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Traditional Reformer

40 min - Class


Following tradition, the students transition through exercises at a vigorous but controlled pace. Motivated by precise, clear cues, you are sure to get the workout you need in this class. Prior experience with classical Reformer work is required to participate in this class safely and effectively.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Mar 26, 2010
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Okay. Well Great. You guys look like you're ready to go. I'm going to have you start in a nice white plotty stance. Gonna do a nice intermediate class. Classical workout heals up. And Go ahead and begin. Let's have you really turn those feet out though, really wide turnout and then bring the Karajan so extend out long and control it in. Let me see that you're in control of this spring, especially as you come in three, four, lengthening and zipping up the legs. Five, six the heels up. Don't let them drop seven and no noise. Eight but you know, nine and one more time.

10 you'll transition to your arches and right away extend on out. One end. Let's try to stick together out and together to three, zipping up the legs so you're still wrapping the thighs and pulling your navels in and out. Five. That's it. Keep it flowing. Six. So a little more energy. Eight or sorry, seven. Eight losing my count. Nine. 10 transitioning to your heels.

Really flex those feats of pull those toes to your knees to pushing from your powerhouse. Not from the knees. Three four. So anchoring that spine, that letting your hips wobble around six, seven really flexing eight get a nice stretch. Nine 10 slide down to your toes, going into your tendon stretch. So you're turned out slightly back into your plotting stance and begin to lower lower, lower your heels. Lift, lift, lift and wrap the thighs. Lift, lift, lift to lower, lower, lower lip.

Lift three all the way up with the fields and down with heels. Four five, pulling in still and lifting that powerhouse. So there is no gapping with your spine. Shoulders and next are relaxed and last one. And come on and they'll take your bars down and then you're going to up grab your straps going into your hundreds. Christie, I'm going to let you down to either two or three springs and Marty stay on the same springs. Go ahead and lift your heads, extend your arms out long. Extend those legs out. We're the thighs. Nice. Deep breath in. Exhale, two, three, four, five, lots of energy. Two, four, five x two four, five 22 four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five 30 rotate your knees in a little bit.

So you get those inner thighs working. That's it. 42 exhale. Two, three, four, five. Deep breath in. Wring out the lungs. 62 x three pushing those shoulders down so you're really stretching. Exhale. Last one. Nice. Deep breath in. And exhale, bend your knees, Bend your arms. Go ahead and drop your headdress. And then you're going to adjust your springs. You'll do up to two. Christy, you're actually okay cause you're on two already. You're gonna lie back down.

So you're on two springs. You're going to adjust your straps getting ready for your short spine massage. So you're going to put the straps on your feet. Zackly so when you put them on your feet, you should lift your bottom up to be able to put them on so you're not pulling with the arms. All right, go ahead and do a couple extensions. Just do a couple of frogs. Extend out keeping the heels together, anchoring your spine, just to get the feeling of the springs.

Make sure your gaze is down towards your stomachs. That's it. And very nice. All right, so start with the knees bend going into your shorts. By massage, you're going to extend out, lift your hips, float over, no noise. Then journeys, leave your feet. Start to roll down, dropping your seat, extending the hips out long, getting that lower back to really stretch, and then bend your knees and count to two before you go again. One, two, and then out hips go with the legs at the same time. So like an airplane taking off a runway. When you extend out, everything goes together so there's no stalling. And then roll down.

Really get down into here. Stretch, stretch, stretch longer. Good. And then bend your knees, rest, count two, and about two more. Extend out. Lift your hips all the way. Get those hips up, up, up, up. There you go. I'm going to let go. You control it and bend your knees. Soft feet. That's it. Soft shoulders and necks. Pull not with the legs. Pull with your powerhouse to get the legs to start to pull the back down.

Now Bend your knees and last one, and out hips with the legs. That's it. Up and over. Pretty good. Alright, and then Jeanice leave your feet, drop your seats, roll it down. Nice. Long stretch. Dropping those shoulders and bend your knees. You're going to take your straps [inaudible] and you're going to set up for coordination. So now you take your handles in one hand in, excuse me, in two hands, elbows was right at your side in your plotty stance. So heels together, toes apart, knees are slightly open, Christie. All right, lift your head so you're in position. You're looking at that powerhouse.

Shoulders are down and they'll inhale, extend arms and legs out at the same time. Oakland closed legs. Exhale, exhale. Inhale, really stretched to the opposite side of the room and exhale needs to the ears. Inhale, reach out long. Keep the tips of the shoulders on the mat and then exhale at Chris Cross beats you reach out and cross free camp. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, knees, arms. Careful not to hyper rotate. Inhale, reach out long and work those innercise. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Nice and arms. And that's enough. Let's have you put the straps on the pegs and then we're going to set up for, let's actually go into your rowing. So drop the spring. You're on one spring.

Exactly. You turn around and legs are inside the shoulder pads. You're going to take the straps, you're starting from your sternum [inaudible] and you're going to begin. Make sure you have a better hands with. Turn the back. Both of you look pretty good. You can move a little bit forward. All right, and you're going to begin to hinge backwards. Curl your chin to your chest or to curl your hips underneath you.

Keeping the straps close to the sternum. Stop. Open the arms to the side and begin to push back and then round over to the knees. Big Live with the arms. Circle over. Reach for the toes, still scooping in and wrapping the size and again from the sternum. Hinge back one. Open the arms to push back. Three, stretch over to the knees or live five big circle. Reach for the toes. Six and up.

Hinge one last one. Open to push from the shoulders and then stretch over. Three touch four big circle. Five touch the toes. Six going into the 90 degree angles. So Eleazar up exactly. Stay Tall. Hinges from the hips. So you're lifting as you hinge back, you don't want to arch those back, so keep those rips together and in big stretch over to the toes. That's it.

All the way over. Drop your arms, pull alongside the carriage. Touch your hips. Lift big circle round over to the knees and 90 degrees. Six counts, hinge one. Get those ribs and even deeper. Hinge a little bit further back. Get out of your knees and now reach for the toes.

Nose between the knees and pull back. Touch lift. Big Circle reaching for the toes. Very nice. Last one, 90 degrees hinge one stretch over two right away to pull alongside the carriage. Three touch four big lift circle and keep that scoop happening. Five and six. Alright. Put the straps at your side or on the pegs. Flip around for your front rowing. Good.

All right, so thumbs or no in the straps you're going from your chest. So the straps are underneath your shoulders and deep breath in. Arms come straight up. Exhale, straight down. Deep breath in. Grow tall on top of those hips. Five, six. Again, this is six hands. Inhale one. Exhale straight down. Two inhale, three grow tall. Four, five.

Feel his roots pulled together. Six and last one up, one down to lift. Three, four, shoulders drop five and six from the hips. Round into a very good c curve here. And then you stretch out. One, sit up, tall, sharp to lift. Three, four, five, six from the hips. So when you stretch, really wrapped those guys. Squeeze and get that scoop even deeper. Keep reaching forward. Start to sit up, keep reaching forward. Let me feel a stretch in here. And then lift big circle. Exhale.

Last one. Feet are really flexed here and he'll stretch one. So there it is. Now let me feel it there. And now sit up tall to live. Three, grow tall. Four, five, six. Cross your legs for your shaving arms are going to come up and behind your head and an l you're leaning forward and ribs are together so you're not arching your backs and go ahead and exhale. Press it away. Get those elbows nice and straight. Try to really stretch their arms all the way out long and then bent.

Let's have you do two more stretch and last one and push it out. Now open their arms to the side, sitting tall for your hugs. Inhale. Exhale. Push them away. Inhale. Exhale. One more time. Inhale and exhale. Recross your legs. Reverse your breathing. Exhale. Inhale.

So elbows are a little bit soft here. Exhale, feel that power in here. Inhale everything pulling together. Exhale, staying tall. Inhale, and enough. Put the straps back on the pegs. Okay, and then I'll have you guys set up for your long box there. You're going to actually grab your boxes. These inside here. Good. You're still on one spring? Yeah, right in front of the shoulder pads.

And then you're going to lie down. Take a hold of your straps. Getting ready for that. Pooling the straps. So now you're holding on as high as you can on the outside of the carriage. The carriage is not in though. Not yet. Okay. And you want to make sure your shoulders are on the box. Okay. Heels together.

You're going to reach towards the floor with your knuckles. As you slide the arms back towards your hips, lift the arms, open your chest, but don't crunch that next. Who dropped your forehead? Christie. Crack a walnut between your shoulders. Two, three and in skim the carriage as you brewing it back in arrest. Two more. So about three times. Reached down, open up your chest. You can lift your chest a little bit. Now hold one, Tommy's up to three and lower. Okay, last time reaching down. Lift.

It's a little bit lower with your chest. Christie right there. Now pull your ribs up. Hold one, two, three, and lower. Okay. You're going into your t's. No. So you want to slide your hands to the end of the straps. That's fine for you, young. Take your arms out to the side. Okay, good.

Arms are up, so there's lots of tension on the straps already and you're going to begin to reach back towards your hips. Once again, trying to crack that. Take that walnut between your shoulders, really squeezing those shoulder wings together and then open your hold for three counts and bring it back. You're going to hold that for three counts. Hold on. Yup. Right in between the shoulders. Hold one, reach your fingers back. So your knuckles are long, your wrists are long, two, three, and open. Had you hold it a little more than three, sorry. And last one.

And reach back and hold. You can lift your heads. Really open up the chest, lifting those rips hold. Squeeze in your bottoms. Two, three and open. Take your straps in one hand. You're going to swing your legs to the side. And before you actually roundups, you're already down. You add one spring, so you're good. You gotta make sure you're at the right angle. No. All right. And then you're going to turn around and just the straps behind your backs. And then you'll have one in each hand.

I'm gonna make sure they're not crisscrossed going into your backstroke. So you're going to end up sitting right at the edge. So your feet should have been here and right at the edge. Yeah, real. It can be very specific. All right, Christie, let's have you move down a little bit towards your feet. Marty, you're okay. All right, so you're starting right above your forehead.

Knees are in plotty stance. Yup. All right. You're gonna inhale, arms and legs. Follow each other straight up. Exhale, open the arms and legs. And now inhale, reach for the toes. Don't pop up the chest. Hold one, two, and come back and exhaling. So inhale straight up. One. Exhale two together. Three hold four. Slide their shoulders down. Really curl into it.

Five and come back in six. Inhale one. Exhale two together. Three, hold four. Touch those toes. Curling to that chest. Five and exhale six. That's enough. Take your straps in one hand. Again, you're going to sit up in a teaser and drop a spring. We'll go slow. Balance exercise there. Okay. And then, yeah, this when you want to move backwards a little bit, can you lie down?

Kind of increase a fixed position. Okay. Making sure you're centered. Everybody looks good. Alright, so heels together begin to round up curling your Chins, dropping those shoulders, peel off that mat, find your balance. Careful not to lock the knees. Arms come up towards the years and slowly lower three times. So you're on one spring, two and three.

Careful coming down. Curl your chins. Articulate that spine, one vertebrae at a time. Christy, I feel like you need to actually move down a little bit. Yeah. All right, so now you're going to come up and you're going to go into circles or you can just continue with the straight up and straight down. So start to round off that Mat, really filling in your spine. As you come up, hold and begin to lift the arms. You want to try to go as high as you can to without letting that the straps drops. So keep tension on them and three, and then you're going to lie back down. So Curl Your Chin's, Tuck your hips, lie down, reversing your circles. Start to round up. Once again, peel off that mat, find your balance first. And here you go. Arms go down and then you have to lift it back up. One, I'm trying to keep the legs nice and still to the last one.

Stay tall in your back three and begin to lie back down. Hey, you could just drop the traps in the well behind you. Yours are going to be a little bit louder and then you guys are going to step off. You'll add a spring and you're going to set up for your short box series exactly at a spring. And then you want to flip your box around depending on where you like it, you can [inaudible] front of the shoulder pads or behind it depending on again, where you like it. All right? So you've got your pad and your bar.

You want to sit on your pad, help from sliding, that's it. And you want to make sure your feet are in under the safety strap. Feed her hip with the part and flex going into your heads. So around your back. Give yourself a hug. I'm gonna make sure you have a hands with from the back. Looks like you both are fine. All right, so you rounding from your lower back, you're going to begin to flex those feet in, start to round backwards. Still kind of wrapping that thighs, not letting those knees roll out though and stop and then curl back over all the way over those hips. Inhale, begin to round backwards.

You right in here. This part of your back on the Mat. Under, under there. Good. And now fill it in deep. Exhale over one more time. Inhale, take it back. Try to keep this moving. Hmm. Should be working up a pretty good sweat now. And exhale, stretch over. Take your bars. Sit up tall. Going into your flat pack.

So sitting on top of your hips, you'll need to move backwards a little bit more to, yeah. Okay. Your feet. Stay flexed. Squeeze your bottoms. Stay Tall. Begin to hinge backwards to where you can. Stay on your right hip a little bit, Christie, and then start to come back up and lengthen. Really lift, lift, lift. But don't let those ribs pop out. Put your ribs back in even more. Yes. Okay, so now you're flat and two more. Begin to hinge back. Stay Tall. Don't let your chest collapse. So open up your chest. Marta.

Lift, lift, lift. That's it. Well, not quite so far, but right there and rest. Last one, tall Bobby. We re squeezing your seats and hinge back. When I say rest, I just mean relax your bottoms and then come back up. Lift and then rest. Drop your arms. Give your arms. Just a moment. Lift the arms back up, getting set up for your side bends. Lean forward over your hips to begin.

Take your head with you right here with the right shoulder. You've bend as far over to the right as you can. Stay tall in your back though. Keep those knees soft and come back up and to the left like a little waltz. One, two, three, up to three over two ribs. Where those ribs even more? Yes. Tall though. Lift, lift, lift. There you go.

And up to three. Sorry. Last one over. Push that right hip down and come on up. Drop your arms once again. Take the arms back up, getting ready to twist. So you start by pinching your bottom if there's ribs in, and then twist as far to the corner of the machine as you can and then begin to hinge up. Off the hips, but keep the hips still and then come back up. Grow Taller and center out and twist left and hinge.

That's it. Watch that your feet. Don't sickle careful there and then come back up and sent. Or let's have you go fishing. You're gonna twist, otherwise you can stay. Just tingy take your fishing pole, reach for that fish. Magine that it's very heavy of the lifted up out of the water.

So add that resistance and income back up and center. Last one to the left. Turn hinge. Careful with your feet, Christie. And I'd say go fishing. Reach out to that left side, lifted up. Lengthen. That's it. Now come up, up, up, up, right on top of the hips. Very good. Place the bar underneath your legs. All right, so now you're going to go into your trees. You'll actually need more room behind you.

Hold onto your right thigh, give your leg a hug, hold the knee at your chest, and then try to stretch the leg with that. Your backs collapsing. So stay as tall as you can. Two, three, walk up your legs round into your seeker. Drop your head, drop those shoulders. Just hold on lightly. And then you're going to start to rock backwards. Keep Your Chin down. That's it. Hold. Walk down to your thighs, stop, and then start to come back up and just really fill this in.

[inaudible] softer here and then rock forward. Lift your back. Don't worry too much about the lake. Really lift through here. Push your right hand forward. Just a hair good and seeker curve. Try to put your nose on your knee. Try to keep it there as you take your leg and go back. Step.

Walk down. Good. Staying focused on that center right through the middle of your body. Rock yourself forward to your back on top of your hips and lift your back. So what we're looking here for is that this part of your back is really tall. Then you can lift the leg more for challenge last one, but it's really about this. Shoulders down. Last one, take it back.

So about three times walked down. These I like to get through quickly myself. Rock forward, hate him, but love him and sit up as tall as you can. Really lift, lift, lift, flex, and point your foot three times, but keep growing tall. One, stay right on top of those hips. Two, three, take your right hand. Pick an apple off the tree. All right, you can go ahead and switch sides. So left leg [inaudible] holding onto your thigh. Again, same routine. Three stretches.

One like three Cancan kicks too. Three walk-ups off fee round to try to put your forehead as close to the leg as you can. Drop the shoulders, no energy there. Curl those hips center so that the hip bone stays straight. You don't want them to twist as you're moving. They'll always check that box and then start to come back up.

Rock yourself forward. Sit on top of the hips, lift your back. Don't worry too much about the leg just yet. Really more about your spine. Two more c curve. Shoulders down. Start to rock back. Stop. Just plant that leg in 90 degrees. Good. And then round forward, lift your back right on top of the hips. Lift your leg a little bit more Marta, and last one year. Okay it nice, relaxed fingers, not ripping. You're holding on lightly using that powerhouse to do the movement coming up and going down. Go ahead and bring yourself back up Stan, your left hip a little bit. Sit as tall as you can, right on top of your hips.

There you go. And then flex and 0.3 times one and two. Lift that back. So Marty, you can lean forward just a little bit. Lift your leg though three and pick your apple off the tree. Okay. You're going to get rid of the boxes. Get rid of the polls. You'll still need your pad though.

And then we're going to set up for your long stretch series. Yeah, so you're always working even on transitioning. Okay. Yeah. So on the tall bar for you. Okay. So when you get on, you want to get on hand, foot, hand, foot, right into position. So your heels are up, you're ready to go.

Make sure your hands aren't wider than your shoulders. One straight line, not hunching up here. And you're going to begin to push out, keep the heels from dropping, and then try again. Troll it in. Bringing those shoulders back over the bar. End Out as far as you can control it and bring it in. Not letting your backs collapse. You're really filling this up in here and all the way in, and then drop to your knees going into your down stretch.

So hips are now forward. Heels are against the shoulder pads, chest soap, and all right, so you're going to inhale, take it back, drop your neck a little bit, and then exhale. Push those hips forward. Lift your belly button to really growing tall and stretching up. Open your chest. And two more ne Nice deep breath in. This is a breathing exercise. You want to really wring out the lungs. Exhale, exhale to others. Nothing left in there. Good. Last one, just about three times. Deep breath in. Exhale, come on up. You can walk to the tips of the fingers if you'd like.

Open up that chest to squeeze in here. Take your head back. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Keep lifting. And that's enough. Okay. Have you guys stand up on your toes? This is your up stretch. You want to round your back? So remember you should be on two springs. Alright, shoulders down, using that powerhouse to push out. So don't push with your arms so your upper body stays still.

Push out with your legs plank. Careful not to collapse. Try to bring the shoulders straight over the bar and then round back up and out with the hips. Plank. Open up your chest. Marta, really open all the way in. And one more time. Not Pushing from the knees either out from the hips, lower open up your chest and careful bringing it in. And that's enough elephants to go to a flat foot. You want to round into that? See your elephant trunk.

Your heads are down, shoulders are relaxed. Crown of the head is kind of on top of the metal bar, the springs. You're going to push out from the hips again and control it in. Really drag the kerogen three counts in. So push out. Think of digging those heels in. Lifting your toes, soft elbows. Yes, your arms are straight, but don't lock them. Fill it up in here. There you go.

Nice and relaxed. Up here. Out here comes your three counts. One, two, three, two, more out, nicely relaxed. One, two, three, last one out and one, two, three. Okay, go ahead and step to the side. Let's have you guys set up for your stomach massage. Good. And you're going to go back to the same springs you had for footwork. So if you started with four, start with four. Otherwise, if you start with three, which you'd guys did, go back to your three. Okay.

You want to sit as close to the edge as you can without feeling like you're going to fall round into your sea curves. So your shoulders should be pretty much over your hips here. Elbows are bent in your holding on, lightly heels up. So you're in your plotty stance. You're ready to go. Pulling in, squeezing your seats out, lower lift and come in and out. Lower lift too. So as you move, careful not to slide three.

You want to stay on that mat for now. Let's make an accent. Let's have you come in five. That's it. And in six in seven. Now, of course if you're Underwood flooring my slide a little bit, eight and nine last one, and in stay in, stay on the same springs. Take your arms back. Unless you were on four you go down to three. So now you should be on three springs. So now you're going to go out lower.

Lift the heels and in one and on that, and it's quiet so there's no banging with the carriage. Three growing tall. Four squeeze your bottom as you move. And five that's what I was talking about. So thanks for demonstrating six and in seven so more deliberate. Eight that's it.

And in nine last one and 10 now drop down to two springs. So now you're on two springs. Good arms are up. Going into your reaching heels up as high as you can. Don't let them drop and they'll come back in. This is your tree. You want to lift your backs and come in and lift up, up, up. Two more out. Don't let your knees go wider than your hips.

Tried to touch my shoulders over here. That's it. Last one out. I had to touch my shoulders. Lift, lift, lift, and now twist. You're going to take it out, turn to the right, come back in, and now go left. Now really lift your back. Pause out there for just a second. Lift Lid. Yes, that was it. You fixed it.

So it was just a little bit of leaning on top of the hips. Both heels, even though, and that's enough. Go ahead and step off. There's no stretching. Not like that. Anyway. All right, and let's have you set up for some ice circle. So you're gonna go ahead and drop your bars. You're staying on two springs, your head rests are fine. You're ready to go. Let's, you're going to lie down. Now, I wouldn't do this if you have a bad back or if you have bad knees, but if you have done this before, go right ahead. All right, so your arms are straight, your hips are up, your heels are up, and you're going to begin to articulate.

You want to start to get those ribs to push down one vertebra at a time. You're trying to keep that carriage from moving. You want to keep it very still. It's going to move a little bit, but you want to try not to, to really let it move too much. You want to drop your bottom as into the will as you can keep it there. Now go ahead and push out. Stretch out as far as you want. That's good.

Hold now, very important. Don't let that carriage move. Curl your hips up. Start to articulate that spine. One Vertebrae at a time. Come up as high as you can. When you can't lift your hips anymore. That's when you bring the kerogen. Keep the hips up, keep the roots together. And two more sets. Start to roll down ribs, upper back, middle back, lower back, tailbone. Yeah, and then push it away.

Careful not to crunch your neck so your gaze should be down at your stomachs. Belly buttons. That's it. And this is where you want to make sure your hips stay really lined up with each other. Hip Bone to hip bone and then come back in and one more time and lower. That's it. Sit.

Gaze down and now start to go out. Hold the carriage still in, roll up. That's it. All the way up up. Keep that care. Still. Get this hip up. Just a hair more, right? Yes. And then ring it in dragon and you're going to reverse. Make sure your hands are at the base of the shoulder pad all the way down.

Both arms are straight. And now articulate down. Keep the carriage still. Then direct the kerogen. Lift your hips. Stretch forward to push yourself out. Keep those hips. Lifting those roots together though. Protect your back into more out hold. Start to roll down. If it bend your knees, go ahead and bend them.

That's it. There you go. And then start to come in. I'm going to give you a little resistance. That's it. And then curl up. Hips up, heels together. And one more time. Take it out. Don't let the knee straight. And for you, I want you to just keep them bent. Drop this hip. Yes. Well kind of both.

Let's just forget that cause and then I'll start to come in and do that resistance again. Good. I'm gonna let go. You know, lift, stretch. If you'd like to. You can grab onto both angles at the same time, but keep those rooms together. Don't let them and keep pushing your hips up. That's it. Then at the same time, take both hands back, grab onto the shoulder pads and you're going to slide yourself backwards. Step off, going into your kneeling knee stretch series, staying on the same springs. That's it. So you're still on two. All right, it should be nice and warmed up. Hands in line with your hips.

Find that seeker. These are going to be pretty dynamic. You can do eight sets, rounded, eight sets, arch, and then you're going into your knees off. So here you go. Go ahead and push out and then curl your hips under one, two under with those hips. Three shoulders down, four, five in, six in seven, eight head up, chest open, one, two. Sit on those heels. Three, so really stretch back and by chest open. Six, seven, just eight and eight. Knees off. Find Your C and push out just a little bit and then really think of getting it in, getting that c curve again so we really curling under. Keep that tucked. You don't want to lose that in good. Do this. You want to keep under. Now knee should be about two inches off the carriage. Very low, more challenging, no more than 10 so when you've done what you can stop and then sit on those knees. Okay, go ahead and step off.

Go back to the same springs you had for footwork two. You were on three. You're going to lie back down for your running on your toes and you can be parallel together or a little bit turned out. I like a little bit turned out. All right, so go ahead and extend out nice powerhouse anchored and then started to walk. Knees go straight up for 10 counts and then you'll run for 10 cabs to hips. Nice and self. Still three, four to no rock and roll with those hips.

Five six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and they'll run two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and it should actually kind of move pelvic lifts. So place your feet on the corners of the bar, curl your hips up and about six to eight of these you're going to extend out and now you want to make sure your rib stay on the mat, so it's really just the first four vertebrae off the mat. You don't want those root popping out. You want to keep them on so you have that support and you get a nice stretch and then control it in. You're stretching and strengthening and controlling it.

Stretch, drink, control that tumor. Careful not to tense your shoulders here, keep them soft and then you're going to stay in and carefully roll down articulating that spine. Again, last thing, downs your tailbone and then going to have you guys step up. Let's drop to two springs. Marty, you've been doing these for a while so you can drop to one. It's up to you how, how many springs, but if you haven't done this before, this is side splits. Then stay on to, all right. And then be very careful. All right, so you're going to stand up on the carriage first, Huh? The carriage is going to move, so you have to be conscious of that.

You placed one foot on the side and then you shimmy your other foot over. [inaudible]. Now she's on one spring, so that is going to make it a lot harder in a sense to control it. All right, so arms are out to the side. Exactly. Let me get over on this. I think you can see me and then you're gonna push out and you're pulling from your center, so not too far out to bring it in. You want to think of lifting from your center up? Yeah, you want him lighten it too heavy. Okay. Right. Okay, so keep those hips pointing forward. Lift one more time.

You're going to hold it out. Now, here's where it's very difficult. You can skip these. You don't want to fall, so be careful. If you've done these before in your nose, you're familiar with it, then it's different whole lift your powerhouse. Open Up, you just axial or tobacco. That's it. Okay. The arms, take it out, bring the carriage back in, lifting up, hold it in. Keep the carriage from moving. Same thing you're going to go down. Pick some flowers. Start to round up one vertebrae at a time.

You're going to give those flowers to the gods. Lifting, lifting, that's it. And hold you showed me your left foot in your right. You're going to step onto the carriage first. Then you'll turn around or you can drop your arm between you do that. Alright, switching sides, so step over to the side.

Then Shimmy your foot over to the shoulder pad. You have to be careful as well. Not to pull from the knees here. It can be hard on the knees if that's what you're doing. Pulling from here, you can pull from in here. All right, stay on top of your hips a little bit forward with your shoulders. Not Too much. There you go. And now go ahead and push out from the center. Burring it back in.

It's really a great inner outer thigh exercise as well as deep, lower powerhouse. And in one more time. This time, you're going to stay out there. Like I said, you can skip these and just bring it back in. Otherwise you can go into this saw. You want to try to reach for that little toe and make sure you round up. No one had just flat, no round your back. Articulate up, center, back out, and then you go to the other side, reach for the Little Toe, crow, your chin to your chest. That's it. Articulate up. Careful not to move the carriage. That's where it gets really challenging.

Center, lift up through here. Bring the carriage back in hold. Same thing with the carriage in, so you're going to saw that's it. Softer and your knees a little bit round up. We'll pull the rib cage in and turn it down. Keep that carriage and nice and still. Then articulate up and center.

Go ahead and Shimmy your right foot in or your left, whichever foot you head over. Step onto the carriage first and then you stepped down. Okay, let's go ahead and finish there today. Nice job here. If you feel good.


Love the classic pilates, I've tried lots of other styles, but always come back to the original!!!
This is a super fun class! Love to do this class because I just got a classical reformer!
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Good pace
Good pace but sketchy (inconsistent) cueing and keeping count.
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I like the class. However I do not have a box and I choose no props and this class uses a box. I could not do the entire class because of the box sequence.
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Lourdes~ Typically, a box will always come as a part of the reformer, so we do not count it as a prop. Kristi has done a tutorial for reformers without boxes that helps to explain how to do exercises if your reformer doesn't have a box. Check it out for some tips.
I really enjoyed this class but also felt like at times the cueing was inconsistent - e.g. spring load. Overall this was a very good workout and I really enjoyed it.
Lovely peace, lovely work, lovely start for a nice day! thank you!
Not my favorite - pacing was off, cueig wasn’t my favorite. But did remind me I haven’t done backstroke in forever. I’ll be adding that back into my classes
Shari L
I love this classical pilates class
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