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Mat Exploration

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This class takes the classic Pilates exercises and adds challenging variations to help deepen your exploration of each exercise. A great Mat class for the newer student ready to be pushed as well as the experienced student willing to practice familiar exercises more slowly and precisely.
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Dec 22, 2009
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It can be. Take a couple of breathe breaths in and breath sound. Inhale expanding outwards through the rib cage. Start to connect to your center, meaning pulling the abdominals in on the inhale and allowing the ribs to expand for space. Exhale as you breathe deeply out and let all the air out of the body, let the ribs slide down the front of the body. So we get that kind of a, the feeling of the ribs being like a bellows, breathing, spanning, pressing out to the sides. And as you breathe out, they narrow and help you expel air from your body. If your eyes still closed, open them up.

Breathe in one last time when big breath and from there just rock the pelvis backward. Send the tailbone towards your heels, the pubic bone towards your chin. Keep your shoulders over your hips for NASA. It's a pretty small movement in. He'll reset the spot and start from the base of the spinal reach out. You want to keep your gaze forward as you're straightening and Xcel as you curve from the base of the spine. Allow your gaze to go slightly down or it's just continuing. And that movement, allowing your breath to create a rhythm for your movement.

Feel the shoulders as you curve and as you extend the spine, reaching just gently downwards. Inhale, each time you sit up straight, getting a little taller. So this is a, an area in our back that generally is really tight for most of us. So can we use the abdominal so much so that potentially we even get a stretch? Potentially, maybe not, but we'll definitely feel the work. Uh, let go if you can, if not hang onto your legs. We're going to do the start with that same movements are tucking the tailbone under. This time. Curling down, just press the feet down into the floor. Feel the inner thighs, engage a little roll down just to the bottom of the ribs.

Breathe in, start your breath out, curl forward first and then roll yourself up. So sitting all the way up tall, taking another breath in. Exhaling as you do that. Again, tilting the tailbone under. If it's hard for you to go to the bottom of your ribs without going into a flat back, go where you can. Keeping your spine round, breathing in at the bottom and starting your exhale, allowing the XL to proceed the movement again. Inhale, just three more exhale. See if you can maybe go a little lower or a little deeper.

Breathe in and exhale. Letting the, again, the breath be the rhythm and and seeing if we can't find a way to feel a little bit of relaxation into the movement, so allowing the body to to create the movement without a lot of excess tension. Exhale, we're coming up. I'm getting a little taller each time I was going forward. Maybe just a little bit up to guide the spine upwards. One more time to go. This is our last one for the day. Hold. When you get to the bottom, breathe in.

As you breathe out, rotate your trunk, your arms to one side. Come back to center on the exhale. Rotate the trunk to the opposite side. Inhale, come back to center. As you turn, you're ringing out the waist. Keep the feet actively, even inner thighs, actively pulling towards one another so you don't want to feel a lot of shifting. One more time around. Exhale as you turn maybe a little further this time. Inhale back. Exhale.

As you turn, inhale to come back. Exhale to come all the way up. This time. Raise your arms up over your head. Everyone turn towards me rotating the spine. Bring the hand. That's this hand, this one. Put it down. Take the other hand and just reach around with yourself.

Up Tall and just ask this yourself into a stretch and then let's lift that back arm up. Lift the front arm up. Try not to lose any of that stretch. Turn around to the end of this sigh again. The this one, the one that I can, oh, now I've lost it. Sorry. I'll bring it all back together in one second. Here we go. Raise the back. Arm Up. Raise the other arm up. Take a breath in your tall. Exhale, curling back.

Preparing for the pelvic cross. You want to glide your feet down next to your hips a little bit closer. Let the back of the head come down. Let the arms reach down, taking a breath in. Start Your exhale and use it to press the lower back flat. Then let the pelvis lift, curling up one bone at a time leading with the pubic bone.

So you want to feel that the pubic bones a little bit higher than the hipbones in space. Positive to top for a moment, get a sense of the heels dragging inwards or the fingers reaching away at or both. Exhale, start from the chest round down. Try to keep the pelvis pressing towards the bottom of the front ribs as long as possible to maximize a stretch to the lowest part of the spine. Come all the way down to the tailbone. Take another breath and big full breath. Exhale, articulate this fina looking for a lot of activation to the backs of the legs. Pause here. Inhale, and as you exhale, just melt yourself down using more front body or then back body and using the front of the body to relax the back of the body.

Breathing in at the bottom again, breathing out as you articulate upward. Feel the ribs in it together, down the front of the body. The Chin's gently pulled in towards the chest. You guys look awesome in heel at the tall Jean. That's a bit too high. Just this marriage come down with your ribs. That's it. Xcel to come down.

So just avoid going into a big low back arch. Esther, I might move your feet a little closer to you and let's do two more and I'm gonna change it at the top. Here we go. Exhale, rolling up in. You know this time we're lift up onto your toes. You got a little bit more space now to work with as you round down, spacing out, creating space between the bones, reaching the arms energetically down towards the feet. Drop the heels down. As you inhale, exhale, roll yourself up. Reach your arms. This time over your head. Come on. All the way towards the ears. They're just going to hover down off the ground or up off the ground.

Once again, up onto the toes. As you exhale through the spine, this time reach your arms and opposition. Big reach behind you. As the spine travels downwards, down the Mat, and then as you inhale, lower the heels and bring the arms straight up. Do we have enough space to go ahead and come all the way down? Inhale, open up the arms. You want to feel them stretching away from one another and as you exhale and close up the arms, notice that as you do this movement, can you keep the shoulder bone stable? Inhale, spread out the arms, feel the ribs expand in the direction that the arms are moving and exhale so the ribs contract, the abdominals contract as the arms come back to parallel. Let's do that two more times. Reaching out and coming back. I know not everyone has space, but you'll modify as you need to. One more time to go.

Stay there, deepen the exhale, deepen the abdominal contraction. Looking for a lot of ab work with a really simple movement. We're going to take our arms back out to the sides, hold them there, stretch them a little further away, and then place them down. If you need to move them down for a space, you can put them down kind of in a, in a low v position. Take a breath in. Exhale, pick up the right leg, stabilize or, or pay attention to, to what's happening in the center. Pick up the left leg, glue the knees together. They're not going to change.

Now as we inhale and tilt to the left first spine twist. Exhale, engage the muscles down the right side of the trunk. Drag yourself back to center and we inhale up and over to the other side. An exhale center. Good feel or see or concentrate on the feet, the knees, the ankles, all being an aligned up, all being connected together.

It's as though you have one leg instead of two legs in heel. We just alternate sides. Each time you exhale, we're pulling back. One more time to go. Both sides start knitting the ribs together, then find the obliques and then the hip comes back. Last one to the opposite side. Inhale. Okay, so we come back, lift your arms off the floor, reach around your knees, hug your knees into your chest, separate them. If you need to keep them together. If that feels better, it's really just do what works for your body.

Place your feet down onto the ground, reach your hands back into locking your fingers so you want your fingers fully interlaced so that you can create a stable support base for your head. Let the elbows be slightly within the eye line. We meaning just a little bit off the floor and breathe in for the chest. Lift X so we lift the head and chest going up as high as we can without losing the pelvis. Hold at the top. Breathing and for intensity. Exhale, work your way down. Breathe in at the bottom. Breathing out, curling, pressing the front of the ribs down the abdominals. Go through the mat and into the ground underneath you. Hold. Inhale, looks gorgeous and exhale. We're coming down.

We'll go in three more times like that. Nice stable pelvic position. Try to intensify on the inhale. Maybe come up a little higher. You probably can in XL. Stay. Come down last two times. Exhaling as you lift up, looking just over the knees, looking for intensity as you inhale. Exhale, work your way down or lengthen or continue that nice, strong feeling in the center. Xcel to come up last time. Reach around your thighs on the inhale. Exhale, pull yourself up just a little bit higher. Dig Down Deeper in the ads.

Let go with your hands. Place one hand on top of the other hand and as you inhale, we're all going towards me first. We're going to reach over that outside knee and exhale, come back through center. Don't lose any height, so it's like a target is just in front and needs. You're trying to reach forward and up. Exhale, back to center in. He'll try to find a good rotation through the trunk without moving the pelvis at all.

You inhale big reach across and exhale back. Shoulders down just a little bit. Jennifer, inhale the cross. Exa we come back last time to the opposite direction. Exhale, we come back, hold separate the hands without losing the height of the trunk. Reach way back behind you. Rebound. Dribbles.

Put your hands behind your head and we're on our way down there. Okay, we're coming up again. Here it is. [inaudible] we come up, we're heading into the chest lift with rotation. Inhale, hands behind the thighs. Again, exhale a little bit higher or a little bit more depth in the abs. You can do the same hand position, or if you're up for a challenge, I hands behind the head coming towards me first. Again, it's XL to rotate. Just as importantly, the pelvises stay stable. Exhale to turn three to each side. Try to get the feeling of the head heavy in the hands, the rotation happening through the trunk. Inhale Center.

Look for the best height that you can. Go ahead and inhale back to center. Last one and last one to the opposite side. Try to avoid elbow movement. Inhale, pause, and exhale. Lower your body all the way down. Want to do a similar thing? Um, pick up the leg that's closest to me. Lift your head and chest and just reach around the outside of that size.

So everyone's lifted, turned, twisted in my direction. So this is the height that you want to look for in that chest. Lift with rotation, feeling the outer rib come across towards the inner hip. Also feeling that inner hip rib reaching down towards the head and a pull yourself up. We're gonna do a little, uh, modified crisscross. So you're gonna use your hands each time.

Come onto the bottom toes and we're just gonna Change. You get to use your arms and then use more apps that allow your arms to assist you to really get that height and change. Just a little pressure from the upper back, meaning just underneath the shoulder blades or from the lap. Let's do four more quickly. Oh, one and one and two good. Looks even more gorgeous than I could possibly imagine.

One more. Everyone back to center. Hold the knee behind the knees. Curl up just a little bit higher or just intensify. You can either keep your hands just here. Oh, let's all keep our hands just here. Lower the toes. Xcel Poland back. It's very important that the low back stays flat on the Mat. Inhale, load the toes. Exhale, pull them back. Now if you want a bigger challenge, lower the toes and lift the arms. Exhale, push the arms down as the knees pull towards the body. Inhale, lower the toes, lift the arms. Lovely.

Look for a little bit of height in that trunk as the arms. Press down two more times and dig deep. One more to go reach all the way around your knees. And once again, just hug your knees down into your chest. Stretch the left leg out along the ground road, going into the leg circle, so pressing out through the leg. If you, if you have the option of bending the bottom knee, if it's challenged, if you have challenged with flexibility, otherwise the in the top leg is going to come straight up. Or the bed knee, the one that's in the air. I don't know why I'm having trouble talking today. Going into the body first. On the inhale, you're looking for stability in the pelvis. Circle down, drop and catch.

So it's rotation. Mobilization of the hip joint. Inhale for a circle and exhale for a circle. We're going one more time around. Check in with your shoulders. Are they creeping up into your ears? They'll want to pause on a dime at the top and we go the other way. Go out and Donna and around and down and up.

Anchor with the bottom leg. [inaudible] you can soften the knee if you want to. One more time around pressing the ribs down into the ground. Last time, bring the leg up, pull it a little closer towards your body. Reach behind the leg. Bend your knee, pull that sigh right up into your chest. We're going to go into the hamstring stretch.

You may or may not straighten your leg, I don't know, but the thighed never leaves the place where you've just pulled it to. As you reach the leg towards straight. Don't hold on behind the knee. Hold on at the back of the leg. Inhale, bend that leg right up into the chest. Exhale, straighten. Maybe it'll go a little straighter this time. Tried it. Maybe relax into the stretch a little bit. One more to go.

Pull it up. We pull it a little closer towards us. We bend the knee, bring the opposite hand the leg that's bent and turn, twist. Look away from the knee. That's turning to the side. Coming back to center. Stretch that leg out. Then the opposite knee. Stretch it up towards straight. Here comes our circles. First, check in with the shoulders, checking with the ABS. They should be on and strong down, around and up. On the inhale, down, around, and up. On the exhale, you can make your circle as big or as small as you want. The most important thing is the stability town around last one in this direction. Pause at the top. Pull a little closer to you with your abs.

Go the other way down around analyst. Okay. Each circle has its own breath and one more time around in a one more breath cycle. Really? Okay. Reach behind the thigh, pull with the arms, bringing the thigh bone, the Femur, close to the ribs. And then on the exhale, stretch the leg up. Inhale, Ben, keep that sigh right at close to the body. As close as you can.

I want you to think about the thigh being close to the body before you worry about the knee going straight and bend again. One more time here and this is it. Okay, so keeping the left knee bent reached the right arm around to the outside of the left thigh. Turn your eyes to the left. Did you bring your knee across the body? It's going for a full rotation of the spine and coming back up. Bring the straight leg back up so that it's bench next to the left knee.

Reach the arms over a just over the shoulders. Stretch your arms over your head, but keep the abdominals engaged. The bottom of the rib cage down. We're heading into the 118 he'll prepare. Exhale to lift the head and chest. You can extend your legs. That's an option. They can also stay bent. It's totally up to you. Breathe in hold and with the Xcel pump two, three, four, five and breathe in.

Expanding the ribs and two to three, four, five. Trying to keep the head ends torsos still three, two, three, four, five and in creating a long lengthening neck, making sure the low back is flat. Halfway done. Exhale, two, three fingers together, lot of work in the back. And two, four, two, three, four, five in inhale, nice work. Here's three and two, three, four, five, and breathing. Big Breaths.

See if he can lift a little high. This our last breath cycle. Breathe in. Exhale, bend your knees, hug them into your chest again. And with that stretch them down along the ground. They'll roll up, arms up over their head again. As your arms reached towards the ground behind you. They don't lie on the ground there. Maybe next to the years, if not slightly above, you definitely want all 12 ribs on the ground.

So you're gonna reach your arms up, let your head follow your arms, start your breath. Now your Xcel breath and curl yourself up. Try to find a long but round position at the top so it's in any elta hold. Exhale like you've been punched in the stomach by Gusta wind. You're being pushed back, pelvis moving out from underneath you. Rounding down bone by bone, by bone, through the spine, back of the head touches, arms reach. Inhale, arms up, head up.

Start your breath. Now try to flatten the back into the ground as you come forward, creating length as you come in to that high position. Breathe in, hold, breathe out and rolled down slowly. One vertebrae at a time, reaching the legs forward away from you. Okay. Head down, arms reach overhead, all ribs down. Inhale, head and chest and exhale [inaudible]. So try to avoid burying the head and the hands. It's helpful to look for slightly forward and go again. Exhale, we go down, shoulders down just so that our back and the head touches arms are floating up overhead. Inhale, last one, lift the Haddon chest X. Those it come all the way up and all the way over this time reach for a stretch. So you just go all the way down to wherever you go. You can hold onto your feet.

You can actually use your arms to pull you a little further forward if you want to. And then bring yourself up. Uh, let's all bend our knees today for a, for a modified twist. We'll go hands behind the head. Want you to try 'em with your hand position to again, interlace the hands all the way. Hook. The son's are right at the base of the neck or the base of the skull where the skull attaches to the neck and lengthen upwards so you can actually just by pulling upwards, gently get a little bit of a lift. We're breathing in.

We're going to exhale as we turn towards me first. Inhale, take the far away hand, bring it across to the front. Exhale, turn a little bit more without backing out of that rotation. Bring the hand back and exhale to come back. Think I'm going to reverse the breathing on you right now. Inhale, rotate. Exhale. Backhand comes across to the front. Needs. Pull, twist, lift a little straighter. Inhale, hand back and exhale to come back to center. We to turn.

Think about the spine rotating but also lengthening upwards. Exhale, reach around. Assist. Inhale, hand back. Exhale, dig down deep with the opposite side of the waist to come back through center so it's not just a spinal exercise. Inhale, turn. There was a lot of stuff going on through the waist. Exhale, lift, pull, twist. Inhale, hand back and exhale to come back. One more to go. Inhale, exhale, arm reach, lift, turn, and he'll hand back and exhale we come back. Last one for the day. Turn help.

Lift a little closer to your knees with your chest or with your ribs and back. And we all come back and bring the bottoms of the feet together. Let your head go and just take a minute to reach yourself forward. Let the back of the head relax or the neck relax. Okay, and then come all the way up. Legs are going straight out in front.

For those of us with tight hamstrings, it's going to be beneficial to bend the knees so totally up to you. Whatever you want to do. Straight legs is definitely more of a hamstring challenge. Straight arms out front, sitting tall. Breathing in, imagining that you're curling away from a flat space or all while you reach downwards. Continue rolling down or as dragging backwards with the ABS. Then start to take the spine forwards moving forward with the spine, but not letting the shoulders creep up into the air. As we inhale. Exhale, start articulating from the very base of the spine, the little belly lower than the belly button, and then restack the spine.

As you come up to straight in here we go against the lifting a little taller. As you breathe in, exhale, start with the head. As the body, the spine goes forward, the abdominals and the shoulders are being pulled backwards. Breathing into hold. Maybe going to going a little further. Who knows? XL start extending through the spine. A gentle reaching down through the shoulders. Yep. You're just sitting up.

We're just doing the basic spine stretch forward. We go one more time. Breathe in, flexing through the feet. Exhale, reach down and then see how much further forward you can go. Check in with his shoulders. Just a little bit. Inhale and exhale, so creating space between the shoulders and the neck, like a turtle coming out of its shell, perhaps going into spine stretch. With extension, we start strike we XL to move forward and have a couple options with your arms. Let's do the first one you can. You're going to inhale and extend the spine on a diagonal line looking for the arms to come up next to the ears. If that's not a comfortable position for you, you can keep your arms just in front of you.

And then we go all the way back down on the exhale and we articulate this spine Baca. So moving with the breath. It's an inhale to sit tall and exhale. Point your knees away from each other just to snitch. Exhale, round. Good shoulders down. Jen In [inaudible] in the spine. Really Nice long diagonal position. If you have the flexibility, narrow your arms a little, then re round refold the spine and articulate this spine. Good. Let's do that three more times. Sit Tall. Looks good. Excellent.

Remember you always have the chance to be engineers. If you want to. Here we go. Think about the tailbone going backwards or arching the low back. Then send the spine out for it. All of us are going to be able to go a little bit different places. Look Down Esther. Exhale, come all the way back forward and undulate through the spine like rolling a wheel. And last to exhale.

I'm going to add a little bit onto this one. Here we go. Rounding down. Inhale, extending through the spine head. It stays in line with this spine. Good. Exhale as you reached back forward actively, you want to be reached down and roll up. Okay, last one. Have we done too many round down? Here we go. Linkedin, this fine. This is it guys. Stretch.

Look down at your feet and then just little squeezes with the shoulder blades. Just press back. It's almost a gentle press to just six, three, four, five, so try to make it not frantic but almost a relaxing. If that six you can go down. I'm not a great counter. Sorry about that. And Roll Yourself. All right, Ben, Johnny's scoop more towards the front of your mat. Okay, go and rolling like a ball for now. So a couple of choices. Again, if your back is tight or you feel kind of clunky in this exercise, I'm opening up the ball is a, is a really good option.

If you want to challenge it and go into a tight little ball, lean back a little bit. Very much. Think about flexing the lower spine, meaning pull the pubic bone towards the Chin and pull the ribs back and then we just inhale to go back and exhale to come up in balance and in heel to go back and exhale to find that balance point and again, once you set your ball, try and keep it consistent. Good. I try to keep the shoulders away from the ears and and avoid totally burying the had in the chest. Let's do two more. Inhale back, exhale up and last one for the day. Set your feet down for a moment. Transfer your hands to the tops of your knees. We're going to head down towards our back, so I just want you to Tuck the tailbone under. Lift the feet up so it's a kind of a bigger role in like a ball.

Then continue going down. Look for control. It's pretty hard. Come all the way down so you're just up off your shoulders from that position. Push your knees into your hands and use that as an assistance to keep you up high. The double leg stretch. We inhale the legs, go out, the arms go up, exhale, circle the arms around and come back. Inhale, arms out legs. Exhale, arms come around. If you don't, if you're running into your neighbor, oh, you can go straight overhead and straight over the top like a conveyor belt or a like. They're on a track and here we go. Five more faster. It's one and R and two X. Try for heights.

Jane. Don't worry about how low the legs go. Worry about how high the chest comes up. Last two, one more. Hug the knees into the chest and lower your body all the way to the mat coming up again. It's the next hill to push again. The knees into the hands. Curl the Hedda as you're pushing your knees into your hands and insisting that lift. Also feel that the shoulders are activating or the muscles underneath the shoulders to push down on the knees. Extend the right leg. We're just holding onto the left leg.

Keep the lift you have every chance in the world you're holding onto your knee and change and change. Feel the toes lineup or see the toes line up. The eyes are full where the shoulders are down and change. One more slowly and then five more faster. It's one and w two and feel energy through the back of the straight leg for last one, both knees and curl just a little bit higher.

We all remember the a, the modified crisscross we did earlier. Let's see if we can't find that same focus here with straight one straight leg. Rotate to the bent knee and change. Big rotation change and a big rotation. I can keep the head as heavy as possible so it's not an eye movement.

It's not a neck movement. Looks good. Let's do four, three, two and on. Bring both knees in and lower your body down. Good work. Take a minute, let your head relax. Maybe turn your head over your left shoulder, pulling the right shoulder down towards the right hip, trying to look all the way through the mat, into the ground. Come back around through center. Turn the head the opposite way. Left shoulder pulls down. When you're dealing with the neck, you don't want to create a lot of shoving or pulling hard. Just stabilize, maybe is a good word or gently contract the upper back muscles coming back to center, placing the feet down. We're going into a shoulder bridge.

I'm going to show, we're going to do the shoulder bridge prep and then we're going to do the shoulder bridge. So the first step is to roll yourself back up into a pelvic curl. Checking in with your arms can make sure that they're straight, checking in with your pelvis. Make sure it's a bit tilted or tucked. Look down the front of your body. If you see your ribs popping up, you should be able to drop them down so you can actually see your pelvis. Here we go. Keep the left foot on the ground. Raise the right leg into the air.

Nothing else should have changed. This is the prep. We'll do three. We go down and we pull up with the ABS and it's down and pull. The breath is breathing as you go down and breathe out as you come up. That was three. Put the foot down, roll through the foot, try to lower the foot without actually changing the pelvis. We go to the other side, lift up onto the toes, pull the leg up and then it's just down and back.

One down and back to squeezing the hamstring down him back. Three gently lower the foot. Can you do it without letting the pelvis straw or or pickup Xcel to come down breathing as you find your neutral spine XL to come right back up the shoulder. Bridge the fall, the real deal. If you're, if you're up for it, pick up the first leg, stretch it towards the ceiling. We're going down on the exhale. Keep the vac stable and flex back and we reach down.

You got to work the back of the leg, Jane, don't worry about going to the floor. Keep the knees straight or and go about and knee level. Keep going. Five and up. We'll do three more. Yeah. Say, think can track and down does not about going all the way down. This is a third and the last lift. Maybe lift the hips a little higher. Rebound that knee. Put it down on the mat. Take a breath, roll just to the bottom of the rib. Casey, they just go down, down and let the back have a little bit of a stretch. Exhale, come or exhale, come back up, pick up the opposite leg, reaches up and extends, and then it's down and pull back and down. Ribs down.

Let's just a little Lisa. Good. Lovely, excellent. Last two, last one. Replace the foot. Bend the knee and with that gently slowly melt your spine all the way down into the ground. Nice. Good control there. Okay. Turn in. Face this direction please. You want to come up onto your elbow. Just make sure that, um, you have enough room for your leg to go to the front and to the back without kicking the person that's lined up with you. I Dunno. Or kicking me or kicking this. All right, so you're on your forearm.

Essentially. Just relax into that. I'm so, I just want you to feel the difference between what we don't want and what we do want. Take that rib cage and pull up. It's, it's more than just the ribs. It's the oblique on that side. And then to go slightly away from the arm and then pull the shoulder down from there, both legs are going to be straight out to our sides. It's a hip exercise, but we're just as concerned with their shoulder. Um, take that hand and put it under your ribs. So if you feel them sinking, you know, to pull them back up, we're going to lift the top leg and the movement is kick, kick reach. It's exhale and inhale. So there's a double exhale. You want to try to keep your body as stationary as possible. That's the goal while you work your hip first, your hip flexors and your hip extensors to go back.

So really squeeze the back of that leg and as the leg goes back, press the front of the back of the hip into the front of the hip. And in that way is a good stretch to be had. Good. Last three too. [inaudible] and one bring the like just over the other leg. It's going to go down in front, up, down and back. Down in front. Again, here's a different challenge. Look for stability. Eyes ahead. If you need to help yourself balance, just place the hand on the Mat. It was four and four, just two more. Five last time. Take that leg, stretch it behind you. Take your arm, the one that was reached around your ribs and reach out in front of you.

Just going for an oppositional stretch so there's no perfect place. You find some, you find a place that works for you and then we'll bring it back and bring yourself all the way down onto a side. So the head is [inaudible], [inaudible] arm, the upper arm. The legs are straight out to the sides. Before we even get going, find a sense of the ribs sliding down the front of the body at a nice deep contraction through the ABS. You can balance or you can bring your hand on your thigh.

It's up to you and we're going away with the legs so far that they simply have our on their own and then down a little and then up again and then down a little. Avoid looking downwards. Your feet will look the same at the end of the class. Try to keep the inner bolt, inner incl bones lined up together and form more. Here. It's reached out and lower to go in both directions. You want a feeling of going longer?

Here's our last one and then we're going to go all the way down. Put your hand down. Bend both knees. Sit yourself up. The lady that was on the bottom is going to point out to this side. The leg that was on the top is going to come up against that foot. We all together. Yeah. Okay. I'm gonna take [inaudible].

So the uh, the leg that's away from the thigh Shin, that's parallel to the mat. Y'All good? Yes. Lift a little taller. Reach over and stretch to that side of the body. Let me just go over to where it feels good for you. From there, you're going to reach that arm around in front of you. Pull the abdominals inwards into the is a spine travels flow word.

Continue to circle that arm around until it comes. So when we're near your hip, I'm kind of far away from you, but in line. Then lift up onto your knees, reach the opposite arm up that I'm just going to reach overhead and push forward into that front hip and just three big circles with that top arm to reach his behind you and then forward and the more you reach through the arm and actually push down through that far knee, the bigger your stretch will be. We're going to finish this circle. This is the last one going down the way we came up, so you're going to sit that hip down. Reach forward when you can. You'll let the hand that was supporting you off. You don't reach all the way over to the side stretch and then come up. Take the leg that's parallel to the edge of the mat, bring it across the other leg, pull without worrying about what the hips doing right this minute.

Pull the knee right up into the chest and then generally try to ease it down onto the mat so that you feel anchor through the back of both hit and then have a couple of breasts and maybe you can get a feeling of trying to lift up out of the low back a little. And that should give you a bigger stretch as well. Okay, moving right along. We're just going to turn around to the other side. So then we started with the legs straight out and we started on the elbow and here we go. So let's start the way we did on the other side. Just relax into it. It's nothing wrong with that in in life, but in Peloton that there's definitely something wrong with that. So reach around, feel your ribs, you should feel your abs underneath.

You lift up and you want almost a lightness off the arm. Then contract the muscle just underneath the shoulder blade or underneath the armpit. That's your lot. That's a big shoulder stabilizer. Here we go. Top leg lifts up. If it's too hard to balance, you can bet in the bottom me and it's kick, kick, reach, exhale, exhale and inhale. Try to feel the spinal lengthening in that direction in a long direction. The way your head is pointing, so gathering up lightness in the body, looking to try to increase length.

Here's five, going five more times. Beat, beat and reach. Jennifer, pull up a little bit more. That's it, Rebecca. Maybe shoulder down a little, maybe shoulder forward a little. Elbow forward a little. It's better. Yeah.

Here's our last one. We could forward and we reached back and then you can just over the top of the leg we go down, up, back, challenging the stabilization of the trunk in a different way. We're going three more times here. Jane tried to pull away from your elbow level. That's much nicer too. Here's the last one. Here comes the big yummy stretch. Bring the leg back.

That free arm is going to reach out in front. No perfect place to be. So just find what works for you. I agree. And then bring it back and just let all the way down into your side. It is on the arm, eyes or forward. So that's uncomfortable for your shoulder. It's always okay to bring the arm, a little flirt or even to bend the elbow.

Okay, you've got our legs together, we got all the boons of the legs lined up, balance or, or hand on the FAQ. And then it's an active Recho way to hover the legs in space and we take them down, reach 'em away from us and we come up again. And so a lot of work in the trunk, minimal work in the legs. [inaudible] and now I say this a lot, but can we in a fundamental exercise like this, figure out a way to go deeper in our own body. I like to rest my hand on my belly if I'm not using it to balance and see how deeply I can feel it contracting and try to make it contract more.

Perhaps go on three more times, none to. So every time the leg moves, the abs pull away or back and then go ahead and lower all the way down. Put your hand down if it's not there already. Help Yourself, Huh? Ben? The bottom knee. It's gonna point out to this side. Okay, good. So everyone take this hand that's closest to the center of the room.

Okay. Is that right? Yup. Center. Go, go that one. Go the up. And here we go. So lift up first, have maybe a little armed forwardly so we'll be better for your neck. And then we're just going over big stretch to the side. Take that arm forward. Take the spine forward. Just stay sitting on both hips.

Big Circle around in front of you. Hands is going to come down on the mat, lined up with the hip where it's comfortable for you. Lift up onto both knees. Opposite arm, reaches up in space. Try to push forward into this hip with the back of the leg so you get a good solid stretch to the front of that leg. And then it's three big circles with the arm.

So one for the shoulder, one for the hip flexor, one for the waist, and then finishing this. Circle the arms for it's going reach overhead. As you take your pelvis down, we just go up the way we came down, sit down, your spine starts to round forward. As soon as your pelvis comes down or when it feels okay, let the bottom hand lift up, follow that on, that's circling around and you're back into the side stretch. And then it's the outside hit that comes across for the, for the hip stretch. So again, we just pulled the knee right up into the chestnut, worrying too much about what the pelvis was doing yet. Get it right up close and then try to roll the hip back down into the ground.

Just give yourself a sense of trying to get a little taller of relaxing into the stretch. Reading into this stretch. Okay, I'll go ahead and let your leg go. We're turning around to our hands and knees and you do the front support followed by the leg pull front and how that's going to go. Hands and knees. So before you get started, we're just going to do a shoulder stability exercise. So hands just underneath the shoulders, knees just underneath the hips.

Just allow your chest to relax towards the ground. You'll feel your shoulders squeeze together or pinch together and then use your abdominals to pull the chest back through. You'll feel the shoulder blades spread again. Just allow the chest to relax through and then pull up with the abs with the ribs and feel that on a broad scapula position. That's the position that we want to look for. Do that one last time. Let the chest kind of just sink and then it's the abdominal muscles and the ribs pulling up that are going to bring the shoulders broad where we want them to be.

Good. You're fine. You're perfect. I'm just poking. Yeah, lift your head. All right, so take one of your legs and step back. We want that broad back with the shoulders kind of wide on the back. One leg steps back, the other leg sets back. It's worthwhile to Tuck the pelvis a little good and just breathe.

Inhale and exhale. And as you breathe with every breath, go a little deeper into the abdominals. Just talk a little bit. That's it. Don't drop her head. One more breath and bend your knees. Come back down. Okay. Just giving you a break. Going straight into the leg. Pull Front. We're going to come back into the plank position. Good set up there. You've got that little bit of a Tuck. You got the wide shoulder blades, Jayne.

Lift your head up. Perfect points. Your right foot. Reach your right like so far behind you that it goes up, but your back doesn't arch and then reach it down. Let it go down and reach it back and reach it down. If you could lower your pelvis, that would be better. If you ever wanted to modify this exercise two more.

You could drop down onto the other knee. Last one. I'm going to put that foot down. Hold it. Change sides, no shifting and it's reach out and back and out and back. Resist the urge, the inclination to let the head hang down. Last two, one more to go. Tuck the toes under Ben. The knees. Sit back on your feet.

Take a stretch, let the neck relax. Walk both hands to the right stretch to the left tip. Just reaching hands, opposite pelvis coming back through center. When you're ready, go to the other side, sliding the hip away from the hands, relaxing into that side stretch and coming back through center. Bring your hands a little closer to your knees, cross your ankles behind you. Roll over your feet and scoot a little bit more forward on your math. I'd like to do a modified back support, so fingers facing either forwards or outwards you can decide. So the back support we're going to do is going to be a hinge type movement.

Got both feet stationary on the ground, knees parallel to one another before we even get started. Try to lift your chest so you feel real light on the hands. The spine is nice and stable and then it just hinge up. So the pelvis is going to go straight up and oppress forward into the hip flexes. Look up just a little bit and then bring the hips straight back down and then [inaudible]. Yup. Yeah, we'll do both. And then lift the hips so it's a hinge action.

You can get a lot of work in the hamstrings here, can potentially get a good stretch through the hip flexors. Continue moving. If you think about going into that little bit of a talk at the tar. Good and come down. Let's do that one more time. So a good thing to think about in this exercise is first lifting away from the floor and then as your hips go up, your chest goes up. Now as you lower your pelvis, keep pushing your chest up. That's it. That's it.

Good. Okay. I'm going to add in some spinal articulation to it. So hands is still in the same position you had this time hovering the hips. Then using the abdominals or contracting the abdominals, Tuck the pelvis or pull the pubic bone up towards the chin. Then articulate outwards instead of hinging out where it's a little bit different, knees are going to reach out over the toes. We're going to accordion spine out until it's flat.

Breathe in and hold that same feeling that I just talked about of trying to lift up off the ground. Off the shoulders. As you curve your spine backwards, drawing the ribs back between the arms at the last moment, your spine is going to go straight in and take another breath in. And we're excelling to go again. So it's an articulation of the spine. Nice strong inner thigh work. Sending the knees out over the feet. As the chest starts to lift up, we lift our eyes, not a lot, so you definitely don't want to drop your head back. Just up in slightly forward. And here we come back through the chest.

Keep reaching up away from the floor, curling back. Significant amount of Ab work involved. Dropped the hips and we go one more time. I'm curling up through the spine. Left, sending the knees over the toes, enjoying the shoulder, stretch the hips, stretch, breathing in at the top and breathing out to come down. Keep that feeling of lifting up. Go Taller as the body goes down. That's it.

Excellent. Excellent. Okay, I lied about the other back support. Sorry. Go on to stomach. We're not going to do it. I changed my mind. So we're going to go onto, this is the, um, this is what I'm going to look for. I'll show you the actual size. So you want to have, and you need to move yourselves around just a little bit. Um, you want your arms to be able to be on the ground, on the floor, not on the mat, cause we're gonna slide them.

Okay. So you're gonna start all the way down. And what I'm going to ask for you to look for is the shoulder blades moving that that shoulder blade is drawing back is what's going to get you going. Okay? So breathe and kind of reach your arms way up over your head. Start exhaling as you start to draw the shoulder blades back. As that happens, your head will lift and then you're just gonna drag your hands back towards the edge of the mat.

You don't have to lift very high to make it a pretty good work stroke and then press the arms back down or articulate the spine back downwards. The last thing to come down as the forehead. Let's do that again. So you're just guiding the shoulder blades down. It's worthwhile to in really valuable to think about a little bit of abdominal work as well. Yes, lovely. And release down. Here's some breathing. Inhaling, prepare, start engaging through the abdominals. Maybe tuck the pelvis a little, the next hill, guide the shoulders downward guide the spine, not only up, but think about a forward movement of the spine as well. Good.

And then release yourself back down or work your way down. Just like always see that two more times. Sliding the arms back. You actually keep them on the floor, Jen, just keep them right down and they kind of drag along the ground as they come up. Try to focus about what your legs are doing just for a moment. If they're really tight and really grippy, not really a great thing. Um, if anything, if anything, you want to just feel that they're engaged, they're reaching away from you. Um, I'm talking specifically about the butts so we don't want to really squeeze our bum a lot.

Okay, that's our last one. Slide your arms back in front of you. Put your hands underneath your shoulders. When you're ready, push yourself up and sit back on your feet for a stretch. Sitting all the way down. Take a couple of moments there. Just feel the breath of that idea of expanding and contracting their ribcage. Breathing into the back.

All right, and then, um, go ahead and come back onto your hands and knees for the cat stretch so he hands underneath shoulders, knees underneath hips. You want to start with your body straight in a straight line. Um, we are not in this exercise going as round as we can, nor are we arching as much as we can. I'm going to try to separate the lower or the lower body from the upper body. And here's how we're going to do it. Breathing and prepare. As you exhale, Tuck the pelvis forward or press the hips, the pubic bone forward. Try the upper back. We'll round some, but it's not going to maximum.

What you should feel is a lot of ab work and maybe a little bit of stretch in the lower back. Inhale as you come back to a neutral place. As you exhale, hold your abs in to keep the pelvis absolutely stable. As you start to lift your chest, it won't go very far, but think about going forward. So there's your upper back work. Inhale as you come back to neutral or just straight across. Exhale as you start from the pelvis, drawing the shoulders down, away from the ears, rounding through the lower back. Inhale length in the body out into a straight line.

As you come straight to the head, come slightly up as you exhale and draw the shoulders down. Again, try to feel that sense of going forward, of lengthening outwards and upwards in heel. Neutral spine. Exhale, Tuck the pelvis, check in with your neck. Do you feel a lot of tension there? Can you let it go in heel to come neutral or a straight across? So come a little bit more flat. Good. And then hang on here. Still XL one last time in tobacco extension, reaching out, reaching out, reaching out, and then coming back.

Now round your spine as much as it will round is the difference and said all the way back onto your feet again. And then when you've had a moment to have a stretch, please come up onto your knees. Just going to do a little bit of a hip flexor stretch, so let's go right leg forward, hands down on the in front of you or next to the foot. Position your knee so it's in a comfortable position. I personally like to be slightly in front of and not right on the kneecap, and then from there, using the back of the leg, press forward into the front of the head so that's enough stretch for you.

Stay where you are. If not, you can walk up onto your legs or come up onto your thigh with both hands or one hand, and then here just makes sure that you're not collapsing the back into the stretch. You want a good sense of abdominal work drawing back, it's almost a resistance factor from the front front pulls back the back presses forward should be a nice big stretch. Let's lift the left arm up. Turned away from the bent knees, kind of gently rotating, bring it back on. Turn towards the knee. We're going around to the outside and help yourself in a little bit of rotation towards that side. Okay, and then bring yourself back. Let your hands come down to the floor, slide out of the stretch, carefully come out of it. Bring the right knee down, left foot forward, setting up so that you feel comfortable on your knees. Safe pressing forward with the back of the hip into the front of the hip. If you're coming up, now is the time, and again I do a resist collapsing.

There's always a drawing backwards of the abdominals as the back of the hip presses forward into the front of the hip. Think about getting taller through the spine maybe, and then we're just going to ride Arma. It's not really an arm movement so much as it's a spinal movement. As you start to turn to the back, turn towards that back leg and then we're coming back up and around to the front and just go wherever you feel comfortable. Feels good. Maybe guide yourself a little further into that stretch and then we're coming back through center. Just gently in, casually reached down. Think we are going to stand today, so let, why don't you just push yourself back so that you can come up onto your toes or walk your hands back and just lean the weight of the body back so that you feel nice, pretty good.

Stretch down the back of the calves and then pull up onto your toes. Keeping the inner ankle bones pulling towards one another, getting a little bit of a stretch through the foot [inaudible] with that, as you draw up your heels down towards the ground, it's going to start to extend the legs, straighten the legs. The top of the head is gonna reach forward towards the ground. Just lengthening the spine over the size of the back of the legs straight. You can just stay here for a moment.

We're going to bend the right knee first and the left hip to have a little stretch. I don't bend the left knee as you straighten the right leg. If it would feel better too, you could hold onto your elbows. You're more than welcome to continue holding onto the ground, whatever you like, both legs straight first and then bend them and then try to use the opportunity of having a bent knee to let the lower back extend a little further forward. Let the neck totally relax, maybe shake no once or twice head totally relaxed.

Inhale, lift up from the abdominal stretch to roll back up. Keep the knees soft, rolling up bone by bone and the pelvis presses over the knees. The ribs come up over the pelvis. Shoulders reach down, arms coming to our sides. Gaze goes forward. See that one more time. Breathing in, letting the head relaxed forward, blowing all the air out of the body, making sure that by the time you get to the bottom, you're ready for a great big inhale and bend your knees. If you want to breathing in at the bottom, I'm breathing out to find your way back onto your feet.

Thank you for coming.


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Thank you, Meredith! this was a great workout for the morning hours when I really DON'T like to move. I normally choose the advanced classes and do them in the afternoon between teaching clients to keep my energy up...but this was a great pace for waking up the body--even better than coffee!
Great to hear Erin! Good morning to you!
Bella D
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Thank you enjoyed that
Bella D thanks for going WAY back to this one.  It was one of the very first.
Mona H
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Keep coming back to this one. It just feels so good. You're right Erin M, it's better than coffee!
Mona H thank you so much for choosing the older classes.  As a heads up, they may be archived soon but you can save for yourself in your favorites if you feel like you would like to revisit.

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