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Mat Workout

30 min - Class


In this Mat workout with Jillian Hessel, you will find length in your body while you are strengthening your body. She adds the Magic Circle to exercises like Swan Dive, Open Leg Rocker, Side Kicks, and more. Jillian also adds a few of the nuances she learned from Carola Trier.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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So here we are. We're going to do a magic circle mat class and we're going to begin with the classic Palladia sit to the Mat. So I'm going to come up here and you're going to cross one leg in front or...


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Amazing when an instructor totally sticks to the method and adds her own creativity Love It!

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nice class, not hard at all but you feel that you worked!
Super, just what I needed a little ring blast.
Great job!
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Fantastic! I feel completely rejuvenated after that class. Great working with the ring as well.
Thanks Marisa, for taking the time to write your positive comments on my MC class! Hope you will enjoy another class with me soon, Best, J
FYI, I am VERY excited to announce I will be offering several courses in 2014 through Balance Body's Passing the Torch Program:
Passing the Torch w/ Jillian
This was just delicious, did it right after he staying magic circle class.... I feel amazing;)
Very love the classics w/your twist! Best to you, Reneé
That was lovely! Loved the work with the magic circle, nice flow.
Great class! I really love meeting new teachers I haven't tried before and doing other classes by them!
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