Class #1093

Tower Workout

50 min - Class


Tom McCook teaches a Tower workout that is great for fatigued posture. He starts with a warm up to mobilize the spine and then keeps adding challenging exercises till you get to the advanced leg series. Tom's class will seem gentle, but he actually makes you work very deep in your body.
What You'll Need: Tower

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Hi, I'm Tom McCook. I'm here at piles any time with Amy Christie and Wendy. And we're going to do a class on the, on the tower wall unit to help you get set up. Let me just review wher...


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Wonderful class! Love your focus on form, flow and breath.. So encouraging when you verbally remind us to go at our own pace. Love your classes Tom!
WOW!!! Amazing, beyond amazing.. Can not wait to try this class with my participants
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Tom has such a great teching style. I love his calm voice and amazing cues. Thank you for the great variations. He has a good balance of building strength without building tension. Not always easy to fing that balance. thank you!
Love the class and always enjoy Toms teaching style!
Wonderful!!! Lots of great information and a clear flowing workout. I have a feeling this is one I will be repeating over and over!
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Amazing with lots of new stuff. Loved the lower body work that I feel gets watered down in many other classes. Great use of time. Great cueing without over wordiness.
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Great class thankyou Tom
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Tom, you teach with such compassion and precision. As a student of Pilates, I feel movements in entirely new ways. As a teacher of Pilates, I learn refinement and deeper anatomical connections. Thanks!
Great class, loved all the variations! Can't wait to try it with my clients :) thank you!
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