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Push yourself with this high intermediate/advanced class taught in the Classical style of Romana's Pilates. You are likely to get a bit sweaty with this one, so bring your energy and your towel as you practice Swan Dive, Boomerang, and Teaser 1, 2 and 3.
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I'll have you guys slide down. We're going to, I'm going to have you guys do a little bit of a dance workout today, so keep that in mind. All right. You're going to go right into your a hundred so bring your knees into your chest, take your legs out, lift your heads up. Begin your hundreds. Nice deep breath in. Two out, two, three, four, five 10 to four or five x, two three, four, five really scooping and wrapping this size, x 34 x five 42 four five long legs. So you're reaching to the opposite side of the room. 70 excellent. 82 three four or five 92 five exhale, and bend your knees. Go ahead and drop your head. Rub. Your arm is going into your roll up. So extend your leg straight out.

Get that imprint into the mat. Still wrapping. Nice deep breath in. Begin to round up. Follow that all the way over to the knees. Drop your heads down, nose between the knees and start to come right back down. So let's try to keep this moving. As soon as your heads touched, you're going to come right back up and around, over and bring it down a little bit more energy moving through this exhale. Uber, shoulders relaxed, toe soft about two more times.

Really getting that deep scoop and I might lose your pants as you're moving. You're using that powerhouse. Last one over. You'll lie down and I'm going to have you guys go into your overhead. So begin with your legs at 90 degrees. Okay? All right. Just be conscious of your neck. You don't want to push from the arms.

Keep your gaze down towards your tummies. Begin. Take your legs over. You tapped them out with your toes. You Open your feet about hip with the part and you want to think of skimming your thighs on your chest, articulating one vertebra down at a time. Step about 90 degrees. Come back together and go over. Next one. I might have to go all the way down with the leg. So open your feet, hip width apart. Really flex, roll down.

Take the legs all the way down to the mat, feet together, up and over. Next three. You're going to reverse the feet, so this one start to roll down and now you'll bring the feet together. Open, lift up and over. Good flux your feet. Keep those legs really largely. Feet are now together and flexed as you roll down. Shoulders, soft tumor and over together.

Flex. Careful not to tense the neck or shoulders here and last one over and together, flexed less energy out of those heels and keep one. Keep your right leg up and drop your left leg going into your leg. Circles. Begin to circle the leg down around a big circles to heal the heel. Three Dan around up to the nose, four and five reversed it. Keep those hips really still.

I'm just going to shift your foot just a little bit to down around up three, up four getting that. Tell me to stay in and five says your legs go to the other leg, left leg and circle down up one to the nose to brush your heel down and then up. Three down. Both legs are long. Very nice. Four. Five, reversed that five times down and up. One up to keep those hips really still. Don't go too far outside your body. Three up.

Four. Keep the flow moving. And five, go ahead and drop the leg. You're going to sit at four rolling like a ball. So you wanna lift your bottoms to sit at your heels, grab onto your ankles. Go ahead and begin. Try to keep your heads between your knees and come right back up five times.

One coming up to balance each time too nice and relaxed. Keep this effortless. Three soft feet soft shoulders for one more time. You'll come up and balance. Place your hands down, move back just a little bit. You'll lie all the way down.

Bringing the right knee and going into your single leg. Stretch, pulling in and extend what it's heavy. Do about six sets too, too long. Legs touch the other room. Three, the opposite side for four, keeping your chest open and those shoulders down and six and six double leg stretch. Arms and legs out together. Nice deep breath in and now come together at the same time. Knee deep breath in. Exhale, Skim your heels on the mat. The next round. So heels go down, lift them back up and bring it together. Two more lift and, and, and last one. Reach out long up and together. Right leg up and single leg pool. Pull and scissor. One, one, two to get it.

Reach way up to that ankle if you can, sorry, and get that deep scoop. Scoop for four. Tommy's pulling shoulders dropped. Six. One more sec. Hence scoop and scoop. Scoop drew up your heads for just a moment. Put your hands behind your heads, lift your heads again and begin to lower and lift the legs just a little bit and then come up about three to four inches. But get that sternum up.

Don't let your sternum drop. No arching in the back. Go all the way down to none at Mat. Tap the heels and come back up one. If you feel like your backs are strong enough to one more time down and right back up. Chris crossed to finish and one, tap the elbow on the knee. So really get that shoulder off the mat and soften those feet. Three watching your center for making sure those hips aren't rolling.

Five, six, and six. Go ahead and sit up. Go right into your stretch forward so your feet are open, flexed arms are up. Deep breath in, lifting your spines. Exhale, take that down as low as you can. Try to get the crown of your head on the Mat and then articulate right back up and depressed in. And exhale. Take that down. Open your legs a little bit wider than the mat. Get that scoop still and come back up and and over. Take it down.

Add up one more time. Nice deep breath in. Squeeze your bottoms and make that space between the ribs. Lift up off the hips and come on up. Do move forward. Going into your open like rockers. So you'll take your legs up, get your position, find your c curve and begin to roll soft feet though. Round up. Good. That was very nice. No hopping to come up.

Take it back. Rounding to come up. Very, very nice. Lifted your backs. Give yourself a little more challenge by walking those hands up a bit higher. Both. They're doing those so nicely. [inaudible] and two more. See Curve to go back. See, curve to come up. Actually, I'm gonna have you [inaudible] challenge that. Just a little bit more about bringing the feet together. Reach for your toes.

Tuck your chin. Now your feet are flexed. Go back to grab onto those toes. Tried to get them very nice. Christie. Lift up tall, tall, tall. So both theatre together. See Curve, take it back, control it, going back so you don't lose it. [inaudible] reach for the toes. It'll lift your backs. Last one. So you can take it back. You might lose your toes there and then you get them again.

And then you lift and hold and walked out of your legs for your corkscrew. So your legs stay up as you walked down 90 degrees with the legs. Hands at your side. Begin to circle. Go right into a jack. And I say you go down. Oh, rounded up and then control the movement going down and around. Does it have to be too big? That's it. Just careful again with the next, you know what? Your next to pop up. Good. So it's very controlled.

Especially coming down as well, Huh? And it could just be the first four vertebra off the mat unless you want to go all the way up there. Last one. Don't let the heel shift and go ahead and sit up for your saws. Once again, the legs are apart a little bit wider than the mat. Feet are flexed, sitting tall. You're going to turn reach for your baby toe, nose on the knee. Now take advantage of the stretch. It feels so good.

Sit on that left hip though. And then come back up and center out and turn feed. Stay still. You don't want them shifting so those hipbones don't move. They stay very still. End Up in the center. Enter and reach and up and center and last one, turn and stretch. Lots of energy out of the heels up and center.

Flip over to your stomachs for your neck. Roll all. All right, so you're going to push into your palms. Come up off of your chest, lifting that powerhouse theater together. Look to the right, roll your heads down. Look left. Look, center. Look left down around to the right look center. Lie Back Down. Next, I'm going to have you guys go into your swan dive, both familiar with this. You're going to push into your palms, come up off of your chest, and then you're gonna fall. Legs come up, palms come up. So literally falling and try to keep those heels together. One, not pushing up with the hands at all, so just rocking on your tummy. That's it. And three and four. Careful not just lift with your heads by, and that's enough. Sit on your heels and stretch back.

All right, just relax for a moment. Good. All right, you're going to lie back onto your stomach's getting into that Sphinx position. Ready for your single leg kicks are up on those elbows. Good rib cages really lifted [inaudible] next or still long shoulders are down. Get those groups of even more if you can. That's it.

Squeezing your bottoms and a right kick. Kick left. Kick. Kick to kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. One more time. Kick, kick. And that's enough. Lie back down onto your stomach's hands. Behind your backs. Turn your head, kick your bottom three times one, two, three and then lengthen. Reach for those ankles. Stretcher next and switch cheeks in one, two, three. Stretch back and switched cheeks and one, two, three end stretch. Last one and one, two, three and stretch and enough sit back on your heels. Once again, stretch back. It should be warmed up now. Okay, I'm going to have you guys flip over so you're back on your backs.

You're going to lie down, hands behind your head, going into your neck, pool. Both legs are straight, both feet are flex, but only hip with the parts that bring your feet in just a little bit. Okay, so just like your roll up, all about that articulation. So no lurching up, no momentum, nice deep breath in. Begin to come up. Really peel off that met, stretch over to the knees and then articulate to come back up, sitting tall and then articulate to go back down. So don't hinge just yet coming. Keep those feet flex and now around, over all the way. Sit Up Tall, both feet still flexed and then round back down.

Then we're going to add the hinge. So now you round up, round over, up too wide with your feet only bone apart. And uh, stay tall. Stay tall as long as you can. And when you can't stay tall anymore, start to curl back down. Articulating in lower back, middle back, upper back more and up and over. Sit up tall. Careful with your feet. Bring them in a bit. And, and, and, and tuck under last one and round over to the knees right away instead of tall and hinge. Hinge with those ribs together. That will help and curl back down. Add enough. All right, let's go ahead and have you guys go into your jackknife. So yeah, or actually, no, let me have it go into your scissors. So your feet are on the mat about hip width apart.

Do you guys know how to get into position here? You've got to lift your bottoms up so your knees are bent, lift up, and then you have to actually hold underneath your hips. I'm going to lose everything here, but the whoa. And then you're going to bring both knees in and then you're gonna take one leg out. And this is a bicycle. Let's do bicycle. You can do scissors after that, right?

And then reverse, when you go down with the leg, you want to go down as low as you kind of really stretch the leg out long and reach out long and up. That's it. I know both knees in. Take your leg straight up. Now go ahead and go. Scissors. So one leg goes down and pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse. As you're pulsing, squeeze your bottoms and really lift those hips, I'll suppose. And pulse, pulse. Last one. Pulse, pulse and enough roll down. Uh Huh.

And then you can go into his shoulder bridge here. So you're going to curl your hips up like pelvic lift. [inaudible] you'll bring your right knee into your chest. You take that right leg straight up and you want to think of it lengthening without your hips moving. Start to reach that leg out long. Keep those hips lifted and then give me your heel on the mat.

Slide back to your, onto the floor, sorry. And then left knee. And so you're just coming back to position. Take the left leg up. Keep your knee lined up with your hip and reach the left leg out long those hip stays still reached and skim the heel on the mat. Back to position. One last time. Both right leg first. Take it up.

Shoulders relaxed. Reach out along hip. Stay lifted and skim it back. So root kids are still together. Left me in. And take the leg up. Lengthen. Lengthen. Lengthen. Adver get in now to come down. Articulate upper back, middle back, lower back. Getting your spawning time to adjust. Okay, so now I'm going to have you guys lie onto your sides. For some sidekicks upon your elbow or palm, the other hand is behind your head. Unless you still want that support, you can put your right hand down, but otherwise try to stay up. Stay on your side though.

Can you go all the way down? Good. All right. So right light comes up about hip level or whatever like you're working with, you guys are working with left two, four front kids, kick, kick forward and then control back, keeping the root k together and kick. Kick Front, eh, bring it back Ed. Deliberate and back and kick. Kick. That's a good ticket. Boom. So that front kick and back to mark. Kick, kick and back. Keep the shoulders still. Last one.

And now go into your up and downs. Take your leg up or lengthen it as you come back down and reaching out. Flex up. Point down and flex. Reach and scope to more flex. Lengthen I last one. Flex and circles five each way. One and two, three, four, five, reversing. One, two, three, four, five. Rest your legs on top of each other. Go ahead and place your hand down.

I'm gonna have you go into ground Ronda genres. You'll take one leg forward. So you're still down on your side. Yeah, you're going to take one leg forward, lift the leg up toward your ear and start to lengthen it behind you. Pivot your hip forward a little bit. So your hip stay on top of each other. You want to reach out long. Take advantage of that stretch. End Two more. Bring it up to the nose to the shoulder behind you and forward last one and then I'll have you reverse it. Reach back and now reverse it.

Go back up to the nose and back to the heel. Two more. Back Up. Root state together the whole time. Last one and way up there and enough bring it back. Heel to heel. Go ahead and transition palm on top of palm. Lying on your stomach for transition beats.

Lengthening the legs. You're going to begin to lift your legs off the Mat and clap your heels together for three counts and one, two, three, four. Sorry, I said three cans but I meant 25 six seven eight, nine 10 and ten nine eight seven six five four three, two, one and other leg. So lying on the other side. Switching legs. Yeah. Well you were on so you went right like that's fine. Just like, yeah, just like Chris [inaudible]. Might as well be consistent here.

Both likes forward. Hip, on top of hip, shoulder on top of shoulder, right, like comes up, hand behind your head and kick, kick front and lengthen behind you. So reach out to the hip, front and behind you. Kick, kick, rich and lengthen. Kick, kick and lengthen. Bout two more. Kick, kick and back. And last one, kick, kick. Staying really solid in that power house, in leg on top of lake. Up and down. And take the leg up or reach it out. Up and lengthen. Adding the flex. And the point is you come down. So we really get your bottom working here, pulling your enabled deep.

That's it. About two more times. Ed are rich and last one and a little circles five each way. One, two, three, four, five, fun, little bit bigger. One, two, three, four, five and rest. All right, place your hand down. Going into that grand run. Deshawn. Exactly. So one leg goes forward. Take your leg up as high as you can. Tend to touch your shoulder. Now, careful who let your hips don't go back with you.

You roll that right hip forward. As you reach back into more up to the nose, to your year, hip forward and back. And one more time for lengthen, reversing. Go backwards. Up to the shoulder, to the nose. And two more. Go back as far as you can now really lift up, up, up, add last one. Go back as far as you can. Keep it in that same plane as you lift and enough leg on top of leg.

Have you lined to your back for your teasers? All right, so I'm gonna have you start with teaser one. You're gonna take your arms straight back. Both knees will come into your chest and then you're going to begin to take your legs up to 90 degrees, lower them down and roll up. Have you do teaser one, two and three reach for the years. Now keep the legs up there as you roll back down.

As soon as your heads touching, come back up so the leg stay still the whole time. Reach for the toes to the ears long back and bring it back down. One more time. You're going to stay up there. This time teaser to hold lower and lift the legs. Tap the Mat and lift the legs. One, stay tall. And to try to tap the Mat and all the way up with the legs three and everything goes down together. You're going to lie down flat. Everything comes up together.

Teaser two, three, lengthen and bring it down two more and had touches you. Come back up or reach up tall and control it down. Last one to the toes, to the back of the room and bring it down. All right, I'll have you guys sit up going into your seals. So do move forward towards your feet. Hands underneath the ankles.

Drop your heads, drop your shoulders and clap. One, two, three, bring it back. End Clap. One, two, three, up six times, one, two, three, one, two, three. I've tried to keep that secret really tight. So heads between the knees as much as you can. And two more. One, two, three, back stinks. Centered. One, two, three, up. And last one, you can come up to a standing position. Okay, go ahead and take your arm straight up. Pivot, turn around. You guys can, yeah, you turn around as well and you're gonna walk out into your pushup position. Heels are lifted in one straight line. So lower your hips just a little bit more Wendy. Okay. And now elbow, skim the ribs just three times and lead with the whole body, not your head.

To add one more time. Three or walk back to your feet. Hold that there. Tried to transition hips on top of ankles as you round up one vertebra at a time. Okay. I'm going to have you step in front of your mats. So all the way forward, both of you can step forward. Then just go ahead and sit down on your mat. Have you good.

Do that backward. Losing the name here. Bitch up plague. No hands facing back. Yeah, comfortably feel comfortable on the road. You want to get your hips up as high as you can. Your chest is open. You're going to take that wall right leg up, but you don't want your hips to drop. Kick up and rest and left leg and so right leg. Now left leg. And, uh, I had one more time where right and left and hold.

Now you bend the elbows and pump up three times when I have to turn your wrist out a little bit. Palms out. [inaudible] and up to eh three and roll down arms in front of you. Just go ahead and stretch, which was good. Tall Teddy, go to a spine, twist. Flex your feet. [inaudible]. Sit as tall as you can. Keeping the heels together. The feet flex in.

Nice deep breath in. Pulse, pulse center. Exhale, two breaths out. Exhale, exhale, center. And last one. Exhale. Exhale, center. That's enough. All right. Do you move forward? Lie back on. Do I want you to lay down? No, I want you to sit up. So cross one leg over the other boomerang. So write legs on top. You're going to drop your heads. Find your seeker. Everything goes together. So you're going to rock backwards with the legs. Re Cross your legs in the air.

So all the way back, rear, cross. Try not to do it cause I don't want to lose anything here and there. You can come up and do your teaser. Stretch the arms behind you. Big Lift. Circle the arms and around, over to the toes. So can't see rear cross and float up into your teaser hole.

Take the hands back, stretch behind you. Big Circle, float over and know it's going to get quicker. Ready and go back or recross or right back up. Rich for the toes. Stretch back. Stay Tall. Keep the legs lifted and round over. And Greek cross. Sorry. Take it back so your hands are at the hips. Re Cross. Come right back up. Toes behind you. Stretch.

Float over everything down. Light as a feather and that's enough. Shake yourselves out. You guys are all done.


a bit dull. very little rhythm.
I love it!
Very nice challenging class, in only 30 min I still feel like I burned a bit of calories. Thanks!
Thank you all for your comments!
Yes, a bit dull, but it fit the description of the class still.
like like like!!!!
Decent workout, but out of classical sequence. The teacher was not very good; couldn't keep track of what positions to be in. Low energy, but the tempo was good.
A good workout in 30 minutes. Nice tempo....I had a high heart rate afterwards, and that is what makes me feel like I got a good workout! Thanks.
I think Adrianne was very pleasant to listen to and I thought the pace was appropriate for a 2/3 class. Thanks!
I absolutely LOVED this workout! Great tempo and just the right challenge.
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