Class #1134

Reformer Workout

50 min - Class


Nagi Takahashi teaches a Reformer class that feels great on the body. She focuses on the lower back by creating length in the torso and adding stretches for mobility. She also adds an exercise to work your feet in Footwork and a modification Front Lunge in addition to the other exercises she teaches.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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I'm Negi and it's so good to be back. I hear Flonase anytime. Um, last time I did a Japanese class, um, but uh, I heard that there were requests saying that we wanted English. Is that ...


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Very nice and clear thank you Nagi
I like your class. The kneeling lunge is nice. Also the beginning AB work.
Thank you
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Thank you:))
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Great job. I love Reformer series...
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Felt wonderful after this class. Very enjoyable. Thank you.
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Nice, clear and deap! I too, felt wonderfull after this class. Thank you
Sybille, thank you for the first comment!
I like to be clear and simple:)
Hope you like my mat class.
Nancy, it's been a long it time since you came to Japan with Jennifer. Hope everything is going well.
I'm glad that you like my class, the kneeling lunge is very good. Peope don't go out of alignment in this position.
Fernando, thank you! You can do sooo much on the Reformer, I'm always playing on it:)
catherindmr, I'm happy you enjoyed it!
Hope I can do more classes in the future.
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