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Improving Alignment

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Adrianne's Mixed Equipment workout is perfect for working on your alignment. She teaches an intermediate workout on the Reformer and Mat. Adrianne uses very specific cues to help improve your technique and even uses the Pilates Pole so you can check to see if you are centered.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Mat, Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Jul 22, 2013
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Well. Hello everybody. I'm best is going to be doing an intermediate Matt and reformer today. We're going to start on the reformer. It's going to be a high level intermediate and let's go ahead and begin. She's been doing this for a while, so experienced not too much pressure, so she's going to begin with her foot work.

She's on three springs, typically are anywhere from four to three springs per foot work. Well, let's go ahead and begin. You're going to extend out and in. You always want to make sure you're nice and center, that your shoulders aren't pulling up into the shoulder pads and that you're getting length as you move. Hopefully you're doing the counting and a little bit quicker warming the body but smooth and controlled. This is eight. I helped you nine and the last one.

The heel stay up the whole time. Come on in. You're going to now transition to bring yourself in and slide up to your arches with your knees and feet together. Exactly. Typical foot work. You're going to extend out zipping up the legs and come in too. You want to get a nice long stretch. When you get out there, so the legs are really lengthening and you're wrapping the thighs, zipping them up. But keeping in mind keep your shoulders and neck relaxed 10 times. This is eight nine, 10 moving on to the heels together, flexed. You want to get a nice stretch as you come in, extend out and come in what? Zipping up.

So the squeeze your seat, flex those feet to really pull those toes back and you come in three, four, five pulling in and up with your enable six little train going by seven, eight little bit quicker because you want to stay warm nine or get warm 10 go to your toes. You're going to turn out going into attendance stretch, so you'll extend your legs out long and lower. Lower, lower lift, lift, lift. You can really challenge yourself on these by really digging that naval in deeper and lifting and remembering that you're using your bottom here and lengthening from the spine, from the legs. Everything is always about lengthening seven one of the many things a little bit quicker. Lower, lower, lower lift, lift, lift. I like to keep the energy moving so that the blood can really flow and the oxygen can get within the body. And last one, bend your knees and come in.

Give yourself a little space. You're going to take your straps. Do you remember how to take your bar down? So good girl. There she goes. She's taken on grounds. You can just take your bar down on balanced body. You might have to get up and move it, but that's not a big deal.

Take your arm straight up. Lift your legs, lift, lift your head and get into position. Hundreds. Very. Then two three, four five x four five let's go ahead and reach those legs out long and lower them. 20 exhale. Sorry. Five 30 deep breath in. Long breath out. That's 40 getting that oxygen to really fill up the lungs and in ring them all out. 60 had it. That's it. Little softer in your knees.

70 mortar, squeeze in your seat. X 80 keeping those shoulders, pulling down. 90 you've got one more and bend your knees and rest. All right, let's go ahead. I'm going to have you lift. I will lift your head rest up.

So go ahead and rest your head and she's not totally clear on the transition, so I'm going to help her right now. I'm going to get her set up for the short spine, which I'm going to put, you can stay there Beth, unless you want to take your, you may. She's getting warmed up. That's a good sign. And then I'm going to have you, yeah, you can just put it right there and then you're going to lie down and I'm going to pull you back. We're going to put these on your feet. Good. And let me have you do a few frogs.

Get these adjusted and get the feeling of the spring. So go ahead and extend out long legs and come back in as you go out. I want to see your ribs point out, your navel pulling up and if one more out and in. Now she's going to begin. She's going to extend out, go up and over her head, lifting the hips, bend your knees, leave your feet and start to extend down. So you're lengthening here as well. Getting that back to really extend and pull into the med rest and out again, up and over long arms, long neck.

Don't strain to do these. Bend your knees, roll down. If you are that you shouldn't do them. Stretch. Keep pulling that tummy in so that you can get your back to roll, to articulate. All right, I'm going to have you go a little bit lower on the extension and lift up and over like an airplane so there's no pause then and lower. Come on down. Count to two. Let's start you in just a little bit more so this time when you go out, you're gonna lift and over. So flowing. Ready out.

Good. Very good. Bend your knees, drop your seat, stretch your back, stretch your arms, bend your knees. One more time. Last one. Remember the flow, but with control up and over. Bend and stretch. He's always feels so good and bend your knees. You're in. Take your straps off of your feet. Remember how to do that? Take the handles.

I'll help you. Then you take the handle and the leather and then you get the other one at the same time. And then we'll slide in the straps. We'll just rule slide up. So you take this part, the handle experience with help. All right, bend your elbows. You're going to put your elbows down. You're going into your coordination. Okay, so heels are together, toes are apart. Let's bring those knees in. Knee should be about shoulder width apart.

Lift your head and look at your stomach. Beginning. You're going to extend out. Deep breath in. Squeeze your seat and now open, close, exhale and exhale. So emphasize that breathing. Inhale, stretch, really curled up. Open, close and wring out the lungs. Excellent head stays up. Inhale, stretch in close. Exhale, go ahead. Last one, stretching out. Curl into it. Knees all the way in. Arms Up. Take a break. All right, I'm going to have you go ahead and step off to the side.

Go ahead and let's set you up for a little pulling straps. So I'm going to have you lie on here best. So you're here, you're on your stomach. So turn around, lie on your stomach, and you're gonna walk your arms up. The straps, take a hold of them and let's move you backwards a little bit. So you want to make sure your shoulders are right on the corners of your box. Legs are long. Tell me his lifted arms are straight, so you want to make sure you walk all the way up.

So there's some tension on those straps. Let's take the hands on the outside of the carriage and now you may begin. You're going to reach them lifting arm and open up the chest, holding two, three straight down with, be honest this time though, make sure that when you pull up that you don't crunch those risks. You want your risk to be really long as well. Shoulders back, two three, a little lower. I'm going to have her drop the strap for a second. Go ahead and drop the strap.

Do One more set with no straps so you can do these with or without straps and get extra control of it. Holding two, three and lower. I'm going to have her go to the teeth. You can still have the straps if you'd like. Take the arms out to the side. I'm going to have her work out the straps today. Reach back for your hips. Squeeze these together.

Hold one, lift your head a bit more. Lift up in those ribs and open the arms. Two more reaching back. Hold. Let me see you lift a little bit more. Can you get your head up more and open last time? Reach back, lift your navel, squeeze your seat, two, three, and open. Okay, I'm going to have you swing your legs to the side to step off.

And typically if you still have your stops, you would just take your straps and adjust them behind your back for Baxter. So you're gonna turn around [inaudible]. Well, you'll want one in each hand. That's it. Okay. You're gonna move forward and you're going to sit down on the box. Your feet are going to go here and now we're going to move to two springs, so move a little bit forward.

You want to be right on the edge there and a little left as well for you. Alright, so you're gonna lie down. You're gonna have your arms above your forehead. This one you're familiar with. Heels together, toes apart. You're going to curl up. You want to look at your tummy. Now if it get arms and legs, go up, open, reach for your toes and count to two, one, two and come back in. Inhale up. Exhale, open.

Inhale, reach. Can you lower those legs down here? Touch your toes, boy up here and come back. And much nicer. Two more. Inhale up. Exhale, open. Inhale, reach for those toes. Bring those legs down here. Reach. Go ahead and come back in. That's it. One more time. Up. Open together. Hold. Let me see your bottom. Working. Squeeze. Very good. And come back in. All right, we're going to move to the next exercise.

We're moving onto a different exercise now. Um, bears, go ahead and take your box and turn it around and put it over the shoulder pads going into your short box. Good. Alright. You'll need your pad in your bar. So before you sit, let's give you a pad and I'm going to grab your bar. It's way over here. It's kind of an odd place today and we'll put it here. Put your feet underneath the shop, open up your feet, hip width apart, and let's go ahead and get you into your hug below your belly button. So a little bit lower. Make sure you have a hands width from the back.

Looks good and start in your seat. Surround over your hips. I'm not quite so far forward. That's it. Nice and relaxed and those shoulders. Alright, you're going to begin. Keep your feet flexed, squeeze your seat and pull yourself up and over. Inhale those shoulders to relax with a nice long neck.

Exhale, so don't strain with the shoulders. Try to keep those out of it and use that powerhouse. Really pull it in as you come up and over to mark. Real nice and relax, especially that right side for you and excellent. Last time back, get those hips work and pulling. All right, you're going to take your bar and sit up tall, arms up long spine, ribs together, shoulders relax.

You're going to hinge back and then you're going to come up a little bit forward. I think those ribs in a little bit and they relax a bit. Let me see you grow tall, push your right hip forward, good and no hinge. It's always helpful to have an eye on you because that way you can have that extra eagle eye view where you're missing something to more hinge where you ma might be off. We can't always feel it at rest, but with enough place, hopefully you start to and hinge back one more. Those roots together more. Go ahead and stretch your sides, not those roots Pullman and take a break.

Rest or are lift your arms. Lean forward, stretch to the side as far as you can. Letting your hips lift and pull in and come back up and to the left. So again, it's those ribs. They're out. You want to pull those back? Well, not so much. There you go and come back up. I want to help hold your hip this time you're going to go over.

I'm moving the carriage and up and over. Nice, relaxed neck. Drop Your Chin. But there you go and up. Take a break by dropping the arms. Okay, let's go to your twist. So take your arms up nice and long. Check to see are you arching, which does look like you are a little bit. You want to make sure those ribs are in your tummies. Lifting in and up.

Flex your feet because you're going to need them. You're in a twist to the right. You're going into the side hinge, you're going to hinge to the right and as you do that, you want to make sure you don't lose that powerhouse. You keep those ribs together, you come back to center, getting ready to go, left hinge. You go to where you can really lengthening the sides. Come back up and center. One more. Set two to three sets.

You're going to hinge. You want to try to keep your hips on the mat as you're doing this, you come back up, you sent her out, always in and up. Stretch. Keep that right hip down. That's it. And that's enough. Give your arms a break. Again, go ahead and put the bar underneath you and it'll set up for a tree. So take one of your legs out. Get yourself comfortable and centered. You're leaning back a little.

Get on top of your hip. Now you're going to extend your three stretches one, and then you'll walk up. You want to get your nose or your forehead underneath, but check your shoulder alignment. Always make sure the shoulders in line with each other and that they line with your hips. Now you're ready to begin. You're going to rock it back. Get your right leg long. Use that tummy. Pull in, rock forward, and really stretch round. Now check your alignment, your leg first. It's falling in. You want to make sure it stays lined with that right hip and have varying herself up. Hold way up here. There you go. Now and keep your nose there.

Keep it there. Keep it there. And now sit up tall, long. That's it. Much better. So head down, shoulders down, rock back. Use that powerhouse house. Let me see that Tuck of the hip. Fill it up. Good. Come on up. Hold your stretch a little bit more forward and now flex.

But let me see really working that back, getting those muscles to stretch to three right hand. Go ahead and reach for your toes. Good switching sides. So let's even you out here. Hold onto your left thigh, get yourself line, rock forward a little bit and now begin to stretch one. Push your right side forward a little bit, Beth, too. That's it.

Now that's more square. Walk up centered. All right, B again, you use your powerhouse. Good. Always checking. Always checking that alignment. Exactly it my mean you have to adjust yourself. Rock forward and I'll lift and stretch tomorrow.

Rock back. Don't walk yet. First, get those hips to work and then bring yourself up and then stretch a little bit taller. One more time. Ring it back. No shoulders and pull in. Lift rock forward. Just a hair more. Now can you get a little bit taller there, right. Begin to flex in 0.3 times one. Do really lifting.

Three, reach for the toes. All right, you're going to step off. I'm going to help you with this. Let's have you just take your box and move it back to the end just so it's out of the way. And then I'm going to set up for your long stretch. So come back over here and we'll go ahead and set you up for your long stretch. So now you're on your two springs still and you're going to move your feet backwards onto the head rest.

I use a a sticky pad in order to keep the feet from slipping, bring your thumbs with your fingers and let's go ahead and shift you forward so you're in that plank position. One long line. Okay, big, big important part here is that powerhouse. You want to make sure you're really long and open your chest more. So squeeze and scoop begin to push out and that's far enough and come right back in. So it's not, it doesn't have to be super big, not at first and come back in. It does get bigger, but that's when you gain that control. Open up your chest more. That's it. One long line, squeeze your seat and come right back in.

Ideally you want those heels all the way up. I'm going to have her do one more and that's plenty lower. Tyrannies and rest. Place your feet against the shoulder pads. You'll still, I'm going to have you on your knees. I'm gonna have you do a little down the stretch so your heels are back. Your knees are hip width apart. Good. Let's shift your hips forward.

You're going to use your arms here. You're going to push out. Take a nice deep breath in. Exhale, come back in. And I want you to open your chest. Now you have to keep those ribs and help you and you have to squeeze your seat to help you. Inhale. Now push away. Deep breath in. Exhale, come back in and open your chest.

I'm going to lighten her spring up or today. Don't go fast. Take it slow. That's far enough. And then come back in and open. So for her, we're working on a little more upper body strength. Inhale back, exhale and powerhouse, obviously. All right, that's enough. I'm going to put her back on to sprain. She's going to stand up for her up stretch. So this one, best you're more familiar with, you're going to stand all the way on your toes. Shift your weight forward, get a good seat. Good.

So she found her sakes. I bet you just need to drop your head a little bit more. And now you're ready. You're gonna use your hips. Okay. And then your income back in, controlling it in. And I'm going to help her on the next one. Squeeze from here. Use those hips. Push away, push away. Push away. And now open the chest.

Then bring yourself and much better than she feel that we're here. Okay, one more time. Hips push away. Don't keep pushing out. Yes. And now open the chest. Pull up. And that's enough. Go to a flat foot. Now it's your elephants. So I'm going to have you around and I'm gonna Shift you forward for this one. Shoulders down, and again, working here, working here.

So upper body stays, still. Dig Your heels, lift your toes. That's it. Nice and easy. Cool away. And pull back in. Now bring it in. Three counts. Push away and bring it in. One, two, three out. And in two three we're really soft in those shoulders. You want those wings point down, not up.

So you want your neck to stay long and your head to stay dropped. Two more. And one, two, three and last one and out heels are down. Toes are up to three. All right, I'm going to have her go ahead and step off to the side and then she's going to slide her pad down and add her springs. Go ahead and take that pad and move it down. You're getting set up for your stomach massage.

So add one spring cause that's what you had for footwork. So you want to go back to whatever would work springs you had if that was for you. Want to go to four? All right. If it is three, go to three. All right, so her toes are coming up to the bar. You need to move backwards a little bit. You're too far forward. Yeah. Ideally you want to be as far forward as you can, but not, not if you're falling back. Okay, so you're on her toes.

Have your elbows bent nice and relaxed through here. Pull that through here more this side. Okay. Right about there. All right, ready? You're going to extend out, lower your heels, lift your heels and come in and out a this one. This big carriage moves on these wood fours. Three. Yeah, so that's a good speed for this particular floor.

Four and five. Sometimes these are fun to really move on, but we'd need some extra padding under here, here to prevent it from moving. Otherwise it just makes a lot of noise. Six but it still feels good. You're still working. Seven lift your back. Really stretch up and over and get those rooms to pull back and I'd say that's 10. Come on in and move your arms. She's going to stay on her three springs.

She's sitting tall now beginning with the long spine. One here. Two. She's going to do 10 of these, getting that length in the leg, getting the length in her spine. I'll try to keep it from moving too much. Three, four, five. Long back. Get those ribs in. Six. Making sure her knees don't go wider than her hips. Eight nine last time and then you're going to stay in your and drop one more spring because now she's getting ready for her region. Take your arms up.

Chest is open and extend out. Don't fall forward. Lean back a little bit. You want to lift up lifter sides and your back, your hips and try to reach for my hands and three more out. Reach this side forward. There you go. To shoulders are down. Come in and lengthen. Lengthen. Lengthen.

One more time out and up. I'm going to have her twist. She's going to go ahead and go to the right first. Long back, both heels are up so that the legs are working symmetrically and come back in and out. Long, broad chest too, so their shoulders are back. The scapulas are down and in and one more time. Drop your shoulders. That's it. And come in. I'm going to give her a bit of a stretch. Bend your knees best and just come in and I'll give you the stretch today. Nope, there's that carriage again. All right, I'm going to have you go ahead and step off to the side.

I'm going to have her go into her nailing knee stretch series. So here I'll give you the sticky pad. You're going to go ahead and nail down with your hands on the bar, getting into your first one, which is the rounded position. Good. Really get that scoop and Tuck. All right, she's ready to go. About eight of these.

You can do anywhere from eight to 10 to just really fill this up more so the shoulders are down. Your head should stay down though for try not to tense in here. Six, seven and transition to the next one. Remember which that is good and out. And once it boy back on those heels to really get that chest to stay open.

Three, four arms along five, six, seven you'll feel these. And eight you're gonna round back up, getting ready for the knees, off and out. She goes and in she goes. Now shift forward. You shifted back a little bit. Three, keep your head almost on top of that. Bar Five and girl control it. So there's whole noise. Seven all the way in and she's working hard. Nine and take a break. She made it through them all 10 all right, step off and let's have you add that one spring again, going back to your original footwork springs, so that was three and then I'll have you lie down to run.

And of course we're not going to run too fast because you're getting on the wood floor. So we don't want the carriage moving all over. But it is a cool down exercise. So you'll jog. You're going to start with walking for 10 to, let me see that length of your spine. I should see it imprinting and lengthening three four. So your hips are still six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and now jog one, two, three, four. I'll try to hold it. Six, seven, eight, nine and 10 Benz. Your knees, bring yourself in.

Take your feet to the side, back to your arches. So I'm gonna get this pad out of the way, but move your feet to the corners of the bar. You're going to go to your pelvic lip. So you're going to curl up the first four vertebra, not too high. And this is a good one to, to cool down on.

And really get back into that stretch. So you're going to extend out and understanding that control as you come in and in Nice way to cool down and really stretch away and drag it back in. So a little more control coming in. Yes. So the hips aren't moving around. They stay nice and level with one another. Stretch.

Your right one tends to rise up a bed. So you want to just, maybe I have all your own hips and make sure they're not rocking around and you also want to feel it about three more. I wouldn't do more than eight to no. Now you're overdoing it. Dropped that hip, just a hair and last one. Now when you come in, you take your time, you're in articulate down, and then I'll have you step off and I'm bringing you over to the mat. Have you do your some roll-ups. Then I'm going to have you go ahead and lie all the way down and hopefully you have a bar. If not, you don't need it. You can do it without the bar, but at bars, nice.

Because it gives you that alignment, helps teach you how your center, because you can, I had and see if it's off off center. Moved backwards a bit just so your feet are on there. Great. Take your arm straight up. Take your time with the first couple, get into it. Make sure you're really deepening the work, getting scooped and stretching over.

You've just come from the reformer. Traditionally you would do both reformer and mat and a little bit of some other equipment for your hour. Workout and arms up. Pull in. Watch that bar. You see how it shifted at all. Okay. Keep an eye on it and make sure that you keep it level and wrap and stretch. It's bring your arms here. Now come back. Don't let the arms, the pole drops so low that you can't see it. Yeah, Kinda keep it.

We call it your imaginary window. You want to keep it within your view. [inaudible] that's it. Last one up over a little bit of a wobble. That's just the shoulders. You got to get those to stay down and that's enough. Let's go ahead and just, you can leave the bar there. He'll drop it.

Place your hands at your side. You're going to go to some leg circles. So bring one knee in, give it a stretch, and then take your leg up. And now you're going to go to your circle. So the thing you want to remember here is keeping your back anchored in those hips still and working that stretch, getting the leg to really lift three and no more than four or five. I was counting, you got one more. Oh Yep. Five.

And now reverse that. And can you turn this leg out more? There you go. Keep your turnout. And I lift so that it band can stretch as well. Three, four and Ben. Journey. Five switch legs and five each way. Close. She went a little too far there to three. So put some energy on that right?

Lower back three that's better for, so those hips aren't moving. Five so not so big and turned out one, two. That's it. So the smaller the circle, the more control, the bigger the circle, the more control you need. So make sure that you've got that control to emphasize your circle. All right, you're going to sit up, your legs will be straight.

You're gonna put your hands at your hips, lift your bottom to sit at your heels, right? So no sliding. Grab your ankles and you're going to drop your head. You're rolling like a cabal. Great. Centering exercise. And I said I have scoliosis. This is one thing that really, really helped me understand where the heck my center was. Three cause you can definitely tell when you're off center on these as do you right? Pass shoulders down. Remember it's all about that scoop. So there's a lot of things happen here.

The shoulders have to drop. Do One more and you have to pull in. Okay. Drop your feet, get yourself recentered as you can tell you when a little bit off. And then you're going to lift your bottom and stretch yourself back. So you have to move your hands back a bit. [inaudible] lift your hips, stretch lie on down. So you get it, that's fine. And then your lie back on your back. Getting ready for your single leg stretch.

So right leg in, getting into position other way with the hands. You're close. [inaudible] other leg up and now you're ready to begin. Keep a good eye on your tummy. And now switch one and move on. These when you're moving or stretching and you're pulling in. So everything's happening, you're stretching and you're strengthening.

You're focusing on that center seven and the deepness of the work. One more set and then into your DoubleClick. Arms and legs out. Arms and legs come together. That's it. So breathing. Inhale, exhale. Take your legs again. Squeeze your seat. More access. I want to feel that. Reach with the legs. Three, four. That's it. Keep your sternum up though. Five, six to seven. So a total of eight.

Take a break with your neck. One leg comes up, walk up the leg, look at your stomach and pulse the leg. Two Times one, two. Now you could pulse both legs if you'd like, or just the first leg, the one that you grab. You want to make sure your shoulders are down here too. I wouldn't do more than 10 but I'm going to have her do about eight sets. So you got maybe two more sets left, right and left.

Bend your knees, take your hands behind your heads. Both legs come up. So now you're going to go into lower lifts. Always focus on your back. Is your back coming off the mat? If it is, your legs are going too low and you're also dropping your sternum around up. I want to help her. She should be here. Shoulders down. That's better. That's it. Really deep.

One more time. Go into your Chris Cross. I want you to bend your both knees. Take one leg out and count to three. Hold it on each side. Already ready. Hold one, two, three, switch and hold. One, two, three. Now she's going to continue like that, but I want her to work on getting your shoulders up higher. That one shoulder off the mat without rolling your hip off the mat so the hip stays still while the shoulder lifts and hold. Now do three quick and one and one and switch.

Pulling in to a little bit quicker. Almost done. Three and three and let's have you sit up to go into your spine stretch. So legs are apart. Theatre flexed, arms are up. Good. Now put your head between your arms and round down. Get that scoop and squeeze your seat a little bit more. That's it.

Articulate your spine. Let's see you pull in and four more. Pull in, then take yourself down. So you should see a nice curve in here. Pulling in and then she should stack. Respond, come back up. Good length in your back row. Really Tall. Let me see you squeeze and scoop or scoop. There you go. And now do two quick ones. Inhale. Exhale.

Bring yourself down. Put your head as close to that mat as you can come all the way up. There are specifics with arms, but we're not going to get too detailed. Go ahead and go down. I'm going to hold your arms while you take yourself down. Keep going, keep going. Keep going.

Keep going through up your shoulders even lower. Go ahead and come on up. All right, I'm going to have you move for your OpenLink rockers. Yeah, a little bit more forward. Just so you have space behind you. Exactly. Alright, so focus on that center. You want to land in the same spot. I want to adjust you just a little bit. Find your seeker around your back. Drop those shoulders. That's, that's your keys.

Getting those shoulders to stay down as you come up and will give you some more power. Good round. Shoulders down. When they pop up, you'll lose the ribs. Good. Three more. The higher your hold is, the harder these become two more and the more stretch. That's pretty good. One more time. Remember those shoulders and stretch. Bring the legs together. You have to walk down the legs to lie onto your back.

Getting ready for your corkscrews. Take your legs straight up. Zipped up. Turned out. Now you're lifting your tailbone a little bit. Let's bring you down a little bit. All right, so your spine is long. Chest is open. So roll their shoulders back more and little circles. I'm going to let go.

You're in a reverse them. So remember here, you're trying to keep those hips still as the legs are certainly. Now these can be big or medium, but more important, they should be controlled so those hips aren't moving around. Keep them still no tension. Keep the neck and shoulders relax. Last one. Anywhere from five to six, bend your knees. Sit Up for saw. Legs are apart. Both feet are flexed. Um, open up the legs a little bit wider. Yeah, take your arms out. That's fine. And now you're going to turn for your saw.

You're going to reach for your toe and try to put your nose on your knee. Now check your hips. Are they both down? You need more weight on that left hip. There you go. And now articulate to come up. So remember next time the last thing up is your head and turn and stretch nose to the knee and brewing ourselves up. We all have different bodies. We all have different needs.

So plays is great for everybody, but we all move differently and turn and stretch. So the queuing will be different for each body and last one to her and really flex those feet. Come back up. I should said last one for each side cause we want to finish even last one to the left nose to the knee. Check that right hip. It kind of popped up a little bit and that's enough. Let's have you go ahead and flipped your stomach and do a little swimming.

So you are going to lie flat on your stomach. Your arms are straight in front of you, your forehead is down. Yeah. Good. She looks nice and centered and then she's going to just start with a prep. She's to take your right arm up, left leg up and then switch arms, switch leg. So one will lift as the other drops.

Try to keep those heels poster together and right and left. And now she's gonna. I'm going to have her lift her head, lift her ribs and start paddling. Arms and legs bigger arms bigger with those arm three four for 20 counts, six seven, 89101076432, one and enough. Sit back on your heels and stretch your back out. Very good. Back strengthening exercise. Good.

And then I'm going to have her flip over to her back, getting ready for some neck pools, but I'm going to have sweat. It's called your lie on your back, kind of like your roll ups, right? Your feet are hip with the part and flexed and I'm just gonna send to you. Start with your arms straight up in the air. Now you can start with your arms straight up.

You can put them right behind your head and go right into it, but I'm going to start her with her arms up so she gets a good feel of this. You're going to curl up, pull in, stretch over, nose between your knees and then I want you to sit up tall. Your arms can come with you and now around yourself down and push those heels away. Center, center center, and two more like that. Then we'll add a step over and brewing yourself to sitting and I'm going to move you a little bit. Follow that center, Beth. There you go. Push those heels away. Squeeze your seat and ring yourself up. Pulling in. That's it.

Forward and tall and lie back down. You're an add your hands behind your head. So hands behind your head, you're gonna lengthen your neck and keep pulling their shoulders down as you around scooping over. Lift. Bring yourself down. Stretch this leg as center two more over lift. This is good to have strap sometimes to hold your feet or a person. And one more time. Scope over up and bring yourself down.

Follow that middle and lie on your left person. Side kicks. Get yourself line with the back of your mat. Hip on hip, both legs forward. Your hips can move back. So check your mat. I always want to check to see that your hips line with the mat as well as your shoulders. And that's a good indication as to whether you're straight or not. Take your right leg up.

PIP level turned out looking forward to her chest is open here. Neck has long and now begin kicking forward two times. One kick kick. Keep those hips from moving. Powerhouse stays still. So from shoulder to Hep, you don't want the hip rocking forward. That stays still for eight times.

Five make sure your chest is open. Six a right shoulder could pull back more. Seven and up and down. Light goes up and you're in a stretch up and lengthen. Lengthen. It's all about getting that length here as well. So you're lengthening, but you're lifting your spine.

You're getting at nice and long. That's good. Five, six, eight of these seven. One more up right into those circles. Five each way. Circling around just a little bit smaller, not letting your hips move. Three, four, five, reverse two, three, four, five, four and a half and you're going to flip over to the other side. Yeah, it's up to you. Yeah. Good. Like to see facial expressions to make sure you're not tensing. All right. Take both legs forward. Left hand on the Mat. Good.

She checked to make sure she was aligned with her left hand. She checked. All right, you can begin. Take the leg forward, kick, kick and one kicking. Kicking to get that second kick to give you that stretch. So it's little and as really working on up the stretch four and you'll feel your abdominals working on these because they have to stabilize you. Six, seven and eight up and down. Lift the leg and stretch up really long.

I should see that left leg really lengthening almost looks. It should look longer than your right. [inaudible] and fun not letting the hip rock forward though. Six. Your left hip is rocking forward and make sure it doesn't do that hip on top of hip the whole time. Seven that's too far back. Now. There you go.

And that's eight. So circle five each way. One littler to feel this in your hip. Four. Five, reverse it. Five. One, two, a little bit quicker. Three, four, five. All right, you're going gonna lie on your back. Why don't you face me and your, you lie all the way down. I'm gonna get you into your teasers. I'm going to help you with the first set.

You're going to give me your legs and you're going to take your arm straight up and you want to get too good. That imprint first. Alright, take your arms or excuse me, take your head up, then your arm. Go ahead and peel off that mat. Reach for the test suit. Your head should still be down because that's the last part of the spine. The neck. You're going to stretch your back and then you're gonna lie down. So don't whip your head up next time you want to articulate off the meds.

So arms first, then your head, he lost to look down. That was better. Your head should still be lower. And I sit up as tall as you can. Drop your shoulders. Good. And now bring yourself down. I'm going to give you a little resistance. So this is an assisted teaser.

I want to see your arms up and then your Chin curl down. There you go. That's it. Reach now, sit up tall and now lie back down. All right, I want to have her do her own teaser. Bend your knees into your chest. You're going to take those legs up. You're into the same thing without me. You're going to reach for the toes. You're going to reach for your ears. You're going to control it down. When your head touches you, come back up so the legs are suspended and arms up.

Head up or reach for the toes all the way up. You got it. Lift. Bring herself down. You got one more head touches. You come up best. That's it. Bring herself down. Bend your knees. Okay, you're in a fit up for your seals. You'll take your hands inside your legs. Drop your head, round your back. Take your feet up. Begin with your claps.

Rock back and round up. One, two, three, really deep sea. So your head drop it. Yeah, you want to make sure you come up to balance. No hopping. You're pulling in, keeping that pelvis pulled back. Two more and up. If you can cross your legs and stand up on the lot. So do one more and then cross up standing.

So now go ahead and stand up. Cross your arms in the stand. Very good. Turn around. You're going to finish it with some pushups so you're facing forward. Heels together. Toes apart. Take both arms straight up. Walk down your legs. Don't arch though. Always pull in. Walk down, walk out into one straight line tool. That plank position.

Elbows are going to skim your ribs. That's it. Heals are up. You can turn your feet out a little bit more. So you're in a plotty stance. Open up your chest a bit more so you're not hunting in here. Can you open more and squeeze? So squeezing your seat is really helpful. All right. Bend your elbows and left.

You can go as deep as you want or as little as you want. As long as you've got that long length of the spine, you'll feel your whole. You're pushing up your own whole body weight. And last to total of five. One more. Yeah, anywhere to 10. Walk back to your feet. Drop your head. Try to keep the legs long. Ideally, not everybody's as flexible, so you might have to bend your knees and you're going to begin to round yourselves up. Pulling in, articulating one vertebral back on top of the other, both arms up. Now you have to fill this up. Good.

Deep breath in. Long neck and lower the arms and exhale. Okay. And that concludes your reformer and Mat. Nicely done.


Adrianne thank you. Your attention to detail and repitio. Of the core principles is so refreshing.
Thank you Geralyn, what a lovely comment, truly appreciated!
I like this - how you don't do many of each exercise - I forget that a couple is all you need

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