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Ladder Barrel Challenge

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Sharon Gallagher-Rivera teaches another challenging class, this time on the Ladder Barrel. Her friend, Mira Hassan who is from Amsterdam, moves beautifully through the Short Box Series and other exercises. Sharon sneaks in a few surprises like a Back Walkover out of Climb a Tree and Jack Knife.
What You'll Need: Ladder Barrel, Moon Box

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Nov 05, 2013
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Hello, I'm Sharon Gallagher Rivera and I'm here with my friend Mira Hassan, who's visiting all the way from Amsterdam. And we're going to do ladder barrel today. Um, what we've done is we've scooted the ladder barrel in for this first exercise for her height. And so you'll just kind of have to find your goldilocks position for really each of these exercises. It really just varies on arm length, leg length, torso length. So what I love to do to start out the ladder, burl, is to do back breathing. This is my favorite place to teach side back breathing. So what I'm going to have you do, Mira, is grab the arch, right, place your pelvis on there, walk your feet back a little bit so the front of your hips can be really open. And then use your hands to lift your spine up and around as you wrap it over the arch and reach for the rung. That makes sense for you.

For um, somebody long, you might have not only stretched this out, but they'll probably grab the lowest drum. So just figure out what works. Okay. So from here, what I find important is that the back line of the legs is really grounding down into the floor. So the heels are anchored, the front of the hips are pressed in, and really I can't get my hands anywhere underneath her. So pull yourself taller as you go around. Excellent. What this is doing is compressing the front of her body. So now I'm going to have you inhale into your lowest of your back ribs.

Use it as a stretch, and then when you exhale, fully decompress, or I should say compress, let your ribs compress. Inhale, expand, right? And then deflate gets small. Nice. So this is just a really isolated way of stretching those little intercostal muscles, the crisscrossing muscles between the ribs. And a lot of times they, they just don't get a lot of movement. That's it. Exhale each time, see if you can get a little more space. This is also a place that I use to assess where someone's able to move and where they might be stuck. She, uh, is pretty balanced, which is rare. Uh, if I have someone who is a little stuck and maybe you'll feel this on yourself if one side is not moving so well, there's a little variation you can do here. I'm gonna have you, Mira, take your left hand here, grab the front of the ladder, Bro. Take your right arm over. Your left arm was, and now she's going to anchor down through the right side of her body.

So now she can isolate, inhaling into just that right long, trying to get more expansion onto the right side. Ribs, back ribs. Good. We'll just do two more deep breaths there. Every time you exhale, deflate completely. One more. Expand fully and deflate. Good. And then bring your hands back to the center, right? Bring your left arm back. So hands how you started. Yes. And so then we can check, we can see if we created a little more balance. Yes.

And that feels better to me even though she was really pretty balanced to begin with. And inhale. Nice. Now both sides move. Well, excellent. And then use your hands on the barrel to bring you back up to standing. Excellent. So another way that I like to start out, a lot of burl workout is just a side bend. So I'm going to have you face this direction first and you're not going to hop on, you're just going to lean. You can even walk your feet out a little bit. Yeah. And Lean your hips engine, then reach for the rung. That makes sense.

The bottom one is under the top one is over and you might find as your top arm comes over and grabs that. You want to go down a notch? Yeah. Great. So here we can just isolate breathing into the side ribs. Inhale, feel that expansion sideways like wings expanding out from your rib cage. Good. See if he can feel the movement that that goes this way. Good.

And now what am I going to have you do? Is Zipper your bottom like to your top leg. Bring this bottom one up. Yes. Right. Keep your length and your torso and lift both legs up as you inhale and then reached both legs down. Exhale and really reach them actively down. Beautiful. Inhale, lift up.

And I'm just guiding her to keep length here between her ribs in her pelvis so that she's not shortening to lift the legs and down. Great. Now Hook your bottom foot on top of your top foot and you can flex this left ankle. This one left one, and bring your leg in front. Yes. And pull it down. Great. So now she's going to use her other leg to give her a little leverage to pull them here. You're going to twist your chest open to the ceiling as you inhale.

Great. And then exhale, twist to the floor. Good. And you want to maintain your ability to control where your body goes and twist open. Beautiful and twist closed. Great. And we're going to do one more. Inhale, twist, open. Excellent. Finishing in the center on. Hook your foot. Bring that right, like to the floor and come on back off of there.

Excellent. We'll do the other side. Yeah. Walk your fee instead of hopping on. Walk out. Yeah. You want to be lower for this one? So grabbing under, grabbing over. Nice. Mm, great. And at first keep this leg down. At first, we're just, you know, side bending.

Uh, sometimes you have to approach it slowly when you're doing a stretch like this. So you just let it open up a little before you take it into that deeper stretch. Good. See if you can get the sensation of your inhale picking those side ribs up toward the ceiling. And then your exhale, bringing them back down. Right. And inhale into my hand. Beautiful. Yes. And one more. And then on your exhale, zip or your bottom, like to your top leg. Great. And I'm just going to help give her space.

Inhale, lift both legs up. Exhale, reach both legs down actively. Nice. Try to stay all the way side and the left and down. There you go. Right and lift. That's it. Beautiful. And down. Hook your bottom foot on top of your tuft foot. So flex your right ankle. Beautiful and breathe good. And from here, inhale, twist. Open to the ceiling.

Exhale, twist to the floor. Good. Inhale, twist, open to the ceiling. Great. Exhale to the floor. So she's really maintaining her center here to be able to control this. Rolling motion.

Excellent. And then finishing off in the center. Take your left leg down and bring yourself up and off. And the last thing we're going to do sort of as a warmup, is a little extension stretch. So I'm going to have you turn around and this is why we have the sticky pad here, but I'll also be helping if you have the ability to put your ladder barrel against a wall. I typically teach this with the lateral on the wall just to make sure it doesn't slide.

So she has it right behind her bottom here and have you walk your feet forward, right? And I want you to scoop your belly. You can bend your knees a little bit, right to find full contact of the low spine onto the ladder barrel. And then you're going to roll back, take your arms to the ceiling, let your head lay back, and then reach for the first round. Great. So here I'm just going to have her do a few breaths. When you grab on, pull your arm bones into your shoulder blades, right? So that there is connection here. And can you keep the full length of your spine connected to the barrel where there's no spaces? Yes. So the abdominals are really anchoring you.

The heels are planted. Lovely. Yeah. And then take your arms to the ceiling. Okay. Now don't wait. What I want you to do is reverse it. So lengthen through the back of your neck. Press into the art curl, curl, curl.

Each vertebra, slides up the slope. Keep curling forward. Keep going and fold over all the way. Beautiful. Let your slip and slide up. Good. And you can even reach and grab this pole and pull. And then from here you're gonna let go of that.

Now this time we're going to roll back and you're going to aim for the second rung. So you can bend your knees a little, but you're going to try not to get as bent on this version. I want your belly to be the thing that presses you back onto the arc. Beautiful arms to the ceiling, into your heads, all the way back. And then your arms grab for the second realm. So reach down one. Yes. Great. So as you get space, you'll find that you can go a little lower.

Yes. Good. Breathe into that. Fill the feet. Plant right anywhere that feels a little picked up. Just focus on connecting that area to the arch. Nice. Feeling the width of those back ribs. Lovely. Take your arms to the ceiling again. Aha. Let your arms be heavy.

Now use the length through the back of your neck to initiate. So you're using beautiful. That's it. You're using the arc to push your spine up the slope at each segment to decompress it and then fold forward. Slide your sip. Ends up the slope. Grab that bar under there and poll yourself into a fold.

Lovely. Good. And we're going to do one more. So from here, you're gonna aim for that third wrong this time. So try not to bend as much, but do connect each segment of your spine. Beautiful Mirror. Yes. Right. And we'll see. Try reaching one down if you can. Maybe not so much. We'll just go second run. Yeah. I want your feet to stay planted. Yeah. And that's fine. So you'll, you'll discover this on your own. What your ranges.

Anchor Anchor Bri. Yeah. Feel your spine grounding onto the arc. Gorgeous. Yes. One more breath. And then take your arms to the ceiling. And here we go. Use The arc. So length and through the back of the next slide. Each vertebra up the slope.

Yes to coil you forward. Lovely. And fold in half. Good. And then roll yourself back up to standing. So that's a little warm up before we go into our short box series here. So come on off of there. We're to um, adjust the distance here. This is going to be very personal. Yeah, go ahead and open those, um, for your own length.

So we know that we want her low back to be on top of the arc. Her sacrum is going to be here. I'm going to say that this is maybe okay. We'll try it. Okay. I'm often adjusting for each exercise on the ladder barrel. Okay.

So I'm going to have you sit with your sacrum here. Your feet go underneath that first rung, right? Go a little wider. Good. So sometimes people feel a little like it's a little painful to have their feet hooked under here. By all means, you could use a sticky pad here and it gives it a little cushion. Slide forward a little. Okay, perfect. What prevents you from sliding down the the slope and falling is your legs, so make sure you're using your legs here.

The heels are standing on the yes hamstrings are on arms. Just fold in front of you. Great. From here, you're going to stretch up and over first, so exhale like stomach massage. Stomach massage teaches us so many other exercises and here we go. Inhale, roll back onto the arc. Good. And exhale. Curl back up. Now we did that warm up so she's ready to go right into her back bend.

If you don't feel ready, then just keep it smaller to where your low spine is on there. She's doing great at keeping connected and exhale, curl back up. Good. Oh the way. Nice. And inhale, roll back. Yes. Try not to let this lift when you get back there and exhale. Now we're going to take that box over your head. So you're going to inhale, roll back. [inaudible] the arms, stay in the box.

They come over your head in the box. Big stretch there. Try not to let any part of your spine pop up off the arc. Bring the arms back and use the arc to leverage yourself back up. Curl, curl, curl, curl, curl. Beautiful. So I'm going to show a little in between if while doing this, you notice that there's one part of your spine that just will not bend.

This is sort of drawn from a Cathy grant exercise called the green room. Scoot forward a little bit, which is to just work through an area of your spine that that needs a little extra attention. So from here I'm going to have you roll back. She doesn't really have that area so much, but we're going to work her right there. Okay? So what I want you to do is feel that area go down as you stretch around it. Good. Inhale, back down a little and stretch around it and in how can you do less with your head and more with your low spine? Good.

It's small. Two more. And Curl around it. Find Decompression. Good. One more and curl around at good hand all the way forward. Good and option there. Go ahead and stack up. Would be to grab behind the thighs instead of having the arms folded in front.

Let's do one more round there. So roll back. Good. And you can kind of feel where that place is for you. And exhale, deepen and stretcher around it. Beautiful and back down so the arms can help pull you. Yes, if you need a little extra and last one and curl up all the way. Gorgeous school your pelvis back to the top of the arch.

Good. All the way a little further. Yes. Your hands go behind the back of your neck and use your hands to traction your spine. So instead of hands on the skull, go hands on the neck. Yes. And they pull up into the skull. Take your elbows forward. Great. So a lot of times when we get our elbows up, our ribs kind of want to tip.

So the first thing you want to do is make sure that the back ribs lift the front ribs. Just feel dropped. So when your elbows go up, drop your front ribs. There it is. Gorgeous. Keep that. Inhale back. Exhale right back up. Lovely. Inhale back. Exhale. And you haven't done this in like 30 minutes. Exhale right back up. Inhale. Gorgeous. One more to the right side, Ben. So I'm your right side bend. Inhale here. Yes toward me.

Oh yes. And exhale. So take your ribs with you off center. So the pelvis is really working to be on center. Take that with you. Yes. And exhale. Use this. Inhale, right? I say a, you know, try not to typewriter your ribs. Sometimes we, we just tip or even shifted back to go over. What you want to do is go off center and come back on center. That was it.

One more. Yes. Yes. Good twist. Flat back. Inhale to the center as you go back. Exhale right back up to the left. Inhale. Excellent. And heel to the right. Use your back ribs more than your front ribs. So the back ribs lift up out of the pelvis. I'm good. And on this last one, we're going to do an around the world here. So we're going to go inhale back.

Keep your back ribs along that group. As long as you go through center, twist to the left and right back up, reversing back ribs to the go. Left. Good to the center, to the right and back up. Beautiful. Nice. So we can go into our climate tree here. Slide your sacrum forward little more forward. So you want to go back into where you did your roll downs. You're gonna Hook, your one foot is under here, right? Your other foot is going to go underneath.

Good. So she's pulling that all the way in toward her. Beautiful. From here, use your quads as police to float that leg straight up and bend. Now it may be that your leg doesn't get straight for me on any given day it doesn't get straight. So you just want to go to where your, your leg is pullied and not pushed, meaning your kneecaps not pushing away from you. One more to go up. Point and flex. Good man. Point and flex. Good. So she's really maintaining her length here of her spine circles. One, two, three rivers. Good. And from here, climb up your leg. Nice. Picking yourself up. Inhale, climb down. Let your low spine roll back down around the arch. Good. And you can go into a back bend there. Good. And exhale, climb back up.

Right. So when you go into your backbend, hold onto the back of your leg and climbed down, right. Grab onto the back of your leg still. Yes. Right. And climb back up. And when you climb up, can you make your spine get taller? Excellent. And we're going to do one more climb down. Now here, this variation, uh, you probably have seen, which is a walkover off. I'm gonna have her slide her standing leg back to straight. Take your arms to the floor. Excellent. Okay.

So I'm going to spot her here. If you're one of the people who doesn't quite reach the floor, you could either stack mats up. I have done that before for clients or just skip this from here. To me, the main thing is those backwards have to stay on the barrel. Yes. And that's what you're leveraging from. So use your abdominals. Keep going.

And she could really stop on a dime anywhere in this walkover. Keep going by pushing her front ribs into her back. Ribs for leverage. Beautiful. Once your leg comes to the floor, bend that left knee. You can go back into splits or a lunch. Let's do a lunge. So go all the way down. Your right knee comes to the floor and you're going to take a big stretch up. Beautiful.

Yes. And then you're going to come back down, arms to the floor. Now your hands need to come really close in the kickup and over. You want to aim. So she's doing a great job. She's bent. You need to come from underneath to get up and you want to aim for the rib cage to get to the arc first. So here we go. I'm going to help catch you and go. Good. Excellent. And then from there she's going to, I'm helping her here.

She's going to just keep your leg straight. Grab that leg grab behind your leg. That's okay. Grab behind your left leg and climb back up. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Yes. Right. Other side. I know it's a little scary to not be hooked. You should be hooked if you're trying that exercises, do not try to do that. Unhooked other side. Lovely. Great job.

Okay, so we're doing climate tree. Yeah, she's gonna float up. Go ahead and float up and bend and stay up there. Point and flex and point and flex. Gorgeous. Three circles and reverse. Good. And feel your length as you climb up. Excellent. And from here, lean back.

So that legos right up to the ceiling and you begin climbing down. So always in climate tree, this lag is the tree growing through the sky. That's to me that the image of it and it continues to go up to the sky as you climb up. So you use it for leverage. Yes. Two more. Great. Yes, there it is. I see that and climb back up. Lovely. And one more. Climb down.

Good. Okay. And from here you're going to slide this leg out. Aha. Take arms down. Good. So unhook your foot. [inaudible] slide down until you reach the floor. Gorgeous. Connect your back ribs to the arc. Yeah, really actively find your hundred curl and start to leverage yourself over a hundred curl. Yes, there it is. Good.

And you're going to drop into your lunge while I was up and out. Beautiful. Good. And coming back down, back ribs connect. And here we go. Kick over. Connect those back ribs. Right Hook into me. Yes, I'm going to be your bar and here we go. Climb back up. Good. Excellent. Great. Okay, so come on down from there. We're going to do some side bends. Um, for the side bend. I like for it to hit the hips and not the side body.

So let's just see how this hits you. Um, I'm going to have you face that direction first and I want your right leg back in this runner. Uh, go down here and left leg forward. Okay. It's good. We'll try it actually. Yeah, that's fine for you. Um, this is, I haven't done this before. She's propped up on the, the extra piece of wood here. So that's an option if you're needing a little more height.

Another option is a moon box, which brings the legs closer together. It gives you a little less leverage cause you want to make sure you have some side leverage. But yeah, we'll try that. Great. So I like that this hits her hips and not her side waist. Traditionally this leg is forward. Uh, I personally like to work the length of this leg back so the glutamate gets to kick in and anchor down the outside of that leg. So hands behind the back of your neck, right? Not your skull, but your neck.

And it was wide. Now what I want you to do is pick yourself up and hover over the arc of the box to go, or I mean the barrel to go. Inhale, beautiful and reach yourself taller to comping out. Nice. Inhale up and over and get taller. Rise. You're trying not to land on the arc. We're going to do one more with bent elbows and get taller.

Beautiful Mirror. Now take your arms up by your ears. So we're going to do external rotation of the arms and this makes it a little more challenging. Go ahead and go. Try and get all the way upside down without landing and the next hail up and out. Nice. So this a little extra challenge. By all means, go back to the first version if this feels impossible, gorgeous and coming up. Great. Let's do the other side. So side hips, she's doing a great job at keeping her hips stack. Typically that the reason that leg is forward traditionally is to keep the legs or the hips centered. So here we go. Hands behind the back of the neck.

So when you're doing the leg back version, that's something you want to watch for back ribs. Lift, inhale, and then pull yourself apart. Lovely. And you can see this space that she's maintaining here between her body on the arc. Great. One more. And then arms straight. Good. External rotation. Inhale up and over. Exhale, reach out. Nice. Great. One more and all the way I'll have lovely. Okay, so we're going to go back to the first side and we're going to do the higher upside bend.

So you're going to stand your left foot here at the back edge. Your right foot is going to hook underneath up here, right? So, uh, she did a really great job at squaring her pelvis off. That's really important so that this rotation of the knee doesn't rock that top hip back. From here you can go hands behind the back of your neck. This leg is your best friend right now. So really grab into that, elbows forward and here we go. Inhale hovering and then exhale, get taller and try to come all the way back into this crease and rotation. Yes. Inhale, great. All the way up.

Good. One more. And then we're going to make this harder and just do two more with straight arms, arms up by the ears. Inhale hovering up and over. Gorgeous. And one more. And here's a little balance challenge. Come your arms to the t, right. Take that foot out. Yeah, I'll try to go arms in the tee. I'm going to support you here, right?

And take it up. Great. Bend that knee behind you and step to the floor with that foot. Yes. Oh Nice. Yeah. So the bottom leg is there. Great. Pelvises squared off and hands behind the back of your neck. Nice. Letting the elbows come forward to the ribs can draw back.

Reach your elbows up a little. Yeah, find that connection of elbows up. Ribs down. And here we go. Inhale up and over and exhale. Stretch yourself apart. Beautiful. Inhale one more. Really stand through that bottom leg. Good. And then arms up by the ears. Two more inhale and yes and great. Take your arms out to the sides. I'm here to help. Take your leg up. Gorgeous. You could bend that knee behind you. So bend, place it toward the floor and stand up. Yes.

Nice. Let's do swan. Swan on here is really fun. So just like we did in reformer class. Great. So this is kind of, you have to just get someone up there and see if they fit. Well, it looks like this is good for her. Her thighs are able to press into the front of the arch here. Her heels are able to press into that second rung balls of the feet on the lowest rung and she's doing great at being in a vertical.

So she's actually picking herself up more with her belly than her back. And then our arms are going to go up by the ears. Now I want you to hover your belly over the arch like we've been doing. Great. Keep thatK so when you pick yourself up, it's hamstrings and then belly. Inhale yourself up. Keep going up and back. Then open the arms out.

Gorgeous. Exhale, shoot yourself straight forward. Bend the knees down. Pick yourself up a second time without sliding down this time. So keep going up and back. Nice. Keep those arms narrow on that second one and forward and come on down. Great.

So I know that there's a bunch of versions out there for all the different exercises in my training. The first one comes out to a t, so it goes up by the ears, then to a t, then forward. The second one is higher and stays lifted. Arms by the ears. So here we go. We'll do one more of these. Inhale, pull yourself up. Keep going up with your belly to arch back. Look back, open the arms out, shoot forward. Now your arm stay narrow. Inhale, pick yourself up, try not to slide down then the knees. Yes, keep them narrow as you go back forward. Gorgeous. And come on down. That was picture perfect.

And come on down from there. Nice. There is a version of swan that is great to do for isolated upper back work. So we're just going to do a little bit of that where you hook your heels into the runners there. [inaudible] and lean your pelvis forward into so your heels have to, yeah, great. Good. And hands behind the back of the neck. So this is a great option. If you're not quite ready for that version that she just did so beautifully, you're going to roll over. Good. Ground your pelvis into the arc.

That's it. Now think of this as peeling up sequentially. So pull your crown forward first and then your eyes and then your storm. Let your elbows stay forward. There it is. Keep going up, up, up, up and at the back of it. Keep going up and up and maybe you'll bend your knees as you keep going back. Yes. Great, good. And then come back to straight legs.

Shoot forward and come back down. Nice. And we'll do one more of those. Peeling yourself up with your crown elbow. Stay a little forward, have your eyes good. Go all the way up with your belly and then you can bend your knees. Stay lifted as you bend your knees. Yes. And then back forward.

Great. And come on down and I'm just going to show you one more little thing I like to do with my clients, which is to come up in that same swan. Come up to an angle where you're straight out and work a little bit of the shaving and some of the upper back work from the reformer. So keep your elbows back behind your ears [inaudible] and you're going to take your hands into your little triangle position and inhale your arms up. Exhale back down. Lovely. Try to keep those elbows back behind your ears more.

Even here as you bend, really work that gorgeous one more and good. I lied. We're going to go one more to go straight and now it's like pulling straps. So you're going to go out from your tee, open your chest. Good. And then external rotation of your arms come back. Good. And again, go ahead and come back one more and back. And from here we're just going to do a little swimming arms, right? Try to let your arms really move in the extension.

So your shoulder blade should be moving on your back. Stay in your, in your, lean out an extension little more because that's going to add a little more weight to the arms. There you go. Pelvis down. Excellent. Good. And then bring both arms up and come on up from there. Gorgeous. Great. So let's do another fun thing, which is to do some extension. Similar to how we did the stretch earlier, but we're going to do some exercises there. Now let's see how this fits you. So you're going to come around heels here and you're going to arch back, heels down. You're going to arch back and you might, once you arch back, you're going to reach for the first round and then you're going to pull yourself down further. [inaudible] yes, pull yourself, walk down to the next rung.

Okay, let's try that. So the first thing we're gonna do is she's in this gorgeous backbend here. Belly is super actively supporting you. I want you to do little circles. The circles are to go down into deeper hip extension, right? Go just a little bigger than that. Yes. And you don't have to go fast.

You want to go controlled. Nice and reverse. Beautiful. Keeping the legs straight. Excellent. Nice. Now the zipper legs together, you're going to go small. Circle around to the right look. Kind of like a corkscrew leg around to the right, down and around. Good.

But it's an extension reverse and yes, right and reverse. So it goes around to the right around to the left, last set and around to the right and around to the left. Excellent. Good. From here, scoop your belly. Good. Take your legs to the ceiling, so that's okay. Bending your leg through. Yeah. Now she's going to make a really firm brace here.

Hands into that lowest drum so the shoulders can feel braced against the arch legs to the ceiling. Gorgeous. I would say pull yourself to your hands a little bit. Yeah. So then your shoulders can brace a little more. You feel that press distrait. Good. Okay, so we're just going to work first on some levitations up. Make sure you don't fall through your knees.

You want to feel the gathered and through the center of your legs. From here, curl your tail to go straight up. Zipper. Those likes together, right? And then back down. Peel down. So what prevents her from sliding down the slope here? Is that from connection of her hands and her shoulders and curl up. Yes. Great. And back down.

And we're going to go up. Kay. Now I want you to do scissors here. So one leg goes back toward the window there. [inaudible] the other leg goes forward. Find your center. So here's your, here's your center, right? Yes. Lift up and out. Now go up through center. Up through center to switch. Gorgeous. Right? Try not to tip over on this side. Can you find your center? Yes.

Lift up and out with leg here. This one reach. There you go. And lift. Gorgeous Mira. One more. This one has to reach now. Bicycle. Then this one through Aha and pedal through go full scissor between each bicycle. Gorgeous. [inaudible]. One more beautiful and end with both legs up to the ceiling and peel your spine back down. That's a nice challenging exercise, which she did beautifully. We're going to do one more fun thing here. You doing okay? We're going to do the Jack Knife.

So what's great is you get to use this arc and way to straighten your arms all the way. So yeah, push yourself back a little bit. You get to use the arc to articulate the spine over. So instead of going straight up, you're going to curl like a piked position, but make your spine do it. So your legs are going to land in my hand here. Curl, curl, curl, keep going, keep going, keep going. Good. Then you're going to inhale. Lift up to that levitation and now peel your spine back down with your legs.

Levitating. That's it. Legs can come down. Shoulders. Okay. Legs come down for a little stretch, right? And then from here you're curling up. You're going to pike over. Curl the spine to pike over hands or legs to my hand. Lift up as you inhale, keep your legs levitating and peel your spine back down. So stand in your hands to articulate and legs go back down. One more.

Inhale over. Come to my hand. Lift up as you inhale and exhale gorgeous. Walk up the low rungs of the ladder. Keep going. Nice. Let your feet come down to the floor. That's okay. Lengthen through the back of your neck to curl up and you're going to round forward.

Take a couple of breaths there. Feel free to grab that bar to pull yourself under and stack yourself back up. Great, and we're going to end with that one. Thank you. Nice job.


Mira you look amazing!!
What a great class, love the warm up.
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She's awesome.
Wow, so challenging, but also so much fun!
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Thank you Cari and Jackson. Yes Mira is absolutely power and grace in motion. Agreed!

Holly, so sweet of you to post a comment on this class as well. I'm really happy that you've enjoyed the classes. Thank you.
Eric C
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I thoroughly enjoyed this fun class. Thx!
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Thank you Eric. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
Kim W
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I'm fairly new to ladder barrel, but have one, and this have me juicy new moves for myself and clients. Tried a few today and the comments were "Wow! That felt amazing!" And "What a stretch!" More please! You're one of my faves, Sharon.
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
KIm. Wow. Thank you! I feel so honored to be amongst this group of stellar Instructors, so really appreciate your comment. I'm glad it felt good on your body as well. I also really love the Barrel work.
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This class is awesome. Excellent cueing thank you!
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Mira beautiful mover
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