Class #142

Mat - Additional Stretching

20 min - Class


Meredith offers a short class utilizing a foam roller to help ease tension in several areas of the body. Using the roller for both compression and stretching your muscles will feel open and your body loose. Beginning with the muscles in the hip, class proceeds using the roller to address the Iliotibial Band, the gluteal muscles, the low back, the lats, chest and shoulders. Add this class to one of your favorites for a comprehensive workout.
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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Apr 15, 2010
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Enjoyed it - thanks.
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Elaine Ferguson
I wish you could have more classes using the foam roller. Thanks for this class.
Very informative, thanks!
This class is like magic for my muscles. It hurts sooo good in my hips while I'm doing it, and then I'm so relaxed when I'm done. Thank you a thousand times.
Perfect for me, I'll be doing this everyday before my rehab excercises.
Thanks for your feedback everyone! I appreciate hearing from you.
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Perfect stretching and relaxation after my spin class!
Great to hear, Kristine!
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Thank you!

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