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Monica teaches a High Chair Workout that focuses on posture. She shows how this piece of equipment can be used to modify a few Wunda Chair exercises and how it can expose imbalances in your body. This is a great class to work on your technique and placement.
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Jan 22, 2014
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All right. Hey Rebecca. Hi. Today we're going to do the big chair or call the electric chair as well. You provide the electricity is what Ramani used to say. Love that. So it really is kind of an intimidating looking thing. This one actually is the growths Combo chair so you can take off the top and have it as a one two chair. And I was telling you earlier that the one chair is, in my opinion, the most challenging of all his pieces of equipment apparatus is because it doesn't have anything for you to hold onto with your hands or put shoulders against or hold your head up or have your feet rest up.

It is all you. So the big chair can really be a nice basic piece of equipment. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail of it today though. I'm just am. If somebody has a big chair and wants to do a big chair exercise or go over some things, that's what that this is for today. Cause there are so many modifications.

So I'm going to be doing some modifications for you depending on if you're not need or you're really ruled out or you're the way your feet are or if you roll in your ankles. There's so many. This is great foot, knee, hip alignment to really make good healthy foundation for your body. So there's a lot of modifications. So we're not going to be doing all those. We're going to start off with um, pumping. So you're going to go ahead and sit down and there is no graceful way to do it, but you still made it look good. All right. This pad is pretty padded so I'm not going to add any more, but go ahead and put your tailbone.

I want you to feel like you're sticking out your tailbone and it's going all the way back. All the way against the board. Yup. And that is what it's there for. Cause later on younger, you could do this on the one to chair without any board and you're just sitting on top of it. So am I leaning forward? You are going to think of your state grump to that triangle bone and have every bone starting from your cocksucker and work its way up every bone there and your waistband. And then your bra strap, every bone between your waistband and Bra Strap. And if you can get any more bounds, fantastic. If you can only get your waistband good and you work your way up from there, but definitely your waistband. Okay, now you're going to these poles.

You're going to wrap your arms around and hold two champagne glasses in front of them and we hold champagne glasses and relax your shoulders a little because we don't want a great grip for dear life. Maybe come down a little bit with that. Shake. Good. You don't want to, so they're just delicate. Okay. I'm going to put my foot up on the pedal and it's right in the middle and I want you to hug my foot with the ball of your ball, of your foot and toes on the pedal, the ball of your foot down. [inaudible] there we go. A little bit back further yet, uh, towards you. Good. All right. Still feeling the pinkie though. Voila. All right, now that's about a wide, I want you to be with your toes, but bring your heels together. We're going to do one like this. Good.

So we're going to keep your hips there and your belly pooling behind your hips and you're going to pull your belly into the board and up as tall as you can. And I'm going to pump the pedal for you. You get to like all you're focusing on is posture, pulling your belly in and up. And I'm going to get a good rhythm. Okay, so just let me have the pedal heels together though. Good Kit. Now hold. We slid our pelvis forward so we're going to rock our, go back with your tailbone. Fantastic. And let the pedal come up.

Heels together and I'll keep it a little smaller cause I probably pulled you forward. Good. So it's actually not a slow and tedious. It's a nice rhythm and you're pulling belly in and up. And now basically you're taking over, which is great and you're using your belly and other parts of your thighs besides just your quads. Great. If y'all tall you are and how straight your spine is. Wonderful. Good. Hold. And let's go ahead and go parallel now.

So let the peddle come all the way up though. Good. And I like that. And I'm having, you'd go parallel because we're walling a little out on the pinkie toe here. And I want you to line up that heel with the ball, the big toe. That was good. So just a tiny bit, that heel, and this is not easy. Now your knee has to stay in line with your feet in line with your hips because they don't have anything to push against. So it's kind of hard.

So we're gonna do 20 like this. Now go ahead and push it down and up. Good. Beautiful. Pulling in and up. Good. But all the way down, all the way up, as far low as you can. Keeping that back there and all the way up. And when you get to 20 we're going to go ahead and stop just about that. And now I'm going to take my foot off, but keep your left foot there. And because I was saying your left foot, I'm going to have you take your right foot off and extend it. Great.

And hold it there with your powerhouse. Good. Pull in your ribs, just yep. And now you're in your chest. 10 pumps down at one and two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Hold and switch. I was working on that so much I didn't focus on your foot as much and 10 more here. Two, three, four. That's great. Alignment here. Seven, eight, nine, hold. Now do one extra set on here. So this is called pumping one leg. Okay.

So keep pulled it all the way up and a little more weight on your big toe. Yep. But still keep weight on the baby toe. That's the tough part. Good. And we're gonna keep that heel and here we go. One, two, three, four. That's it. Stomach. Nice. And that's enough. Good job. All right, now let the pedal come up all the way.

And now you're gonna just step off. So we were sitting on this pad and you only sit on it for the pumping. And now we're gonna do going up front. So the goal and going up front, I'm going to just demonstrate is to really work on your posture, which always wants to be at a nice angle. So my straight leg is diagonal and you want your upper body to follow that diagonal. Okay? And you want your hips, your box to stay really square. That is the goal of this exercise is to keep your hips square and so your that you develop the proper muscles instead of just the quad and like stepping up, we're not going to step up.

We're going to use all the right muscles to pull the pedal up on that beautiful posture, diagonal so that you can do with no hands with ease. Okay? Cause if you're stepping up, you feel really unbalanced. All right, we are, you had asked earlier too, and I didn't mention it, but the big chairs always done on two springs on the top. So I'm gonna help you because it's so strong and the other foot up there that it's like an alligator actually put your foot on the pedal. Yup. So that you just kind of right away, group yourself nice.

And you did a great job of not hitting your toes. Put your right foot right there, great. All the way. Yep. So your toes aren't crammed but are there and your knee gets to go here. Now you are so flexible that it's okay. But someone who like myself or like you that aren't as tall might start with a little lift underneath, but your, your hips are fine.

So sometimes I have my clients just not come down as low once they, all right, so your legs at a diagonal and I like to imagine that you're have a five inch stiletto right here. So lift your heel up nice. And you lift it up by using the hamstrings and the glue. Those muscles are engaged. Good. Your stomach's in and up. Now this is a beautiful diagonal, but you're very upright here. So lean forward, nice and just nice, relaxed arms. I want them there, but I want them just for balance and finally see if you can. Good scooping in. All right. Lean forward again with your chest. Yes.

And now using the left cheek in your abdominals. Pull up the pedal, pulling up. Nice. Forward. Forward. All right. Hold yourself there and it's almost right there. And now pull in. Aha. And that's it. And you're going to come down and right back up.

We're going to do five. Don't live this hip. [inaudible] eight stomach. Yes, and little less arms. There you go. They're just there for balance. So I want you to fill up my hand here. Pull. Aha. That's gonna. I forgot to watch your cheating knee and we've got to keep that knee there. And let's do one more so that you feel really secure lifting this cheek.

Don't know, tailbone out. You got [inaudible]. Good. All right, Rebecca, how did that feel? Good. Yep. All right. Now we're going to take your left arm and take it off and just reach it long with, with Nice opposition to your body. But we went straight up and down against, I need you to, Aha. But pull into here. Yeah. And use that to lift. Well that's better.

And coming down Paul, back into here. You're slightly rotating on that spine. Uh Huh. Good. Oh this was the foot I made you do extra on the other side, Huh? Oh uh Huh. This is a good one for you. And I love it because this is showing that you really have to work on this and good.

And now we're going to put both hands on and we're gonna bring your left foot down. Set your right, right foot, sorry. And your left foot up. Wash those tests. All right. Knees against the board. Good and hands. Just resting. All right. Scooping in this hips now a lot higher. Good and a little forward. Good. Lean forward to your belly.

I would rather you think my belly is going to pull in and lift my chest up to the ceiling. And that's what brings my, my body for that was really nice and squeezing to pull up. That looks really nice up all the way. All the way. Keep lifting this cheek and coming down. Don't roll out onto the pinky on that foot. Good job and stomach in lifting up your chest up.

Try to keep Boyd on that ball. The big toe. Good. The hips are looking better now too. More keeping this hip, squeezing. [inaudible] and one more time using your belly to lift up your sternum. That's it. Right arm extends up. [inaudible] hips squeezing, squeezing up.

That's it. The hips look great. Can you use your belly to lift your chest up though? [inaudible] so your belly has a pull in first and then reaches Ya there. That's nicer. Good. Give me one more. Dropping that hip. A little. Aha. Good job. All right, so you can one day do those with no hands.

But I'd like your hips to be a little bit more stable first. So I want you to put the other foot on the pedal and stay there. God. And a little plotty stance. Okay. We're going to do a little hard thing here. Actually. No, we're going to believe those for the fun last. All right. So I want you to take your left foot and put it down on the floor behind you.

Yes. And now we're gonna keep it there and lift the pedal up. Alright. And stay right there. Good job with your hands on the handles. And we're going to do press down on demi point. So the standing leg wants to be a little turned out and I want you to rise up on the ball of the foot. So the heel AAHA, maybe just a teeny bit forward with the foot. Good. Alright. And this is going to kind of offer you a little squareness, a little stability.

Okay. Your hips did good, right? So we're going to keep them straight across. This side needs to just pull in a little bit more into your left side. All right, so I like to imagine, and when you're not going to push the pedal down too far, like there's a button right here, like a push button, something like you have to push in. Um, and we're gonna use the back of the thigh and the glute to pull the pell down. Hold it right there, two, three and release and stomach in and using right here. Hold two, three and release.

And I want you to pull and hold two, three and release. And I want you to do just one more time. I'm thinking also about lifting in the standing leg so that you have a lift in the Aha and release. Now bring that foot down. Yeah. And such a, all of these are like so simple, but also so much to it. So bring your left foot. Good.

That's it. Squared off, hips, Belize in and up. Good. And so let's think about this right foot. It's the arches. Lifting your inner thighs, lifting. It leads to your pelvic floor lifting. And again, not all the way down, but using the ha where the hamstring reaches the glue and hold two, three and release or do three more. Hold two, three, release. Hold two, three release. And one more time.

Where that heel hold. Good, good. And release. And now put that foot down. Good. How is that? Good. And now we're going to do, um, where you're gonna have your face me good. And you're right in the middle. There wasn't very good. Have the chair of me I met and take a little step out right there.

Pull out his stance. Good. And you're gonna put your right foot again on demi point in the middle of, and you can grab, um, you're supposed to be right in the middle. I'll see. No, it's actually really working on your turnout. So there you go. And they heal up. Good. So ideally you're going to stay in the middle and the heel up, but if you need to bring, we're going to bring him forward just a little bit to work on that hip. Yeah, heal up. Oh, that's good. All right. I'm gonna help you.

And you're trying to keep the hips squared. Good and release. Okay. And stomach in and hold and release. And you're using all of these muscles, pull that seat under you a little bit better and release. Nice job. Turn around to the other side. Good. So in on the one to chair, there's these really hard advanced exercises where you're doing leg press down.

And sometimes for people it's really hard to feel it because the knee joint gets in the way. So these are kind of Nice when you're doing them when you're bent knee. Okay? So flexibility in the knee joint. Get in the way on this. So Nice Demi point there. The standing leg stills, little turned out weight on the ball with every toe. But a little lift in here, the arch watching that. Now don't stick your bottom out behind you.

Very good. So you're pulling this down and you're going to pull down halfway to three and release. That's really nice. Lift that heel up a little bit more and pull down to three release. And we're just doing one more, Dan. Two, three and release. Nice job. Bring that foot down. Turn around again and you're going to stand right behind.

But just a teeny bit in perfect. All right. Out His stance right there. Having the toes, almost touching the floorboard, Rolla. And you're gonna keep your box. Okay, so we're going to keep your nice square box and you're going to cross over. So take that leg and put it, uh huh on. And you can have it on Demi Pointe or flat. Well, let's see.

We can keep it on. Demi Pointe. Good. And be careful with the knee. Make sure you're feeling it again in the outer thigh, but this looks really nice on you and pulling your belly and holding it down for five, two, four, three, actually just three counts and coming up. How does that feel? And pooling in weight on the big toe also and release and getting this hip forward just a bit and release. Good. That's enough of those. Bring that foot down and come onto the other side.

Good, so you're going to crossover. That's it. And we're going to fix, make sure you have a nice box. Standing legs always lifting this hand actually should be on this hip. Push it aside so that you can really feel that it's not exactly lifting. It just left. You just did that for, for, for me to see you, right, so you're going to keep it anchored. Good. How's that foot doing? That's good. Stomach in and you're going to be lifting the arch.

This puts kind of all in there we go. Lifting here, weight on the big toe though. Inner thighs lifting. Good. And let's maybe get your foot a little flatter on there. On this one. Like heel down. Yeah. And scooted in a little bit. There you go. Good. I'm going to hold it from here. Alright. Stomach in and using this hip and it's going down and released.

So a little bit working in your hip flexor. And instead I want you to hold on a second. I'm going to push it down a little bit with you. I want you to work more here. So lengthen that hip away from you. Ready? And let's go down, hold and release and two more holds that feel different now and release. And one more. Hold stomach lifts and release. Good job.

Bring that foot down. Nice. Now you're going to face the chair. All right, so we're going to do, um, I want putable posture and it is heavy springs. It might not be too hard for you to keep that posture, but it is some people the flexibility on that. So put your hands here, your right foot on the pedal and we're going to bring it down, left foot up. Also. Good. Now you're going to keep your hands here shoulders away, and we're gonna do some tricep dips and then a back extension.

So I want you to pull your belly in, squeeze. And I want you to, I think of the cover of one of Joe's supplies books where he has a big weight on the head and the body's like this. I mean, do you remember that? Have you seen that book? And so the next one, he has [inaudible] someone like really long and tall. And so that's what you want to think of right now. You're just long and reaching up to the ceiling. Okay? And keep that beautiful length. Lean a little bit towards, but keeping your bottom underneath you and you're going to push up to straight arms all the way up, keeping your feet on the pedal, see if you can, can also bring your shoulder blades down a little bit and your chest up a little bit because you're just a bit up. So just, Yep. Good. All right.

Now that you're going to stay on the pedal and you're going to now do five tricep deps good. Down, up one. Good. You're making it look easy down, up to using your belly and your glutes. Good. Three more. So what I want to see and you're doing is that your shoulders don't lift up as you vent, but you keeping it at one more. I like it. Good. Now hold all your energy in and up and you're gonna take your feet off the pedal behind you and go into a nice back bend and 20 beats here. One, two, three, four back. Men taking your head back, feet up, and five, four, three, two, one. Nice job, but the toes on the pedal, forward, forward, forward. Good.

And you're going to come all the way down and you get [inaudible] to enjoy a stretch. Let me pull on this for safety and the head down and really pull into your lower back. There you go. You can even let your heels go down. How about a little more upper seat curve? Like getting into AWHONN eye. Good. And come straight up. Okay, so stay here. This one to chair anyway, the big chair.

It's like a big alligator's mouth that wants to snap on you. Okay. If you stay on the black pedal, you're safe. So try not to get off of that and you're going to carefully turn around. Good. Got It. Nice job, Rebecca. Now you, you don't get to stretch yet.

[inaudible] together. And we're gonna do some leg lifts. First. Tricep dips though as well. So lean back a little bit. So we have a neck. Can you fix any of that posture as you go up then? Cause it's a little low for you. You're going to fix that. Okay.

So that's the first thing, but stomach and squeezing. And let's lift the chest bone up. There you go. All the way up. Straight arms. Nice. And now five dips straight back. One good. So you really feel everything helping you do these. Nice. Two more.

Go ahead last time then hold yourself up long and I want your legs together and you're going to bring the legs up as high as you can in circle for three times. One good stomach into good stomach in three and reverse it. You can do it over in one and two and one more. Squeeze those legs together and bring them onto the pedal. Very nice. Good. See, now you earned your stretch.

So now you're going to go like you're on the front of the titanic and you're going to head back. Open those shoulders, press your hips forward. Really enjoy that stretch and then come back and carefully turn back around. Good. And you're going to take your, let's take your right foot down. Go ahead and we're going to control it up together. Good. Left foot down and nice little Pilati stance.

Arms reach up to the ceiling and I want you to turn the palms out and exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. And then inhale, pull your belly in and up as he pushed me down. Inhaling, pulling in your belly. Inhale. Inhale, inhale, and exhale now, and you are all done. Great job. Loved it. Good job.


Thanks so much Monica. I have never seen the exercises done on the high chair, so was really great learning for myself.
Good Job ! :)
Alrighty then ;)))
great instruction! Is this a balanced body chair?
Hi Kathleen, The chair is made by Gratz. We have two Gratz Reformers too!
Such good instruction!:👍
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such a great mini workout on the high chair! I really felt my backside

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