Class #153

Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


In this Basic Reformer class Adrianne teaches a classical repertoire using the Gratz Reformer. This is meant for the student that is familiar with the routine and the transitions. You will be cued for transitions in a steady yet comfortable flow and reminded of your Power house.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Well. Hello, I have you do some reformer today. This is the [inaudible] piece of um, reformer made by grads and we're going to start you on for spring. So go ahead and step over here. You've had, she'...


Good for Beg.. I feel that it has a lot of flexion and could have a little more extension to balance it out.. Other then that it's good.. Tina Follett
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moves way too fast and another camera angel or further instruction from the instructor would make it easier to follow. Not enough time given to readjust and set up before the next series (there's only one of me and two of them)
Very valuable feedback Heather. Thank you.
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I was happy to use this gratz class! Thank you Adrianne! I had no trouble moving the equipment as I moved through the exercises!
Thanks Adrianne! I saw your name and had to join! You were my 1st instructor in La Mesa many years ago. Glad to see you are keeping it Classical ??
^^ there should be no question marks! Oops
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Is this really a level 1 class?
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Frederico ~ Thank you for your forum post. After reviewing this video, we have decided to keep it at level 1 because everything done in this class would be safe for beginners. We have many other beginner classes that offer more pre-Pilates, so if you are looking for something more basic, I would check out our program, The Starter Series.

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