Magic Circle Variations<br>Jillian Hessel<br>Class 1174

Magic Circle Variations
Jillian Hessel
Class 1174

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Thanks Dawn for taking the time to take my class, and also for writing the positive feedback! I see you have also taken the Standing portion of my Magic Circle class--hope you liked it! I hope you will also try out my Dance-ilates & Exercise Ball classes when you have the opportunity. Best Regards, Jillian
Excellent class. I felt it the entire time. Added to my favs. Thank you.
Lovely ! Lovely class ! Lovely teacher ! thaks
Loved this class! I feel rejuvenated and refreshed--healthier:)
Wow, that was Awesome! Thanks so much Jillian, your a great teacher. :) - More Circle Classes!!! ~ Cathy
I enjoyed it every time, took this class 3 times now. Thank you!!
Thanks, everyone, for all the wonderful comments. I love to teach Pilates, so I'm thrilled everyone loves my class!
This is my first class with Jillian and she is so gracious, graceful, elegant and skilled in her movement and direction. I will look for more classes!
I keep coming back to Jillian's classes. She is such a great teacher, explaining everything with care and in a relaxed fun tone. The best part is that the workout goes quickly and I feel like I had a very complete workout. I would love to see more classes from Jillian!
Thanks, Sharon for your positive comment about my classes! Actually, I am poised to tape some more classes for PA in August--next month!! I wonder what you what type of class you and others would most like to see? Please let me know, as I am consideringmost what would be fun and useful. All the best, Jillian,
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