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Ladder Barrel Workout

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Amy teaches a brief Ladder Barrel class that can be used by itself or added to other workouts to give you more variety. Amy demonstrates the Short Box series which can feel great using the curve of the Barrel. She also includes Back Extension with added arm work to increase the intensity.
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Aug 08, 2013
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Hi everybody. I am going to do a very brief latter barrel segment. I'm going to call it rather than a workout and I would, my opinion would be to put this along with maybe a jump board or some chair or something different. This is going to be short box on the ladder barrel and a little bit of prone back. Obviously back extension with some arm work. So kind of small short little piece but a move your client around, move yourself around occasionally and know, you know, change it up and don't maybe always do short box on the reformer. This is so nice to do it up on the ladder girl because of this beautiful curve to get the body to rent, you know, use this and round over a, so we're doing short box, round, flat side bend, twist, climate tree.

I'm going to do a side over or bleak thing and then some prone back extension with some arm work. So here we go, 10 15 minutes. So I'm five three ish. I'm sitting between the first and second screw is how I learned to set up and more toward the front is better because then I've got all of that space to round two. If you start too far back, you don't have as much opportunity, but you may not want the opportunity. That's where I'm just going to set myself up and my feet are hooked in very firm into the first ladder rung. My heels are solid on the bar. This is important I think to set up and look at your feet, you know, take a second. Are Your ankles curled or your, you know, we want is balanced feed is parallel as possible.

Really feel the strength in your legs and that's set up in there. I've got about a fist with between my knees, two ankles, some slightly abducting, but also abducting. I'm solid in my legs. All right, so I'm going to send my shoulders down and just sit for a moment right up on your sit bones. Establish your axial length. Let's just take a nice deep inhale and our exhale is going to start rolling us back. So these won't be fast movements. I'm going to round back. I'm floating my arms up. Now the first one, I'm just going to take myself to level with the a barrel pause.

Exhale, curl up. Rounding over knees still parallel. Shoulders down and elbows above the knees. Okay, you can stay with that if you want to or I'm going to go a lot further back. What I mean there is I'll feel my sacred Minh Lumbar, get onto that barrel. Now I'm going to enjoy going over the barrel, ah, and open up my hip flexors, which tend to be a little grippy and you know, whatever.

I'm going to circle arms and pick up my ribs and get in with my stomach in with the stomach and once again into that beautiful c curve and I'll do that probably twice more. So starting with the c curve, feel the barrel place, your sake room is start extending the leg. So those are the hamstrings helping me extend my knees and my hips. You can do anything with your arms that feels good to you today. This is what's feeling good to me. I'm going to wrap it around.

Pull the stomach up to the rib cage round over and I'm taking one more. Wow. Laying back. Oh Man, this feels so heavenly and stretch. Oh, and as a transition between each of the positions, I'm going to have me a us. Put our hands on the bar, reach the hips back and can you get more hamstring stretch? Okay. Rolling up. Scoot back in and let's do flat back.

Well, maybe shoot for four repetitions and I think I'll put my hands on top of my head so that I can continue reaching my head up into my hands. Shoulders down, and I'm going to lean back. Now I like to look down slightly rather than up. I like to feel that I'm putting the weight of my head in this compartment of my body, not behind me. So that's helps me stay more in control of my rib cage. If you know yourself to be a rib popper, that might be a place for you cause a lot of rib control.

Ah, once again, axial elongation up, up and up, side bending. Same thing. I'm going to keep my hands on top of my head and opening my ribs toward the ocean and center and opening my ribs toward you without losing my sit. Bones on the barrel leg should be steady. No extra movement down in there. Easy neck. One more using those obliques, stretching your QL. I'm gonna stretch out that lower lumbar. No for twist, right today.

Let's take the arms out here and I'm going to go to the ocean. Turn my lung. I'm going to go up and twist. Feel your heels. The point of contact where your heels are on the barrel. Steady should be the same contact there. [inaudible] relatively, if not exactly the same. One more each side.

Lift the heart, swing the lungs around, lift the heart and swing the lung around. So if I go into twist with the tilt, I'm going to go in with the arms here, tilting back slightly. I'm going to take myself around the world, arms up and center, changing up the arm gestures and the Porta Bra I like doing because I think it continues to add challenge, not only physically, but mentally. Keeping your heels in the same contact lift as you rotate, then come home and open. Invite the strength, Lean, control the ribs, and one more each side. So invite the space we twist and hinge center and open once again to wist hinge lift.

And I forgot my hamstring stretch in there as my transition. That's okay. I'll take it now. We'll go those hips back. [inaudible] great. Oh great place to do. Ab work is up on this ladder barrel. Okay, so let's go into climate tree and hooking again. Same start. Let's take our right leg out. Hook on that, uh, elbow underneath. Use your arms to pull you up. Now, ideally we don't want to drop the posture. You know, can you extend your knee without dropping a posture?

You might not get your knee fully straightened. Let's try to avoid that collapse. You know, that's not our holidays. We want to really strengthen and linkedin. So today your knee might not be completely straightening. Be careful that this shoulder doesn't advance either. Okay. Opposite hand, opposite hand. I'm going to put one on my heel. I'm going to flex point.

Flex point, flex point. Circle the foot. You're inside a big bowl, your foot's a spatula. I'm trying to get all of the stuff off the inside of that ball. Okay, other way, make it mean something to circle your foot. [inaudible] three all right. Now I'm going to do three times. Bend the elbows to bring the site up to the body and release.

Then the elbows to bring the thigh up and toward the body. Opening the back of that hip. Ah, once again, Ben. Now hold. Inhale, exhale and flex the spine toward this leg. Easy neck. Now I'm going to start going back and once again try to place my sacred [inaudible] on the way over. This is a great place. Take your time. I'm going back, but I'm also trying to send this hip toward the ladder.

This might be where you, it's a lot. I'm going to go further down though guys, and feel free. It'd be great to have a spotter. Someone would stand in, kind of hold me with this leg. I feel safe with my foot on the trail on the ladder. Ah, great place to open up the chest. Circle the arms if you'd like. Here we go. Climb up your tree, climb up the tree, bend your other knee, bring your body to the leg. Good things come in threes. So here we go. Going back, climb down, organize and square that pelvis, taking that spine long and over. You really got to trust yourself or your partner, your teacher to spot you.

[inaudible] one more claim down. You're squaring your hip. I'm not losing my sense of strong abdominals into my rib cage. If you have a sweaty foot, please use a sticky and crawling up the tree. Bend the other knee and bring your head to your knee. Okay, let's do us a little brief figure four. So I'm crossing my heel, ankle over the knee and I'm gonna lean more of a flat back here, pressing this down toward the floor.

Ah, okay. So other side. So you may be, you know, ready to put a client in a little norm, challenging place for the short box years. This is definitely one. Okay, here we go. Establish vertical and extend the knee without reaching the chest, popping it or reaching a shoulder forward. [inaudible] okay, third one opposite hand to ankle, secondhand to ankle. Feel your back flex point.

Flex. I'm still trying to think of getting up out of my lumbar spine and now spatula the foot. Ah, it's got to mean something to move that foot and other way. Getting all of the caramel out of the bowl or something to three and center. Now the elbows bend. Lift the leg toward the torso.

Return and again, lift the leg. It's not gripping the thigh. Your arms are helping. Lift the leg. Last one. Here we go. Okay, breathe. Now we have to flex forward first. Feel that that's the stomach pulling to ribs. Squaring the hip already. Now as you go back the heel on the ladder, pushing forward, extending your knee, those are your hamstrings. Turning on, walking down your sacred miss placed. You can use your elbows, you can reach the, the leg up in the ears. I could telescope, right, reach back, open, taken that space, crawl up, pulling the stomach to the ribs. Let's re bend the knee. Pause two more. So on the way over, you're squaring your pelvis.

Thinking of pressing my sit bones toward the ladder, the wood portion. Oh, you stretch across my right hip into this oblique psoas. And once again, are you sitting evenly? Last time you could absolutely do other things with this top leg. You've seen me do some things with that leg circle up here. Next time we might try that and to the knee. Okay, good.

So anchor both feet just for a second. Level your hamstrings or even the mount. Okay, so next to go into some side work. So I'm gonna face you turning onto the hip. I've still got my top foot on the top rung, flexed foot, hard pull up into the wood. Bottom foot is parallel. Bottom leg. And for just a moment, support yourself with this arm. This leg, the inner thigh is really responsible. Give it a job. You've got to f from this leg so it supports the knee, but it's going to help you lift yourself up. You're standing on that leg. Okay, so I'm going to start one time. Do with my hands behind my head. Just one.

I'm going to go over. Inhale. [inaudible] up. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Next one. I'm going over arms long. [inaudible] and actually do two of those. So I want to think of exploring the horizontal line, the arc, the vertical line. Now I'm going to hold this arm. Take the leg. Let's see what I've got.

Holding the leg there. Can Amy keep your leg here as she does? One or two obliques. Inhale. The lay has to telescope up and oh over, over, over, over, out and up. Up, up. Restretch and rest. Okay. Not Bad for myself. Turn. Let's see what I have. Alright. Solid standing leg. Hands behind your ego.

One basic with hands behind head. [inaudible]. Go. Overreached. Now feel like you're exploring the horizontal line, the arc, the vertical line. And again, one more. The horizontal, the arc, the vertical. Wow. And hold. All right. Twice. Leg stays there if it can.

And we go over, inhale, exhale, and up and over. Exhale em up, hold re stretch and finish. Okay. Prone. What I have is with this today is first just let's rest the back. So frog your rounded that get images for traditional, the sack of potatoes heavy.

Yeah. Can we breath today? [inaudible] oh, okay. Those were deep exercises. I needed that long break. Now the prone work that I have, what I want you to do in the, hopefully this feels okay with you all, is to put your feet underneath the outside edge of the ladder rung. Feel free. If this feels like you're too far out this way, adjust your barrel longer. Okay. Again, I'm five three so this feels okay for me.

Of course I measured it for myself and I'm going to organize myself. I'm going to slide my erms down, add duct the barrel, parallel the legs, draped the head and chest, organize the arms now by the sides. I'm going to lift my chest and reaching the arms and I want to come just to kind of super woman pose as I kind of call it. And I've got to be mindful of this portion of my rib cage, not resting lift re and let's go ahead and melt to come over and drop the arms. And again, so the arms, I'm gonna lift. Find your hamstrings, find your back. Hold this time.

Take your arms out to the side. We're going to lower three times only and lift and lower and arms in line with the back. Let's lower and pause for a moment. Coming back up. I'm going to do something from the arms springs on the reform on the Cadillac and I'm going to do a rowing, a swimming with my arms.

Okay, so I'm allowing my torso to rotate slightly, four and three strong legs and two and one more and arrest. That's plenty of that. Let's go back to our sack of potatoes to finish and do raping. I want you because as pretty intense and very deep backwards, we don't do too many repetitions of that. Let this portion of your back from your ribs to your pelvis to your Coxix, to your knees, get very heavy.

Resist the urge to tighten and lift rather. Oh, just get in there and melt. Yeah. So, okay. It's a little bit of short box and some back extension on the barrel.

Nice place to give some variety for your clients and for yourself. Thank you very much.


Excellent as always Amy! Thanks
Fantastic class - felt fabulous! Clear cues and fluid workout. Thank you :)
Love the class. As usual Amy you come up with fun variations.
Thanks for another great class Amy! Wasnt sure I was going to master the oblique exercise with one leg in the air but I think I did okay. I can't wait to meet you!!
Hi glad you're all enjoying this Ladder Barrel session! It means a lot to me that you've taken the time to comment! Connie....we can do that oblique exercise with one leg up when you come!! Get ready, can't wait to meet you too!!
Sounds good Amy! I will actually be in Santa Barbara the whole week, so will check your on-line schedule and sign-up for a class and maybe a private too. See you soon!
Sounds good! Hmm, maybe we could do a private at the Pilates Anytime studio and film it?!!! :)
Thank you Sue!
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