come and then we go the other direction and then we come back and then he got the other direction and then we come back and we're going to go in one more time to the other side and come back. Bring your arms forward, Bend your knees for a minute. That's mainly for me. Straighten them again if you want. Okay, so from here we're going to have, we have now a pointer instead of the the the arms to deal with. So keep the hands directly in front of the chest. Turn the body, the hands. Don't get to go beyond where the chest goes.

Bring it back to run the other way. I think tall or get taller as you turn your just a little bit off that left sit bone val. When you go to that side, lift up first, creating space in the hips, turning around through the spine. My new favorite thing to think about is the barbershop pole. Those red and white stripes spiraling upwards into never, never land, right? They just keep going up.

Yeah, I'm bringing it back one more time around. Well, bringing it back. Hello the arms. Bend the knees, open up the knees stretch forward. And I think we'll do the spine stretch forward in this position today. If this is not a comfortable position for you, feel free to go parallel. Feel free to go straight. For those of us who can, we're gonna modify it this way and we're gonna bring our hands behind our head.

So before we even start to round forward, Hook your thumbs at the base of your skull, rest your head into your hands, and then think about going up. Just the thought of it oftentimes will let you, as you exhale, drop the head forward. Feel the ribs knit together. Let the spine start to move forward. There's your exhale. As you inhale, you're going to stick your tailbone back, send your chest forward. The head is now pressing into the hands. Exhale, stretch the arms. Grow the spine in that direction. Inhale, rebend the elbows, Lacey, just stay where you are. Exhale, go forward all the way and articulate up using the front of the body.

So of course your back extensors have to work, but can we find more work in the abdominals or at least equal work? Do it again. Breathe in, hold, breathe out as you curl first forward. Then inhale, stretch the chest forward. Reached tall through the top of the head. Good. Try to arch your chest just a little bit more. Xcel stretcher. I'm sorry, I'll add. I know that's hard. Stretch your arms over your head.

Grow in that direction so it's like you're trying to get this way. Then rebound your elbows. Hands behind the head. Exhale, go down first and roll up. Lisa. This Sidra go again. Sit up tall. We're going one more time. Interlock your fingers. Roll down. Exhale. Don't push on your head. Let your head be in your hands like there. Stretch out.

Forward. Inhale. He long gate through the spine so the tailbone reaches back this way and the chest reaches for that way. Exhale, the arms inhale. Rebend the arms spread the shoulders, right? There's that stretch the shoulders thing we talked about the other day. Xcel to go down and roll up and that's probably plenty.

Yeah. Ben Janiece open leg rocker. You decide knees bent leg straight. I'm going to try leg straight, but I can't promise you good results. Sit just behind the tailbone. Hold onto one leg. Find stability. Find a good straight back. Stretch the other leg up straight and keeping the collarbones long. We're going to roll the low back. Roll back, roll up.

Okay. And lift. Roll back. Inhale. Exhale. Roll up and lift. Go again. Let it not matter whether or not you land it perfectly. Let the work, the intention, the effort, be enough. Go at your own pace and heal to rock back.

Exhale to lift up and balance two more times. I shouldn't keep those key. It's the upper back that's going to help you find that lifted. Uh, I think this is our last one. If that was too, and this is one I can at least count two. That many. Huh? Put your feet down. Turn towards me. Can you go down onto the elbow? Top.

Play crossed over the bottom leg. You want to make sure you're always just under your shoulder. Helen, if you need modifications, you'd give me eyes. Uh, pull your ribs up away from the ground. Pull your shoulder down, Jen. Your knees aren't bent enough. Good. Okay, so we're going to go down with that top arm. What's most important here is the lift from the waist. Although the legs do straighten and are tight and you're bringing the top arm over us. Breathe in here. As you exhale, take that arm and thread it through the waist.

Lifting the hips up just a little bit. As you rotate, inhale and white. Uh, you're a little high. Val. Bring your hips down. Exhale, turn in. Hillen white. Start working from the ribs, from the ABS. Pull then into the rotation and then come back. Last two. Jennifer, look a other that way with your head, but look at me that way there. Sorry. Last two. Don't wait for me. If you know what you're doing, go for it. One more. Reaching under, reaching back. Bend your knees and lower down.

Put the other hand down. Help yourself and go to a straight arm on that side. It's going to be relatively far away from you and shift just away from the hand and they're free arm out to the side. Go like that, Jen. Inhale. Perfect. Exhale. We're just turning the body. I'm reaching that top of them around to the bottom arm. Yay. Rotation through the spine. Inhale, unwind.

We're just doing the upper body rotation. Exhale always is going to make a difference if you start the work from your abdominals. If it's just a swing in the arm around through space sort of thing, it's not going to really do much for you. Yeah. Is that first week near I suppose. Let's do three more. Polo that back shoulder back.

Jen has that top arm goes around bull shoulders or, Huh? And Open. One more to go turn and open. Take the bottom knee. Slide it out on the top. Legs. Just going to rest out in front of that knee. Yes, Helen, I think. Move that knee away a little bit.

That's where you want to be. Okay, so we're going to the arm closest to the pointy side. Left, left, left, left. How convenient. Lift up a little taller or I'm right up next to the ear a little bit forward. If you need to then stretch over, reach all the way over to the person who's next to you. Gotcha.

Engage that side of your waist and come back up. I'm going to do that one more time. So lift up first and then go over. Amen. Come on and lower the arm and spin your legs around to the other side. Crossing the top leg over the bottom. Started on our elbow. I mean what a nice, lovely, nice, strong side on that bottom side.

Opposite arm, the arm that you're not leaning our ms free at your hips. Jen, bend your knees just a little bit more. They will straighten as you lift up, which is happening. Now. Find a straight line with your spine. Go down a little bit right there, a top Armand. Breathe in. As you breathe out, work the waist. Bring that arm around. Keep the supporting shoulder, pulling towards the hip. That's the rolling back. And inhale, open out. Jennifer, lower your pelvis down a little bit. Now squeeze your inner thighs together in your glutes. That's going to help you stabilize. Turn everyone in open.

So although it's not necessarily a leg exercise, that'll help if they're strong. Turn reading out the waist and bringing it back. The last two. Let your eyes go where your arms going and Mack one more and bring it back. Bend your knees to come down and just help yourself up with that hand and straighten the arm out. So you want a long ways.

I've just shifted away from my hand. I bet you could go here with the feet if you wanted to, if that works better for you. Here we are in here. Xcel bring the right rib. I think we've all got rights. Yeah, turn the right rib around towards the left elbow, but also drop the left elbow towards the left hip. Inhale. Unwind a support from that bottom shoulder. Jennifer Xcel to curl. So you got to think about it, right? It's going to go away if you don't continue to put focus there.

Yes, yes, yes. That was the ticket. I don't remember how many we did. I think four. Can anyone help me? Do you know they'll go away from your, I go up here. Yeah. For what? What's in a number? Come all the way back and help yourself out and just slide the bottom leg out.

So if that was a better position for you, most certainly can be there. And to bring the arm up, you're going to think tall and then we're going over. Now you have to reach away from the person next to you. You're not using that side of the waist to come up. One more time, up in, over. Lower the arm down and come up onto your knees. You're right on your knees.

Okay, so we're going to do another oblique exercise or a lateral flection exercise. You can have your knees. It is smidge wider than your hips. Um, arms out to the side. Take a moment and just in fact, put your fingers on the front of your hips, the hip bones that you can feel in your thumbs on the hipbones that you can feel behind. And then make sure that those two Bony Leon marks go straight across. You don't want the hipbones lower than the back hipbones nor do you want the other way. Yeah. So here we are in a neutral pelvis. Arms out to your sides.

Inhale, get a little longer and reach over to one side. You're going to go as low as you can without feeling. Oh, crunchy XL. Use that opposite waste to come up. Yeah, I'll go in the same direction. Inhale, reach up and over to the right den. Uh, don't move your head. Keep your head just straight out on your neck. Exhale, it's the left side that brings you up and you're continuously thinking taller. Here we go. Go over like an airplane and XLT, come back and then he'll pull the shoulders down. As you reach over, creating space and Xcel to come back a couple more times. Go over some moves the waist, but not the neck. So the body goes and then come back from here and the body goes, yeah, and come back. Okay, go back over to the first side.

Shift that into that hand. Pick up the free leg check again for the hip bones to be level. We're going to move now because this is uneasy. Bring the leg forward and bring it back. Try to keep the leg consistently high in space as it swings forward and it swings back.

Cool. Two more. Reach it. Opposite goes back one more recheck. Oh, if I say it goes back, bring it to the side. Shift away from the arm that supporting you a little. Lower the leg down and pick it up. Can you find the obely quirk here as well? Pick it up. Just five, three Jennifer.

Now you have good shoulders stability. I'm excited to see that too. Here's one. Bend it, put it next to the other knee. Take the arm that was just up in the air. Bring it down next to the other hand or somewhere around there in spaces you sit down towards into the hip. Enjoy the stretch for a minute.

Okay. Tuck the tailbone. A little star to lift up back towards the knees. I'm not sure if this is going to work. What we're going to try it. Let go with the top arm, spread out the knees, a little, continue to turn until you're parallel and oh, bring yourself up. Did work good. Let's go to the other side. So it's a lean first. It's almost a little bit of a jump. Top leg outside leg lifts.

Stretch the leg out straight. Make sure the back isn't art. So a value on push your pubic bone towards Jen and their arm can just float. If you want it behind your head, go for it. Here we go. Bring it forward and bring it back. If that upper arms wavering back and forth, a lot chances are so as your body, so can we keep everything real still? So if your hands behind your head, rest the head into your hand rather than pushing your head forward with it last to keep that light high. One more to go.

Bring it high, bring it back, bring it to the side, take it down. Find the oblique work. As you pick it right back up. It helps to take the leg like you're trying to pull it away from you. Pull it away from that bottom hand. Two more to go. Jennifer. Look here. That was two. Oh my gosh. We're done.

Enginee take your top arm over your head. Sit down into the hip. Work in the hands over to the other side. Okay, so you gotta get back up this way. Don't, we just wouldn't be even. So when you're ready, start to tuck the tailbone first. Press the hips forward.

Start to go light on that front arm. As you start to turn your body, separate your knees a little. Slide the fingertips back in a little. Look for straight ahead with your body. Put the knee down, Jen. You're going to need that support. And then here's your abs to come up.

Ooh. Ooh. There we go. And then come around to your hands and knees. I'm going to head into a plank position. So we've got hands under shoulders, ribs in abdominals, and slide one leg back. Could do this on your elbows. If you wanted to slide the other leg back, pick up your left foot. Point your left toes. Bring the like up and down.

Two and down three. We're going to five. Just so you know what I'm counting to. Flex your foot. Lift the leg, hold, hold, hold, hold. Bring the leg out to the side for three. Try to stay as stable as you can through your trunk to one. Put the toes back in. Bend your knees, sit on your feet.

Stretch your shoulders. Good work. When you're ready to roll back up, bringing yourself back over your hands. Shining some support in your shoulders, stretching the legs out. Val, your elbows are hyperextending. Okay, so step the legs back. I believe it's the right leg. This time that lifts. Okay. We're pointing the toes and it just reaches out. Just keep it pointed to a wait and miss down.

[inaudible] that's fine, I think. And then we win three out to the side. Sorry if I lagged. You know what to do when you finish. Bend your knee. Sit on your feet. That's good and stretch. Okay. And then when you're ready also again, or when you're ready again, make your way onto your abdomen, your dominoes. All right, so it likes you to position yourself with your arms like this.

So your upper arms will be resting on the mat, your lower arms will be up next to your upper arms and your forehead will be down too. So kinda like, okay, so from that position, four head down on the mat, energize the back of the legs, not necessarily the glutes, but just feel that they're stretching away from you. Then start to pull the shoulder blades towards the hips and without putting a lot of pressure in the arms, start to lift the head and then it continue guiding the elbows downwards. You can keep your arms on the mat though to lift the upper body. What you want to find and then be still is a very nice contraction. Then the upper back and then undulate back down.

When you think about the chest reaching down, then the chin, then the nose, and then the forehead, and then we're going to do that again. So glide the elbows towards the waist. There are your lats, not moving the arms, but just engaging the back muscles from there. Start to reach up and it's, again, not about going up as high as you can, but lengthening forward as far as you can. This is lovely. And then be still and then lower your body down. Good. Let's do it again. See if you can get at the top a sense of rolling the rear underarm slightly forward for a little bit of extra work and then lower your body down.

Good. How about three more? Gliding the elbows downwards? Yeah, just try to put, and that's what I'm after, right? Like that. I'm a movie Leo. Uh, cricket. My girl.

Sorry. Okay. When you've lifted up for the last time. So if you're down, you're coming back on. So find that same intensity in the upper back and then just certain [inaudible] slide the arms forward, slide the arms forward. Keep the ABS engaged. So still have your hands on the ground. I'm going to pick up your left arm and your right leg, but also pick up your abs.

So make it more intense to the front of the body than it is in the back. Inhale to come down. Now I realize that it is intense in the back, but can we make it intense? Lease supported from the front. Inhale down, reaching out. It's not about height, it's about length and down and reaching out. Helen, just bring your nose down a little bit. Perfect. Jennifer, straighten your elbows. Okay. I'm not sure where you are. So when you've done it an even number, do one more make it even. So you want to add the arm comes up.

Pull the shoulder down. Yeah, yeah. Make it even. And when it is rest, I don't. When you're done resting, sit on your feet again please. And then just do what you need to do for your body. If you need to open up your knees a little bit to get a bit better, stretch, do it. You need to bring your arms next to your body. Do it.

You don't walk from side to side, please feel free to. And when you're ready, bring yourself back up. Let's have a seat. I'm going to sit this way. You don't have to face me. You can face however direction you want. Find a comfortable sitting position. So if that means you're on your knees, that's fine.

If that means you're sitting on your feet, if cross-legged works, whatever. Just make sure you're comfortable. How long do you want somebody to sit on? Grab sit on that ball right there. Perfect. So you just roll it off of that thing. I just, yeah, that'd be, yeah, and sit on it. It will make you so much happier just so you don't have to deal with being uncomfortable cause it's definitely no time for being uncomfortable. Now hands should be directly in front of the elbow, so look down and see a straight line from there.

I just let there be heaviness through the arms so maybe like they have 10 pound weights attached to the elbows. Then engage the abs so that the spine isn't going to change as you take your thumbs back, rolling the elbow slightly for, don't let your elbows go behind you, but just maximize the rotation in the joint, the shoulder joint that is hold that everyone should feel their upper back muscles working a lot. Take your head over to one side without changing anything. Keep the upper back active. Definitely will give you a bigger stretch. Roll the chin to the chest, take it around to the other side and pick it up, and then bring your hands back. Relax for a second, then find it again. So abs in heaviness through the arms.

Rotate the in the shoulders and the shoulder joint. Good. Uh, hopefully you can remember which way you went before. Go the other way. If you feel your whole body leaning, try and correct that. So it should just be a movement through the neck, upper back stays active to support it. I've just brought my chin to my chest and I'm going around to the other side and then coming up and then relax. The, I'm Stan. Are each the Amazon look up, lifting up taller and taller and taller, and bring the own sound.

The sides. Let's do that one more time. Inhale, sweep the arms up. You can even lean forward a little and then get taller other than bring the arms to the sides and we're done. Good job.


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