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Romana's Mat Flow

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Adrianne teaches an intermediate class in the traditional order of Romana's Pilates. This class is geared toward the Pilates enthusiast that is more familiar with the exercises yet is focused on the beginner just entering the intermediate system. The class keeps moving and there are few moments to rest. Recommended at least two to three times a week.
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Mar 05, 2010
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Okay. Well hello, I'm going to have you guys actually come to the front of your mat and you can fit well. Why don't you face each other cause uh, I want you to just kind of stand for a second and put your heels together, toes apart. So you're in your plotty stance, right? We want to begin to keep your knees a little bit soft and think of wrapping your thighs around, getting those inner thighs to engage and zipping the legs up. Then you want to pull your navel in, start to lift it up. You get that feeling and your spine kind of lengthening and the back of your spine flattening out, growing taller, pulling up and out of your back. Good. Take a nice deep breath in. Take your arm straight up. Yeah, pretty close.

Nice deep breath in. Lengthening. Fill this in. Good. And then exhale. You can take your arms to the side and just drop them. Do that one more time. Arms straight up. Nice. Deep breath in. Grow Taller, keep pulling your navels in. Wrap the thighs and exhale. All right, I'm going to have you guys just go ahead and sit down.

I'll have you lie down on your back's going to get started in your mat. Do a little bit of a beginner and intermediate combination here. So heels together, toes part, working co, a classical workout. Romanos workout. You're going to take your arm straight up. Nice deep breath in. Same thing you just did standing, but now you're lying down.

You're going to exhale. Get that feeling of that imprinting of your spy. Your arms come down to your sides. You want to still wrap the thighs and pull your tummy in and up. So exhale, that's it. Said. Don't hold the breath tomorrow. Just take the arms up. Just kind of getting your minds into your body's nice deep breath in. And exhale. Exhale, exhale. Think of your arms lengthening.

Shoulders are open. Next for relax. Last one. Use the resistance of the arms coming down to feel your backs pulling down in your tummies. Pulling up. Okay, no more fooling around. And I have you guys go into your hundreds. So bring your knees into your chest and at any point you, you know, if it gets too difficult, just stop. Join us. On the next exercise, you're going to reach your arms out alongside your hips, going into your hundreds, your arms that will come up. Your heads come up. You look at your tummies. Begin pumping the arms up and down.

Nice deep breath in, and a long breath out. So let me see it working. The RMC depressant. Two, three, four, five x four five yes, you can straighten the legs or you can keep them bent. As long as those binds are down, you can keep the like straight deep breath. And let me see some resistance than there was there. Really stretching forward. So inhale, exhale.

Inhale. Two, three, four, five out, two, three, four, five in with the air would, they're softer and your knees. Squeeze your bottoms instead. Exhale, deep breath in. Bigger with the arms, less energy. Exhale, two, three, five. Inhale, two, five, two, three, four, five, one more. And Bend your knees. Drop your heads, drop your feet. Go ahead and sit up. Have you go into a roll back exercise. So now you're sitting up, you're holding onto the back of your thighs, your heads are back down, and you're going to round partly back when your arms are straight. Oh, have you stuck? You want to curl those hips underneath you, pulling in your stomachs. Keep going. Slide your hands down a little bit. Stop. Nice deep breath in, and exhale. Come back up.

Take it out of your shoulders. Put your hands on your thighs. One more time. Inhale, start to curl your hips under. Squeeze your bottoms and then exhale. Pull in as you come up. Okay, we're going to take that all the way down now. So start to round backwards. Nice deep breath in. Curl your hips.

Exhale, rest your heads. Rest your arms at your side. Now here's where it gets a little bit more challenging because as you come up, you don't want your feet to lift, so keep those feats soft. Take a nice deep breath in. Come up halfway just to the tips of the shoulders, pulling your tummies and squeeze your seats and then exit. Come on up one more time. You're going to lie down, head stay down. So keep the gaze on your belly button. Squeeze your bottoms. Exhale, drop the arms, drop your heads. Okay. And one more nice deep breath in. Exhale around it. So you're really articulating those vertebras to come up.

You keep pulling your tummies in if you have to grab onto your thighs. That's what you do. Good. Now I want you to both straighten your legs going into a full roll up. If your arms are long, your legs are long and you're going to start to go backwards. As you go back, go ahead and bend your knees, Curl your hips underneath. You.

Buy All the way down, Cindy, move forward so you're on your mat. Yeah, and maybe you both need to, and this time take your arm straight up. Your legs are now long before you come up. Wrap your thighs, pull up your tummies, get that lower back. Really to sink into the mat. And now take your arms straight up. Take a nice deep breath in. Start to peel off that mat. You can bend your knees.

Exhale, put that energy into the powerhouse navel to spine. Then straighten your legs. Look like you guys are gonna touch each other. Now I might have to move backwards event, and now as you go backwards, you're going to bend those knees, so hold it. Don't go flat. Curl your hips underneath you. If you have to reach for your thighs. That's what you want to do.

Crawl your hips and lie back down. Now we're going to go a little bit quicker, so arms are straight up this time. Nice deep breath in. Exhale, bend your knees, scoop, straighten the legs for the stretch and come back down. Now if you're more advanced, you just keep the leg straight the whole time and nice deep breath in. And exhale, rounding off that Mat. Just stretch over to the legs. Tried to touch your toes and as you reach for those toes, drop your shoulders, but still squeeze your bottoms good. And then start to take that down and you'll stay down.

Soften your knees. Very good. Rest arms at your side, going into your leg circles. Bring one knee into your chest. Let's start with your right. Give that Lucas stretch by holding onto your thigh. Okay. And you'll take your leg straight up. Good. Keep your knee bent. I want you to keep that knee bend. Stabilize your hips, your hip. Stay really still long lay. You're going to go into a circle. You circle your leg down, around and up to the nose.

The circle is within your own friends, so shoulder, hip, hip, shoulder. And as you're moving, the real circle is coming from the inner and outer thigh. So your lower backs have to really anchor. You. Don't want your hips to wobble and one more. And now reverse it. Let me see that leg length thing up to the ceiling.

Try to touch the ceiling without your hips moving. Two and up. Sorry. And up to the nose with the toe. Four and last one five. Bend your knee. Give that like a stretch. You'll switch legs, left leg or whatever. Give the lake a stretch.

Take your leg straight up, hands at your side. So this leg is straight. It's going to be a lot harder, more challenging on your lower back. Keep that lower back, really solid. Really stretch both legs out long. So one is reaching out. They're the ones reaching up and circle five times up to the nose. One, two, and three and up four. No shoulders. Keep those shoulders relaxed and reverse it five times.

I want you to drop your chin a bit and one keep dropping your chin so your upper body doesn't tense. Three, four and five. Bend your knee if your leg a little stretch. Hi, sit up. Put your hands at your hips. Transitioning. You're going to lift your bottoms and sit at your heels. Grab onto the back of your thighs. I know. Okay, so heads are down. You want to try to find your balance? You're gonna roll next.

Think of your head staying between the knees so you don't want your heads to be outside of that circle. You're in a nice little basket here. Nice and easy together. Toes are soft, shoulders are down. Literally, you're going to roll back and then you're going to try to come back up and balance. So inhale, go back, exhale, come up and balance. Try to keep your heads between your knees, shoulders down, and inhale, go back. Exhale, round up, right through your centers with your head staying between the knees and three more. Inhale on the back. Exhale. Pull your stomachs deeper too, and inhale, take it back.

Exhale, come up soft, and one more time. Inhale, take it back. Exhale, come on up. Place your feet down on the mat, lift your bottoms up, and then you're going to stretch backwards. You'll need to actually move forward because you're going to end up lying back down on the mat going into your stomach series. So go ahead and lie down. Just make sure you have your on the mat. Unfortunately, the, sorry I haven't met, wasn't long enough there. All right, bring one knee into your chest and hold onto your thigh. Bend your left knee, so bend your left leg, take that left leg straight up.

Now your backs are supported and then you're going to lower that left leg to a comfortable level. In other words, you want to lower it to a level that your backs are still anchored. You don't want to go so far down that your back start to arch. You want that support all about your powerhouse and you're going to look at your tummies. You're going to switch legs and switch. Hold your position. Really curl up in your stern with but not by pulling with the arms, by pulling your tummies in.

Stretch that right leg out and soft feet tight seats. Squeeze your bottom and switch. Scoop, switch, scoop. Each time you drag position, pull your enables deeper and switch. So your torso from hip to shoulder stays very still. As legs and arms are moving and switch and switch rich.

Get the stretch out of it and switch and switch both knees in double leg stretch. Inhale, arms and legs go out. Exhale, bring it all together. You can grab onto your ankles or your thighs and exhale. Inhale, exhale. Exactly. Inhale on the out. Exhale on in in Hampton, your chest lifted. Don't let it drop. Two more. One more time. Inhale out, exhale in last one. Nice deep breath in and exhale. Rest your heads. Drop your feet.

Very difficult on those when you go on the out. Not to let your backs for art. You have to support that. So in other words, don't let your legs drop too low. They stay lifted. All right? Take one leg up. You're going to reach for your cavity, your ankle, left leg out. You'll add your head. All right? They're like scissors. You're going to pull your leg towards you two times pole pole, switch and switch. Now, upper body doesn't bounce.

It stays still Tommy. Pools in scoop, scoop, switched scoops. Scope. The higher you reach, the more stretch you end up getting. So go to where you can and pull, pull really deep into that powerhouse and switch. Scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop. That's it. And, and, and, and to Clair pulses, Paul Paul for Paul, keep the gaze on your tummy. Last one. And rest should have a little burn happening there in your powerhouse. Okay. These are also neck strengthening exercises. So if your neck gets tired, you just put your head down and continue the movement.

All right, this time take your hands behind your head. Okay? These are pretty difficult. So you'll do what? You can. Take your legs up. You want to try to get them as straight as you can. If you have to bend them, just keep your knees together, lift your head, look at your stomach. It's really the lower back that you're working on here. Lower abdominals legs go down about two inches and then lift back up.

The legs are your awaits. Little bit down and up so there's no hopping. Your tailbone stays flat and curlier sternums up. Try to keep those sternums lifted, so keep that gaze on your navel lift way up to 90 degrees so you're going too far down. Just a little bit down, more on the up and that up. There you go. And that's it. Way up in your chest. Left tumor lift. Very nice.

Last one, and bend your knees going into your Chris Cross when they goes out. Okay, you look at your back elbow, so you get that stretch. Now pull your knee in so you can tap it with your elbow. Now here's where your hips will want to rule. Keep those hips still. Tommy's in and switch legs. Switch arms and switch.

This is all about centering as well. When you are transitioning, you want to make sure your left knee is lined up with your left shoulder, right knee, right shoulder and soft feet and get your shoulder way off the man. Try to tap the knee and switch three left, one and one. Breathe through it. Exhale two and last it three and three and rest your feet.

Drop your head. Very good. Okay. Working hard today. So that's your series of five. It's five different stomach exercises and the goal is to be able to get through all five of those without stopping a progression. All right, go ahead and sit up. Your feet are flex this time. You want to sit as tall as you can. So now I get a little treat after that. It's a stretch. You're sitting as tall as can you squeeze your bottom.

Your feet are apart a little bit wider than the mat. Go ahead and take your feet out off the mat there. Good. Alright, here you go. You want to lift your back, squeeze your bottom. Take a nice deep breath in and exhale. Think of the head going between your arms and the crown of your head, touching the mat so it go as low as you can, as far as you can down.

Oh, that's it. And then just relax your shoulders up there. So all right, now flex your feet still. Squeeze your bottom still and then start. Just sit up tall. Shoulders relaxed. Arms in line with your shoulders. Sit as tall as you can and squeeze your Bob. Nice deep breath in. And exhale. Exhaling, pulling in. Careful not to lock those knees and don't let your knees roll out. That's it.

So your knees stay lined up with your hips flexed feet. Sit up tall. Now we're going to go just a little bit quicker. Nice deep breath in, tall and axial. Careful that your legs don't roll out. Keep them lined up with your hips. Push those heels out and instead of tall and last one. Nice deep breath in. And exhale. Take it down.

This time go ahead and grab onto your ankles and give yourself an added stretch down or your arches. But as you're going down, still get that wrap in your thighs, in the scoop, in your tummies soft. Alright, going into another rolling exercise called your open like rocker. We're just going to do a stretch first. So first bend your knees, then you put your hands inside your legs again, start sitting up tall, but then you can kind of curl your hips under and find those sitz bones. You're going to try to find your balance. Now you just do what you can. You don't have to go into a full stretch. So first you're going to take one leg up. You want to try to get it straight.

You go to where you can though, balancing. And then rest case, we don't force it. Just go to where you can and may just be here. [inaudible] and rest shoulder. And now we're going to add on right leg. Get it might be bad. Left leg. More challenging is all the way straight. Close, open, add, rest. Okay. Alright. Take your hands outside. Open your feet, take hold of the back of your cath. Good. You find your seeker. Make sure you have room behind you.

To roll. Do you both do and you're going to find your balance. Just like rolling like a ball. This one's actually a little bit easier because the legs are apart. Bind your, see shoulders are relaxed. Alright, and actually sending move forward a little bit. Here you go. You're literally gonna roll back. Exhale, come up. Find your balance so you're still around it. Your heads are still down.

Do that again. Inhale on the back. Exhale on the up. Now try to exhale through your nose. It's really deep in that powerhouse, I think. Quiet breathing. Inhale, go back. Exhale, you'll find it's a lot deeper. Okay, now hold your balance. It is hallways. You can find your sea shoulders relaxed. Had their down. Look at your tummies. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, round up and balance. Sit Up tall are if you want to add that extra challenge, you'll straighten your legs so legs can be as straight as you can.

This is only if you want hold here and inhale, curl your chin to your chest. Careful going back. Exhale, round up. Lift your backup tall. Find your seeker, drop your shoulders, control it back. Only rolled to the tips of the shoulders to far exit. So a little more control. Sit up tall. One more time. Find your seeker. Inhale a little bit back. Exhale, come up, lift your backs and close your feet. Walk down your legs.

Your legs are still up, and you're going to lie all the way down. Drop your hands to your side. Okay? Bend your knees for just a moment. Hold onto the back of your size and just pull your legs in and then I'll have you move forward. Okay? Get yourself recentered on the mat, but you'll still be lying down. All right, hands are resting at your side.

You're going to bring your knees back into your chest and take your leg straight up. Keep your gaze at your tummy so you don't tend to. Next your hands are resting. Your head is down to drop your head. Alright? Lower powerhouse, stable, stabilizing it. Your anchored. You're gonna circle the legs around to the right and back to center, whichever way, and then you reverse it. So what you're trying to do is not let those hips move. As your legs move, your hip stays still center. And so it doesn't have to be big.

It does have to be controlled. It's the Arctic control and center. So I'm going to let go. Don't go too low. Center and center. So reversing your corkscrew and center. Drop Your Chin and center and around. And last one, bend your knees. Once again, give the legs a stretch to pull your thighs in, helps to stretch your lower back. And then I'll have you guys sit back up.

Open up your feet, going into your sauce so your legs are apart and flexed. Your arms are out to the side. You're sitting on top of your hips so you really tall, you squeeze your bottoms, you're going to turn to the right. Take your pinky and try to reach for that little toe. So your nose drops to your knee as you stretch.

And what happens is your hips will want to move around. You have to square them off. So sit on that left hip and pull it way back. Scope, scope, scope here. And then a round up instead of tall again. And now turn, reach for the toe. Drop those shoulders, the shoulders. Stay relaxed here. You might even bend your knees a little bit. You're doing okay.

Sit on that right hip a bit. There you go. And instead of tall, so feet are flexed and ll set. Turn and reach for the toe. Keep both hips anchored, not reaching with the arms, but reaching by scooping. So no energy up here. And then come back up tall on one more time. And turn and stretch nose to your knee. Navels to your spine. Really pulling in. And that's enough. You'll come up.

I'm going to have you flip over to your stomachs, your shoulders, or you. So turn over to your tummies. Palm on top underneath palm. Excuse me. Ah, bring your elbows into your ribs and drop your heads so your hands are underneath your shoulders. Exactly. And just, just take a nice deep breath in and fill up your lungs or your [inaudible] friends and then exhale, lowering the lungs out. One more time. Nice. Deep breath in. And exhale. Exhale, exhale and rest. Okay, so that's the breathing.

And then push into your palms. You can come up to your elbows. Start to lift your chest, lift your powerhouse. Really lift. Now hold. You don't have to come up very high. Why don't you just go to your elbows. Keep your elbows on the mat. Now lift. There you go. Now that same breathing, fill this up. Really deep breath in.

You can start to exhale. Just breathe naturally. Now stay up there. Look to the right. Roll your heads down as low as you can. Stretching the back of your neck. Look left. Look Center. Now come up a little bit higher. Look left. Roll your head to down sash. The neck.

Look right look center. That's enough. Come all the way up onto your elbows and make a fist with each hand. Bring your knuckles towards each other. Try to keep your feet close together. Very important. Here is your back, so you want to get your hips to lift off the mat by lifting your navels up so that powerhouse is so solid. Your lower back is really supported here. Looks pretty good. I feel like you can lift a little bit more.

Lift your head so your necks are lined up with your spine. So lift your head up, shoulders are down. You're going to keep that solidness in that powerhouse and take your right heel and kick your bottom two times. As you kick. Don't collapse your lower back. Fill it up. That's it. And then switch feet, kick, kick. Very good. And switch, kick, kick. So don't collapse the spines. Keep those ribs lifted and kick, kick and kick. Kick. One more set, right kick, kick and left kick. Kick. That's enough. Lie All the way down.

And take your hands behind your back. Go ahead and turn your right cheek to the mat. Slide your hands up towards your shoulders. Started a really poor outside. All right, so now your hands are behind you. You want to clasp your fingers together. That's it. All right, so this is a tricky one, but it's a great stretch. Don't do it.

If you have any back issues, glue your heels close together and you're going to take both feet and kick your bottom three times. Kicking one, two. That's it. Three. Then you drop your feet, they stay still. You slide your hands down your spine and start to lift your heads to stretch backwards. That's it. Lift your tummies at the same time. And now you switched cheeks. So switch your head, slide your hands back up. Sorry. Kicks. Kick one, two, three.

Drop your feet, slide back. When you stretch backwards, your foreheads point straight down so you're not crunching the back of your neck even lower with that for it. There you go. Now left fun and sweet shakes. Now we'll go a little bit quicker and kick. One, two, three. N stretch long neck. Very good. And last one, switch cheeks and kick. One, two, three and stretch. Reach back. And that's enough.

Both of you sit back on your heels and just kind of stretch your backs out. That's it. Okay. All right. Gonna go back onto your bottoms. So you'll sit back down on your bottoms. Same way you started, but this time you're gonna. Let's have you start sitting up with your feet apart just like you did earlier.

Cindy, move forward a little bit just so you have room behind you. To lie down. All right. Take a hold of the back of your thighs. Just like your roll down. You're going to drop your heads. Start to round backwards, really articulating that spine. One vertebrae at a time, so right when your arms get straight, is it the toughest part? That's where you really have to focus on that lower back, lower stomach and squeezing your bottoms and then slide your hands down your lie all the way down. Rest your heads restaurant. Nice deep breath in. You're going to start to come up and reach for your thighs.

When you come up, go ahead and exhale. That's it. Sometimes it helps to put your feet underneath the couch or a strap all the way forward and then you want to sit as tall as you can. Open up your chest. Yeah, if this is too easy, you can put your hands behind your head, but otherwise continue just like this. Drop Your Chin's, soften your feet, no energy in those feet. Start to curl down one vertebra at a time. The same thing. If this is too easy, you can also straighten your legs.

You guys are doing fine. Just like that. Very good. Good. You got that lower back to articulate. Rest your arms. Rest your head. Two more. Nice. Deep breath in. Reach for this size. Curl into it. Exhale, scope. Yes. Keep pulling in. Now go ahead and straighten your legs here for an added stretch and flex your feet. Reach for your toes, feet apart, and flex. So hip width apart and flex. Now sit as tall as you can and start to round back down. Slide your feet backwards. So bend your knees. Tuck. Yes. All the way down. Very good.

And last one. So theater, hip with the part. Nice. Deep breath in. Peel off that mat. Exhale. Scope right there. That's the toughest part. Scope, scope, scope. Straighten your legs. Stretch your legs out long. Keep flexing. Keep pulling in. Good. Sit as tall as you can. Soft in your shoulders and bring that back down to finish. Are you going to lie down? Tuck.

Keep breathing. Exhale. Hold your breath. All right. I'm going to have you guys lie on your left side. Going into some sidekicks. He's a little bit of relief after this. [inaudible] say a lie on your side. Your right leg is on top. That's fine. Whichever way you guys wanna face, long as you don't kick each other, that's fine. That's good cause you can see both angles.

So you can either lie on your arm, more advanced is up on your elbow. Hip is on top of hip, and you three bring your legs forward. So you're in a kind of a boomerang or a v. Very important. Keep your hips right on top of each other. Your shoulders right on top of each other. So again, it's all about that powerhouse from shoulder to the bottom of your hip, bottom of your bottoms, inner thighs. You want to make sure that stays solid as the leg is moving, it's just kind of your anchor. You're going to take your leg up pip level, rotate your knee out, just hip level.

So a little bit lower with that right leg and your right hand is on the mat for support. Keep your gaze forward. You're going, kick your leg two times four kick, kick, swing the leg back. So there shouldn't be a lot of energy in your knees. You really be in here. Hip stays on top of it, each other. So don't roll those his back and kick kick front. Swing it back and now a little bit quicker and kick, kick back.

So as that leg comes up, don't let your bottoms go with you. They stay solid, straight spine and swing it back through. Mark, get kick front, back, kick, kick two and one. [inaudible] kick and back. Alright, kind of lost my account with you guys. Sorry. Take your leg. Yeah, you're fine. Take your leg up towards the ceiling. Relax your heads though. As that light comes down, think of the leg lengthening out of the head. So that leg is really reaching. You. Squeeze your bottoms, pinch the inner thighs and up and reach up Lankan.

So now here is where you'll lock those knees. Try not to soften them up and reach a really soften those new stretch, stretch, stretch. Let's have you flex on the up point on the down. Flex up. Point down to more and flex and point, get that stretch and one more flex and point right into little circles. Leg is on top of the other, so lower your leg and circle at five times one, two, three, four, five, reverse the circle and one, two, three, four, five. Always pulling in and rest the leg.

Cross your leg in front of the other. Your name will be bent, your right knee will be bad, and this name will come out. So now you had it right. This is in front and this knee comes up. And if you can reach for your ankle, that's great. Otherwise just stay where you are. Oh good. Try to keep your hips on top of each other.

You're going to take your left leg and I'll lift it up and then rest it and left unrest. And now hold it up. Two little circles with the left leg. Two little circles down around. So brush them at one, two now, three big ones down around an app. One, two, thought foot, and three. There you go. And reverse that. Two little circles the opposite way. One, two, and then big circles up and around. One, two nut using those shoulders and three and rest. Okay, let's have you guys lie on your stomachs for some transition. Beads. Palm on top of palm, forehead on your hands.

Try to get centered again. Good. All right, so you're going into your transition beach. You want to reach your legs out long and start to lift both feet off the mat so your knees are actually off the mat. Using your seats, using those bottoms and are open their feet. And Clap 22 counts. Two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine 10 n l quick, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and Russell, okay over to your other leg. So you get yourself lined up again, hip on top of hip, and then you swing your legs forward. Make sure your hips are right on top of each other. Your gazes forward to your next are long.

You're not crunching your Chesser open. Take your left leg up, hip level, getting ready for your front kicks. Rotate your knee towards the ceiling of it so you're a little turned out. And now you're ready. Kick, kick, front. Swing it back. Remember you're working from the top of the hip to the knee, so from your knee down should be relaxed and you're tightening your knee a little bit. So soften your knee. Now kick, kick, front and back and kick. Kick way up here. Way Up there, and then go back. Tommy, kick, kick.

So as you go back and push those ribs back together, kick, kick, that's it. And two more. And kick. Kick Front. Swing it back. Last one. And kick, kick, front and back. Rest your legs on top of each other. Getting ready for your up and downs. Bring your legs forward a bit more. Yeah. Then you'll have a little more support in your head. All right, hand on the mat for more support.

That also reminds you to keep that powerhouse solid ribs together. Take your leg up, hip level. Now you're going to take your leg up towards the ceiling. As that leg comes down, you squeeze your bottom in size. Good. No knee, get outta here and take it up. So squeeze in here, push me down. Now soften your knee. At the same time. It's really hard. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, all the way down. Yes, there you go. And up. So both cheeks, bottom is really working and up and lower.

Squeeze. Push me down. Yes. And Flex Up. Point down. Flex point. Flex, point in reach. Last one. Flex more. Reach, reach, reach and rest. Okay. Little circles. Say you'll take your leg up. Hip level five circles. One, two, three, four, five. Reverse it again. Get out of that knee.

I can see you locking two and three. These ones we'll burn four and five. All right, go ahead and rest your legs. You can shake them out if you feel like it. Then I'm going to have you guys lie onto your back. Once again, getting back into those powerhouses. Finishing with a little teaser exercise. All right, so you've done this with you, your feet, let's have your feet together.

Do you slide your feet pretty far forward? It's kind of a little secret. The closer your are to your pod and not quite so far, the harder the exercise to become. So keep the feet at a pretty far distance to start with. And then you can always challenge yourself as you progress. All right, so now your legs are in the right position. Now get your powerhouse to anchor, so nice flat back. Tummies are pulling in and up. Take your right leg and extend it out so your knees will stay glued together.

You'll take your right leg up and the knee stake glued. Take both arms straight behind you. Good. Now as soon as the arms go back, you'll lose your powerhouse again. You got to get those rooms to pull back in. Tell me, used to lift. Take your arms straight up.

Then you'll notice that you're able to get that power house even more engaged, even deeper. Good. Now here you go. You're going to start to come up. Just go to the tips of your shoulder, so start to lift your heads. Slide those shoulders down and curl up. Reach for the toes and hold. Really scooping. Don't hold your breath. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Reach through your ears. Stay up there with your heads.

Keep scooping your tummies, and then lie all the way down. Okay, so three more like that. Just like that. That's really going to get you strong. Nice, deep breath in. Exhale, reach for those chosen hole. Pull your stomachs deeper, reach for your ears in a hold and then lie down. That's it. Three nice deep breath in. Exhale, good whole retreat, ears and rest to exhale. None of this should be forced. Reach for ears and rest. Watch your center line. Make sure you don't twist as you come up. Last one, reach for the toes here. This side, reach this way. There you go. Now retrieve your ears and lie down. Drop your foot.

All right, just what you wanted to hear the other side, right? All right, so switch legs set. Alright, so knees are glued together a little bit further out. All right, at your own pace, arms come up, come up to where it's comfortable suited, where you don't feel like you're forcing. Come up to your toe. Reach, hold, reach for the ears. That's it. And then lay down and three months. Exhale, reach for the toes. Good reach for your ears and lie down. This really will help that lower part of your spine and exhale, lower powerhouse. Reach for the toes. Really? Scope, scope, scope, reach for your ears. Lie Down. Last one, reach for your toes.

Retrieve your ears and rest. Okay, I'm going to have you guys sit up to kind of roll that out. Besides your backs. Again, hold your seal. Your hands are gonna go inside your legs. You'll try to hold onto the ankles with your heads down. These are difficult. Now, if that range of getting your hands inside the legs is too much, hold onto your thousand to the outside. Otherwise that's fine. Drop your head so your heads are down. Shoulders are relaxed.

You find your balance. You're literally gonna roll back and you're going to try to come up. So you have to exhale as you come up. Exhale. Keep your heads down though. So the way that your head doesn't take you back. Inhale, go back. Exhale. Come on now. We both. You're doing great. So let's add the claps.

Three claps with their feet. You open the feet and clap. One, two, three. Rock back. Three clubs to come up. One, two, three, come up. And one, two, three. Back. One, two, three. Exhale. One, two, three, back. One, two, three. Up. Now control it. When you go back, your head stays down there. You only roll to here. One, two, three. Back. Control it at much better. Exhale to left. Inhale, one, two, three. Exhale. One, two, three. Don't worry too much about the breathing. You'll naturally want to exhale and that's enough. That's okay.

Straighten your legs and just stretch forward. Alright, I'm going to have you both stand up facing each other. A Walk to the back of your mat so he'll be back here still on your mat. Just how you started heels together. Toes apart the way it is towards your feet. Your shoulders are on top of your hips or you're not back here.

You have to lift. You want to wrap? You have to take your arms up. Alright, you're gonna walk down your legs. You're going to walk out into a clink, into a pushup position. Yeah, you have any shoulders. She's just skip this. This is not a huge movement. You don't have to go really deep. It's very smally.

Elbows into your ribs and push up one. Keep your tummies lifted. Two now. Next should be lined up with your spine that the three walked back to your feet. That's it. Now as you come up, tickets, flow, drop your head very slowly. You might even have to bend your knees to get your hips on top of your ankle. So shift those hips forward even more. There you go. Take your arms up.

I'm going to have you do one more set, tall, tall, tall, tall. Walk down. Walk out into your plank. So walk down your legs, walk out into your pushup. Get a nice position before you go anywhere. So nice long neck. So lift your head a little bit. Now you're one straight line. You're really solid in here. Doesn't have to be big. Remember elbow, skim the ribs and up one. Keep it small. Good too small range of motion, makes it a lot stronger, more control. And three, go ahead and drop to your knees this time and just stretch back to your heels.

All right, you guys are done. You can stand up when you're ready and kind of shake yourselves out. Good job.


This class helped me to refocus on the basics, I needed it. Thank you!
I felt great after this class!!!!
Another good one. Thank you.
Instruction a little unclear at times, as the ladies appeared confused. The single leg kick was not clear...hips off the floor???? Didn't enjoy this video I'm afraid.
Awesome 1/2 class..Best classical class for me! Lucky to have this teacher :)

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