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Mat Precision

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Adrianne takes the students through the intermediate repertoire taking care to explain the detail involved in executing the exercises precisely. This is a good class to take if you have done the basic work and are ready to move to an intermediate level or want more explanation and detail of the intermediate repertoire.
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Mar 28, 2010
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I'm gonna have you actually step to the front of your mat to begin and yeah, you guys can face each other unless you want to turn around and go the other way. It's completely up to you. Yeah, maybe go over here then. Yeah. Um, okay. So I'm going to have you start with your heels together. Your toes apart. You're in your plotting stance. You want the weight towards the balls of the feet, so fairly light on your heels. And at the same time you want to think of squeezing your bottoms and start, begin to wrap the thighs around. So you start to feel the inner thighs working.

Your legs are straight, you're standing tall, not bending the knees. And then you want to think of pulling your navels in and up through your spine. So think of like a rope on the top of your neck, lifting you up, growing taller, making you even lighter on those heels. Good. All right, I'm going to have you end up sitting down. So what I'd like you to do, if you've done this before, you can either cross your arms, cross, excuse me, cross one leg over. The other.

One foot is behind you and you can sit down that way. If that's too difficult, you can just go straight down the knee. So ideally I'd like you to sit down like that. [inaudible] good. Place your hands at your hips and you're going to, if you don't have YouTube, we'll need to move forward. You're going to move your bottoms backwards in, lie all the way down on the mat so you're lying flat, hopefully ended up all the way on your map. Okay. [inaudible] so now that you're lying down, that same kind of stance you were just in, you want your heels back together, Tozer apart, you're still wrapping those thighs around. Good start to get a kind of engagement between the outer thigh, wrapping around to the inner thigh, that energy coming out from the hip, lengthening your legs, and then you want to start working on that power house.

Everything between the shoulders and hips. So think of pulling your navels down into the mat and up, kind of flattening this stomachs, but at the same time, imprinting your spines on the mat. That's what we call your flat back chest, sir. Relaxed, shoulders open. Good. And I'm going to have you guys go into your hundreds. So begin by bringing both knees into your chest, still in your plotting stance. This thing in the way. Okay. Reaching your arms out long.

Let's have you just practice the breathing. The arms are about three to four inches above the hips. You're going to begin to pump the arms up and down. Taking a nice deep breath in for five counts through the nose if possible. And exhale for five counts through the nose.

Deep breath and keep your heads down for just a moment. Just a nice deep breath in. And then exhale, two, three, four, five. Try that one more time. Nice deep breath in two, three, four, five, pumping the arms, two, three, four, five. So restaurants for just a moment we're going to add on. So now that you kind of know the breathing, the arms will go with you.

Take the legs straight up. Start to lower the legs to a level that's comfortable. Lift your arms, lift your head, looking at your belly buttons. Stretch the shoulders down. Nice deep breath in and long breath out. Vigorous arms. Deep breath in. So really get that energy going. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Curl your chins towards your chest. Deeper into the sternums feeder. Soft. No energy in the feet. Lower the legs.

For those of you that are stronger, reach those legs out long and squeeze your bottom. There you go. And deep breath in. Two, three, four, five. Long breath out. Lower your legs, soften your knees and your feet so you're squeezing your bottoms, not your knees. One more set. Deep breath in. Long breath out and bend your knees. Drop your heads, drop your feet. Go ahead and rest. All right, let's have you go ahead and straighten your legs on the mat. Keeping those heels together, toes apart. Back into that wrapping of the thighs, that imprinting in the spine so you don't want any gapping between the mat and your back. So you're really pulling in and up, flattening the backs. Take your arm straight up. I'm going to have you go into your roll up. Alright.

So what I'd like you to do is first think of the back of your next lengthening. So really stretch the back of the neck out long. Begin to lift the arms up. Begin to curl your chins towards your chest, starts to slide your shoulders down. Now start to round up. Still kind of squeezing your bottoms and as you come up, exhale soft feet tight seats. So you want to really squeeze your bottoms, not your feet.

So keep those feet really soft, no dancers feet and start to round backwards. And as you go down, keep your chins towards your chest, articulating one vertebra onto the mat at the time. Last thing down is your head. Okay? Everybody did pretty well. So now that I saw everybody do it, I'd like you to go a little bit faster. So heels together. Start with your arms.

If your arms are all the way behind you, there shouldn't be a gap in your back. You want to get those spines down. Otherwise. If that's too challenging with the arms behind you, take the arms to 90 degrees. Here you go. You're going to take a nice deep breath in. Begin to lengthen the back of your next, drop your shoulders, push into your sternums and exhale, so Naval the spine.

As you come up round over to your knees as you round your bottom should still be wrapping. You should still be squeezing and rapping and scooping and start to round back down one vertebra at a time. Last thing down is the head when your head touches begin to come up. Nice deep breath in. So now we're adding flow. Exhale all the way over, shoulders down, wrap the thighs articulating on the down and deep breath in. Come up.

Exhale. Okay. Relaxed shoulders, not tensing so you're not reaching with the arms you're reaching. By pulling your navel to your spine and exhale, come up all the way over. [inaudible] between your knees. You've got more flexibility. Drop your shoulders, squeeze here and keep that scope good, and then start to come back down.

Two more. Careful not to lock the knees. Those stays soft. Pull in as you come up. That's the hardest part over, come back down to rest. And last one. So there was no momentum involved here. It's all articulation.

Drop your chin so you're not straining your next good and then start to come down. You'll stay down. Okay, bring your right knee into your chest, give that leg a stretch, and then you're going to take your leg up. You want to think of that right? Like stretching out of the hip, up to the ceiling. Then you want to keep those hips really still, still maintaining that flat back. So you're telling me these are in your spines are down.

You're going to begin to circle your leg. And as you circle, your hip should stay perfectly still. You might even put your thumbs on your hipbones to make sure they're not rocking. Rolling. The accent is up. So think of your big toe going up to the nose five times last circle. Now reverse that five times. Circle down around and up. For more challenge. You can go lower and then lift accented up three and up four and up five.

Good. Bend your knee. Get that leg stretch switch legs. So first she gave you like a stretch always, and then you'll take your leg up again. The you're always opposing, so you're reaching out of the hip as that like circles. So you're reaching up. As you're circling. Ready, go ahead and begin to circle one up to the nose to accent up. Three up, four. Stretch the right leg out at the same time. Five reverse one.

Both lakes still to excuse me, I'm sorry. Your right leg. Still. Three, four, and five. Bend your knee and get the leg a stretch. Go ahead and sit up. Put your hands at your hips. You'll lift your bottom. Sit at your heels. You're going to grab onto your ankles and drop your heads. If it's your first time rolling like a ball, hold onto the thighs, but we're going to go into a rolling one hand on each ankle. Head between your knees. You're in a seat curve.

You want to try to find your balance by taking your feet off on the mat and try to keep your heads between the knees the whole time. So you're going to take little basket. You really rounded those rounded by pulling backwards and begin to roll. Inhale, go back. Probably not going to rule cause I've got this thing on me. Exhale. Roundups so you shouldn't hop up. Inhale on the back.

Exhale on the up. Shoulders. Now inhale back. Exhale up. Only rule to the tips of the shoulders. So control the rule going backwards. You don't want to roll too far back either. And two more. Inhale on the back. Exhale round up. Weigh in here. Drop your chin.

Drop your shoulders around. Back here. Scoop deep breath in and now around. Good. Drop your feet. Place your hands down by your hips again, you're gonna lift your bottoms and stretch backwards. They're going to lie back down. Okay. Bring your right knee into your chest. We're going into your single leg stretch part of your stomach series.

This is also coordination exercise, right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee. The left leg is reaching out. If you've done this a million times and know this, you can just go right into lifting the leg. Otherwise, I like people to bend their left knee in first and then take the leg up. Begin to lower that leg to comfortable level. Nice strong spine. So don't go too low that you lose that powerhouse. You want to maintain it.

So the higher the leg, the more support the lower the leg, the less support, unless you've got it. All right, begin to lift your heads and looked at your stomachs, scooping your tummies. Squeeze your bottom. Stretch that left leg out long and begin to switch and hold lefthand left ankle. So outside hand is on the ankle. Left hand, left ankle. Good switch, right hand, right ankle.

Bring the knee to the ear and switch. Stretch the leg out long and keep pulling in as deep as you can. And switch and switch. Left hand, left ankle, right hand, right ankle. And now let's go into it for fast. Switch one switch one. Curl your chest up. So chins, chest five and [inaudible] and last one right and left. Bring both knees in, dropped your heads, keeping your heels together toes slightly apart.

We're going to go into your double leg stretch at any point. You're next. Get tired. Just put your heads down. But continue with the arms and legs. You're going to lift your heads and look at your stomachs, and at the same time your legs go out. So do your arms. So arms and legs go out. Nice. Deep breath in. Stretch. Exhale, circle the arms and grab onto the ankles. Inhale as you go out to breathing. Exercise. Exhale, come in, keep your gaze on your belly button. Inhale, stretch. Exhale en, continue stretch out. Long. Squeeze in, wrap the thighs, come back in.

So one side is reaching out as the other side is reaching the up opposite out. N N. inhale, hold it out there. This time. Curlier chins. Do your chest more curl. There you go. And an exhale. Come back in. Inhale out a little bit higher right there, and exhale. Come back in. Two more. Nice deep breath in. Stretch back. Exhale, bring it in. Last one. Nice. Deep breath and stretch and all together. Rest your heads.

Okay, have you take one leg up. Let's have you take your right leg up. You can walk up as high as you want. I start on my calf and then I'll lift up. Okay. Take your left leg out. Add your head's called your scissors or single leg pull. The higher you reach the more stretch, but you don't want to pull so much with the arms. You want to lift your chest, curl your chin towards your chest.

So powerhouse really scooped Paul's that right leg towards you. Two times. Pull, pull, scissor. The legs will pull as you switch. Squeeze your bottom. Pull, pull and switch. Pull, pull pool and continue pool. Now reach for your ankle. Oh, that's it. Cool. Pool and switch scooping in as you transition.

Pool pool to clear pulses. Pools. That's it. Push your shoulder wings down and pull one more set. T tiger, right, right, left, left, and bend your knees. Drop your heads. Okay. This time I'm going to have you take your hands behind your heads. Okay.

You're going to take both like straight up, zip up the legs like one long leg. You zip them up. You want to take your head blinked in the back of your neck and start to curl your chins towards your chest. Look at your belly buttons. Chips of the shoulders should be on the mat. So you want to really lift up even higher.

Curl into yes, hold that now, lower the legs about two inches or three and then come back up. You can really go as low as you want with those legs. As long as you're not gaffing your spine a little bit down, more than the up. Come up and push your belly button back in a little bit down. Stop and come up. Excellent. That's it. I'm going to let go. Keep the tips of the shoulders on the mat.

Really work on that popping up so your backs don't pop up and down. They still stay really still and then work on the stretch straight up. Okay. And no, no, no. In other words, reach out of the hip. Long legs, not pointing, reaching with bone from the hip out and bend your knees. Okay. Still with the hands behind your head, you're going to go into your crisscross. So Bruton from your knees are still in. You'll take your left leg out, lower it down, make sure you have support.

So if that back is not supported, lift your leg up a little bit. Hair good. Then you're going to take your opposite elbow. Go to tap the knee. You could go down here and then you want to tap the knee way over here and switch. Whoa, look at that. Back elbow and stretch. Open up your side. Yeah, I'm Colin right about there. Go ahead and switch. Hold, hold, hold, switch, hold, hold, hold. The recounts that come up. One to tap the elbow. Three, one to tap. Three. One, two, tap three each time tried to tap that knee. One, two, three. One, two, stretch. Three look towards that.

Back elbow still and one, two, three. Now three fast and one and one to keep your hips still. Two, three and three rest. Okay. I'm going to have you guys sit up. Lean to your spine, stretch. Both feet are flexed a little bit wider than the mat.

You want to sit as tall as you can and take both arms straight in front of you, energy out of the heels, knees, or saw lots of flexing happening. So really pull your toes to the back towards your knees. Sit as tall as you can and squeeze your bottoms. Take a nice deep breath in. Drop your head and start to exhale. Think of the head going between the arms as you round, scooping down. Go as low as you can.

The goal is to get the crown of your head on the mat without your tailbone lifting with you. So still squeeze your bottoms and then start to come up. Stack one vertebra on top of the other instead of tall arms. Come back up, shoulder height, squeeze your bottoms, nice deep breath in and grow tall like you're lifting up and over beach ball. Exhale, and then start to come up. Lots of energy as as heels. So keep flexing, make sure your feet don't roll out and deep breath in.

And there you go. And exhale as low as you can. Drop your shoulders, not so you're not stretching with the arms. You're pulling into that powerhouse Naval in. Go ahead and come back up. And last one. Nice deep breath in. Squeeze your bottoms. Grow tall and exhale. Keep flexing those feet though. Really push those heels out.

Wrapping here. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Good. Now you've got the stretch and then come back up tall. Okay, I'm going to have you move in towards your feet to move in front of your mat. Good. So you're still on your mad, but do you want to be able to have some room behind you? Cause I'm gonna have you roll again. Open your feet a little bit about shoulder width apart.

You're gonna hold on to the back of your calves. OpenLink rocker. First I want you to just find your seeker. So your heads are down, your shoulders are rounded, your stomachs are in, your hips are kind of tucked. Then you're going to try to find your balance. So you'll take both feet off of the mat. You're holding onto the back of the calves. So Wendy, hold onto the back of your calves. Yeah. All right, so heads are down. You're in your seat.

Gonna just start to roll here and then we're going to challenge that in just a second. So keep your chin to your chest. Go ahead and roll back. Inhale back. Exhale, come up, find your balance and then sit as tall as you can. Good. Do that again. Find that seeker. Inhale round, back. Exhale. Round up. No hopping. Good. Find your balance. Sit up tall. Now we're going to add a challenge.

You want to try to straighten the legs as much as you can. Go to where you can and keep lifting your backs. Now see curve. Inhale, go back. Chin towards your chest. Look at your belly button. Exhale, round up. Find that balance. Sit up tall. When you round back, only go to the tips of the shoulders.

So don't go back so far that you feel the top of your shoulders. Chin to the chest. C curve. Inhale, round back. Exhale around, back up. Find your balance and not too wide. Then sit as tall as you can. Bring your knees, legs in a little bit, so not so wide. [inaudible] round your back. See curve. Good. I'm going to let go. Control that. Go back and then right through your center. Come back up and find the balance.

Lift your back to more C curve, so not so wide with the legs. [inaudible] more challenging. Inhale, go back. Exhale, come up, lift your back, open up your chest. Soft feet. Good. Last one seeker. And I'm gonna let go. Go back. Come on up. Lift. And that's enough. Go ahead and lie down on your backs and then move backwards again just to get your placement right on the mat. Okay, so those can get really fancy. All right, go ahead and bring your knees into your chest and we're going to start small here. They're your corkscrews. And then we're going to probably add on, take both hands at your side.

Take both legs straight up like one long leg. You've zip them up. So heels are glued together and you're turned out, you're going to circle your legs to the right, down around to the left. Center, back out, and hold. When you circle, the leg should be really long and your hips should be very still. Now go the opposite. Go left down around center hold again.

Circle to the right. So you're reversing that. Don't let your hips move. Don't tense your shoulders. Try not to use your arms left around and center and no hip movement. Don't let your left hip move and center. So let's just reach your legs really long. That's it.

It's fine if the heels come apart and around and center. And one more time around and center. Bend your knees for just a moment. Grab onto your thighs. Okay, same movement. I saw a lot hip movement there. When you're moving, those hips have to stay perfectly still in just the legs are moving. It's very difficult not to let that happen. All right, take your leg straight up, hands back at your side and circle to the right down around, back to center.

Don't let your heel shift and then take your legs and lift just the first four vertical off the mat. So lift your bottoms up just a little bit and control the rule coming back down. And really be conscious of your heels, not shifting. Now go to the left around center and a little bit lift and then control it down and you're trying not to push with your arms. And now to the right around and center and lift and left around and center and lift. One more set to the right around center.

Lift left around center. Lift and control it. Bend your knees. Go ahead and grab onto your thighs and give yourself a little stretch by pulling the legs in. Good. And then we'll go ahead and sit up and open up the feet again. Flex. Good.

Take your arms to the side. Do you want to sit as tall as you can on top of your hips for your saw so you might have to space yourself out? Yeah. Good. All right, so both feet are flexed again, lots of energy out of the heels. So toes are pulling back to the knees, but you're not tempting the knees. You want to stay tall and you're going to turn to the right as you turn. Don't let your feet shift. Keep them still.

Now take your pinky and you're going to try to soft your little toe on your right foot. Then give your nose going to your knee. And as you do that, don't let your left hip lift. Sit on it. Good and keep scooping. That's it. And then slowly start around, back up, stacking one vertebra back on top of the other. Center out. Check your feet, make sure they're not rolling around, they stay lined up with your knees and hips go left. Reach for the toe. This is where your hips gonna want to go with you. Keep it still. Keep pulling it back and sitting on it and then come back up and center. And then we're going to go a little bit faster and turn and reach and up and center. Enter. Keep flexing. Reach up. Centre.

Laugh. When turn to each side. Breach, uh, center entered, stretch up and center. Okay, I'm going to have you guys lie on your stomach's next. Yes, it turnover. You lie on your tummies. Legs are straight, your feet are together ideally and your hands are underneath your shoulders. So palms are on the mat and elbows are into the ribs. [inaudible] yeah. Okay. Going into a neck roll first, you're gonna push into the palms and come up. Come up to where you're comfortable.

If you can come all the way up without feeling any pressure on your back, do so otherwise, just come to the elbows. Keep lifting your stomach's though. It's it really. Now your lower backs really need to be supported. So lift your stomachs up so the hips are kind of off the mat and you kind of squeeze your bottoms and push your hips down. Good. You can take your right. You're going to look right. Roll your heads down, massaging the neck. Look left. Look center. Make sure that your shoulders aren't moving when your neck moves.

So look left down around to the right look center and one more set. I'm going to come all the way up. You can if you want to look right, shoulders or down. Round. Look left. Look center. Look left down around to the right look center and lie back down.

Now come up up onto the elbows and make a fist with each hand. And here it's really important your back, you'll just sit in them unless you really lift. So you get to lift them up. So your hipbones are off the mat really lifted and you're still squeezing your bottoms. Shoulders are down next or long. You can take your right heel and kick your bottom two times. Kick, kick and switch as you kick. Don't collapse the backs. Keep your tummies lifted and right kick, kick and left. Kick, kick, kick, kick.

This is a stretch for the top of the thigh and a bottom strengthening exercise. And one more left kick, kick line. All the way down, both hands behind your back. Clasp your fingers and drop your heads. So have you, um, yeah. Place your left cheek on the med heels are together. You still kind of squeeze your bottoms, push your hips down so you're flattening the spine again and you're going to take your feet and kick your bottom three times. One, two, three. Drop your feet, take your hands, slide them down.

You're going to start to lift your heads and stretch backwards and then you switch cheeks, hands, come back up. I'm going to come around and check three kicks and kick. One, two, three and stretch. Make sure when you stretch that you don't crunch your neck. Your forehead should point straight down. That's a little bit longer. And then switched cheeks and kick. One, two, three, stretch. Good. [inaudible] there you go. And sweet cheeks kicking. One, two, three, stretch back. Try to touch those heels. Your feet are on the mat.

Way up here. Drop your forehead a little bit. That's enlist your stomach. Good. And that's enough. Go ahead and sit back on your heels. Just stretch back. Good. Just like a child's pose. [inaudible] and then turn around. I'll have you guys lie back down on your backs like you did in the beginning. Legs are long but hip with the part this time and flexed.

You're going to take your hands behind your heads. We're going to start. I'm actually going to have you guys start with your knees bent. Let's start that way and then we can always add on. All right, so your elbows are wide, your next are long, your backs are anchored, so you really flattening them out, pulling up. You're going to first start to round up. Exhale, I want you to try to come all the way up. If you can't, you can reach for your thighs round over to your knees and then sit up as tall as you can. Good. And then you're going to start around backwards. So you start from the lower back. So lower spine, tuck your chin towards your chest or up your shoulders. Keep the elbows wide.

Middle spine, upper spine. Last thing down is the head okay. If that was challenging enough, keep it that way. Otherwise I'm going to have you straighten your legs, feet flexed. Most of you can keep your go ahead and straighten your legs. Feet flex. Nice. Deep breath in. This is an articulation exercise, so no momentum. Nice deep breath in. Keep scooping, exhale. And if you felt like you had to jerk up, that meant it was too hard and you should bend your knees for now. And then you can always add on later as you get stronger. Curl your chins, your chest and begin to lie back down. Follow that spine, walk right through the center and now we're going to go a little bit quicker.

Nice deep breath in and exhale all the way over. Sit up as tall as you can. Flex your feats cause this is a lengthening exercise and start to round back down. Of course, if your knees are bent, you can keep your feet flat only if the legs are straight. Flex your feet. Three more. Nice deep breath in. Peel off the mat, keep scooping in over. Sit up tall and then round back down.

Good to as soon as your head touch the men. I want you to try to round back up. Exhale over. Sit up tall and exhale to go down. Good flex, flex, flex. Exhale, come on up. Sit up tall. Go ahead and hinge back, Christie, stay tall, add that hinge and then tuck on during. Lie down.

Okay enough, I'll have you guys lie on your left side per some sidekicks. You want to line yourself up with the back of the mat so that your hips are lined up with the back of the mat as well as your shoulders. Again in that flat position with your spine hip on top of hip, shoulder on top of shoulder, you can rest your head on your Palm or you can lie all the way down. Ideally we want you up on your elbow. Good. And all the way down though. [inaudible] alright.

And your right hand is in front of you to remind you to keep those ribs pulled in so your stay flat and long. Good. And it's also there for support. Swing your legs forward so you're in a V or a boomerang position. Both legs are forward, good hip stays on top of hip. You're going to start with your right leg up at hip level. So take your leg to hip level. So not very high.

Everything in [inaudible] is about lengthening and strengthening. You're working from the hip to the top of the knee, so from the knee to the foot, it's relaxed. It's really in that bottom area that you're working. All right, so you're going to take your right leg and kick two times forward, little kick, then big kick. And then you'll take the leg and take it backwards. And as you go back, it's a stretch. So you're stretching out of the hip, long spine to squeeze your bottom kind of Christian. Yes. And now kick, kick forward. Little kick, big kick up to the nose and then control it back in.

Lengthen the leg and kick. Kick front. Swing it back for more. Kick. Kick front. Control it back. Three kick, kick and hip on top of hip. Really reach out though. When you go back to more stretch long, long, long, even longer. Yes. And to kick, kick, front and back. And last one.

Knees are soft. Kick, kick and come back up the leg on top of the other leg. The right leg is back on top of the left. Take that right leg back up, hip level, going into your up and downs. Keep those ribs pulled in. Navel in. You're going to start to take your right leg up towards the ceiling. And as your leg comes down, this is where you want to lock the knee. You want to stretch out of the hip, reach out long, squeeze your bottom good.

All the way down, heel to heel, and take the leg up, reaching the leg out, stretch, stretch, stretch. So as it comes down, you really are reaching [inaudible]. Take the leg up and reach. Squeeze your bottom as though there's a, you're cracking a Walnut between the inner thighs and take the leg up. So there's some resistance on the down and it's really from in here. Good inner thigh and bottom. Two more. Squeeze and stretch. Good. That adds the length. Last one and rest.

Okay. Take your leg up again. Hip level. Good, huh? And then you're gonna circle a leg five times. Think of the knees kind of brushing together to hip stays. Still. Powerhouse. D solid. Three, four, five. And then reverse it. Brush your knees together. Two, three. Yeah. And then you'll get more in your hip. Four and five and rest.

Okay. Good. Feel you should feel a little bit in your hip there. All right, let's have you crossed that right leg over. Can grab onto your ankle here. Good. All right. You're going to take your left leg, reach it out long and begin to lift it up and then lower one more time. Lift it up and lower and then I'll have you circle it two times, two little circles. One, two, and then big ones is high as you can. One up and around, two up and around three and then reverse two little circles. One, two, and then big up and around. One, two, three and rest. Both legs on top of each other. Take that right leg up. PIP level again. Sure, I've got enough room. Okay.

You're going to take your heel and tap it in front of the other foot five times. So light little taps with the heel. One soft feet though. Two, three, four, five accents the leg up, five little taps behind you. Keeping the hips on top of each other. Your hips will want to roll. Two, three, four, five and accent up. Now we're going to get a little bit faster for taps. One, two, three, four up and one, two, three, four, up three one, two, three up. One, two, three. Up to one, two up, one, two, up.

Hard to keep up and one up and one up and rest. Okay, I'll have you guys lying. Your stomachs Palm on top of Palm. Forehead on your hands. Legs are long. Think of the legs reaching out long. So you're really getting that length. Your spines are kind of flattening again.

You can take both feet off the mat so your knees are off. You're really stretching the legs out and you clapped the heels together for 20 counts and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and now 10 past 10, nine eight, seven, six. Keep that link. Toughening flats three, two, one and rest over to the other side. So now you're lying on your right side. Left leg is on top, hip, on top of hip, shoulder on top of shoulder, next or long. So your gaze where you're looking should be straight forward.

Good. Make sure you're lined up at the back of the mat. So check the mat, make sure your shoulders are there, your hips are there, let your shoulders need to go back more. [inaudible] and then you want to fill this in. Get those ribs together. Okay. Take your leg up. PIP level. So here. Good. Well not quite sure. Well she was, she was rolling. You weren't.

And then you're going to start to kick that leg forward to kicks for a little kick and big kick and then get the stretch back. So get the control on the bat. Go back, reach out, squeeze your bottom, push your hips forward more, not that way. Right here. Squeeze. Squeeze, squeeze. Yes. And kick. Kick, front and back. So continue, kick, kick and that three more little kick. Big kick. Here you go. Front, kick, kick, front and bring it back to and kick. Kick, front and back. One more time. Kick, kick, front and back. Rest your leg on top of the other. Going into those, up and down. Trying to get you guys all coordinated and at the same time. All right, take your left leg up. Hip level. Yes.

Rotate your knees a little bit towards the ceiling. So you're kinda turned out theater soft knees are soft. You're going to start to take that left leg straight up towards the ceiling and as you go down, squeeze your bottom, squeeze those inner thighs. Really squeeze good and up. Now soften your feet. When you do that [inaudible], you should actually feel a stretch through this side. If you're getting the length as well. So you stretch out of the hip, make that left leg longer than the right reach retreat.

You should feel it down here and up and reach two more up and reach them. I'm going to give you a little resistance. There you go. There's the mussels and one more time up and reach. Rest your leg. Getting ready for those little circles. You'll take your leg up, hip level again, rotate your knees slightly towards the ceiling again. Okay, just hip level though with the leg and then you're going to circle the leg five times. That's it and one and two, three, four. Keep your knees soft, five and reverse. You'll find if you soften that knee, you'll feel it more. Two, three, four, five, and resident's harder to control. Okay. Cross the leg over, grab onto the ankle, take your right leg and reach it out.

Start to lift the leg up and then lower it again. One more time, up and lower. And then you're going to take it up and circle little, two little circles. One not letting anything roll as you're moving. And three big ones up and around. One, two, three, reverse it. Two little circles. One, two, and then three big ones. One, two, three, rest of the leg, both legs on top of each other, getting ready for your hot potatoes where you tap the heel in front of the other foot. Five counts. So first, take your leg up, PIP level.

Make sure your chests are open, your left shoulders back, not ruling them forward. And then you're going to take that left heel and tap in front of the other foot five times. So in front, and now tap one, two, three, four, five, accent up. And now five back, one to keep your stomach lifted. Three, four, five, and ups. Four. One, two, three, four. Up behind. One, two, three, four, up. Three, one, two, three, up. One, two, three. Up. Two, one, two, up. One, two, up, one up, one up.

Last set up and up the rest of the leg. Go ahead and lie back onto your backs. Okay. Get yourself centered again. Alright, you're gonna bring bend your knees.

Get me to move this and I'm going to have you guys, let's see. Slide your feet a bit forward, but keep your feet together, knees and feet together. Okay. Alright. Take your right leg extended out long, but keep those knees glued together. Go ahead and show me your left foot out a little bit more, not too much, but enough to where you feel like you have support. Take both arms up, going into a single leg teaser.

Really think of that articulation when you come up. So you want to first start with the crown of your head. You want to think of it lengthening the back of your neck. Start to lift your chin up, look at your belly button. Feel the tips of the shoulders on the mat, and then start to curl up.

Come up to where you can without that left foot moving. If it moved, it means you didn't pull in enough. And then you want to sit up as tall as you can and then you're starting to round back down. Curl your Chin's one vertebra at a time and rest. So take a nice deep breath in and exhale, come on up. Nothing should move. You don't want that left foot to move, stretch forward.

Sit as tall as you can and then articulate back down one vertebra at a time. Make sure your knees stay glued together, that the right foot isn't moving right. Like you can take your arms all the way back as long as you're not arching. So keep those backs down solid and now a little bit faster. Nice deep breath in. And exhale, reach for the toes, reach for the ears and curl down. And last one, nice deep breath and exhale to the toes, to the ears and lie back down. Rest your leg. You should have felt some work, a little bit of everywhere. And now you're going to switch legs.

So the left leg is up both arms or back or up where you have the sport. Take a nice deep breath in. We'll do three fairly slow medium flow here, and then sit as tall as you can and then round back down. So make sure your knees stay together, that that left leg isn't moving and only come up to where your right foot doesn't move. So if that foot is moving, you've come up too high. Just go to where you can reach for the ears and then lie back down.

And now we're going to add two quick ones. So nice deep breath in. And exhale, lift and round. And exhale, come up, lift and lie back down. And rest. Go ahead and drop your left leg. Go ahead and bring both legs and give them a little stretch.

And then I'll have you guys sit up, grab onto the inside of the legs for your seals. Your heads will drop. Okay, good. And then when you're going to round again into that C curve, so your heads are down, shoulders are down. Navels her in and you're going to try to clap the feet. Heels together. Three times. One, two, three. You roll back to the tips of the shoulders. One, two, three, come up. One, two, three, back. One, two, three, up. So really control how far back you go.

Keep the gaze on your belly buttons. One, two, three, back. One, two, three, up. Three more. This is also a centering exercise to make sure you're right in the middle of the body coming up in centered on your mat. And two more. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three. F, keep your chin down. Two more. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three, up. Last one, one, two, three back and one, two, three. Up and place your feet down. Two ways to get up here. You can either just stand up, but if you feel like you want to try this, you can. You can cross your legs, cross your arms.

Are you going to try to stand up without using your hands? Pretty good? Okay, that's fine. All right. Heels are together. Toes apart. I'm going to have you guys turn around going into some pushups, so you two will want to move back. Cursed [inaudible]. Take your arm straight up, lengthening not this, not arching good. And you're going to walk down the legs. Keep the weight on the toes.

As you round down [inaudible] place your hands on the mat and you're going to walk yourself out into a pushup. These do not have to be super big. It's really about you supporting, pushing up your body weight and not just moving your arms. So you're in one straight line. Drop your hips a bit, squeeze your bottoms, and then you bend the elbows and push up without collapsing those backs. You're not doing this. Your powerhouse is lifted. The stomachs are lifted.

You want to try to skim the elbows on the ribs and lift. So keep in mind trying to keep those ribs together a little bit. Down and up. One more time. Little bit down. Really still this up school, school, school. That's it. And then stop. Stay up there. Walked back to your feet. Good.

You're gonna walk your hands back up the legs articulating up. Wait is still towards this toes. Take both arms up. Nice deep breath in. Last set. Exhale. You can walk back down, walk back out into those planks. I'll just check you guys. They give those elbows coming into the ribs and down. So we tried to do three to five and one elbows in. Yes, there you go. One last one, and then you walk back to your feet. That's enough. Drop your head and walk back. Now this time don't come up quite so quickly.

Really work on the articulation and think of your hits on top of your ankles to roll up. It's very difficult. So if I were to stand here, you wouldn't want to touch me. Yeah, pretty good. Good. Very good. That's articulating your spine. All right. Take both arms up. Take a nice deep breath in. Exhale, shake yourselves out. You guys are all done. You're done.


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