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Challenging Mat Variations

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Carrie Macy teaches a challenging Mat workout with added variations designed to open up your back and engage your core. Some variations include a Double Leg Stretch into Teaser, Bear Walks, and a "Corkscrew" Teaser, ending with a classic stretch from Joseph Pilates. We hope you enjoy this workout!
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Nov 28, 2013
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All right, you guys, are you ready for math class? Fabulous. Okay. So I want you to actually start down on all fours, slightly different preparation today. So make sure that your risks are right under your shoulders and your knees are right under your hips and do a few cat and cows. So exhale and curl your tailbone under. Look into your belly button. Just open your spine and then inhale, open the chest and reach the head and tail bone to the ceiling.

Arching the back as much as you can. Exhale again, curl into yourself, tailbone and head. Tried to reach each other, your abdominals. Pull up and inhale. Open the chest and go the opposite direction. Tailbone and head to the ceiling. One more time. Exhale, curl in to the, into yourselves and inhale, open through the chest. Let the shoulder blades draw down. Good. And from here, just sit back to a rest position on your heels. Reach your arms as far forward as you can.

So you open up the sides of your body. You can kind of wiggle around and not a little bit and stretch your backs out. Walk both of your hands over to the left side and sit a little more towards your right hip. Just opening in the right quadratus lumborum area into your right hip. And then go the other direction. Walk your hands over to the other side, sitting deeper into your left hip. Beautiful.

And come right back to the center and shift yourself back to all fours. So again, you're lined up beautifully and make your spine now completely straight. Stick straight from your tailbone through your head and then tense your abdominals around that position. Curl your toes underneath you and pick your knees up so your shins are parallel to the floor. Hold this position. Try to move nothing except lift your right toes off the ground.

Good. And then return them and then lift your left toes off the ground and return right foot dominal stay lifted. Good. And then left foot. Try not to shift your pelvis up. Good. And then right foot and left foot and a little quicker. Three more sets, right and left and right and left. One more set right and left. And come. Now lift your hips to the ceiling and reach your heels to the floor and a bit of an elephant position. Very good. Okay, so we will come back to revisit that motion as well near the end.

So walk your feet forward to your hands now all the way up to your hands, bend your knees softly. Roll your spine up and step to the front edge of your mat. Cross one arm over the other, one leg over the other. Now I want you to feel a nice lift through the whole body as you lower yourself with control to the mat. And try not to use your hands unless you absolutely need them.

Very good in the lie yourselves onto your backs and center yourself in the middle of your mat with a flourish of a roll. Beautiful. All right, from here, bend your knees in towards your chest. Give them a nice hug into your body. Lift your head up, look into your abdominals and curl yourself nice and tight. So head in, knees, come close together and then reach your arms long by your sides. Shoot your legs out towards your friends across the room and pump your arms for your hundred. Breathe in deeply and exhale all the air out. Good. Inhale again and exhale. See if you can curl up just a little bit higher and maybe lower your legs a little bit more. That's right. So you have energy across the room, reaching the fingers, reaching the toes. Good. Four more sets.

Breathing in a little stronger arms and exhale the air. Good. Really pumped from the shoulders. Inhale, belly deepen. Exhale all the air. Two more breaths. Inhale and exhale. Go a little stronger. Last one, make it worth it and exhale your air. Bend your knees towards your chest, and then rock forward.

Come up to seated and let your feet just plant where they may exactly from here, your legs will glued together. And I want you to round back just until your elbows straighten. Okay? Then bring both elbows back right underneath your shoulders. Hang out like you're on the beach out there watching the dolphins. Scoop your waist down so you're trying to open up your back and really engage the core here.

Now slide your elbows out from underneath you without moving your torso and reach for your backs of your legs. Good. And then bring your elbows right back under you. Do that again. It seems easy, but it's not really. Slide forward. Hold behind your thighs and slide the elbows right back under you. Continue. This is excellent training. Slide forward for that part of the roll-up. Slide back.

That's the most challenging to get through. Two more. Slide the elbows forward hole. Slide the elbows back. Good. Last time. Slide forward. Hold right behind the thighs deep and into the belly. Slowly lower yourself down, but stop when your shoulder blades touch. Extend your legs long again.

Three more hundreds so the legs reach up on a diagonal. As you pump breathing in, there you go and breathe it out. Hang right into that core. Inhale. Exhale, strong connection of the arms. Make sure the backs of the arms pump strongly beautiful, and then lower your legs all the way down to the ground. Reach your arms over your head. Take a big inhale as you flex your toes.

Exhale, roll up off of the Mat. So round through that spot you found. Reach forward to your toes. Grab your toes on this first one and pull your ribs back in a way from the reach of the heels and then release the feet and roll down into the mat. Slide your tailbone under you towards your heels. Lift your arms up and back behind. Inhale, roll up, round off the mat.

Exhale and dive at forward. Roll back. Pull your ribs in as you rolled down and arms float over your heads. Beautiful. Inhale up. Exhale round and reach toward the toes. And inhale, roll back. Exhale, arms lift. Let's do one more. Roll all the way up and reach forward. Good. And then roll back down. Tailbone slides to the heels, arms lift overhead.

Circle the arms around and lift your right leg straight up towards the ceiling. Holding here, lift your head and shoulders. Reach your palms forward and try to touch your palms just beyond your leg. So if your legs lifted straight up, you're going to lift and touch. Just beyond it right now.

Try to keep the chest open and then hover the other leg off of the mass. So you're in a nice connected position. Your core is working. Circle your ankles a little bit. Reverse the circles. Good. And then put your leg down, your arms, come down on the mat and then your head will rest. But keep the core connection that you have for single leg circles.

Cross to the left. Circle around and up on one. Cross it over, down around and up. Two cross around to lift. Three core stays tight and strong for press the arms and reverse to the right around and up. Good. Open down, across, up. Open around an up. Good around and up. Last time, hold your leg lifted head and shoulders. Lift again, reaching the palms forward. Touch the palms. However the other leg, a couple of inches up. Curling that chest high. Now scissors, switch your legs to the other side. Touch the pump. Scissor switch. So their switch scissors, switch and finish. One more.

Switch and hold here. Breathe here. Pressing the palms, circling your ankles around. Reverse the circle of the ankles. So we take them the mind off the pain and the abdominals here, and then lower your leg. Rest your head and your arms come down and you circle the leg around and up. Good. Cross it over around an app. Breathe the ribs into the mat to circle. That's very nicely Zan. And then reverse the direction. Open across and up.

Make sure this leg on the ground stays still. Your knee faces straight up to the ceiling. One more. And hold your leg lifted. Head and shoulders lift again. This time hold onto your leg with your hands and kind of rock yourself up to seated. Walk your hands all the way up towards your ankle and give yourself a stretch like the tree. So flex your foot and then bring your forehead towards your knee.

Beautiful. Now come to lift your chest and look straight towards your leg. Keep your leg there. Just reach your arms forward across the room to your friend. Find your belly connection. Lift your other leg up so you find a teaser. Lower that first leg down. Hold on to your right leg. Bend forward.

Find that stretch again in towards the leg and then walk down your leg like the tree all the way to the mat and lower your right leg down. Roll up to seated. Move your hips forward for rolling like a ball. So let's get into a nice, tight little ball shape pulled onto your ankles and really dive your head between your knees. So open your legs wide enough that you can get your ears in between your knees. Yeah, pull your heels in. There we go. Inhale, roll back to your shoulders.

Exhale back up. Find your balance. Pause at the top. Good. Inhale, roll back. Exhale round. Back up to balance and hold shoulders out of the years and held back. Exhale up. [inaudible]. Make sure you get up with vigor. Roll back and come right back up. That's it. Two more. Roll back, right back up the last time. Roll back, back up to balance at the top. Keep your right leg where it is.

Hold on to your shins. Extend your left leg and touch your right foot to the inside of your left knee. Do three Rolex balls in this position so you rock back, roll up balance again. We're rock back. Serola balance. It's a little weird, isn't it? We're all back. We're all up in balance. Switch legs, left foot touches, right knee rural back and roll back up to balance. That's right. Roll back.

Try not to move your leg around. Your foot is glued to your knee. One more beautiful. Switch legs again. And now lower yourself with control to the mat for single leg stretch. Pull in one, switch legs, one region two and two. Make sure that elbows are wide and the collarbones are wide. Pull and pull.

Continue in and in. One more each side. Good. Both knees to chest. Take a break for a moment. Rest your head down into the mat. Okay, we're going to do a little combo here. Lift yourself right back up. So three single leg stretches. Same thing, right leg pulls in. Switch legs, left leg pulls in, right leg and left leg. One more set right and left. Now Chris Cross twist to the right and twist to the left and twist and twist and twist and twist. One more each side, twist and two s, bend your knees and rest your head down to the mat. All right.

Same combination with the scissors so your head lifts up. Stretch your legs to the ceiling. Hold your writing goal. Lower the left leg, pulse one to switch it, one to switch it, one to waist is heavy to the floor and oh one, two, and now the criss cross with the leg. Straight, tallest and twist. Good. Rotate and reach and twist. Let's do one more set. Twist on twists. Needs to chest. Rest your head down to the floor and breathe. Good. Hold on to your Shin.

Lift your head and shoulders. We'll go into double leg stretch. Inhale, reach the arms and legs apart. Exhale and all the air out. Inhale, reach. Exhale, hug together. Inhale, expand. Exhale, hug. One more. Reach apart. Exhale it in and hold. Rest your head. Take one more breath. Now a combo of lower lift and teaser. Lift your head and shoulders. Hands go behind your head. Legs go to the ceiling. You lower your legs to 45 degrees. Chest lifts, leg lifts, right up, sorry. Legs back to the ceiling. Oh, that was excellent.

And then the lower your leg. Sorry, that was confusing. Just lift the legs right up. One more time. So head is that. Hold there now lower your legs to 45 degrees. Now reach your fingertips to your toes and roll up to find teaser. Good. Keep your legs there and roll right back down to the mat.

Roll right up to find teaser. Yes. And Roll right back down into the mat. Go to one more. Roll up to find teas or put your hands behind your head. Roll down into the mat and lift your legs to the ceiling. Bend your knees. Rest, or knock for a second. Okay, we'll do one more set of that head and shoulders lift. So we have three lower lifts. Lower the legs down. Pick them up from the tummy.

Lower and reach the legs. Lift them up lower and reach. Lift them up. Good. Lower to 45 degrees. Teaser reached the arms. Roll up to teaser. Yes. And Roll in to the Mat. Roll Up. Reach to teaser. Beautiful ladies. Enroll in scoop the waist. One more. Reach it up, hands behind the head, lower down. Bend your knees into your chest.

Five criss crosses over to the right end, the left en reach. Keep those hits heavy and even in the mat you're almost there. Last set. Bend your knees and rest your head to the mat. Stretch your legs out straight in front of you. Beautiful. It feels hotter in here already.

Take your arms behind you and roll yourself all the way up to seated. All right, great for spine stretch forward. I want you to bend your knees in and hold your ankles. This is to help you lift out of your low back and your abs and not let that go. So stay nice and tall abdominal.

Then pulling as much as you can and actually use your legs to help you lift. Hold that position and release your hands forward. Feel how your core and your low back half to hold you up. Grab your hands, your ankles again, and then lift. Find that connection so you're almost putting a little arch in your lower back. Belly holds in release. Good. One more time.

Hold the ankles sitting up. Nice and tall belly holds in release. And now just scoot your legs out and open them to your normal position. Breathe in. Exhale as you round forward top of the head. Goes right down to the mat. And then inhale, roll back up to the top. Exhale round over. Inhale, roll back up to the top. And exhale as you go forward, your head reaches the ground, but your ribs pull back. Push into me more, more and more there and rule. That's it. One more time. Exhale, dive forward.

Reach your head all the way down, but pull your ribs back and then rule at the lift through your backs. From here, just lean back and lift your legs right to your hands for open leg rocker. Don't worry, you do have enough space. Look at your belly rock back. Stop. Before you get to your shoulder blades. Come back up and balance at the top. Yes. Inhale, rock back. Beautiful. Exhale right back up. Wow.

You're so connected or all back. Very good. Roll up to balance and two more around. Back around, up to balance. Last time, rock back. Rock up to balance. Close your legs together. Reach your fingertips to your toes and roll right down into the mat. Bend your knees to your chest and then extend your legs back out again on the mat. Roll up to seated good.

Open your legs as wide as the mat and then take your arms out wide. We're going to do a little combination here with the SA. Thank you for shifting. Twist to the right round forward. Reach your left hand towards your right toe and really open the ribs to the side. Roll back up to the center, twist to the left side. Go around, forward over towards that foot and rural all the way back up again.

Twist to the right. Exhale all your air out so you really twist around and roll up and twist towards the left. Exhale and round over and then roll up toward the center. Close your arms together and roll down into the mat with control. You're going to come right back up, so don't worry if you're slightly off the mat.

Reach the arms to the ceiling and then roll right back up. Good. Take your arms over towards the right side. Roll down into the mat. So it's sort of like a corkscrew into the mat. Take it to the ceiling over to the left. Roll up the left side, back to the center. Reverse left, roll down. So it's like a seated cork screw around and over to the right side.

Roll up that side center. Reverse again to the right. Roll it down on that right side, around to the ceiling. Up The left side, that's it. And last one to the left. Roll down into the left side of the back. Circle the arms over and around and up towards the center. Close your legs together. Lean back a little bit and lift your legs right to your hands again, just like you did with open leg rocker, but close the legs.

Then release your hands, roll your body down to the mat. Put the arms down, legs to the ceiling. Corkscrew if you are off the mat. Sorry, slide forward. All right, so now we quirk through the upper body. Let's do the legs. So both legs go over to the right. They reach down and around to the left and center to the left. Circle down and around and center. Really press those arms into the right around and all the way up to the left.

Reach through the toes to come up to the right. Again, big reaching circle and to the left all the way down and around and home. Lift your head and shoulders. Reach the legs down to 45 degrees. Fine teas or roll right up to it. Beautiful. And then roll all the way down. Bend your knees to your chest. Give them a nice little hug. Lovely. Extend your legs out straight in front of you and flip over onto let's all face the cameras. So just flip over to face forward.

The back of your body will come to the back edge of your mat and then prop your head on your hands. Yep. And both feet come forward to the front edge of your mat. All right, so we'll go into some sidekicks here. Lift your top leg to the height of your hip. Now make sure the bottom leg is straight and your foot is flex. So the bottom foot flex, and really press that heel into the mats.

Take your leg forward towards your nose. Hold it here, take it a little bit higher, but reach your tail bone back to me. Good. And then reach your leg behind you all the way long and behind you. Reach it, reach it, reach it again to the front. Reach it up to the nose, and then reach your leg all the way behind you again to the front and all the way back. Now a little quicker with your two pulses from and two pulses back and front, front and core. Stay stable. Good. Kick, kick and length and long kick. Front, Front. Beautiful reach back and again, very nice. One more time. Kick, kick and lengthen back. Return your leg to the center.

Good. Turn your leg out so your knee and toes face the ceiling. Kick your leg up to the ceiling and flex and squeeze it down. Take it up and reach it all the way down. See if you can keep going, but keep your lower waist off the mat. As you're doing the kicks to more up, reach it down. One more up. Reach down and hold big circles. Go forward to your nose, to the ceiling and all the way behind you to your nose ceiling, all the way back to the nose, sealing and around.

Let's reverse it. Go back up and all the way to the front. Reach through the leg, reach through the hip. One more big circle all the way home. Very nice. From here, lift your legs and move them back so they're in line with your body. Beautiful. Slide the hand that's on the mat up a little farther towards your chest. Correct.

Press Down with that hand and lift your rest of your body up off of the mat so you're lying on your side. The hand that's on the ground. Slide it up further toward your armpit and then press into the mat with that hand to lift your self up like a side set up and then lower yourself down. Your legs stayed down. They do not move. You lift up and lower yourself down. One more time. Press into the ground to lift and then lower yourself down.

Now your arms reach over your head. Your upper body will stay still. Just lift your legs and lower the legs. Lift the legs and lower the legs. And one more lift and lower. Now lift everything off of the mat, so your legs and your arms. That's right.

Lift up nice and tall. See if you can get just a little more space under that one arm. Beautiful and rest. All right, Tuck your knees in towards you and roll up onto kneelings and yes, come up onto your knees and let's all face in. That's an excellent idea. Alright. Take your right leg out to the side so you guys will have your right leg.

You guys will also have your right leg [inaudible] and take your arms out to either side. Okay, so we'll do some kneeling sidekicks here as well. So you lean over to the side that your leg is not out. Put the top hand behind your head and keep your hips right over your knee. Abdominals in and look straight ahead of you so you're not looking down. Lift your top leg up. I'm sorry, as high or higher than your hip.

And then tap the ground, lift your leg up, hold it up. Bellies, strong, top the ground. Lift your leg up. Hold it circles. Three times one and two and three. Pause for a minute. Everyone puts your bottom hip toward the middle of the room. Reverse three, yes, two and one. Now bring your leg forward to your nose, all the way to your nose and all the way back and behind you and all the way forward to your nose and all the way back. Gorgeous. One more time. Front to your nose. All the way behind you. Go back to the side, place your foot down. Reach your arm to the ceiling. Come all the way up. Good. And then just do a gentle side bend. Place your hand on your thigh, not on your knee as you stretch over towards the side.

Very nice. And then from here, place your hands down in front of you on the map. Come to a plank position. Regular plank. Good. Shift forward just a little bit. Take three pushups here, elbows, hug into the ribs and press up for three. Belly stays strong as you go to one more time, one and then lower all the way down to the mat with control. Very good. Keep your hands by your ribs. We'll do some small ponds here.

Your heels stay tightly pressed together. Shoulders roll back in, down. Hover your hands and inch off of the Mat. Good. Now lift your chest up as high as you can without using your hands. Place your hands back down on the mat and come up a little higher. Use your arms to assist you. Hold here.

Pull your abdominals up higher and reach your toes away from the abdominals. Now squeeze your elbows into each other and see if you can lift your hands and stay where you are [inaudible] and then lower yourself down. All right, let's try that again. Hover your hands off of the Mat. I like asking the impossible. That's okay. Lift your chest up. Okay. Place your hands down on the mat. Now maybe don't come quite as high.

Press yourselves up. But the other key is I want you to squeeze your elbows into each other. So your upper back fires that will help you stay. Lift your hands up, use your upper back, not just your lower back. Much better and lower yourselves down. Okay, so two more. Hover the hands. Lift your chest, place down your hands. Come up a little bit higher.

Press a little more. This time you can do it. Push yourself just a notch. That's it. Now squeezing those elbows. Yes, Amy. Good. The hold. Gorgeous and low. Or last time. Hover your hand, lift your chest. Police down those hands and press yourself up. Up, up. Hold it, hug in the elbows. Lift the hands off the map, and then lower yourself down. Good. And just sit back for a moment. Bottom to heels. Take a little break before we go into the rocking swan. Okay.

Come back to the same position you were just in. Hands by your ribs. Okay, so the rocking Swan, you're all prepped now. Press your hands into the mat, lift your chest up, reach those toes back. Come a little higher and then go shoot the arms forward. As you rock the legs, keep the chest and the legs rocking. Try to continuously rock and then finish levelly sit back onto your heels again.

Let the back take a little moment, Huh? Okay. Come forward for single leg kicks. So first come to your belly like we normally do. Cup One, hand in the other, bring your legs strongly together. And then bend both feet, both legs in. So your heels are trying to squeeze your bottom. So imagine like you're literally getting a cramp in your foot, trying to pull your heels all the way into your glutes. Squeeze it. Yes against that.

Pick your belly up off the floor and open your collarbones. Okay. Keep your hips down. So I want your hips to stay down, but the belly to just engage. So you're getting a stretch in the front of the hips and work in your hamstrings and your glutes. You feel it. All right. Extend just your left leg back. Good and kick twice with the right foot. One, two, switch. One to continue your single leg kicks in to.

But keep all that action happening. The lift of the waist, the reach of the knees, the pole in of the heels. Could you guys keep going? And I just want you to open your chest and maybe smile. Good. And then both legs reach out to straight. Curl your toes under. Come up to forearm plank. Holding your plank here.

Strong abdominals, lift. Glutes are tight. Ribs are lifted. Do your single leg kicks here. Five sets. One, two, switch. One, two and a. One two and a. One two. Good. One, two, one, two again, one, two and one two. Lower all the way down to the mat. Take your hands behind your back and look to the left for double leg kicks. Good. Lift your hands as high as you can up your back so you get a good stretch with the arms. And now bend your knees again.

Keep your squeezing into your bottom just like we did before with a single leg kicks. Lift your belly muscles off the mat. Squeeze your heels in. Tighter. Three kicks, one, two, three. Then extend the legs in the arms and reach. Slide down and kick. Kick, kick and then reach. Now hold here. See if you can lift your legs off the Mat. Your hands off your bottom and lie down to kick. Three, two, one. Lift the arms up and back. Chest peels open.

Lie Down and kick, kick, kick. Reach the legs. Reach the arms. PW. Open the chest. Last one. Oh one, two, three. Reach it all the way back. Back, back, back and release. Good. Sit back again. Do your rest position, Huh? Okay. And you remember the, the exercise we started with. Some people call it a bear.

This little all fours position. I want you to come back to it, but go to the back of your map. Okay. So your toes are curled under, your core is tight, your spine is straight. Pick your knees up off of the Mat. I want you to move your right hand and your left foot a little bit forward. Step, opposite hand, opposite foot step.

Don't move anything else and step. If it's too much, you can just Russ and switch. Okay. And again, you're right. Yeah, it's hard on the breed. And now go back, back and back and back and lower hips, everybody and back. There we go and back. And then rest for a second on your knees. All right, so let's try that again. That was your trial run. Only try to step an inch or two. Yeah, you don't have to go very far. It's very small. All right. So lift, lift to position. Hold. Okay. Right hand, left foot, an inch, left hand, right foot, right hand, left foot, left hand, right foot. There we go again and again and again. And again. Go back, back and back.

Hold your spine straight and back. Core tight. Use that powerhouse. One more each side. And then knees come down. Beautiful guys. Yes, that's the trick. You're absolutely right. Brilliant. Well done. So now let's transition to the other side of the sidekicks, right? Line yourself up with the back edge of the mat.

I think your head goes the other direction. Yes. Um, your head, your head goes the other direction too. But if you're yeah, flip over. Okay. So prop your head on your hands. So when you're lying here just to start your sidekicks, I also want you guys to make sure if I don't move this here is yes, that this side of your waist is lifted. Your ribs and shoulder blade can be down, but I need this connection here.

So the hips are square. Yeah, lift your top leg up length and through that foot and kick your leg forward. Hold it. So you want to bring your toes close to your nose, but reach your hips back a little bit. That should connect you here and then return your leg behind you long, long, long. Keep the reach going back, but pull the belly up, come forward and go back and forward and back. Start the double kicks fronts, fronts, and all the way back and front front. Move this forward a little bit and back there you go. Front, front and press through the foot and front, front, gorgeous.

Reach back to more front, front length and good Liz, that and all the way back. Return Center. Turn your leg out. Kick up now find that waist as you lower down. Point to kick up. Good. Reach it all the way down. Perfect. All the way up and reach it down. Belly strong. Lengthen down. Two more up. Good. One more up. Big circles. Go forward, ceiling and all the way back. Forward. Ceiling all the way back.

Core, tight forward sealing and reverse. Go to the back to the front. Good back ceiling in front. It's a huge big circle around and rests. Move your legs back in line with your body. Okay, good.

So we go back to the side. Sit Up. So the legs are straight. Everything is in one line. This hand slides up a little bit. Make sure though the shoulder doesn't come forward, it's easy to kind of push here, right? Wrap the shoulder back and down. Press the hand and lift and lower. It doesn't matter how high you lift, even if it's here, lift and lower, even if it's just in your mind and lower. Good. I'll lie down. Arms above your head.

Lift just your legs and lower the legs with just the legs and lower the legs. One more. Just the select and lower. Go ahead now with the legs and the arms up. Okay. So now I want you to pay just as much attention to your front abs and your glutes. Good. Now roll to your stomach with control. [inaudible] now pick up the same hip, just rolled over and lift it to the ceiling. That's the key. Again, roll to your belly with control. Now to come back, lift your hip and pull yourself back to, it's almost like sucking in these Slido bleaks.

Try to more roll to your stomach and live. Yes. Better Amy. And one more. Roll tears and lift that hip. Good. And then rest down. Tuck your knees in and come up onto your knees. Yes. So let's face the middle and we'll use your left leg to the side. All right, that's a fun one to practice at home.

Rolling around in the privacy of lean over and place your hand down onto the mat and place your other hand behind your head. Okay, good. Make sure. Yes, your bottom hip is pressing in. Lift your top leg to the height of your hip. Keep your belly connected. Then lower top the ground. Lift your leg up, lower. Tap the ground. Lift your leg up, top the ground, lift your leg and hold three circles up for three and two and one beautiful. Reverse for three and two presses it forward. And one now kick Sorenson. Kick back and kick for run and kick back and really move.

Lay again back. Good. One more front and all the way back. Return your leg to this side. Place your foot down. Reach the arm to come up and do your counter. Stretch over to this side. Beautiful. Place your hands down again onto the mat and step back to a plank position.

And we will do five pushups. Then your elbows alongside and press for five down and press for four down and up for three. Very good form for two. One more. One. Hold. Hold your plank for five counts. Five push your sternum through the shoulder blades. Four lift your belly. Three turn on your thighs. Two. One, lift your hips, Huh? And Walk your feet to your hands again.

All the way up to the front of the Mat. Roll yourself up. And then we sit down again and cross swarm on, arm over the other. And then do the opposite leg, the weird way, and sit yourselves down with control. Lift through the core as you lower. Nice and then lie all the way down onto your backs. Okay, it's teaser time.

I know we've already done some teasers, but we have a few more. Okay, so bring your knees to your chest, raise your head on your shoulders, off the mat. Extend your legs. 45 degrees, arms. Reach the toes. You Roll right up to find your gorgeous teaser. Smile and then roll right down into the mat again. Roll Up, find your teaser and then down underneath with the tailbone, better roll up and hold teaser at the top. Now twist over to the right with your arms roll down the right side of your body. Go over to the left, roll up the left side, reverse that roll down the left side. Go down and around to the right. Roll up the right side again, roll down the right side around the left.

Your legs are just still and peaceful out there and go down to the left side. Roll around and up to the right. Then lift your arms to the ceiling and roll everything down into the mat. Take a breath. Very nice. Now we will do that same thing with the full teaser. Okay, breathe in.

Exhale, fold up into your big tall tees or lift your arms to the ceiling. Plane Teaser, or you just roll everything down with control. Waistband sinks. Again, fold in, half waist down. So let the legs and arms lift. Arms Up. We're all at everything down. You can do it guys. I believe in you. One more time. Roll Up. Find your gorgeous teaser on hold. Good.

Now over toward the right, you're going to roll down on that side. Your legs lower. Circle around and roll up the left. Reverse to the left. Roll all the way down to the right. Roll up there, right to the right, rolling down around and all the way center. One more to the left. Roll down around all the way up. Hold, smile. Lift your arms and roll everything down. Ah, flip over to your belly and swim.

Wouldn't it be nice if it were a real pool or the ocean? Lift everything on Swim. Breathe in and breathe out. Ah, good. Inhale, deep breath. Come on. Lizanne. Get those arms going. Yes, go swim to the dolphins. Higher. Higher, higher. There we go. Last breath and arrested down. Okay. Just breathe there for a moment. You can rest your forehead on your hands.

Okay. Bring your legs together. We have one more little challenge exercise here. Bring your hands by your ribs. Cruel under your toes. You can look up at me if you're wondering what to do. Straighten your knees really straight, tense your abs strongly and I want you to push your whole body up two inches and then lower down the whole body again. Press the whole body up. Two inches. Good. Amy and lower. Yes. Again, one plank of the body. Up and lower. Good.

We're going to do two more. Press up. Hold. You're almost there and lower. Press up and hold and push all the way to plank. Steroid up. Good. Lift your hips. Walk your hands all the way back towards your feet. Very nice.

Let your head hang, but your arms, dingle and then rural yourself all the way up. Very good. Turn to face me. Open your legs nice and wide. You are on the homestretch. Take your arms nice and wide. Good. So I want you to rise onto your toes. The old school Joe Exercise. It's all twist towards this direction. Twist all the way around.

So you're facing away from me and reach all the way to your opposite foot. Yes, exactly. Your front knee bends like Amy is doing. Yep. So you twist all the way around that. That's right. And then undo that. Rotate back around and face towards me and we go the other way. So spin your toes completely around your toes are gonna face all the way.

The other direction. Yep. Going to your toes. Faced that way. This one too. [inaudible] and then undo it. Come all the way back and around and one more to the right. Rotate it around. There you go. And bend this front knee. Yeah. Unreached the hat set and come back up. Exactly. [inaudible] and last time, it's a core challenge to keep in that core. I know it's tired.

We've done a lot of teasers in what not. Bend your front knee right there. There you go. And come all the way back up. [inaudible] once your legs are, why take a big inhale, bend the knees, exhale together. Lift [inaudible] the arm and open. I mean, you guys are my pleasure. Good job.


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Fantastic class, Carrie! Can't wait to try your variations with my students tomorrow
love it love it love it....have I mentioned I love it???????
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It was so wonderful taking a class with you this morning. It was as if I was at Equinox with you again. You're such a wonderful teacher and I look forward to taking more classes with you here! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have recieved my mat certification or found this online website.
I loved your class Carrie! Having you on Pilates Anytime officially today makes it a very, very happy Thanksgiving for me! Thank you!
Challenging and fun! Some really creative ideas I will definitely use. Thank you!
Thank you for watching and taking class, everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!
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I love it too! Super ideas! Nasty Teaser!
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Happy Thanksgiving workout! Thanks Carrie for a challenging and fun mat workout. I especially loved the seated corkscrew, corkscrew teaser and those side lying leg lift to prone grateful for Pilates Anytime and this amazing wealth of sharing of this community.
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Carrie always gives an amazing mat class, I can't wait until she gives some classes on other apparatuses!
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Outstanding. Thank you.
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