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Enjoy this class as Meredith explores exercises traditionally done on the Reformer, Cadillac, and Wunda Chair. Notice how the skills you already have translated into these "new" movement patterns and allowed you to deepen your connection to the work.
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Apr 20, 2010
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All right, we're going to start standing again and we're going to do, um, incorporate a apparatus into our work again today. If you don't mind, or if you do mind to, here we go. So finding a place and you actually, let's actually start on the ground face. This way everyone, I'm standing up reaching your arms down towards the ground. Take a moment, let the outside world go shift forward over your toes, almost. So much so that you could just lift the heels up a little bit and then shift away back. See how far back you can lean, and then do that one more time.

Go way forward. Also just rise up the tiniest back and then lean way back, keeping the body straight. So you're hinting around the ankle joint, and then situate yourself just over the centers of your feet. So you've got pressure in the big and small toe pressure from the outside and the inside of the foot. And with that, we're gonna roll down. So breathe in a big breath in. And as you do so, get a little longer. As you exhale, start with your head. Begin rounding yourself forward right away.

Committing to lifting up into the rib cage to pulling up into the abdominals to letting the head relax. It was kind of checking out how your body feels tonight. Hanging forward. Taking a breath in. Exhale, draw the abdominals in. Start to add in a little bit of inner thighs or a hugging of the mid line. Hello the pelvis depress forward so that the spine stacks directly over the top of it.

The head will be the last thing to come up. Reaching the arms down towards the ground. Inhale, lift the head up taller or feel a sense of growing longer. Excellent. As you round down towards the ground again, just working your way down. Noticing what you noticed. You stand more on one foot than the other or your shoulders wanting to pull up into your ears. Hopefully we all know by now that that is inappropriate. Maybe that wasn't the right word to use, but I was trying to be funny.

Apparently didn't work. One more time. Breathing in, breathing out. Your rolling down. Can meeting right now to the center of your body to letting the limbs be relatively [inaudible] Lee loose, with the exception of a small hug through the middle of the inner thighs. Maybe a light squeeze at the back of the legs, supporting the position in healing at the bottom. See if you can just, as you inhale, go a little further forward, chances are you will be able to Hexall to come up. Last one, pressing the hips slightly forward, stacking the shoulders over the hips and reaching the arms down. As the head lifts up, we're going into foot work.

So turning the palms to face back. Sit back, lean way back, almost to the point where you could, am I in your way? Pick up your toes. So you want to, it's kind of like water skiing and then push into your heels. Squeeze your glutes, squeeze your inner thighs and press up from there. So our target here in Hilton bend is the back of the legs. It's not to say that we won't feel the front of the legs. We might, well, we definitely don't want to feel the front of the shins too much.

So if you do think about hinges at the hip more or a different way to say that is don't bend the knees quite so much and let the body lean for it. As the hips go back, the arms are pressing actively, they're pushing up and then they're pushing down and we're going five more, a little quicker and IELTS event and exhale press. It's not a squeezed together of the shoulder blades. It's more of a movement downwards of the shoulder blades and three supporting the spine with the abdominals. Here's two and last time from the top. Take that slight, very subtle. Lean at the ankle joint and hover the heels at not a lot. A little.

Keep the tightness in the glutes in the back of the legs as you bend your knees, arms reaching forward. Exhale to press and he'll be bent, sitting. Way back. Exhale to press. So maybe a little bit more challenging to find the glutes here, but just as important working from there. Okay, Dan, here's fine. Yeah. Lensing weight over all 10 toes last five a little faster down on what? Finishing the extension of the hip, pressing the pelvis forward and keeping that upper back. Super actives last one.

Lower the heels, bring them together as you do that. Before we lift the heels again, try to intensify the external rotation of the hip, not from the feet so much, but actually right in the hip joint itself. However the heels squeeze them together. Then these points slightly out to the sides about shoulder distance apart and we press a nice strong inner thigh work and Presa finding that good strong long line in the body. [inaudible] keeping the eyes level or just finding a place to balance last five quicker.

One and bet to press and back to school. Ease the inner thighs, the heels together. Work from close to the pelvis rather than the feet. This is our last one and we dropped the Hills down. Take your feet, a little wider. Heels, pointing in, toes pointing out. And then again, before we get going, give yourself that focus on wrapping from the back, but also try to pull the feet together in space that you've got inner outer thigh connection and we go Ben, sit way back and squeeze inner thigh, outer thigh, press Ben, keeping the abdominals working. Press through the upper back as you left.

I keep everything strong, so nothing in our body is lazy here. Creating a full body experience. Last five and faster stuff for down, sorry, Dan. Energy through the insides of the legs. And here's the last one. There it is. Hold here. Recommit to that inner thigh contraction to that external rotation up on the toes. And we go bend and press leaning. Way back to press up.

Jennifer. See if you can, uh, take your hips back more like you're sitting in a chair almost [inaudible] everyone's focused on focusing on the place needed abdominals just below the belly button and just below the reds. Three more to go to [inaudible], lower the heels down and slide the feet together. Going into calve, raises, arms reached down. And actually let's add that same chest expansion to this. So as you first shift forward, little bit of a slight tuck in the pelvis energized the back of the legs. We're going to lift up onto the toes and press the arms back right up and then down. So it's just a subtle movement in the arm. Small, I mean rather than subtle and definitely nothing subtle about the work back there. Rolling, articulating the foot. Heel comes up bald. Oh, then the balls come down and then the heels barely touching. Then you got him straight back. [inaudible] and down and up and down.

I in the last five little faster to go down to like you're pushing something heavy away from me. Three and one more. Hold yourself up. Bend your right knee, lower your left heel. Come up onto both feet. Change. Put your hands on your hips. See if you can roll through your feet without either hip hiking higher than the other. Pressing into all, both corners of the feet, shall we say. Pointing the knees straight ahead. Generally wants to sometimes point out to the side a little paying attention to what's happening below the hips. And one more up to go down and up to go down.

Drop the left heel down, going into the forward lunge. Slide your right leg back. [inaudible] bend at your left knee. Send the knee just over the ankle and then wait that leg. Try to take, use the back leg as minimally as possible. Hands are on the hits field that the pelvis is square and we travel upwards.

On the diagonal is that front leg straightens and then we reach further back with the back leg on. Travel up on the diagonal. Feel the abdominals again. Support the spine and squeeze your glutes before you go into lift off and back to lift up. Two more. Keep the back leg engaged and straight. And by engage I just mean tighten up the back of the leg so it stays strong. Hold here, take your arms out in front of you, bend the leg that you're standing on again and with an exhale, bring the knee towards the arms and back and knee towards the arms.

The movement of the leg is occurring at the waist. So you want to reel that leg in from a wall right underneath the ribs or just underneath the chest. And last three, one little faster for the last two and one more with the foot down on the ground. Hello, are the arms down. Drop the head and roll up through the spine. Keeping the right leg has your supporting like step the left leg way back. Then bend the right knee so that as you come forward over that leg, back leg goes light. And with that we're coming up on the diagonal looking for the pelvis not to shift from side to side. So finding a recruitment process starting from the abdominals, then the glute and that back leg. See super active as the knee finishes, the extension far more reaching further back each time and lift up and farther back again.

And here's three. Here's our last one for the day. Coming up. Hold when the arms around in front, kind of like I dream of Jeannie and the like that you're standing on and then pull the back leg in and stretch it back a leg more so active in the back than the front. And by that I mean when it goes to the back and the last three a little faster. One reach to reach three reach. Bend it place, sit down, drop the arms, drop the head and roll it through your spine. Okay, come down and the [inaudible] all the way down. Like we'll be out in front.

I'm speaking out in front of you. I'm sorry. Sorry Lisa. Sitting on the mat. Arms out front. We're taking a breath in here. Sit up first so you're as tall as you can and then try to start to move the pelvis. Just draw the abdominals back and in. He'll sit right back up. So growing long and then drawing the pole. This out from underneath you give your glutes a little squeezed to support the low back end. Inhale to lift up. Keep tightening the glutes.

Almost like you got a little cushion to sit on scooping back and inhale to lift up. One more time, scooping back. How deep can you create? Work through your waistline and heel to comma and exhale. We're going all the way down this time. So we're rolling down the mat. One vertebrae at a time. As the head touches the arms reach overhead.

We're going to lift the head and chest. Press the ribs down into the mat, curl through the spine. Keep the tuck in the pelvis almost to the top. In fact, at the top, inhale, exhale to round down. Feeling the shoulders, reaching away from the ears, feeling in both sides of the body. And by that I'm asking you to notice if one side of your spine comes down heavier than the other. At the top were long with the shoulders over the waist, but also round. Here we go again. Use your legs, and by that I mean press down, engage you the backs of the legs. Inhale to lift up. Feel the inner thighs working as you curl through the spine, but fall, let's do three more. On the count of four. We're coming down. One, two, three or there. Breathe into lift. Start your XL.

Use the full breaths of finishing. No more air in the body at the top end. Here's four, three, two head down, arms reach, and he'll come X, Hillary stain long. Oh one more time. Rolling down, lifting up. [inaudible] this time sit up tall. Raise your arms up towards the ceiling. Turn towards me bringing the back hand, bringing the front hand around to the back of your mat and then just spiraling around the top. The front hand comes to the leg and you just give yourself a little bit of a twist.

Lift the arm closest to me up, back, arm up. Turn the other way. Take the arm closest to the back of the room onto the mat. The other hand comes down around the thigh. Turn, lift, really milk out that stretch. Lift the front arm, the one holding your leg. Lift the back arm. Get a little taller. Still try to keep your arms up there and roll yourself down just as control. Just a little heavier lever there. Bringing your arms down to your sides.

Heading into just a couple of pelvic curls so the feet are on the mat parallel to one another. Sit bone or hipbone distance apart. Breathe in, breathe out as you flatten your spine into the mat. Then undulate through the spine, curling the spine. Here's a reverse of we just what we just did. So you want to start with the movement in the pelvis and then carry that moving until you're in a straight line. Inhale, starting from the chest. Let it drop away from the chin. Finding the bones of the upper back, the bones of the middle back, and all five bones of the lower spine working hard to manipulate the spine.

Inhale, exhale. We roll up. As you do so send your knees out over your toes. Reach your arms in the direction of your feet. Take a breath. Inhale, exhale. Coming down. Maximizing the curvature of the lower back, or almost always the most tight. Inhale, two, exhale and Rola. So never pausing, never stopping work. Just finding ease in the movement if you can, or looking for ease in the movement. All done. The pelvic curl probably a hundred times in our lives.

What can you find today that you've never found before? Maybe more hamstrings, maybe a little bit more inner thighs, maybe a deeper connection to the upper back coming down for the last time here. Slide your arms either into a low V position or if you have enough room and you wish to go to a T, you can go there as well. Pick up the left leg, no movement in the pelvis as you pick up the other leg and a spine to a supine in my direction in here. As you exhale, engage you that opposite side will bleak and durag move, pushed the legs back to center. Any help to the opposite side and exhale to come back. So let's talk about the idea of opposition. As the knees travel towards me, the belly travels back towards the mat or back towards the spine. And then we use that contraction, that connection to move the legs back to center. The legs themselves are relatively light in space of in hella cross. It's rolling right across the pelvis. Excellent.

And to come back. We see you could drop your feet down just a little bit. Yeah, and excelling to come back. We're gonna do that one more time and last time for the day, keeping the legs where they are. Bring your arms over your shoulders, fingertips reaching up, shoulder blades, reaching down. Send your arms over the head without letting of your ribs away from the mat. Breathe in there. As you exhale, come in into the hundred prep, lift the sternum, then let the arms travel downward, then pressed down. So often times we think about this exercise as leading with the arms, especially when we have Springs attached to them.

But can we lift the trunk and then follow through with the arms and reach a little higher as the arms reach forward and heel to come down. Exhale, drop the her ribs down. Feel the belly reaching through the mat into the ground. Inhale, reach down last three and he'll reach down. As you curl your chest up. Your tailbone should not curl away from the mat. It should stay down. That being said, your low back should be flat. This is that coming up to hold. Take a breath.

We're heading into the a hundred if you want to straighten your legs. Now is the time and we exhale. One, two, three, four, five. I had two to three keeping the fingers together, energy through that and three, two, three, four, five. [inaudible] working the breath. It's the breath. It's going to give us energy that's going to help us warm up the body.

It's going to help us go deeper into our AMS. Emily, open up your call. Events. Just the littlest bit nicer. [inaudible] here's seven, two, three, four, five and eight. Two, three, four, five last to make them count. [inaudible] last full breath cycle. One, two, three, four, five. Big inhale. Exhale. Bend your knees. Inhale, lower your head down.

The arms are coming just over the shoulders. Coordination, we exhale, lift the head and chest, extend the legs on the same XL open, close the legs, bend the knees, breathe in, lift a little higher and then come down. Exhale, lift, extend, open and close. Quick, solid and down. [inaudible] squeeze, squeeze and pull. I like as I bend my knees to use it as an opportunity to try to go further forward with my chest. And by that I don't necessarily mean higher, I mean round or maybe one more. Up. Extend, open, close, bend, and then lower all the way back. Place your arms down on the ground.

Stretch your legs out in front of you. Take a minute, just relax. So go ahead and let the ribs lift. Reach the arms away overhead. Reach out through your toes like someone's pulling you from toes. Two to hands from there, press your arms back down through space. Slide the back in until they're bent. Here's the shoulder bridge.

Breathing into prepare. Breathing out as you start from the pelvis, rock the hips forward. Curve the spine upwards. Feel the ribs heavy or at least not buoyant or arching. Hold there. Let's pick up the left leg, stretch it towards the ceiling. We're going to exhale to take it down, but keep the hips level go in three slow and back and down as the leg lowers. Note, if your pelvis is dropping on that side and we're going five more faster, one and back.

As we create more or faster movement, can we still keep the precision in the movement? Bring the leg up, bend it folded in, roll down to the bottom of the ribs only. How's you do that? Don't let your shoulders move towards your ears in the opposite direction. Keep activity through the fingers, through the lats really and roll back up. When you arrive at the top left Lake stays, the right light comes up.

We stretch it to the ceiling. Three slow down way away from you, so it's not necessarily so much about going down. It's more about reaching away. Almost always when we're dealing with the limbs and we go five more fast. One, two, sorry. Bring up the leg folded back in. Lift the hips a little higher or tuck a little more as maybe a better way to say that and just start to melt. Creating space between the bone bones in your spine, stretching between the bow, stretch the right leg out onto the ground and bring the left leg towards your chest. Hold onto the back of the thigh, pull the side quite close to the body or as close as you can comfortably, and then try to relax the muscles in the front of the hip by drawing the abdominals in by potentially pulling the femur a little deeper. With that, we're going to exhale and try to stretch the leg without moving the thigh away from the body any more than it is so it may or may not straighten all the way.

Mine's certainly not going to on the first one, but that's how we're going to challenge our stretch today. Anchor with the bottom like stretch the like that. Keep that side one's super close to your body in Hilton bend. Note that as the leg stretches up, do you get lighter on the hip that's on the ground? You shouldn't. Should be strong. It should be pressing down in opposition.

See that two more times reaching, sliding the leg back and re bent and last time and, and then bending the knee. Let go with your left hand and bring your right hand to the outside of the left side. And then just twist to the right. Looking over the left shoulder, gave yourself some support from the front as you try to mobilize the back and then bring it back through center and a change to the other leg. So anchoring the left, like bring the thigh closer. So those of us who have done any sort of a hip leg work on the Cadillac, try and create that same sort of feeling here. So as you exhale, stretch the leg length in the leg.

The muscles definitely have to work to stretch, but can you contract them as they bend? Feel the hip or the femur. Sink a little deeper into the hip socket and stretch. Sending the toe back over the top of the head and bend both hips squared. Reaching up. You can relax your foot, you can flex it, which will probably in fact guarantee you a bigger stretch. This is our last one. Okay.

And then slide the left leg in, bringing both knees into your chest for just a moment. Holding onto your knees. Oh, twist, twist that and then I'm sorry. I was so excited for what's coming next. I'll tell you what it is. See, you can get excited too. It's hip work. Yay. Christie's excited. Was that Chrissy? Yes. Okay. Okay. That's enough of that. I'm boycotting all of you now.

Okay. Hands on the knees. Lift the head and chest curl using your arms. Sorry. Using your arms. Yes. And your abdominals. More abdominals in arms than send your knees away from you. Note here, as you hang on that your tailbone is down. Look down at your pelvis. Is it straight across? Please take your hands behind your head. Bring your heels together, squeeze the Hills together and press up on a high diag. And Paul, an XL tip, press belly goes down, heels go away and pull and press. Good.

So you want to use your abs in both directions. You want to pull your legs in both directions. So you squeeze and you pull. It's like you've got something that you're trying to push away from you and then that something's winning and you have to resist it. This is going to be our last one. Pressing out. Hold. Point your feet. Lift the legs from deep within the abs. Press down separate. Circle around in a.

Press down. Keep the opera body lifted. Squeeze. Think inner thighs. Use your rotators in your hips. Use your glutes. Three more. One all around. And here's two around and last one. Go to the rivers. Open. Squeeze together.

Do not lower your legs lower than you can. Hang onto a flat spine. That's the single most imperative thing here. Two more. Last one, lifting the legs, bending the knees and bringing your arms around to the tops of your legs. Pulling the knees into the chest. Okay. Uh, for the openings, uh, take your thumbs just like you put them right underneath your tailbone.

That's right on the outs, uh, underneath of the sacral area just right on this outside of the tailbone. If you want to move your hands a little higher, you can, it'll make it easier and then allow your legs to stretch up. So putting some attention in through the waist. You're gonna open up the legs is why does you can get the stretch and then squeeze back together so you push them apart and then you pull them together. Don't only think about the legs, please think about the abs.

That's what's going to anyway support you, number one and give you more work and give you better work. And we're going to go 10 more times faster. It's down, up, squeeze and up. Squeeze focusing on the tops of the thighs. Let the feet relax. Oh, I stopped counting. Five. Okay. Yes.

Last two, one more. And Jeanine's stretching your legs out along the mat again. Raise your arms over your head again. Don't let them go on the floor, but go ahead and and, and reach through them and let the ribs lift if you want. If that's a better stretch for you, definitely reach the feet away. And then without changing much, just engage your abdominals and feel if the ribs are up, that they press back down. There's your solid start position and heel.

If the head and chest to exhale and roll up. Take a stretch all the way forward and then sit up. Let's bend the knees, bring the bottoms of the feet together. We're going to do the tilt. It's part of the short box series. If you know it, come with me. If you don't, I'll tell you how to do it. Sitting right on top of the sitting bones, pressing the head into the hands and before you get going anywhere, gently pull up on the skull or and let that assist you in feeling and perhaps even getting straighter. And then we're going to inhale, reach up towards the corner of the ceiling where the wall and the ceiling connects going into Fleck, lateral flection of the spine, keeping the opposite hip heavy.

We XL took pull back through the abs to come home in. He'll reach up and across an Xcel to come home and then heal up and over to X Allen. Draw the rib cage back to come home. Then again. Yeah, and bringing it back and let's do three miles.

Express your cross across what you can create. This one of those exercises where you've got to look for what you want to find. Last one, keeping the hands behind the head. Breathe in, breathe out. As you rotate towards the ocean, Drudge, you inhale to come back. Exhale, keep going. Lifting up on the skull, lifting up on the spine. Inhale to come back.

Imagine fluid like Sachs between each vertebra so that the spine is cushy and spongy and movable and back and across and back. And one more time. Cross towards me and bring it all the way home. And then just take a stretch over both legs. You can move your feet a little closer to you. If you want, you can move them further away. Just guide yourself forward. Walk both hands over towards your right. Keep the left hip heavy.

Bring yourself back, go over to the other side and then come back and come up. Stretch out the legs. They can be soft or straight for the push through sitting forward. My new favorite exercise. Okay, so reach the arms on a high diagonal, and from there, before we get going with anything, imagine that you're pulling a weight from the ceiling and draw the shoulders way down the back. Inhale, as you exhale, start to move the pelvis. The pubic bone reaches up towards the chin. You curl the spine, make sure you've got controls, so just go back enough so that you have control.

Create a force, push down, continue to create that force. As you slide the spine forward, any, I'll take it longer. Lengthen out through this spine. Lifting and tobacco extension and XL were coming back. Moving the pelvis back, controlling that curvature of the spine. Inhale to sit up the arms.

Reach up towards this on the high diagonal. Again, the XL curves this back. Create a force. Push that imaginary force, that imaginary spring reaching way. Inhale, extend the spine. You can even put your hands down and let yourself have a little bit of help there. Then lift the arms and exhale to reach the spine back undulating through the body. Inhale, we sit up. Exhale, we go again, curling back. Reach the heels away from you.

Push, pull the belly back cause the spine troubles forward. Inhale, use your hands or don't use your hands by the lift. In tobacco extension. I kind of liked my hands. I like Christie's idea of releases of holding onto the feet, like a curl back. Wring out the spine with the breath. Inhale to sit up. Let's do one more exhale. We curl, push down and lean forward or a stretch forward or extend forward.

And then inhale, definitely reach up into back extension, pulling the chest through the arms, opening up through the collarbones. Let the feet go without losing that back extension and curl away from your feet to come all the way back up to sitting. And with that, let's lower the arms down and turn to our side. Well, can I do the sideline like serious again? So, um, your head is on your arm, looked down this front of your body just to notice that your feet are lined up with your pelvis. If anything, they can be slightly forward for balance. And then we want to externally rotate both legs. So if you even start in parallel, just turn the knees away from one another.

So I'm just using my rotators. Squeezing both glutes, lift the top leg up, touch the heel in front, lift it up to touch behind. Let me go up in front and just keep the bottom like on the floor. It'll be heaps easier for balance anyway and then keep that. So try not to do toes. Try to keep heel reaching [inaudible] so you're still the knees facing the ceiling the whole time. One more.

And then both legs together. Reach the legs away from you. Keep them both active, hover them up, take the bottom leg behind you. Send the top leg forward about as much as the bottom leg mu pulls. They're on a double exhale and change. So your feet are aiming at the two corners of your mat.

It's tempting to want to bring the forward leg more forward than we need to. Gotta use the back of the legs, especially that back leg, keeping the trunk as stable as possible. Last one, bringing the legs back together. Heels touch, lower the legs away from you. Slide that top like go a little further out and then try to match it with the bottom one. Take the top leg and lift it up. Yeah, keep your bottom like on the floor, bringing the top leg forward up, keeping it turned out as you reach it back and down. And then forward again. Moving from the hip joint, keeping the pelvis as stable as possible, using your hand as much as necessary for balance.

But don't let your shoulder creep up or don't let the next start to become involved. We go in two more times here. Rotating, getting a lot of movement in the hip. Last one [inaudible]. Yeah, and then hold, go to the back and across. Yeah. Way out in front of you as far as you can with good stability. So let stability be your first challenge.

And then mobily T you're a second. We've got two more to go. Last one and your niece. Hmm. Seat yourself. That the leg that was on the bottom, it's going to slide out to the side, but like it was on the top. It's going to come against that foot. Okay.

Oh, just bend that knee a little bit more. And here we go. Both arms out to the side. So you're going to go away from the leg that's parallel to the edge of your mat. First, think about sitting on your sitting bones so we're not arching away from them. Inhale, reach the arm over the spine, goes with, put the hand down.

Exhale, rotate this spot in. The more abdominals you use, the better stretch. You'll get that to guarantee in yelling as you unwind. Exhale, defy gravity lifts Baca. And we're going to send it to the other side. Stillness in the neck, eyes forward, lifting up, sending the spine out, band go can even slide away. And then we exhale to turn, dropping that supporting shoulder down and he'll come back, X O lifter and reach across being down to the back of both sitting bones and he'll use that old bleak to pull you up. So although it is a stretch, we can find some work there as well. Let's do it again. Reach out. Yeah.

And comes down. Fault turning at the waist. Inhale, Tacoma and floats to reach across. Okay. And then just make your way down onto your other side so you're just swinging out. Lights around to the opposite side and lie down down on the arm looking for pelvis or one hip, right on top of the other. Give yourself a good setup. Heels together. And here we go. Top leg up, heel touches, it lifts and it comes back. As the leg moves behind you try to keep the hip pressing forward.

It may or may not actually get to the ground and that's fine. Make it more about the work than the destination. Last two, one more. Beautiful work. Okay. Bring the legs together. Heels together, knees away from one another.

Hover both legs. Keep the waist long. Send the back leg back, reach the top foot forward at the two corners of your mat and pulse on the exhale twice. And then change legs. Continue to hover. See how light you can go on your supporting hand here. Putting all the energy into the waist most to one more.

Bring your legs back together and lower them all the way down for circles. Re re rotate if you need to or recommit. Bring the leg forward, take it up towards the ceiling, keep the knee turning behind you as you take the leg down and then sweep it back forward again. Oh, okay. For that strong rotation in the hip joint, nice and stable through the center. So just is important to really, really focus on the abdominals. That's what's going to provide the stability that you're looking for last time.

And then we go the other direction so you go back. Okay, forward we use pass the bottom leg again, I keep by the way, that bottom leg active or just working anchoring. Last three, keep tension out of the neck. Look for ease. Mm.

And that is that help your sub end Janiece. Help yourself. That bottom leg is gonna slide out top leg comes to meet the bottom foot for both hipbones to be down. In a perfect world, make sure you're sitting directly on top of your sitting bones in the arms or out to the side. Grow a little taller. Inhale, reach away from the away XL. True in who? Come back. Find a straight diagonal line with your spine. Pull up from the waist. Let the hand come down. The opposite arm reaches overhead. There is your stretch, recommit to those obliques as you use them to pull yourself back up. Right?

Inhale, reach out. Little ah, anchoring with that bottom shin, excelling as you turn ribs in. Deep abdominal work there, here when we come back and Xcel to come up. So with everything, get in what you put in or you get out what you put in. So what can you offer yourself? Nice. Solid breath, supported shoulders, concentration, lift and stretch over to the other side. This is going to be our last one. Fortunately it's done.

Slide out and comes down and then bring it back. Don't want to stop. Okay. And then go ahead and uh, we're going to come up onto the knees so everyone comfortable on their knees. Okay, good to find comfort. Um, can you be on your knees for a small amount of time? Okay. Face this direction. We play this little game last week where we clasp our hands together. So you pull on your, just clasp your fingers together.

I seem to want to say more than I need to from there. Pull your downloads and make sure that your spine is in a neutral position and then try to pull the hands apart by pulling the shoulders away from one another. So hopefully we can all get in that movement. A pretty strong feeling of upper back connectedness. Let the hands go. Try to do the same thing without something to pull against.

So that's where we're going to go as far as energy here. Um, turn the palms to face you. This is the side I'm kneeling series. We're going to start from a different place than we would on the reformer. We're going to open up the arms as the arms unfold. Stretch the shoulders away from one another so it's definitely not a scapulas squeeze. And then refold them back in has the elbows or this, the hands come towards one another. The shoulders continue to try to stretch apart XLS.

You reach big, long, broad shoulders, broad chest and bring it back. If you think about it, just alternate hand positions and re broadening the back. For those of us with tight shoulders. Next it's going to feel better to be slightly in front of the body, just a little in front and then try to reach beyond and then come back. It is, it's an idea I've been playing with lately. We can all find it and I'm sure we are all getting great work here, but can you go beyond that and then come back to more reaching out and coming back? Increasing our wingspan last time? Yeah, I'm coming back.

Okay. Both hands towards both ears. It's kind of a lot of work, isn't it? I elbows point out to the sides of your hands are like you're trying to plug Gary ours and then a Jennifer. Just slightly forward with your elbows. I think it's going to be better. And here we go. So as you begin to move your fingertips upward work to try to keep tension out of the hand, tension out of the arms really, and a lot of work in the ever back. So the shoulders are guiding themselves down in the back.

The arms are almost weightless as they reach up towards the ceiling. And then we refold the elbows. And as we do so press the hands in, but try to pull the elbows away from one another and again, excelling as you press [inaudible]. So again, helpful to point the elbows just a little bit forward to keep them in your periphery slightly. And then pull in hands, come close with the Elvis. Try to stretch away honestly and again, can you feel your spine lengthening, growing as you're, as you're reaching your arms up and re bent. And let's do that three more times so we can keeping the neck long, letting the neck be longer, keeping the heads still pulling the elbows apart. How would I say three?

I'm one more. And bring the arms out to the sides. Palms face up. In fact, bring the arms down for just a second. About halfway, take your head over to one side. Roll the chin slightly towards the chest. Bring it back across and lift it up. Take it over to the other side. When you're ready, roll the chin to the chest, bringing it back and lift it up.

And then from there, just let the arms relax. For a moment and then as you bring them back up again, we're putting the focus in this shoulder blade area or just underneath the shoulder blades into the abs, into the area, around the ribs below the belly button and hold here as you exhale. Now I'm like, you can just go a little bit more slightly forward a huh Xcel to bring me on the lightly up. All the work is in the back and then press the arms back down. So opened him up wide and again, try to stretch him away from one another. How much can you give yourself there and then left floating.

It's as though there's hooks or cables or rubber bands attached to your shoulder blades in there. In order for the arms to lift up that activity downwards in the upper back has to happen. Let's do two more and open for one more time. Oh my gosh. I know. Turn the palms to face down. Ah, open up your knees a little bit wider than they are as everyone said. Okay, here we go. So we're going to do a little bit, it's like the side over here. You're going to lean over to one side, way over, way over, way over.

Don't let the hand come down yet. Exhale, use the old Blake's to bring yourself back up. Inhale over to the other side, stretching the waist and then reactivating that sideways to lift back up. Lift taller perhaps and then over to the side. And so again, it's not so much about just going down but about going on the diagonal. In fact, as you come back, bring both arms up and reach to the corner of the room and reach a little further and come up and other way. Reach to the corner of the room. Keep the opposite knee down and lift back up.

Bring the arms back down. Lean O versa that you can put your fingertips. Maybe, I don't know, I'm going fingertips if anyone get their hands down. Lucky you, I both hips pressing forwards. Good idea to at least look at it. Ben, the top Al bell. Palm faces the ceiling. Pull both shoulders down and look down at your bottom hand. And from there creating a force. Press the armor and weave in and press the AMA. And were you bent.

And if you want more, instead of pressing straight up, press overhead for a more of a stretch. Okay, I'm going, going, going, going, huh. And vent. Let's do two more. [inaudible] one more time here. Feeling their work in the waist. Here comes the lifts. Going to be intense. Really engage that sideways. Lift your body Baca. Go into the other side.

Just lightly touching the fingertips if you need to, you can roll up your mat if you need more space or you can touch your leg or the side of your thought. Here we are. Elbows bent, Palm is up. I was just over. The shoulder. Head is down and we press like you've got a 10 pound weight in there and press. And if you need more, go overhead meaning reach over belly button to spine and pull in and reach. Hey, great. Such as the train. Last one.

Bring the arm back. Find DRO, obliques, lift and lower the arm. Okay. Um, turn your bodies around so that you can lie. Face. Stand on your mat. We're going to do the breaststroke and I might just sit up for that one. So we're going to start here. It doesn't matter which way you go. If you wanna lie down, I'm going to be here. So what you're doing, the hands are going to be down on the ground. On the inhale, you're going to keep your hands touching the ground or are just hovering off as you bring your pinky fingers in towards your thigh bones.

As you exhale, lift your arms back and then reach up and around so the arms would just up near the years in hell. Put the hands down and XL, slide the elbows back in. Inhale, keep the extra in rotation in the shoulders as you slide the pinky fingers towards the waist. Exhale, lift the arms up. Keep the legs on the ground. Keep the abs working all the way down and exhale to come back in. Sliding the arms back. Jennifer, go a little wider with your arms. Inhale to [inaudible] to slide the arms back and then really work the back there. Look down and then reaching the arms up. Keep the shoulders down as they stay straight and go over your head.

But just the arms down and then fold the arms back in to lower the body on the exhale. Sorry, I got in your way. Um, let's do two more. Sliding. Open through the arms, feeling the work that's necessary in the upper back to create that movement. Lift the arms, lift the spine, stretch the arms overhead. Put the arms down, put the body down as you slide your elbows back down. I don't want more stretching the arms back, opening up through the back.

Reach the homes out. Lift all the way overhead. Place the hands down. Bend the elbows and lower all the way. Let your back settle for as long as it needs to. And then when you're ready, come up and sit back on your feet for a stretch. All right. And then when you're ready again, make your way back up onto your knees.

We're going to do just a couple more exercises and then we'll be free. So this is the chest expansion with a little bit of back extension. So you'd be on your knees imagining if you will, that you had ropes in your hands or straps in your hands. But who really needs rips and straps and Springs reach your arms down towards the ground as you continue to reach down to start to pull the arms back and down. Then without changing the pelvis, just lift the chest and the eyes and then release the chest forward and send the arms forward.

So paying attention to putting a lot of energy into the back. We reached down the arms. Don't go very far behind us, but they absolutely will go forward towards the floor. And then the chest, it's like you're trying to pull your ribs up away from your pelvis, extending just through the upper spine and then release and again, start the movement of the arms lifting the chest. This is fine, very subtle movement, but it should feel like a lot. And then release down. Looks good to you guys. Let's do two more arms down, spine, growing taller, the chest, buoyantly, lifting and release. And on this last one, if you want to give yourself a little bit more back extension, please do. But, um, here we go. Start use the back of your legs for support.

Squeeze your glutes a little, squeeze the back of your hand strings a little. And then as you lift your chest, re continue to reach the arms down. Yeah. Yeah. And then release. And then just place your hands down on the ground. Tuck your toes under, roll over the tops of your feet, and then press the heels down into the ground and then roll up on the exhale. The last exercise that we're gonna do today is the pike.

Uh, takes place on the chair. For those of you who recognize the name, and this is how we're going to do it here. So you start by just rolling yourself back down, focusing on the energy, the control, the stability in the center of your body. Uh, when you get down, place your hands on the floor, your fingertips on the floor would work. If you can do flat hands, that's good too. They aren't going to be right up close to your feet. They're going to be a little bit further away from you or you could roll your mat up. In fact, everyone, um, roll your mat up. Sorry. So make yourself a little shelf with that so that you have a little bit of room away from the floor.

Okay, so your hands are resting now. Yeah. Here's the setup. Take a moment to feel light on your arms. Try to press the pelvis towards the chest and the chest towards the pelvis so you're very round in your spine. And now relax. The shoulders are pulled the shoulders down. With that saying as light as possible on the arms and legs, we're going to try to take that move in a little deeper or that rounding a little deeper as we lift onto the toes. But it's not the feet that are working.

It's the abs that are pulling us up and inhale to lower the heels down. So starting the movement by pressing the pelvis and the chest close together and then going deeply, deeply into the abdominals to float the heels up. Although you will have to use your arms some for balance as you lift. Try to keep them as weightless as possible. So just the action of trying to round more is what's going to pull you up.

I want to feel your abs. Okay. How about two more times? Scooping and then keep the heels are coming down through the heels. He was our last one drawing the abdominals up like you're being pulled up from a rope around your waist. It's almost so much abs that you want to lift your arms off the mat as well.

And then lower the heels and then bend the knees a little and let the spine just hang forward over the thighs. Keep the abdominals in for support. And while you're here, can you pull your abdominals in so much that perhaps your femurs can sink a little deeper into your hips? Give yourself a minute there. Look for it. Breathe into it. And with that we're going to exhale to come up. I'm going to keep my knees bent. I think it's a good idea.

I'm going all the way up to Stan. Inhale, reach the arms up, IG stress you the spine. Exhale, press the arms down maybe a little bit behind you. Maybe just two sides. Inhale, reach the arms up, gathering energy. Maybe we're not so tired as you are. Maybe we're even more tired. I don't know. Okay. And last one big breath and give yourself what you need.

Yeah. All the way out. And we are done.


This is by far my favourite class. I feel toned and super stretched out all at the same time. Love your technique! Thank you
Thank you Jolene. An oldie but goodie! :)

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