Class #130

Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


Following tradition, the students transition through exercises at vigorous but controlled pace. Motivated by precise, clear cues you are sure to get the workout you need in this class. Prior experience with classical Reformer work is required to participate in this class safely and effectively.
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video


Okay. Well Great. You guys look like you're ready to go. I'm going to have you start in a nice white plotty stance. Gonna do a nice intermediate class. Classical workout heals up. And Go ahead and beg...


Love the classic pilates, I've tried lots of other styles, but always come back to the original!!!
This is a super fun class! Love to do this class because I just got a classical reformer!
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Good pace
Good pace but sketchy (inconsistent) cueing and keeping count.
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I like the class. However I do not have a box and I choose no props and this class uses a box. I could not do the entire class because of the box sequence.
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Lourdes~ Typically, a box will always come as a part of the reformer, so we do not count it as a prop. Kristi has done a tutorial for reformers without boxes that helps to explain how to do exercises if your reformer doesn't have a box. Check it out for some tips.
I really enjoyed this class but also felt like at times the cueing was inconsistent - e.g. spring load. Overall this was a very good workout and I really enjoyed it.
Lovely peace, lovely work, lovely start for a nice day! thank you!
Not my favorite - pacing was off, cueig wasn’t my favorite. But did remind me I haven’t done backstroke in forever. I’ll be adding that back into my classes

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