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Nagi Takahashi teaches a Reformer class that feels great on the body. She focuses on the lower back by creating length in the torso and adding stretches for mobility. She also adds an exercise to work your feet in Footwork and a modification Front Lunge in addition to the other exercises she teaches.
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I'm Negi and it's so good to be back. I hear Flonase anytime. Um, last time I did a Japanese class, um, but uh, I heard that there were requests saying that we wanted English. Is that right? [inaudible] I hope hopefully. And um, I w I'm gonna do it before my class today with Juliana and uh, this will be focused on the lower back. So can we start? Yes. Okay. Uh, so facing away from the foot bar and um, sitting down where you can, um, you have a space for your lower back to be pleased on the reformer. Um, your legs.

One leg is on top of the other and it's straight. I would like to hold onto the loops here. Uh, your forefinger and your forefinger. Know a middle finger and forefinger. Yes. And the [inaudible] and the loops. Okay. And having your, uh, almond straight. Hey, your cow clavicle is wide, but and sitting on your sits bones. Hey, wait, take a big inhale and exhale. Rolling down to just about under the shoulder blade. And inhale. Exhale. Rolling up again and keeping that curve and the lumbar spine. Inhale. Exhale down.

[inaudible] waging your legs out long and inhale, exhale, curling up. We want to appeal each spine one at a time. And one more. [inaudible] [inaudible] hey, last the once and we're going to add rotation to this. So rotate to the right and then we'd come up from the right side.

[inaudible] and then back to center and going back street. We go over to the left and Xcel up using the obliques and your hips or your shoulders are over the hips. [inaudible] [inaudible] and to the left. Exhale. [inaudible] ah, hey. And then coming back. Uh, let's have our other on top and inhale and Xcel going down again. Okay. This time we're going to go rotate to the left and then come up. Center and down.

Yeah. I feel that opening of the lumbar spine and the right. Exhale up, dean being the arms to rate one more on each side. Wow. Yeah. Rotate your ribs to the right and exhale coming up and back to center. Okay. And uh, then the knees so that your feet are on top of the headrest. Hey and if you have any hard time setting up up streets, then you can just open your knees a little bit. Okay.

And the arm stays straight. He's sitting up tall. Inhale again. Exhale, curl the tailbone under and then coming to under the shoulder blades, one leg up to tabletop and then doing to do single leg with touch and Xcel up touch and make sure that the pelvis doesn't go and teary Europe when you bring the leg down. And last one, keep it like there. They bring the other leg up to table top as well. And then the right goes down and we go to the left. Inhale down and XL up.

Keep that height of the chest. Lift eight you still straps to have you pull your spine up to the ceiling. Your neck is also nice and long. Last one and up both legs. Down. Inhale, exhale, curl up and then sitting up tall again. Inhale there, XL rolling down. Hey, we're going to do a double leg switch. Only the legs, right leg, left leg up. But keep that to slip height. Inhale to straighten XO and in [inaudible].

Good. Read your legs all from hamstrings and pull in with fifth dominoes. One more. And exhale back to center, right leg out and single leg stretch. One N Two n three [inaudible] hold there, turn to the left, rotate to the left. And then we go. Hmm. One more east side and okay.

Both legs up to table. Top one leg down, other leg down. Exhale to curl up. Hey, can, uh, bring the straps back. Um, have your thumbs on your elbows. Kay. Sitting up tall, a little bit more abdominals. Inhale and Exhale, rolling down the spine, curling the tailbone. And then up to two flip position in how there push your forms forward and then draw up from the dominoes one and two and three. Your, uh, pelvis can be a little bit in posterior tilt. [inaudible] mm.

And one more. Stop there that rotate to the right and then push your forms forward to the right end. Go. And two and three [inaudible] and two last one. Stay up center and then to the left and right. [inaudible] good. It keeps your knees squeeze together and hold. Return to center and come up.

Okay. All right. Trying to think the other way. And let's, uh, we were doing that with a one run, one red and one blue. Um, so let's go to three red. Yup. Flooding to a, sitting at the edge of the reformer.

We take an inhale and exhale. Curl down all the way down. Okay, so we're going onto a, we're going into the pelvic curl. The arches of the feet are on the football fits bones apart. Good. And then we take a big inhale and exhale, curling up from the sits bones, sacrum you a big blown and all the way up. Feel the stretch in the front of the thighs from and the hip flexors. Inhale. Exhale, curling down and back to neutral.

[inaudible] feeling those hamstrings kick in. Inhale and exhale. The sternum comes down, ribcage, middle, back or lower back. And then the pelvis. Three more. [inaudible] good. Use those songs to broad and they'll call her bone [inaudible] and to [inaudible] thinking about your inner thighs, he let the lower back stretches you. Go down and last one [inaudible] [inaudible] and make sure that your shoulders are right against the shoulder pads. Hey, we're going right into foot work. So a parallel heels. Okay. And the toes are looking upwards. We take an inhale, exhale, press and inhale and and press and [inaudible].

And I want you to feel the stretch in the hip. Flex through us like you are doing in the pelvic curl that you want that press out with the abdominals. Okay. And thinking of links and two more and last one. Okay. Going on to the tools.

Okay. And inhale. Exhale, keeping the heels as they are stabilizing the pelvis. [inaudible] and you feel as a failure. Pelvis is curling up every time a, maybe you're, you might be on a, to have a, the springs might be too heavy for you and back and two more. And back. Last one and coming back. Hey, squeeze the heels together that your knees are about shoulder width and hail and exhale to Perez Scully's and your thighs and back.

[inaudible] squeezing the heels as well. You'll feel your inner thighs that way. [inaudible] [inaudible] keeping them neck long and your abdominals in the back long as well. Hey, last one and press, I'm coming back on too. Why don't we heal. Okay. Making sure your pelvis is in neutral or close to neutral. That keeping, it's a stabilized Xcel to push [inaudible] and buck [inaudible] [inaudible] when it feels as if the spine, it is the longest, the shape and [inaudible].

Yeah. Last one. [inaudible] and back and onto your toes and exhale to press. Hey, making sure that your uh, ankles don't roll in or out. [inaudible] [inaudible] two more. Last one and press and coming down.

Okay. Going onto the calf freezes. Inhale and exhale Perez out and inhale to lower. There's even way on the first, uh, victim and the pinky toe. Ah, thinking as if you're a pelvis down is getting a shrinking right and keeping a wide collar bone long neck, three more, two and one.

Prances and bend. Bend [inaudible]. Inhale for two and exhale for two [inaudible] [inaudible] one more set. [inaudible] and straighten all the way. Bandon comeback and stretching our legs on the platform. We come up with a roll up [inaudible] and change the springs to two beds and a blue or whatever feels right for you. And then we're going back again. Hey, first thing, a leg having, uh, the right heel on the foot bar, the left tole curls under and then touches the bar. So you get a nice stretch in that. Enter your Tibialis, which is the outside of your ocean. Okay? And we take an inhale, exhale to Perez. Hey, the left knee doesn't come all the way street with the right one does keeping the pole the square and then coming back and press and back. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] you'll feel a nice stretch. Juliana and bend.

[inaudible] it's really good. After you walked a lot or you jumped a lot or you're in high yield or [inaudible] and [inaudible], the ankle tends to row outward. So really press with a big toe. And let's go for two more [inaudible] and one Ben. Hey, other side. Okay.

If you don't, uh, if you're not used to like covering your toes under and using your f, uh, the muscles in your feet, you might get a little crampy but and on your toes, hey, bed and back. But you need those arches because they're the shock absorbers for you when you walk or your for when you're running [inaudible] and in [inaudible] and in two more [inaudible]. Okay. And onto your right toe. The left leg comes to table top and we take an inhale. Exhale to press and back.

[inaudible] five was just a table top. And that's the fifth one. We're going to strain the left leg, two diagonal and press. And as you string [inaudible], make sure that your lower back doesn't arch. When you straighten [inaudible] and last one and coming all the way back on your left to right, like come to table top and, and that's the fifth one. So straightened out to your diagonal. Ah, [inaudible] and three more like that. And two and one. Nice. Juliana. Hey, come all the way back. He straighten your legs. [inaudible] and come up in a rollover. Okay. Going on to the short box.

So all the springs are set and the foot bar is down. Okay. Because I'm short, I have my books in the middle. A, she's a much taller than me. So her boxes at the end and, okay. So putting your feet in the straps at our tires engaged feet together. We're going to hook the thumb on our elbows.

And then Lori, hey, so we take a big inhale and exhale. Keep your shoulders stacked above your hips as we make it seeker. And then go in down one vertebrae at a time. Yeah, keeping those elbows high. Inhale, curling up and then up. Just straight position and exhale.

Oh, and then, yeah, it's an East centric contraction of your hip flexors. Inhale there. Yeah. Push your form forward as if you did in the warm up. And then back to straight line. Ah, ah, to one like that. Aim and exhale down.

So you only want to go as far as you can place your spine down and you feel that you're not using the back extensors to go back. [inaudible] coming up. Okay. And then onto or a flat back. Oh, hands interlaced behind the head. Okay. Think you're moving from, uh, your hips and not from your back. So we inhale and exhale thinking I'm willing the spine. And inhale back. [inaudible] it's a hinting action.

[inaudible] and co-constructing, the abdominals and the back extensors. And then one more [inaudible] and coming up and to the twist. So we go to the right and into your right elbow and XL back. Okay. Center to the left and back.

Yeah. The word is on the right bum. Ah, yeah. Up and center. Hmm. An over Ah, ah, keeping the knees together and hindering back. [inaudible] on my knee side and inhale.

Then the last one in and reaching back and pull up Domino's in and up and then coming up. All right. [inaudible] we're going onto hip work next. Oh, okay. So one ran in one blue [inaudible] putting the football back, putting the arches as the feet inside the straps. And um, I will like to start with a circles first. Okay. So linkedin out your thighbone away from your hips and away from the pelvis and thinking that there's a space so you can easily make the circles inside your hip socket or just pleasing the legs together. And, um, well without movement moving the s curve in the spine, we pull like towards us and XL down.

Inhale to circle and circle Scully's in down. Ah, [inaudible] all right. Really create that length in the spine. Yeah. [inaudible] reaching your tailbone away as you circle your legs and to, and one others. Other ways. Squeeze and up. Exhale. Circle remembering to keep that space in the hip socket.

Yeah. Two more. Last one. Basically it's the heels together going into frog. So in here, open and, but even as you've been, you want to keep that space and that it's luck it so feel the length. Okay. [inaudible] and let's go three more and two [inaudible] last one. We're going into openings.

So inhale to open and exhale. [inaudible] yeah. Squeeze and open. Ah, feeling your inner thighs working. Egocentrically and then concentrated. Yeah.

And two more [inaudible] pushing the heels away from you and in Hell back squeezing your heels together and uh, going into short spine. Oh, inhale to bend. Exhale, straighten, right. Pull away the toes and then bring the carriage back. So feel the hamstring stretch here and Xcel to curl up. And Helen into diamond and Xcel for rolling this line down, down, down, flex and into frog XL puss away point and hinge XL.

Ah hmm. Hairband an XL. Use that breath so that this German comes down middle back, feel the stretch and glutes and then flex and back pulling in here. [inaudible] okay. [inaudible] and two more [inaudible] the pelvis stays high as you bend the legs and yeah, keeping the tangent in this job. Ah, and flicks and push back. Last one.

Oh, nice job. Ah, ah, and flex and bring the carriage back. Okay. When like oh other leg out, let's come up to the site. Okay. When did the kneeling Lynch but modification version? So with one red spring please here fi oh, you're a foot on the shoulder pad.

The other foot on the platform. Um, the reason I liked this because um, since you have that foot bar against your Shin and um, you don't go out of alignment as much as the other kneeling lunges. Yeah. Keeping toss, fine. And then, yeah, you can pass out a little to feel that stretch but not downward. And just keeping that lift and take three breaths. [inaudible] and inhale and exhale back to hamstring stretch so your heel can touch the, um, the foot bar, not the foot bar, the bar that's holding the foot bar, whatever, whatever you call that. And then wait in your left. Sit bone back and coming up to a hip flexor stretch again, pulling your pubic bone up to your sternum, keeping your neck a little long.

Ah, [inaudible] and let's go into the hamstring stretch. Yeah. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] and back up. Hey, switch little lakes. Cool. You have your Shin against the football. It's a little back.

So you feel that stretch? Is it, is it harder on your side? Yes. I tried to straighten out that uh, side. You flexing the hips and we go back. [inaudible] [inaudible] yeah, pulling up that belly to the spine and then exhale to come back to hip flexor. Stretch. Inhale. [inaudible] [inaudible] yeah, bring up that last children Donald. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ah, and you feel pressed down or they lift the sternum. And then back to hamstrings. Ah, [inaudible] pulling the right sitz bones away from that right heel and coming back to the foot bar. Okay. Still in the red one red spring, we turn other way for our reverse [inaudible]. Nice stretch.

Okay. So you're an all fours. Okay. And your wrists are chillers and on top of the risks. And then we go a little bit forward. So our shoulders are in front of the wrist, right? And then you're a little bit away from the stopper. Okay.

And we curl the tailbone and then look down a little and we use our abdominals first and then the hip flexors and keeping the tailbone down back and excelling an inhale back using the abdominals. The all been up that lower back and keeping your upper body still and back. And two more. One more point. The belly button up. Up, up, up, up and curling under. Yeah. Nice. And coming back. Okay. And we're going to add obliques to that.

So bring your right hand a little bit back and then your left hand is uh, right next to it, right? And then we curl under and back. Keeping the telephone down. [inaudible] one more and then coming back on the other side. And inhale, curl the tailbone under. [inaudible] oh, this is my harder side and, okay.

Be careful of that hyper extension of the oboes as well. And last, the one and back. I'm sweating. Yeah. Okay. And I'm facing the same wave. I'm rolling. Uh, not rolling. Rowing back one. Yeah. So have a place where you can, yeah.

Put your lower back down. Good. And one leg crossed on tops of the other two first two fists close together. Sitting up nice and tall. And your sitz bones. We take an inhale to bring the fifth to your sternum and XL curling down into chest lift height and inhale to open the arms. Exhale.

Ah, the arms together and this together. And then we stuck in the spine in exhale down. Inhale, open and Xcel crest. [inaudible] keeping that school. I don't want to come back. Restock.

[inaudible] okay. [inaudible] being that cares still as you go forward, touch the hands and like wings on a bird. [inaudible] [inaudible] Ah, oh one more. Ah, keeping Caruso. Exhale up and over and exhale up. Another exercise. I'm going to have, uh, your whole, the loops again with your middle finger on your forefinger. And let's switch our laces up. What was this size or even, and we're going to do, um, something similar to the rom boys.

So I'm straight and our hands are looking down and we pull the elbows back. But just to shoulder level. Yeah. And the elbow is 90 degrees. Okay. And then rotate the shoulder externally, rotate the shoulders are your risks are ms or above your shoulder, uh, your elbows and then go into a back extension [inaudible] and straight. And then the arms, elbows, back, shoulder, external rotation and then thoracic extension. And then throw us, uh, and then the comes street and the elbow comes straight and back. [inaudible] oh, and back.

[inaudible] [inaudible]. Um, breath pattern. I really don't mind, but I like to inhale when I extend my spine. [inaudible] [inaudible] and up, keeping the rib cage and towards your body. One more and back. Oh, right onto assigned work. Um, in a mermaid. When did do a few normal ones first and then um, a few with elbow extensions. Okay, so your hand is written. Yeah, the same places your shoulders and you can press out a little because you have long arms and okay.

So we go into that diagonal line and exhale, rotating from the ribs and inhale back and exhale up and away and rotate. The ribs are looking down just as looking down and in health back two, forward and up. Two more like that. And one more. We stay in that rotative spot and bring your right hand wider and then press the carriage out so you feel that stretch from your left arm from the left lat to the left. Uh, let's just, uh, no, no, no, no lot to your QL that we want to bring the right rib cage up to the ceiling. So deep rotation and bend the elbows as you extend this line again and XL push and in, Oh your Carrie doesn't have to go all the way back to the stopper, your elbows wide and your sternum forward and XL push.

Bring your right hand to the middle again or wherever your shoulder is. And inhale back to rotation. Exhale coming up. Yeah, the other side. Okay. Your Shin is right against the shoulder pad. Your left arm is on the foot bar and we go into the diagonal line.

XL rotate and inhale back. Exhale coming up as we rotate. One align the shoulder so it's at the same height. Yeah. And up and fourth one we stay rotated. Keeping that right arm long and lift arm comes wider and we take us to it. Sure.

Filling your lungs with air and as we bend the elbows to the size, we push the sternum forward and Xcel back. Ah, okay. Okay. Keeping the neck long as you push and in health. [inaudible] last one and XL, press out, bring the left arm back on.

Rotate and exhale come up. Okay. And last one is r a breaststroke prep. So we're going to put it in a long box position. I'm still in one red and we lie prone facing the football, I guess your palms on the edge and press the bar out without elevating the shoulder blades. Okay. And feel your epics and stars working little, not too much, but you length lengthen the legs out from your hip sockets.

Keeping the arms straight. We go into back excision. So inhale up and exhale down and inhale up from the top of the head, throat, clavicle, sternum. Exhale down and [inaudible] one more like that. And in an XL down. And then bending the elbows to site. We're going to go a little bit more higher, but still not in the lower back. Upper back and mid back and then coming down. Yeah. And up.

Ah, so you want some length and this fine. And then you want the shoulders to open, open, open as you come down. And to Ah, one more. Ah, I, I'm coming all the way back to the stopper. We get off and then we're going to do something instead of a rest position. Um, it's sort of like those livers pike from the window chair. So we hold the edges with the box and we stand. Uh, just so your feet are aligned with the edge of a reformer.

Yeah. Sits bones apart. I'm gonna hold edges that and push out with, not the arms, but the whole spine. This whole spine lengthens out. Good. Keep those on. I'm straight. You'll feel that your shoulder is down and away from your ears and feel your hamstrings working as your curl up.

[inaudible] and awake. [inaudible] and pushing out with the whole spine. Lengthen. Lengthen, lengthen. And Yeah. Two more like that. Stretching out sits bones away and exhale, curling from the Seagram.

[inaudible] last one. Ah. Oh, cool. Rolling up to a standing position. Okay. That is it for today. Thank you. [inaudible].


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Very nice and clear thank you Nagi
I like your class. The kneeling lunge is nice. Also the beginning AB work.
Thank you
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Thank you:))
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Great job. I love Reformer series...
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Felt wonderful after this class. Very enjoyable. Thank you.
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Nice, clear and deap! I too, felt wonderfull after this class. Thank you
Sybille, thank you for the first comment!
I like to be clear and simple:)
Hope you like my mat class.
Nancy, it's been a long it time since you came to Japan with Jennifer. Hope everything is going well.
I'm glad that you like my class, the kneeling lunge is very good. Peope don't go out of alignment in this position.
Fernando, thank you! You can do sooo much on the Reformer, I'm always playing on it:)
catherindmr, I'm happy you enjoyed it!
Hope I can do more classes in the future.
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