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Additional Arms

10 min - Class


Tone and strengthen your arms while addressing your posture in this classical arm weights series. 2lb weights are recommended but not required.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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Apr 19, 2010
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Okay. So I'd like to do a little arm weight series so you can either stand on your mat or you can stand on the floor. It doesn't matter. But I do like you to be conscious of your alignment in your posture here. So the weight is towards your toes, back into that powerhouse shoulder slightly forward or pulling in and up and still getting that wrap in the thighs. Take your arms up to 90 degrees. You want to keep the elbows lined up with the shoulders you're going.

So you've got, your weights are about two pounds, hopefully, or three at the most. And then you want to keep that weight forward, keep the wrap happening and begin to drop the arms out. Shoulders are open and schoolies to come back in. Oh five times reach good. You're using that resistance. You could almost do this without weights. Two three still pulling in and up. Four and one more out [inaudible] and five you're going to take your arms to the side, so now you're open.

You're gonna take the arms out and squeeze to come back in. But keep lifting up right there to about five times pulling those ribs together to zipping up the legs. Three for not a lot happening, but really pulling up five. Bring the arms back at a lower the arms down to your side. Open up your chest, elbows glued to the rib cage. You're going to curl the arms up. Kinda like bicep curls. I lower the arms down, flip wrist back, curl them back up and school used to come back up. Believe it or not, these actually do quite a lot for the arms and posture too.

It's really about posture. Teaches you how to stand. Keep your chest open and don't quite lean forward. Just keep the length happening up and weight towards your toes. Well, Martin, time after this, so lower. Flick the wrist and curl back up and then you can drop the hands.

Let your arms just relax a moment. Take your legs, open them apart, apart, and they're going to go into what we call your book position or tabletop. Bend your knees and you roll down. Then you want a flat near a back. So I could come around and put a glass of water or a glass of wine on your back cause you're nice and flat. You bring your knuckles towards each other, you're next or long your tummies or lifted your knees, stay bent and you're going to start to bring the arms up. I'm going to come up here just so that I have a little more space. Squeeze your shoulder wings together and bring it back down and then come on up.

And yeah, use that resistance coming up and use the weight resistance coming down. So like you're going through some thick air tomorrow. So just about five times. Keep the tummy lifted and one more time up and lower. May your feet back together, heels together, toes apart, drop your arms, drop your necks and just start to round up.

Try to get the hips on top of your ankles. That's it. Come all the way up. Now you're tall again. You're gonna take, let's have you take your right arm straight up. You want to keep that lift happening. You don't want the arch happening in your back line and keep that whole, those ribs together and you're going to be getting to bed like a tree over as far as you can.

Push that opposite heel into the mat so your heels are pushing down, you're opening up this side, you bend your elbow, you stretch the arm out and keep pulling in your stomach and you come back up, grow tall and just like a orient, you're gonna stretch the opposite side, going the opposite way and then over. Go as far as you can really getting that site open up. You can leave. It's as long as you're pulling in and getting that tailbone to stay flat, pointing straight down, lifting then the elbow and reach out. Opening up the side a little bit more and come back up. Grow Tall.

One more time. Take the arm down there. It does feel good, especially if you're lifting. If you're not lifting, you'll feel it in your lower back. So you want to keep that lift happening and your powerhouse enabled. The Smart Ben Ben The elbow. Reach the arm out and come back up. Grow Tall. Last side would do we are we even here?

One more time over as far as you can and that's it. Then the elbow stretch and come back up and you're off the arm. Yeah. Did you like this? Yeah. Good. All right. You're going to open up the legs. I like those too. And you can go back into that table top position. So drop your head, bend your knees, and just kind of go into the squat and then flatten your backs.

Glue your elbows to your rib cages. It's kind of like boxing. You're going to take one arm, kind of like you're going to skim the ear and the opposite arm goes behind you as the right arm goes forward. Let's say you're going right or I'm poor and left arm back and then switch. Really get those arms to lengthen. Keep the root, keeps pulling up and switch. Stretch keeping your tabletop the whole time and switch.

So you're working your legs here to reach, retreat and switch. Ellen lengthen. That's the arm skim theory reach and that's enough. You're going to drop the arms. Drop your head's. Shimmy your feet back together. Once again. Articulate and to come up one vertebrae at a time. Good.

We'll go into a chest expansion. You can take your arms forward. Heels are together, which towards your toes are. You can take a nice deep breath in. Lower the arms, open up your chest, look right without lifting your chin. Look, center. Look left. Look, center and bring the arms back up. Exhale. So inhale, open up your chest. Look to left center, right center. Exhale.

One more set arms come down. Chest open rib. Stay together. Still wrapping right center, left center. Exhale. Last one, going to the left. Deep breath in. Grow Tall, so don't quite lean forward with those shoulders. Good. Look left center, right center and let the arms just drop an exhale. Good. All right, you're going to go into a zip up so the weights are facing each other. Weights to the toes. Navels are up. You're going to zip up kind of like you're blowing up.

Dynamite here and your push it down and grow taller. Feel your next lengthening and your tummies lifting and lift and lower. So use that resistance to push down, let's say, all the way up and scoop up as you lower the arm, still wrapping your thighs. Now challenge that and go up to your toes to the toes, and they lower back down to a flat foot, still growing tall. Two more up to the toes. It'll check your balance as well. And go all the way down. Up, up, up, up. Careful not to lean too far forward.

One more time up. Very nice and lower. Okay. Place one foot in front of the other. See if I got the right position here. Okay. And you're going to, it's kind of like a fencing position or moves like a fifth position, but you're gonna go out with the weights. Uh, let me see if I'm here. You're going sideways. Okay. So if I've got the right leg, you're gonna go to the right and then you're going to take that right foot and slide it back. So you go out, you hold, and then you bend the left leg to come back in and slide it back in. So go out hold and then try to drag the right foot back in and out.

Hold. Drag it back in. Keep going. Two more out. Hold. Drag the foot back in. One more time. Out. Hold. Drag it back together. Switching sides that feel okay to you guys. Okay. Just finding the way. All right, so left foot. Go left.

So you're going to get fed the room left. Oh and drag you back. Yeah, hold. Bring it back in about five times and still staying tall. Tumor. Oh uh oh. Last one and it. Okay, good. Can I have you put your weights down?

Okay. Face each other. Why don't you stand on something soft? Cause then I have you jump. So your knees are together. Feet together. Legs together first let's just do, do a couple of beds and straight parallel. Yeah. Parallel and Ben and straight.

So you can put that into a jump. You're literally literally gonna bend and jump up and float down. You want to try to land as softly as you can. We're going to try to jump 20 times. Ready? One, two and get higher. Three, four, five. I'm trying to keep the legs as close together as you can.

Eight and nine and 10 as 10 way. If they're nine, eight, seven, six, make you smile. Five, four, soft, three, two, one and open up the leg. Take a nice deep breath in, and exhale. Inhale both arms up and exhale. Now take a nice deep breath in and just drop down and bounce, bounce, bounce, and start to round up. You can bend your knees to come up both arms, up.

Nice deep breath and fall back down. And just balance. That's it. Shimmy your feet together this time and then start to articulate to come up. Last thing up, put your head, hips on top of the ankles, not locking those knees. Okay, breath in, up to the toes, and exhale. Shake yourselves out. Very well done.


Nice and compact quickie. :) I'm unsure what the purpose of the plyo jumps were at the end of class? regardless, nice addition/filler.

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