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Carrie Macy Samper

Carrie Macy Samper

Carrie Macy Samper has been teaching Pilates for 20 years. Her Pilates career began in 1996 and in 2001, she was certified in by Romana Krysanowska.
Read More Originally trained by Romana Kryzanowska and Bob Liekins, Carrie shares their love and respect for the classical method. Carrie's style of teaching is creative, fun and functional.

Carrie has taught privately in Los Angeles and London. After receiving her second certification from Power Pilates, she joined the Power Pilates Teacher Training team in 2005. She has also managed two Power Pilates studios located inside Equinox Fitness Clubs in Los Angeles. Carrie became PMA Certified in 2007.

In 2008, Carrie and a partner opened BACE, a Pilates and fitness studio. At BACE, Carrie developed a comprehensive Pilates teacher training program that has become the national training program for Equinox. Carrie became the National Pilates Training Manager and Regional Pilates Manager (Southern California) for Equinox presenting workshops for Balanced Body Pilates on Tour, and was a presenter for the Pilates Method Alliance conference. Carrie also became the Pilates model for the Toesox ad campaign.

Currently, Carrie is the Director of Pilates Education for Equinox. She created the Equinox Pilates Teacher Training Program and currently manages that business as well as the continuing education for the Equinox Pilates Instructors.

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