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In November 2013, Pilates Anytime had a field trip to our studio as a pre-conference event for Balanced Body's Pilates on Tour. Our guests were Kathy Herrington, Sabine James, Tracy Matosich, Kathy Proietti, and Denise Shaw. Adrianne Crawford teaches a Spine Corrector workout to these ladies which includes some challenging Teasers, leg exercises that stretch and strengthen, and much more.
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Dec 28, 2013
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Well afternoon. I'm majoring, I'm going to be teaching a spine corrector today and I'd just like to say if you get to an exercise that is little too challenging, feel free to leave it out and join us. On the next exercise I'm going to actually have you start in front of the barrel, so let's do that. I'm going to get up here to help demonstrate and we're going to sit right in the seat of it. Both feet are going to be firmly planted, heels together, toes apart in what we call quality stance. We're going to begin with our arms forward and we're going to slowly bring ourselves back. As you go back. Where you're trying to do is pull on the navels, curl the hips. You're going to stop just midway. We're not going all the way back, has there so far and take a deep breath in and round.

Exhaling coming forward to sit up tall, so we're just warming up. Keep our eyes forward, take a nice deep breath in. Reach the arms out long. Drop the shoulders, suck in the stomachs and exhale and left. Let's do three more. Begin to round back. Pull the Naples in towards your spine. Stop at the tips of the shoulders. Bring yourself forward. Sit up tall two left back, curling in, forward and lift last time during it back.

Warming forward and stretch your back. Lengthen this size. Now we're going to add a step to this. We're going to go all the way back this time, but as you start to go backwards, we're gonna straighten the leg. So begin to round yourselves back. Chins towards chest. Start to extend the legs out long. Take the arms all the way back. Let your heads drop behind you.

Take a nice deep breath in, arms up, hurl your chins towards your chest. Like a roll up. You're pulling in. Kind of bend the knees as you come back up and sit up tall. So now that we know what we're doing, let's keep going. Start to round back. Curl the hips, stretch the leg, wrap the thighs.

Once you're back there, really let your shoulders relax your neck. Relax. Take your arms up, curl your Chin's up. Keep squeezing your seats, sucking in your navels and bend the knees and stretch forward. Three more. Start to go back. Long legs. Open up the chest, let the backs lengthen. Keep pulling the rib cage down. Come back up.

Then the knees sit up tall. Two more cert to stretch back. Long, long legs. Think of your body really reaching from the tips of the fingers away to the ends of the toes. So you're stretching comes back up. Bend the sort of tall last time coming back. Stretch the legs. Reach the toe the way. Reach the fingers the way.

Stretch your side and breathe up. And now we're going to take our hands, place them on the barrels, lift your bottom and move yourself forward. So you're half on, half off. You're kind of sitting on the bones of the hips and you're going to move your feet forward. And we're going to start to rock ourselves back so that you're against the back of the barrel. So you've got the space between yourself and the barrel. Now in that position, we're going to bring our knees into our chest.

We're going to go into our hundreds. You're gonna reach the legs out, stretch the arms out long, lower the legs who are comfortable level where you don't feel any strain and begin breathing. Inhaling and exhale to stretch the legs away and keep pulling in turn table 25 I'll go ahead and challenge yourself. Let those legs drop a little bit, but keep reaching them, activating those hips and the powerhouse I should. That's more like 40 isn't it? And for keep the heels together. Tension out of the knee, tension out of the toes. All in that coming more. Five out, two more. Five out five.

One more time for buy out or five. Slowly bring the knees in. Lower the feet down. Now that you're in this position, let's move a little bit further down, but comfortably where you feel like you're still have, you still have support underneath you. Legs are long, you're gonna stretch back. It's just a bigger stretch. Once you're here, make sure your backs are not Archie, that you're pushing those ribs down. Take a nice deep breath in and just the arms lower down and open up the chest.

Lift the shoulders drop. If you feel tension in your neck, just drop your Chin a little bit toward your chest. Stretch the arms, deep breath, men head stayed down, just the arms. Exhale. Now you could do this with arm wave or just a bar. You can reach the arms away from you. Pull the ribs down, taking a nice deep breath in. Squeeze your seats and Exhale, opening up and broaden the chest tumor. Inhale back. Exhale and last one, try to keep your body's long and those ribs and tummy types of the ribs are down. Now we're going to put our hands on the barrel.

We're going to crow our chins toward your chest. Bend your knees and slide backwards. Get yourself comfortable and say the seat. We're going to go onto our teasers next so that Bernice together our feet together rather, or knees apart. I'm going to bring the knees in. You might have to shoot me a forward just a little so you have just a slight gap between your back and the barrel and you're going to extend the legs out.

We're going to reach our arms forward. Work now, lower the leg. Lift the legs three times one. Try to stay tall. Try to stay broad in the chest too, and hold three. Drop the leg. Drop your arms. You're going to stretch all the way back. Take a nice deep breath in. Lift the arms loose your head. Exhale, come up into a teaser. Arms come up the legs come up, reach tall to the ceiling and bring yourselves down.

Arms will follow. They followed down. They stretch back. Three more. Arms Up, heads up. Reach for the toes. Reach for the ceiling. Lift your backs. Bring your arms down. Bring your legs down, articulate your spine and stretch. Two more. Bring yourselves up. Reach for the toes, reach for the ceiling. Try to get those legs up high. Get them stretched.

Bring yourself down. We're going to add one step here. We're going to come up. We're going to hold. We're in a twist to the right with both arms. We're going to come center. Lift your backs up, reach for the toes, varying herself down. Where we're transitioning. We're going into the same exercise, but now we're going to twist left or the opposite direction.

Reach for your toes. Sit up tall, twist the left. Keep your legs still center lift. Bring yourselves down. One more set. Reach back, stretch out. Get the pelvis long. Nice deep breath in. Come up to the toes, twist to the right center. Lift, grow tall. Come back down. Last one to the left arm.

Reach for the toes, twist left, center left and yeah, Eh last. Rach, enjoy the stretch. Arms or back. Legs are long. Abdominals are pulling down. Engaged. Take your arms up, lower them down. Begin to round up and journeys and sit up.

Put your hands on the barrel and just kind of push yourself. Good. We're actually going to go ahead and sit on top of barrels to lie down. I actually have to move mine, but your waiters are fine. You're going to set up on top of the barrel. You want to sit fairly mark, more forward than back. That's correct and I would say a little more forward as well. Keep going.

Okay. You are holding on fingers or slightly forward. Good. So the palms are facing back. Bring one knee into your chest. Bring drop your chin towards your chest and going to slowly lie backwards. Now this is where control comes in. Take your time. Go ahead and bring both knees into your chest now. Once you're down, you're good. All right, you are holding on, but lightly we're going to go into some lake circle, so let's go ahead and just make sure that you feel like you're propped up high enough that you're back through supported but not where you're feeling tension in your next. Okay, so it would take her time getting down.

We can move our hands around and then you just want to make sure the barrel is right underneath your hips, both knees. Let's go ahead and bring them back in. Heels together, toes apart. So you're in like a frog position. Now make sure your shoulders are down, your chest is broad. You're in. Extend your legs to about 45 degrees you're holding on. But not for dear life. You're gonna reach the legs out long in piles.

We're always thinking of lengthening. So from the top of the next to the tip of the toes, body is long backs are straight. You're going to circle the legs out probably just a little bit wider than your shoulders and back up and open the legs. Reach them away, circle and wrap the thighs when he will touch. So let's do that together. Everybody's up at 45 degrees. Alright, begin opening lower. Reach out long.

Squeeze your seats and lift the legs and circle below. Lower. You begin to go. The more challenge comes into that powerhouse. So you don't want your backs lifting up and arching. You want to keep them firmly placed so those ribs are down, but not tensing your shoulders to do that.

And one more time. Open, lower together. Lift. Now your next long. You want to keep your chins lined with the center of your body. Reverse down, open up and together. These aren't huge wide circles. You're trying to actually work within your own frame.

So no more than hip width or shoulder with the part with the legs. Just a slightly wider, not too much. Circle, keep the wrap and the thighs and the length of the leg. Three but you do work on going down, or one more time and together, bend the knees, take the rest, extend your legs back out. It's a short breath. And now we're going to do a little walking exercise. You're gonna walk down towards the floor in eight counts.

They're like little shuffles. You want to keep the heels fairly close together, almost brushing them together and begin to walk. One, two, working our way down. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Work your way up to squeeze your seats. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Okay, so now that we know what we're doing, make sure you're holding on lightly. Let's go a little bit faster. Here we go. And one, two, four, five, six, seven, eight, up to five, six, seven, eight, reached for the ocean. If you're facing the ocean and reached the opposite direction, if you're not like, keep those legs, stretching and dem, two, three, four, six, seven, eight, up to four by six, seven, eight two our sets, two, five, six, seven, eight. Don't let your hips rock and roll. Six, seven, eight up and one more down to five, six, seven, eight up to five, six, seven, eight. Bend your knees and breath. Hopefully you're starting to feel those in your legs.

And now let's continue with stretch the legs back out to 45 degrees. Keep your tummies tight. Those ribs down. Next, relax. You're going to go into leg beats. You open up the feet, you cloud the heels together for eight counts, one, two, three, four, seven, eight and stuff. Now the tendency here is to lock the knees. I want you to work from the wrap of the thighs so the outer thighs into the inner thighs are wrapping around, zipping up and the knees are slightly soft.

Lower the legs, just a little bit more challenged, your powerhouse and open and clap. One, two, three, four, six, seven, eight. We're going to go a little bit lower, so we're challenging ourselves. We're going to go down hold and we're going to clap. One, two. They're going to get faster for six, seven, eight and lower, and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Feel. I can keep going down and go for it and otherwise stay in one place. Two, four, five, six, seven, eight, lower. Make sure those are in there together. Nice and tight. Shoulders are down and clap. One, two, four, five, six, seven, eight. Now we're going to work our way up a little bit high and one, two, four, five, six, seven, eight, little bit higher and together. Two, three, five, six, seven, eight, little bit higher. Last set, and one, two, four, five, six, seven, eight. Bend your knees. Take arrest.

I heard a sigh of relief when they extend legs back out. Let's go ahead and do some big scissors here so you didn't take one leg towards your nose. The other legs gonna reach out below and you're going to pass him two times. [inaudible] Paul, we're going to scissor them. Switch pulse path.

Now the thing to keep in mind here is not letting your hips move around that backstay still ready and pulse. Paul, switch. Paul's pass. Now we're speeding up. One. Switch two, switch three, switch four. Hold on lightly. No tension in your next Tommy's tight and stretch the legs. Really reach them away. These are great stretches. It feels really good if you're really keeping that stretch in mind.

And one more set to each side. Bend your knees, take a break. And last but not least, that stretch those legs out. Going into a bicycle, you can take your right leg, reach it down towards the floor, try to find the barrel with your heel, right. Skim your heel on the barrel back as you extend the left leg out. Find the barrel with the heel so you're really thinking of that stretch. You're reaching the legs as you find the barrel with the heel, bringing the knee back. And so one leg stretches a bit as the other one bed. That's it.

He's your hips from movie stretch. I want to see everyone. He'll touch the barrel and pull all the way in. Good. Now let's reverse those long, lengthy legs. Reach. Pull the leg towards your nose all the way and all the way out.

One more set. Tell me staying tight, not losing those, and then journey. Now for a nice little finish, we're going to take our knees, glue them together. You're going to rock your knees, gluing them together over to the right shoulder, your hip can move. That can come off. Then you're going to bring your knees up to that hip level and rock them to the left hip, which you're trying to do is not let those knees shift and back up.

Now we're gonna go a little bit lower with the toes, so they're going to drop towards the floor more as you circle back over to the right shoulder. [inaudible] keep your shoulders relaxed. And now we're gonna go the opposite way over to the left. Keep your next long and straight. I know we can do a big circle. Touch the toes to the mat.

Don't let your backs pop up. Keep those ribs in and oh and office a [inaudible]. Just massaging that lower back. And one more left. Back to the right. Well, wherever you finished, kind of rock from side to side, we're going to slowly let go. And now here's the trickiest part, is getting off.

You're not going to lift your bottoms, you're going to let them slide down. So ideally you want to try to push the barrel away and just let your bottom straw. Otherwise you just kind of Shimmy yourself off. Then you'll go ahead and let your feet draw on top of the barrel, let your arms rest, and let the blood flow back into your lower spine. And then when you're ready, you'll sit up, turn to the side. Oh, and we done, thanks again.


This was a very good workout with some essential exercises that are accessible to a lot of people. I loved the precision in your cueing. Thank you,
Thank you, happy to hear to hear this!
I just did this wonderful and challenging workout (teasers) on a beautiful rainy day. Perfect length for me time wise and bodywise! Thank you!
Thank you Candace, the Spine Corrector always feels good. Happy you found it challenging enough and that your making the most out of a rainy day!
This was such a treat in between clients. Thank you! 

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