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Play with concepts that are crucial to your Pilates technique. Kristi keeps you moving while focusing on the nuance of the movement patterns. Focus on the relationship of the Abdominals to Hip Extensors, strengthening the Shoulder Stabilizers, and mid way through class, enjoy the occasional hip and low back stretch.
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Mar 13, 2010
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Should have taken advantage of the traffic. All right, so we have a seat and stretch your legs. Not quite all the way out. So they're bent together, but not fully Ben. Just a little bit away from you're sitting tall right into it. Inhale, exhale. As you roll back, reaching the sitz bones out from underneath, you find um, solid ground with your middle back and, and just know it fine. If you're not sure, walk your feet in. Yeah, okay, I got it. Make sure, try not to talk much to do it. Inhale, move your arms around. If you are on solid ground with the middle back, nothing should move. You should be able to do anything. You should be able to like almost throw something cause you're so solid, right?

Let's do that. Like it. Inhale, reaching back. What are you? Wait, oh, oh wait one more time and this time without momentum. Roll yourself up using a breath that works for you. Keep the curve of your spine tonight. Make your curve a little longer, Andy. Just a little, little. There you go. Heavy shoulders and down we go.

This time, drag your feet in a tiny bit closer. Inhale the arms around twice. Exhale right here. Again, inhale, you got solid ground on your back. Exhale, hold. Inhale, exhale to come up. Start the exhale first. Picking your back up. Oh boy. I wish my legs were longer. Now inhale always, and down we go. Can you bring your feet in another half inch or inch or four? I don't know.

Let's see what you got. Find the solid ground though. First. Inhale, circle, exhale. Good. Inhale, exhale. Nice positions. Oh, sorry. One more. Inhale. Hold this. Where? Here we go. Exhale. Up we come. You can use your hands. Try to leave your feet. Try Trust your breath. Keep the collarbones wide and shoulders down. One more down. Go. How about in case I forget, just two circles of the arms.

Okay, find it. This time I'd like you to go to the low tips of the shoulder blade, so tiny bit more for Andy. You're good. Good, great, great, great. Just watch the collarbones when to, here we go. Inhale or exhale. Inhale. Think of that spot right below your chest and deepen it. Hold. Inhale, exhale. Here we go. You hold on when you need to. Don't let the shoulders take over. Wow. Yeah. [inaudible] draw the feet and even closer. We're really, really, really close to pick them up. Reach your arms way forward. Set your f.

Tap the toes both toes down. Dig deep into the belly. Right under the chest is where are you? I'm asking you to focus right now to pull the knees up off the ground. Touch the toast. Hindering higher than perhaps you're used to thinking and down. Everything else will come with. Yep. You got it. And I'm thinking it's intense, but you guys look awfully easy with it. Okay.

Can we pull them up a little more without losing balance aiming? You won't probably get there, but aiming your shins almost to level. Not because you've lifted the feet, but because you've pulled the knees in so deep without falling. Yes. One more time holding it there. Or you can put your hands on your shins. We are rolling in this position. Here we go. Inhale back. Exhale, keep it and inhale back. Exhale up.

[inaudible] this is sort of a good example. I think of energizing the arms without strain. Oh, she says one more. My goodness. Sorry. I'm telling you how much I feel that hold onto your right knee. Extend your leg as you were rolled down to that place where you found solid ground. Okay, keep it.

You would think you know where I'm going, but I just changed my mind. We're coming up. Push the knee into the hand. Keep those collarbones wide and bend the knee. When you get near the top. I'm still curved in my back. Are you doing Wendy? Can you say, okay, you're doing good. Yep. Rolling down. Extend the leg a little and come back to the starting single leg position.

I'm going to do two more on the same leg. Pushing the knee into the hand. You may find that that helps you. You also might find you don't need it as much as you think. Bend the knee at the top so it's not too much. Typically flection and lower down. Huh?

Control. Right. This is control a g as Mr Pilati is would have called it last one with control. Take your time. Right. If you don't get there, that's cool. That's cool. No skipping steps. Change life slowly down. I will tell you to, I am trying to lightly squeeze my glutes. It helps.

Perhaps you'll think inner thigh would work better. It's kind of the same to me and I am tinker ever. Let them be banned at the top. Good and down again. Find opposition. This is it's your friend and [inaudible] as as you scoop as deep as we are, we have to let go elsewhere. If we put tension everywhere, it's just not going to work. I think we have two more, right? Yeah.

Lower right, and here we go. Oh, okay. This is also a good time to remind ourselves that yes, it's getting tough. Yes, it's intense and yes it is early. However, no need to start exploding through the breath. Last one, feeling good. Lighter on your hands if you can. My goodness, my goodness. Slowly down. I've got a hand on each knee. Slowly down. Let your head go to the mat. Spread out your upper back, chin slightly toward your chest. Look over your left shoulder and maybe slightly downward. Look your right shoulder, ring it all back to center and we go like this. Stretch the arms up back over your head, but not quite to the floor.

So your upper arms lining up with your ears. Press the upper rib cage, the the high point where right around the chest, I guess into the mat and into the hundred. However, I want your legs to go vertical. Okay. Exhale. Extend the leg straight up to the ceiling. Arms are forward and reach the armpits toward the waist. Squeeze the glutes. It's okay if the knees are bent. Just inhale, reach the legs that I'm in the arms up a little exhale, press down from the armpits and feel the entire inside. Just compress. Inhale, let them raise up a bit on this XL. You can lower the legs a little bit. Maintain that from contact with the ground. Inhale at your back.

The minute you take pressure off the low back with um, okay. As you lower the legs, you have to stop. Here's the next lowering right here. Exhale, keep the glutes slightly squeezed and if you start wobbling off it, you bring them back up or stay and and inhale. This is the next one. Lower it a little. Only if you can oppose from right under your chest. Inhale.

Exhale. Inhale. This is the last one. Exhale, lower the legs and then pull them in and arrest your head. Controllers. Yeah. Yeah. Setting your feet down slightly apart for pelvic curl, which is really going to be a bit of a shoulder bridge. Sort of inhale. Exhale. Roll yourself up. We ought to be pretty connected to the ABS here. As you're peeling up. Do not stop tucking or do not. Yeah.

Do Not Stop Tucking. It feels like you should, but you don't. Ready. Inhale. Exhale. Go down. Yeah. Idea being, I'm going to feel the hamstrings. Try to feel the hamstrings. One more just to get us there. XCL Rolling. It appears as though the pelvis has stopped. In fact it hasn't. It reaches toward the hips and tries to curl more.

Take your right leg off on the exhale. Kind of slow. Inhale, exhale. Right. Like floats. I'm going to just keep event for now. Inhale, reaching it down, lightly. Touch. Exhale, float in. Scoop. Inhale down. Exhaling. Inhale down. Exhale up. Keep it up this time. Stretch it all the way and just six kind of normal ones. Here we go. Exhale, point down. Once flex come up. Exhale, two, three, four.

Next one, come back up. Replace the leg. You are right where you started, right? All right, roll halfway down please. That should feel like your upper back is pressing in, but the collarbones are still wide. That are, require a fair amount of ABS. From there, we're going right back up. Deepen your scoop and rolling right back into the slant position.

Take the other leg off on the exhale. Inhale. Here it comes. Exhale till lifted. Slow in how lower down and exhale. Consider this the time to sort of really get the mechanics to know that it starts in the middle. Of course, right. Keep it up, stretch it all the way, and six, exhale. Kick one. Inhale up as the leg reaches and lowers, you.

Pull back on the abdominals, the high abdominals, uh, down and up. One more. Hold it up, return it. Inhale, level your hips. If they're not in, it's worth checking. XL, we go down, upper back. This is not an excuse to point the shoulders to the ceiling are they? Stay down all the way. All right, gang, bring the knees in. We're going into extended devil leg stretch. Hug the knees and Kinda tight.

It's going to kind of look like we're going to start with a hundred so everybody, a free breath. Inhale, exhale. We go up on the inhale. Inhale into the a hundred position. Legs relatively high tonight. Exhale, circle your arms like before. Inhale, curl up. Only one inch. You can even just think it. You don't have to actually do it. Exhale, draw the knees in and lower your head down. Inhale, go forward. Arms and legs. Exhale, circle arms. Inhale with no momentum. You come up two inches. One. Okay, exhale, draw the knees in and lower down. Inhale, I would guide you to use your glutes. Exhale, sir. Cool.

Inhale, three inches, but in a row, right not. Don't just get there. Two, three and draw in and down. Last one. Inhale, reaching forward. Arms and legs. Exhale, circle arms. Keep your legs where they are. Come up. One from under the chest. Two looking down a little. Three, one mark. Four bend the knees in. Hold your upper body up. Good. Excellent.

Single leg stretch. Ooh, Ooh. And to, to reaching focus like you did earlier in the balance. Whoa, Whoa, wow. One more set here. Right into Chris Cross and one one hugging the midline and re alright, last round. Come back to center with bent knees. Let your head go down and release your arms. Extend your legs up.

All we're building in intensity. Exhale into the rollover so you roll over. Inhale, flex your feet separate for this particular round. Please don't lower the legs. I want you to feel can you keep your glutes lightly engaged so you're not just hanging out on your back and then feel your chest pull away from your Chin as you continue, like you're going to reach your feet over your head and go ahead and finish rolling down. Ultimately your legs will get closer to you. Come down, point the toes, circle round. And here we go. Inhale, exhale.

Up to go over nice position to him. Very nice. Very nice. Flex separate. If you're accustomed to lowering the legs, go ahead. Just do it with a lot of integrity and exhale. When you're ready to roll down, keep pushing through the bottoms of the feet. Really. I'm just saying, look for your opposition. Exhale up to go over. Yeah. Do you have enough room? Aaron? Did you have enough room? Yeah. Okay. Okay.

I was gonna say good and [inaudible] prefer it. Jennifer, if your arms are either fire side, in fact, I would definitely just put it by your side. That looks too straining on your neck. One more time like that, please. Good. Yeah. So your back's field light there. Not a whole lot going on with your back there. It's supported.

Flex open and down we come, you know. Okay. And once you finish it, find your way to table top with your legs curl I have, I'm holding onto the back of the legs. Curl your head, neck and shoulders up to look forward. Stretch your legs away from you a little bit. It is absolutely fine to move the thighs away dry.

That's mean pulled on first. Just just to get going. We don't need to, we've worked hard. Start letting yourself up. I am pushing my legs into my hands a little for sure. And then there's a point where I can let go but I'm probably not going to cause I want to keep it all in the abs and not in the neck but just like what we did earlier. Only this time flatten it out. Okay everybody get a good grip if you don't have one. I just want to play with the idea cause I think this is like critical that first I'm going to say it, everybody's exercise fine. If it's not too uncomfortable, find your tailbone and kind of balance on it and then get just behind it by tucking. And again you can hold your legs. Okay. So in, in, in essence you're looking for at the moment a flat back, right.

I haven't dealt with the upper back yet, so just deal with the low back. So you've gone from arched almost to slight tech now extend the upper back. So you will be leaning backwards of it. Yes, there is your length. Okay. This is your teaser. This is your open like rocker. This is a lot of things, but that little contraction, if you don't roll over the top, you're going to be fine. Separate your feet.

Let's just do it like this. Initiate by tucking to roll back. Exhale, come up and straighten out your back. Bef prior to or to help you not roll over that tailbone, a little scoop of the belly, not much changes. Very subtle, and then for the last moment you stir it, not the back. Okay, this looks like it is. No big deal for you all. So either keep that or challenge yourself with your straight legs. Okay, and here we go. Inhale back. It's the same deal coming up, straightening out your back.

Enjoy it. If it takes a little while, right? That's you working through the the pit. You know the path really and back. I think sometimes when we really toss it, we ended up just playing a balance game at the top. Let's do two more. If you want to challenge yourself differently, barely. Hold on. I do want you to hold a little bit, but I suppose you don't have to, but don't make it straining.

Hold it there when you get there and then if you really want to challenge it, suck the legs deeper into the body, like are literally pull them in like push them down into the hip joints and then like even if your back is not totally straight, bend the knees. Sit Yourself. Right. If on top. Yeah. Okay. I will give you that hip stress so soon. So soon. I've got to think of exactly which one I want to do. Here we go. Spine stretch because it's about the spine. Don't sacrifice the quads and they have flexors, right? Meaning you or I should say sacrifice and you can bend the knees if you need to think of the spine. Inhale, we'll go right into it. Yup. Exhale.

We round upper back, middle back. Inhale into back extension. That starts from the low part of the spine. Growing the length in the same way that you did a moment ago when you were sitting on your tail bones, the same position. Exhale, rear-end. And now from the low abdominals, you roll back up like you're sitting against and continue growing. Inhale. Excellent. Exhale. So for this first part, try and leave the hips where they are, but you do get to stretch your middle back. So let yourself go forward.

Inhale into back extension by let your head come a little bit later. Andy, you're in a good position now. Just it's got their little backward and exhale round. So what I just can't enroll up. Sorry. Inhale. So what I was commenting on is the sequencing of it all. Initially you get to, I know, you know and I just want to talk. I just want to talk or go, go, go, go, go. Pulling the abs back and then inhale into back extension. Rolling up up.

Very nice. Head's a little too high. Can you bring your arms any further back though? There we go. Exhale re round as you pull in to roll up, pushing into my leg. As you do. Inhale. Exhale, round forward. Good, good. Yes, that's it. Now you can peel forward.

Inhale into back extension, finding it almost there. Keep the arms going. The head stays. Yup. Exhale, wave forward. Get you on the next one to roll up. Yeah, just keeping the sequence. Inhale. Go ahead. If I'm not saying it, you know what? Exhale. Rounding forward right there. Deborah, you can wrap your arms downward like, sorry. That cute like that.

And inhale into back extension. So you're pretty much there. Now just go forward, right? Except inhale, exhale, round over. And we good. Kinda sorta. All right. Oh, I can almost not help it. I want to do it, but I wasn't doing it. One more.

Here we go. I have to, I can't leave it. I can't leave it. I can't you nail. Grow. Uh, find ease in your arms. Go ahead and find that back. Extension. Good, good, good. Helen, me, I think you can get a little flatter.

I do maybe bend the knees a tiny bit and then more about, okay, from here, everybody gently draw the what? Upper arms back a little. And again, we don't need to see much, so don't let the arms get in front of your eyeballs if they're behind them to begin with. It's more of a a deepening two more. Hold it. Stretch longer, but keep the shoulders on your back. Find ease now. Just fine to eat somehow. Big Inhale. We'll help Xcel round and roll up. Yeah.

Lovely. Lovely love. Like good from here. Close the feet, arms and goalposts or all the way out if you have space for it and want it. I think this is good. I like what we did last week, which was sitting up on the Sitz bone. Squeeze the glutes. You get a little rise. Excellent. Um, but Jim and Deborah barely bring your elbows forward. Oh, you're gonna feel that. And then let the shoulder blades part separate. You don't have to hold them on. They're out there slowly to the front. I haven't really dealt with the feet yet, but I'm headed towards flexing them in a minute.

Just don't want to move toward the back. Good. All right. Flex the feet. They don't move. Hips are rooted into the ground. Double XL to the front and it's and to the back and it looks great. Deborah [inaudible], can we find ease in it?

Some of these shorter moves that are a little bit here we go on the face to the front, everybody hits one, two and center because that pulse is pretty small. That's why I'm not giving you that much time. And one more. All right to the center. Yeah. Bend your knees. I'm going diamond. You can bend however you want to round over. Alright. You can keep this position.

I'm gonna stretch the hip lightly for a moment. And that I think you, if you can be in the position where you cross it, the lower leg do sort of like that. Right? If that's okay for you to do that, then if not, you can stay the diamond and it works. It might, yeah, it probably works just as well. This is just how I'm wanting to teach it. Hold the knees, pull yourself tall. So there's your traction. I'm going, I'm pushing into my knees to hinge forward. Pretty flat. It's flat as I can now start thinking about keeping the tailbone down cause it's gonna be real easy to lean far enough forward that um, your hips come off. Then I'm putting the hand on the ground, so let's say right arm towards the left knee and then use that to rotate you, but don't be really rounded when you do it right.

You're still in a little bit of extension guide with the backhand wherever you want to help you forward more. Now I'm just taking that right elbow or hand and hugging the knee and now I'm definitely rounding and again [inaudible] if we're not careful, you'll just tip forward. So kind of weight yourself, heavier in the hips. People feel this differently. You might feel it more in your back than you do your hips. If your hips are tight, I'm guessing that's where you're going to feel it.

Just gently continuing to guide that rotation and then help yourself up. I released that right arm just enough to sit up, guide yourself forward in a flat back, wait for you to self to get to the flat back and then start kind of rotating it and hug. Yeah, wrapping that elbow around the knee if it suits you. So Jim, check this out. If it's available to you, give it a big hug. And now bring your body towards your leg and relax. Yep. They get the hip at all or is it more? A little bit. All right. When you're ready, carefully let yourself out and heading into back support. I'm going to throw in a few triceps in there. Anybody want it? Their band, their band. How long you want a theraband? Yeah. Okay, so fingers face your heels. Let's go. Bent knee first gang, get bent knee first. Just open up the shoulders, just like Mary's got it.

Anybody? You're welcome. All right, from there. Feet apart. Just lift up into tabletop. Good. Chin down slightly Debra. And you look good. Maybe a little more hamstring work. Yep. Yep. Drag your hips towards your heels and then push up a little. Sorry. Your head was good, right? Good. We're all happy. Fine. Just breathe.

You're good. You're good. Okay. Erin with your hands. Good, good. Wendy. Just the looking up a little. I think you need a tiny bit more chest to sky. Yes. Actually it was hips. Wasn't a good job. Alright. Hinge at the hips to come just to here. Tuck. Put some weight in your feet. I would a little Ben and up one.

Just 22 sorry. So you hear that Deborah? Just 20 Ah, well we'll see five but for now, six, seven. And what matters here, eight now is that you don't sink into the shoulders. You gotta keep it up. 10 Mauro, one and two. Bend those elbows. Jennifer. Three four. Don't let the hips go forward. Elbows seven. There you go. Eight. I don't know. I talked.

You never know. Last one. Have a seat. Good work. Have a seat. Who freed up? Freed up. Lovely. When you're kind of loosened up on your arms, we're coming down for a side plank first on the elbow. First on the elbow. Hmm. Great. All right. Same thing in terms of stabilizing the shoulder, feet top one in front.

Give yourself enough space to put some weight on your feet. Okay. And we don't want it all up here. I'm leaning forward on this first one. I'm engaging my abs. I've definitely drawn my innercise strongly together. And then I helped myself up. Give myself a little walk in with the feet, define the balance and then let's just put the arm down for now, just for now so you can really feel it feels like it's a lot in the elbow. First, try to press it through the whole forearm.

Lengthen out the crown of the head. Put some weight towards your feet for sure. Stack the fee if you are up for it. And that has sometimes to do with just comfort. Support your head by feeling the back of your neck and lengthening. Make sure you have an arch to your low back. It's tempting. Oh by the way, just breathe. However, if you'd like a little more, Ooh, I just caught me arrested on that calf. Didn't top leg lifts.

Nice. Set it down in front and now come draw the knees in. I just bent him, grab onto something. O arm feels super light. Now, sort of, and then stretch into it. If this is not a comfortable stretch for the waist and it isn't for a lot of people, you can stay vertical or you can take one leg that might feel better. All right, and let's just swing around other side, down onto the elbow, top leg in front. You know the setup now, so if you would, here we go, you into it, but do you think is useful to use that arm? Good. Stir retching yourself out. We held it for a bit. You checked in, you got light on yourself.

Gotcha. Like it could be there all day. If you're going to now, it'd be a good time to stack. Yeah. Now it'd be a really good time to find your hamstrings a little. I'm not talking a lot just for help, for stabilizing. If you're going to your reach, the uh, first thank you. Support your head.

Then reach Lego head. Jim, you're good. I'm following you. I'm following you. Oh, it's different on each side, isn't it? And we'll bring it down in front and come onto your abdominals and forearms stretched oh eight. If it happens when I don't actually do the exercise. Sorry. Thank you Andy. I appreciate it right here. No full.

Yeah, you can understand me. Not Counting, but when I forget the stretches, that's when I worry about myself. Yeah. All right. Can I go right? Yep. Here we go. All the way down, or arms, regular. Old single leg kick the which means there's a lot going on. So draw the ABS in. Open up the chest like you are shining a light or something reached the legs so far they hover absolutely straight. Then relax your feet.

Totally pick a leg to start with. It's a four. Inhales to four exhales. We go. Inhale, two, three, four and exhale. Two, three, four. Inhale, two, three, four. Exhale, two, three, four. An inhale, two, three, four and exhale. Two, three, four. Inhale, two, three, four. Exhale. The faster now and in two, three, four and Xcel binders, stability. And in two, three, four and one more breath pattern. Here it comes. And when you finished the XL straight in your legs, straighten out the arms just to lower your body down. Our hands will come by your shoulders. I'm going to give you the option. No, I'm not push up. Round back. I would just be not smart.

What I was going to have you maybe do. E, drawing the abdominals up off your legs to bring you, roll you into a kneeling position. Okay, stabilize. So you've got a, you can really feel the box in this position, meaning the box of your body. Good. Watch your hyperextension Aaron. Thank you. And so that means she just kicked in her biceps. Extend your feet or your legs so that you're on your feet in front support like position. You want to move forward to Andy on Umass. You're not slippery. Okay.

All right. Do you feel your abdominals and hamstrings a little. You should try to push your heels behind you and reach your head forward. And by forward I mean top of your head forward so you feel solid. You could be here all day. Again, lighten up on the arms without bending them as if you have a giant canvas strap under your, you just breathing from here, bend your elbows a little, but don't move your body. Oh, I know. Like you. And then straighten him. So just I should say release your elbows, but don't move your body at all and then straighten them.

Release and straightened. No movement. And all the way to straight, all the way up to straight, all the way, all the way, all the way there now. Just barely released them. But don't move your body. Not even a little bit. Yeah, there you go. And then straighten up. Okay. You can do, you guys can take a break. I want two more at a gym. At least home of your body and right. I'm trying to prove how stable you can be in your shoulders. There you go.

Do you see what I mean? Yeah. Okay. Rest good. Yeah. So that you want to check that sometimes because if, if the minute you sort of release your, sorry, your shoulders, you sink, you were never stable to begin with, you are resting on your joint. So you want to know, can I do that? Because then when you go into the pushup, which we're about to, you're now you're safe risk. Okay. Okay. Hmm. Okay. I'll tell you what, I won't be here long. Um, I'm going to do it on my fist. Um, you also could roll the mat and have your hands off the edge. Does that make sense? Okay. I won't be here long or we can skip it.

No one's talking to me anymore. All right, we're going. We're going. We're going. Here we go. Extend one leg, then the other fist can help. Or there's weights right behind Ya. Same setup as before. Now this time you're actually going to bend your elbows into the pushup and straight and push up. So what you're feeling for is that those shoulderblades, they're gonna move a little bit there. Oh God. You guys look good. Wow.

What a good drip. Nice work. One more. Help yourself up to an up stretch. If you're on your fist, I would adjust here. You can even kind of be on the outer edges of your hands a little. If that feels better to you. And I just looking for length through the leg and back.

And then with that we're going to come forward bringing the right knee forward through the hands. Yeah, yeah, exactly. And then now you can go back to fist. We relied on your hands are as much as possible. Okay, so here's the deal. It's gonna be a little different for everybody, theoretically. And it's not always true. If the foot is closer to your body, your trunk, the mid line, it's a little less of a stretch. So if that's good, you should stay there. If you need a little more though, you can roll away a little and walk the foot out a bit. Okay.

Be Gentle with yourself though, right? Yeah. Right in the glute. Exactly. Exactly what I'm looking for. Now Ms, I guess you're going to be careful because of your good. So what do I want to add to this is, let me think how I want to say it. Windy. Um, you may like the one where you curl the toes back, toes under, come up a little and adjust that right foot. So you're also on the ball of the foot there. So Yep.

Like, so just a little bit of traction there and then squeeze inner thighs together or even where you are, you can even rest that foot and just squeeze inner thighs together if, I mean, that's where I would feel more intensity rather than going forward. And if k everybody, if it's available to you or walking forward, if not, you just hang out an alternative, just hang out a few light if you're there. And alternative who would be on your back here. Right? Carrying on another alternative which is quite similar is here. I may give you that one in a minute, but for now, yeah. Good, good, good.

And though it's just so tempting to just move on, you know a stretch takes at least 30 seconds to be an actual stretch. So let's give way to it. And in doing so, sometimes you still have to find a little opposition. I'm going to start inching my way out of this, so take your time. We do have to get the other side and do it carefully, right you guys, if you haven't been stretching like that, draw the left knee forward through the hands and then something you can consider doing is taking that straight leg, the one behind you or you go, nice job. And then Jennifer just set the foot down toward the front of the room.

There you go. Take the straight, like as if someone pulled it straight back, slide it further back on your mat carefully. Right. Surprising how flexible. You're like just like that. That's okay. That's okay. We can use the breath. Okay. Play with it a little. Kind of look for what you need. You does.

Drawn in legs toward the midline. Work Better does coming more upright to, if you're going to go to your elbows and did before, now's a good time. As your body is rounded forward in this position, and even if you're on your back hugging the legs in, there's a gentle, gentle attempt to reach the sitz bones to the floor. Gentle. I'm not saying it's going to happen, I'm just saying there's energy going that way. [inaudible] contact me. [inaudible] careful there. Don't don't over push that. Yeah, but yes, you can definitely.

What you could do Jim too, and it's fine if you're happy, but you could pull your knees towards me a little bit to get more gluten, a little less hamstring probably. Okay. If you're happy, you can stay. The thought I was having is pulling this, but this way. Okay. When you're ready. Slowly help yourself up. And we're not quite finished here. We got to go down all the way that your glutes still nice.

Do what you need to do to loosen that up because that was a biggie. Biggie. And we're doing, we did single leg kick. We're going to do double leg kick. So you reach the hands behind your back, either lace or hold several of your fingers. If you lay slice fully right way up at the top, take your hands as high up on your back as possible. Arresting your tin. I mean resting your cheek on the mat. Good. And now that you're there, job, Andy, Jennifer, can you let your elbows gently fall toward the floor? Okay, now that you're there, try and draw the shoulders further down your back.

A surprising good and your hands further up towards your shoulder blades. I'm not asking you to hurt yourself. I'm just saying, you know, check in. Okay? Bend your knees. Uh, find your stable position abs in. Okay? You draw the heels toward the glute three times as kick one kick to kick three straight in your arms and your legs hovering your chest looking forward but slightly down and other side. So everything bans. Take your time just for a moment. Kick two and three.

Inhale steroid now and when you straighten up the palms are going to face each other but they don't fully class. So you'll let that happen and down we go. Turn your head and kick. One, two, three and stretch. Yes I'm dead. And down you go. And one and two and three and up and down. Last two, one, two. Try to let the elbows fall in the middle there. And Stuart, such lovely Aaron, just keep the ribs help. Not The ribs, the ABS involved. I think you are. I'm just saying that's the, and then with that you can come back to the starting position and rest.

Just rest. Just rest. Just rest. Careful, careful, careful. Especially if the shoulders were tight. You looked good. I thought if I had to say anything to you is it's going to be just there. Just cause that's pattern. But it actually looks quite good. Oh good. Oh good. Alright. You were, yeah. Yes. It was so high and I thought maybe, but that could've just been my jealousy coming out. Um, would you put your hands by your shoulders please? When you feel ready. In fact, when I said hands, let's put forearms by shoulders up.

So just put the elbows on the ground. Press into the forearms to start lifting your chest. Pull the ABS in. So you start to round, your head's going to go down like you're looking towards your apps. Continue pushing to round and then slide back to your position. [inaudible] dinner bell.

[inaudible] Yay. If you would curl your toes under when you feel ready. We're going to roll ourselves up to finish with the balance. Press the heels down, folding in half. It does not need to be straight legs, heavy head and still keeping some connections. You roll up. Make sure I just caught my arm sort of hanging off myself so I'll put them back on. Hmm.

And here we are. Tall, lifted, supported, maybe a little work, maybe not. I don't know. And what we'd like to do is lean forward at the ankle joints. Not very much. Just enough to kick those hamstrings in. Again, take the arms up, probably, maybe chin down slightly. Let me just check here. You're good. Nevermind. Arms are straight. Everybody pull the abdominals or the ribs in as if you were about to do a chest lift. So intensely drawing them in. You're just about to curve your spine, but instead you're going to extend true up.

So you're holding here and trying to do back bend at the same time. So essentially you're not moving, but you're working a lot. Now let go a little in the front so you allow a little bit of extension in the back a little bit more. Your low back is long. Try and Tuck your pelvis strong straight legs. Release the arms, hands behind your head. Settle. Lean forward.

Just a little tiny, tiny bit. I'm going to change. Let's start it. Same exercise, slightly different. Start. Try and Tuck your pelvis so you're coming from the low end. Now, right there. Keep that even if you're slightly rounded. Okay, squeeze the glutes strongly. Okay, keep that start lengthening your upper back without changing what you just did at all. Not even a little bit.

Try to arch without losing even an iota of glute strength. Try to arch your back and if you are keeping your glute strength, you would not be able to arch your lower back. It physically wouldn't happen. It would be upper back, maybe. Maybe extend the arms from there. Big Inhale, let everything go, and an inhale bring it up and exhale. One more of those. Just keep the legs straight and let the arms float down.

You can't go. Oh right, very good job tonight.


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Nice colour co-ordinated class!!!!
Loved ... particularly the end tush tuck w/ back extension. So small but so intense for me! :D
Loved this Kristi - wonderful set ups, cueing, focus ~ challenging ~ fabulous!!!
Thank you Evie! I guess I'm just seeing the comments from Miriam and Helen just now... (2 years later for Helen!) Thank you all!
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Thank you! Love the detailed work and hip stretches!!

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