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Monica Wilson focuses this Mat workout on achieving the goals of each traditional Mat exercise, wanting you to "go for it," and allow your body to enjoy the movement. While the exercises are intermediate in nature, they will feel more advanced in your body as Monica holds a high standard for how each exercise is performed.
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Mar 03, 2014
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Alright, Brianna, today we are gonna work on our goals of each exercise. So this is not going to be a very, um, we're not gonna work too much on precision on like exactly having the pelvis at one point in one particular structure. You just want to really go for it and allow your body to enjoy the movement. So we're going to be working on the flow, keeping that up, but then what is the goal of each exercise? So we'll try to nail that goal. He had really high standards for each exercise, so that'll be the fun part of it.

So just an intermediate but bringing up the level because of its goal. Okay. So let's start with one arm over the other and your [inaudible] stance when to lower ourselves down to the mat. And you're going to go ahead and keep your powerhouse lifting as you go down. Nice with control. Great.

Put your hands back to the middle of the mat and lift your bottom back so that you're saying and go ahead and lie out flat. Good. All right. And while you're here, I want you to take a nice big breath and exhale. So connect your stomach, try to have, feel you control pulling in and supporting your spine right now. Think about your lengthening your pelvis away from your powerhouse. Your power has pulling in and up.

Have a slight turnout in those legs so those outer thighs can squeeze together. But most importantly here, the back of those inner thighs. And I want you to go ahead and lift your head and legs up at the same time. The legs are gonna Hover over just a little bit lower. Actually am pump good. Pump your arms now in with air. So this is a very hard position.

Exhaling for the goal. And what we want to do is get into it. This is the only exercise I'm going to kind of take you into an easier level and then bring you back down. So go ahead and now bring the legs up to the ceiling, but keep going with the pumps. Good. And I want you to turn out those legs. You feel nice and solid and that's fine cause this exercise is supposed to warm up your powerhouse. Open those collarbones a little bit more. Nice. Reach those shoulder blades down and give me just a little more curled and really feel that upper stomach. Good. Now with your belly like this, reach those legs all the way down. Now keep going. Keep going. Keep pulling in here. That's it. That's it.

Go down to two inches off the mat for that goal. Good and a little faster than those pumps. Big Breath. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four and rest your head and neck. Nice. Arms up to the ceiling and reach them back. Good. Here's the roll up.

You're going to bring the arms up to shoulder height and palms face forward. Bring your head up between your arms. No shoulders off the arms, just your head. Can you get your head any further and further like your ears between your arms. Great. And then bringing them arms parallel to the mat. Curl up another inch and hold. Take a breath and exhale. Curl up.

One more bone and hold. Take a breath. Exhale, curl up. One more bone holding back in that waistband, and then reach all the way forward without your belly lying on your thighs. Place your palms down and stretch the spine forward to reach for your ankles. Now we're going to go slowly down like that, wrapping the thighs roll back as if you're pulling back a heavyweight with your powerhouse. And pause right here. Relax social. There's take a breath. Exhale, scoop your belly in and try to get your waistband down lower without moving too much. The shoulders. Take a breath and exhale, curling your tailbone towards you. One more time. Big Breath. Exhale, curl that tailbone jersey, yes, and role the rest. Yeah.

And one more slow like that. Arms head lifts between your arms and Exhale, curl up a little inch. Take a breath, exhale scooping in and up. One more inch and one more time. And then reach all the way forward, pulling in and up to stretch forward. And then rolling back, scooping in. Pull him back, send your tailbone to your heels. Hold it here, take a breath and exhale. Try to get a little more curl right there. Yes. Big Breath and exhale, curling. Nice job.

And one more. We'll all the way down. Now I want you to use that precision, but 10 times faster, you're going to inhale arms, head, curl up, reach for your feet. Exhale, inhale, starting willing back and exhale all the way down. [inaudible] in with be here. Good and exhale. Good. And think lower back first and rolling down. Good. And as you've come up, keep your waistband down as long as you had. Yes, that's better than reach and rolling back, pulling it heavyweight back with your powerhouse and reaching back. Let's do two more arms, head and scooping it and reach and rolling back. Lower back, middle back, upper and reach Ed. One more.

Scooping an exhale all the way. Inhale, rolling back. Lower back, middle, and stay here. Arms press by your side, but then hug the right knee into your chest, straighten the leg up to the ceiling and stretch it towards you with a slight turnout. Now picture yourself doing the splits. Okay, you're just in a full split. This is what I want you to think about in this exercise. And you're going to press the arms down by your side with your stomach, and we'll not move your box, but you're going to try to get it to your nose. We're gonna do one slow. Then you're going to try to get towards your shoulder. Then you're gonna keep your belly in and pressing your back flat as you reached to this ankle.

And then you're going to open a little bit controlling with the parish and then back up to your nose. Okay, so pull it up to your nose and crossed down, around, up, cross down, around, up, all the way that shoulder around two more over here. Yes. And one more you stomach to pull it there. Good. And rivers reached down to that ankle around to me and up. You can open a little, reach down to the ankle all the way up here and three around, up and reach around up and one around. Good. Lower that leg. Bend the left knee in. Hug It, straighten the leg up. Nice. Good, good, good. And now again, picture you're split Earth there.

And you're going to try to get it to your nose. Nice. Look at that. And then you're going to try to get it to your shoulder and then you're going to keep your belly in so that you can reach that lower back and reach all the way to here and your ankle a little bit open, but trying to keep that hip. Yeah. And then back to your nose to start. Not the shoulder, but nose. Little turnout there. Yes. All right. On your own. Cross that shoulder around at, cross, around and up.

Get that shoulder. Try not to go straight to your ankle. Over. Yeah. One more. Over and reverse and reach and over. That's it. And reached down. Cross the body in a little open reach and down and up. Good. And feeling it from here. And one more time. Reaching around and up. Great.

Hug the knee in. Lengthen that leg down. Head up and roll up. Using your powerhouse. You're going to transition to rolling like a ball. So hands lift, using your triceps. Good. And grab onto your ankles. One Hand on each ankle. Good. Knees separate a little bit. He feet stay together.

Pull your belly in and Kinda rock back your pelvis a bit. There you go. Now use, keep your pelvis like that, but bring your ears between your knees. Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Excellent. You're going to do three like this. We're going to inhale, roll back. Exhale, head between those knees. Two more. Inhale, lower back. First exhale, head between those knees. Lead with your waistband. Inhale. Last one. This way. Exhale. Roll it up. Good. Now challenge yourself by taking the right hand to the left ankle and the left hand to the wrist. Good.

So now you're forced to stay even tighter of a ball. Really tight, tight, tight. Three more. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll up. Nice in how? Lifting the sea over your shoulders. Exhale. Wonderful. One more time. Inhale, rolling back. And exhale. Relax those shoulders. Feel it in the upper stomach instead. And rest your feet down. Nice job. Put your hands behind you.

Lift your bottom back and roll on out. Nice and flat again. Good, very good. You're gonna lift your head up using your upper stomach. Go ahead and curl. Stay there, take a breath. I want you to really feel this. So go ahead and curl up a little bit more. That's it. And reach your arms. Feel that stomach working. Now draw the right knee into your chest in place, a right hand on your ankle and the left one on your knee. Good.

And use the belly to pull it in more and more. More. This leg lifts just a couple inches off the mat. Really Nice and long and low and switch left all the way in if you can, it's okay of that pelvis tilts up and switch. I want you to really, that's the single leg stretch and switch in almost to your ear and switch. Good. And Use a belly to draw that left knee in and use your belly to draw the right knee in and use your belly to draw the left knee in.

Now double-time that it's right and left and right and stomach and right and left. One more set. Good hug both knees in. And I want you to lift your head up again and crow. And I want you to reach the legs long and low with your arms, squeezing by your sides. Pull your belly in, in, in, in, in, and exhale, hug in those knees, ankles actually in how? Reaching Long. Okay. Pull it in, in, in an exhale. Good. And inhale rabid. Squeeze. Really using those barbershop pull muscles.

Good and in good. And reach those legs long. Reach your arms all the way in the obstacle in Berlin, Berlin, and grab onto those ankles and inhale, keep curled up so your stomach can pull up. Keep your child on a little curled up towards you. Watch that upper body moving back. Inhale, reach, reach, reach, and exhale. That was your best one. One more like that. Oh yeah. And now just a little more challenge. Inhale, reach.

Good. You'll keep your legs there and arm circle. And then pulling the legs into me. One more like that in how? Reach pulling in in, in leg stay. And exhale. Great. Rest your neck for just a second. Nice job. Single, straight leg. Double straight leg and crisscross.

So we're going to straighten both legs up to the ceiling and crawl up your right leg, lifting up your head and grab onto your ankle. Good. And again, imagine you're doing this split so you can roll down your shoulders a little bit, opening the chest, nice. And we're going to switch using your stomach like there's a big anchor around here. Big Band and switch. It's all, that's what I wanted to see and left from there. Good. Now double time. That tempo, right and left and right. I love how stable you're staying in your box. You're keeping nice and quiet. The legs are just flying. That's what I want to see. They're reaching, reaching and right and left. Now both legs up and hands behind your head.

One over the other. Use the upper valley to curl up a little bit more and now a lot more wrapping in squeezing and you're going to lower down a little bit and exhale. Pull in towards you. Hold the leg straight. Sorry. Straight legs, right to you. Curl up those hands. Shoulders. One, two, three. Good. Inhale, exhale from here. That's all you're doing. One more like that. Inhale. Exhale. Good.

Now rapid and squeeze and you're going to come up with the head and shoulders. You got to stay up, up, up. There you go. The legs go all the way down and up and reach all the way down and scooping in and working. These are, that stays at, give me one more. You got to curl up a little bit more and up and now bend both knees and try to touch your elbows to those knees. But them being behind. Yes. Good, good. And now you're going to keep the right knee and twist to it.

Opening that left right shoulder. I mean, and switch. Drawing this in. Good, good. And switching. The goal is to have a complete straight line from this elbow to that toe and switch. And we're going to come up, bring that knee in and knee all the way into your chest. Bring it, touch your chest and switch that hip flexors. Pulling it back. Huh? You feel that? There you go. Good. And I'm going to help you with that and there. Yes.

And once set on your own, twist as much as you can. Awesome. And pulling in from here. Yes, all the way. And Hug both music. That's not an easy series. Come on, sit up and you're going to put a heel right in the middle of this block and a heel in the middle of that block. Now I want you to have your arms up at shoulder height, reaching for that ocean. Good palms down. Sorry. Press back the shoulder boats.

Nice prints. Narrow your hips, squeeze them together, pull back your toes back this way. Straight up to the ceiling. Good scoop and in your belly. Lift up and now exhale, head down and curl forward. Good. Trying to touch the crown of your head down to the mat, reaching, reaching, reaching, and inhaling up, up, up, and exhaling down. Exhale, head, ribs. Good. Next one. Next bone.

Stretch and pull back from your stomach up, up, up, and exhaling down. Good. Try to keep lifting in your belly. Keep lifting off the seat and inhaling up, up, up, and one more. This time as you come back, try to come straight up. That's a little bit better. Good. Alright. I want you to go ahead and pull back in the pelvis a little bit more. Keep going. Keep going. As if getting the waistband on the mat. Go ahead and bring the legs together and then slowly bend the knees apart.

Bringing the feet closer to you. Drawing it always from here and he's a part but feet together. There you go. And drop your arms, grab onto your ankles, hold back your waistband more. Excellent. Now staying here, you're gonna extend just your right leg up to the ceiling, pulling it and bringing it down. Shoulders relaxed. So this is about our box and then the left, so scooping in, that's it. And down and feel that you don't even move a single bit in your frame and left and down. Now balanced with both feet up just an inch off the map, just an inch and try to extend both legs so you have to pull into your waistband. Good. And bring them down just a tiny bit.

Narrower it out. Good holding it there. Slide your shoulder blades down. Good. Almost push into your hands, your ankles, your into your hands a little bit. Good. Now focus on forward because I want you to come right back to it. Just like as if you were doing a pier, a wet. You want to come right back, your attention and focus. Okay, so you're going to inhale, roll back, rock back. Exhale, right riled up and balance. You got it. Inhale, waistband. Exhale, upper stomach, balanced, balanced balance. Inhale, exhale, scooping in and add going forward. Back coming.

Exhaling up now holding it here. Work on the goal. Push into your hands a little bit, your waistbands holding you, but now try to lift your sternum up from your back. Yes, and even a little bit more weight forward onto your sit bones. Excellent. Two more finishing like that each time. Inhale, roll back. Exhale will forward and up and up. And one more. Exhale your air and in an up and up.

Now bring your legs together. Turn them out a little bit rapid and squeezing, and I'm center and you're gonna reach your legs, arms as if they're parallel with those legs. Good. That's teaser. And you're going to roll down your waistband first. Oh yeah, yeah. Good. And now the legs are going to be right here in arms by your side. Excellent. Wrapping and squeezing. I want you to scoop in and bring your bottom over, bringing your legs overhead.

That's it. We're going to start the corkscrew like this. Okay. I want you to [inaudible] wool down your spine and then reach your legs as far over as you can. How far can you go? Challenge yourself, how far good, and with your back flat, how low can you go with those legs? Scoop into your back, scoop into your back, all the way over to me. And then bring your legs back on over. Good and down center.

We're going to go the other way as far as low as right and over. Now that's a little hard going that slow. So we're going to double time that temper. But keep that control. Roll down your spine, reach over around, sweep it around and lift and roll down your spine. Reach left around, overwork those obliques and over one more set.

Rolling down reach right and sweep and left and over. And one more time. Scooping in reach left and round and all the way right and all the way over and down the middle. Very nice. Set Up, saw side back. So your feet can be in the middle of each block again. Flex your feet back. Good. Now I want you to bring your arms back behind you. Unless you have a bad shoulder. You okay? Come to the good. So, and I want you to just feel that this is open.

So keep those shoulders open and with your belly. And now I want you to bring the arms in front of you, but keep that openness in your shoulders. Okay, good. Pull those toes back again and lift off that bottom like you're on a bed of nails. You got to wake up that seats. We season it. All right, waste. Do you have of course it on twist to right. And now exhale, reaching the peak for the Pinky to the baby toe. Good. And this tricep is lifting and lifting. Head down to that knee stretch.

Ouch. Inhale, lift through the waist. Untwisting twist your other side and exhale down to that baby toe scooping, scooping, scooping. Good. Inhaling up like those feet. Twist your waist only an axial. Reach with your belly, pulling away from your thigh, away from your thigh. B, go lower and lower and lower. And inhaling up. I like it. Twist your other side. Flex those feet.

Lift the seat and scoop it in and you're going to exhale. Go and lower. Exhale, lower and lower. And inhaling up. One more time. Twist with the waist only with the trunk and Exhale, reaching lower and exhaling and exhaling and inhaling up. Beautiful twist to your other side. And last one, exhaling. Scoop in your belly, pool those right obliques, nice and then and all the way up. And bring down your arms. Squeeze your legs together, flip on your belly. Place your hands right under your shoulders. Good.

I love your alignment. Just a little bit more the forehead down a mat so that if you pull your belly in and up, it's going out the crown of your head. You're really lengthening that spine like an inch between each vertebra. Squeeze your hips and send your pelvis this way, God. And I want you to slowly keep the length in your spine, but lift your head up and then lift up your shoulders and chest and come up to straight arms if you can. If your back is okay, actually pressing your hands into the mat. So you're gonna just yep.

And pull it in. That's it. Good. All right. And Go ahead and come on down. Good. So now you got, you're totally good with that, but I want you to scoop in here. Great. And these beautiful open shoulders. Let's keep them away from our ears as you lift up your head. Yes. Keep them away from your ears.

And now look over this right shoulder. Can you look any further? Try to really work that neck. Then scrape the chin on your chest and go all the way over this shoulder all the way. Look forward. And a quick abdominal check is your powerhouse supporting your back. And then look over the left shoulders, circle the chest all the way to the right and forward.

And now come down. Still thinking about a long spine. Beautiful. One more time like that. Stomach in long spine as you come up with your head. Good. Good. Shoulders are beautiful. Let's start looking left this time. Circle the chin down to your chest and looking right. Look forward and look right. Circle the head down around, left and look forward. Excellent. And Go ahead and length and down. Wonderful.

All right, I want you to go ahead and bend your knees, bringing your feet towards your seat, just keeping your bike [inaudible] and take your hands and grab the top of your feet. And this is a big stretch already as you do it. Okay, good. Alright, the next two exercises are about kicking your seat. So your heels, you have range of motion where your heels can get really close to your bottom. So I want you to imagine that they can do that. Okay. So to get a nice stretch, I want you to just push your feet into your hands kind of, and then you can start lifting your head and chest and just get that nice touch. Now you should probably feel the hamstrings and the glutes are pressing into the mat. That's really nice. Okay, I want you to go ahead and lie down. Good. And now lengthen those legs back on the Mat.

And now we're going to bring our elbows right here onto the mat. Push make two fists and I want you to push those fists into each other and bring the elbows a little closer in on the mat. Great. Now let me see that lifted chest. Pull the chest up and look slightly forward. Beautiful stomachs. Nice and in. Now squeeze both legs together and good and lift them up a little bit off the mat straight as can be actually straight, straight, straight.

Good support with your back. All right, one leg. The right one is going to come in one shoe and then the left one, two and they pass each other. One, two. Good. Now hold them both straight. Okay, so you got the extra eyes. Lift the chest though more. There Ya go. What I want to see though is this knee and thigh coming up off the mat to bring the right foot in. Good. Lifting it as high as you can. As you squeeze, squeeze, and then switch and left too. And again, still passing each other. That's it. If you start feeling the knee joint, make sure you're squeezing the inner thighs together so your knees aren't going wide and try to keep lifting in that powerhouse. Last set and good. And now rest your right cheek, facial cheek on the mat. Hands are gonna come right here together.

And the goal is to have the arms, all the hands, all the way between your shoulder blades. Still holding on. Yes. And then stretching them down. Good. Alright, stomach in. Squeeze both legs up. Nope. Straight as can be to get in. Sorry. There you go. And using the hamstrings and glutes. Three kits with both feet. Here we go. Both feet. Coming in one, two, three. Great job.

Now press these into the mat. Reach those arms long and lift your chest. Holding onto three fingers. Good. And we're going to exhale, lift and lift and lift. Now that would be nice if we could do that on her own. And switch cheeks, hands back here and lift those lines up as you get to three legs. Go down and now reach and reach and reach and switch cheeks and kicking both in one, two, three. And now pulling up and up and up. And one more time. Kick do three.

And pulling up and up and up. Nice job. Put your hands on the mat, round your back and sit on your heels. Excellent. And just reaching forward for a stretch. You always wanna give your back a break when you're doing that work on your belly. So let's flip over now. Four neck pool legs are nice and long in front of you. And Go ahead and lie completely flat. Good. Open the legs so they are hip with apart and pull your toes back. All right, you're going to start with your hands pressing into your side.

And I want you to inhale, lift your head up and look at your feet. Good. And Curl up another inch. Good. And now exhale, roll all the way up just like you did in the beginning until your head kisses your knees. Now sit up tall for me. W start always from your waist and now roll down, pushing your heels away from you. Use your seat to kind of push your heels. Push, push, push good again, like that. Hands pressing by your side. Inhale, lift your head up and lift another inch, another vertebra, and then exhale all the way up. This beautiful roll up.

And now I want you to inhale, roll up through your lower back, lower back. There you go. Roll up to a tall back. Good lifting as tall as you can, straight as you can, and then go down. Nice job. Now put one hand over the other, behind your head. Good. And you're going to squeeze your elbows together and you're going to inhale, curl up one inch and then all the way up as you exhale.

There you go. Kiss your knees. Inhale, sit up tall and open those elbows wide and lift off your seat to push your heels away and curl the rest down. Scooping in. Good. As soon as you're down. Bring those elbows together and up. Lego. Yes. Kiss your knees. Inhale, roll up your spine. Open those elbows sitting up as tall as you can. So pull in more here and through here. Yes. Now, tall, tall, tall.

And now curl the rest down. Squeezing, pushing those heels away and right back up. Elbows together. Exhale. Inhale. Roll Up. Boldly. Went a little bit too much with the neck that time. And then we're going to curl back. Now. Elbows really wide.

One hand over the other and see how your elbows are behind your ears. Okay, I'm going to help you for one rep and then you're going to keep trying it. You're going to keep your elbows that wide as you come up. We're taking away the crutch of them coming together. So we're going to inhale, lift your head up, use that upper belly and exhale, curling up. Good. All the way forward to kiss your knees. Inhale from here. First, roll up your spine. That's it. And curl the rest down. Good. And as soon as you're down, you're going to come right back up with those elbows wide. You got it.

Exhaling all the way to your knees. Roll up, lower back, middle, upper good, and squeeze in your bottom. Curl all the way down to more changing up just a little bit. Last two in yellow index. Hit all the way forward. Good. Inhale. Sit up tall and now lifting off your seat. You're going to stay tall. Pull back your powerhouse. Pull back your waist a lot more, right? Yes, there, there, there. Now curl down and right on up. Last one.

Exhaling all the way forward. That's it. Legs, hip width apart in her role. And you're trying to lengthen your waist hinges or there you go. That's the feeling. That's the feeling. And then all the way down. Nice job. We're gonna lie on your right side. Facing this way for sidekicks. Good line. All the way on the back edge of the mat.

Scoot back and back and back. Good. And have your head rest on your right hand. Great. This left one's going to be right in front of your belly. Nice job. Good. That's good. I want you to really feel good about your support of your body there.

Bring your legs, I want you to flex them, Voila. And you're going to bring this foot in front of this one. And now slide this one under that one. So that is a more challenging position, but you could bring them a little bit more forward. I think just my eye on your body right here. Good. So your stomach is in, and again, remember those splits we were doing earlier.

Get those back in your head. And we're going to lift this leg up a little bit so it's at this level and really work on the turnout so that you are working a lot more muscles. Okay. And I want you to try to kick it as forward to your nose as you can. How forward can you kick it and do a little another pulse. Pull it up higher. Yeah. And then now, how far can you take it back without losing your balance?

Good. And I love his book cause he said, now try to see if you can do any better. So next time, here we go. A little better and a little better on the way back. Good and no rocket. And Rolling in here in this frame. You got to stay perfectly steady. Your hip doesn't roll forward. I love to see a soft foot, but more importantly, this stays perfectly stokes. We're going to step it up in just a second and again, good.

And now I want you to bring the legs together but put this hand behind this hand. They both are kind of, you can classroom if you want, but both of them behind your head and push your head into your hands from here and now lift that leg up a little bit. Turn it out and give me five more forward as far as you can and as far back as you can and forward and as far back and stomach and glutes and stomach and glutes. And give me one more new wave into the camera. There we go. And yes, legs together. Good. Now I want you to take this hand and put it right here so you feel that hip bone and I would love for that hip bone to stay nice and stacked for the first two. So we're going to turn it out a little bit easier. Outer Thigh to kick up to your ear without moving that hip or that hip moved way up. So just the first two. I don't want it to move.

So you're going to kick up fighting this muscle. Oh yeah. And then squeeze your inner thighs like crazy until they're all the way together. One more like that. Up. Good. And then all the way. Good. Now put this hand in front of you and just go up as high as you want, but use that muscle. Try to take it as high as you can. And then squeeze in Linkedin, your waist, linkedin, your waist. Oh, I love that.

Cute for you. And too, and Linkedin, that waste powerhouse going in and up. One more up and inner thighs and wrapping and squeezing. Now hold it here. And five little circles circling one and two and stomach and stomach and reverse and one and two and three and four and rest. Good. Squeeze both legs up off the mat a little bit. Roll onto your belly. Making a small pillow for your forehead. Yes, you've got it.

And now pulling in. I want you to lift your legs up a little bit and try to squeeze my hand here. Really, really try open the width of the Mat. Yes. And squeeze the legs all the way together. One more like that. And then all the way together. Now to do that really fast, 20 times one, two, three, four, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 10 more, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Great job. Roll to your other side.

Hand. Left hand is under your head this time. Great. And bring those legs a little forward. Okay. Going for the splits again. So lifting up your right leg just a little bit and turning it out. Great. And love the here forward and taking it back. That's it. Forward and back. And as you go back, use more hamstring and glute so you don't fall forward.

Use your stomach here and glue. Good. Now, right hand behind your head and good. And clasp your hands. Good. Forward and back. C'Mon. You're gonna kick me up here. You, yeah, there you go. Feel your stomach have to really give yourself to the other. Yes. And two more and no waving over here. Squeeze Eckland and one more stomach and all hamstring and glute to take it back. Alright. Legs together, right. Left. Yeah. Right hand on the hip bone. There you go.

Lift the leg up just a little. Turn it out and really feel that outer thigh. Push up to the ceiling. And then inner thighs squeezing down. One more light that pushing up and inner thighs squeezing as your belly pulls in and in and in. All right. Place that hand right in front of you again and now you can go for it.

But find that muscles. You do that [inaudible] and then link using your inner thigh, Anthony and league and up and lengthen and hold it here for those five little one and two and three and stomach. And we're verse one and two and three and four and rest. Nice job. Lie Onto your back. Good. Bend your knees into your chest. Good.

All right. And I want you to straighten your legs up to the ceiling. Go ahead and you're gonna lower them down to 45 right here. Good. That's it. And we're gonna reach your arms up and reach them back. All right. I want you to go ahead and lift your arms up, lift your head up, and use your upper belly to roll up. Keeping your arms parallel to the legs a little higher. Yes.

Open your shoulders and chest and support yourself with your powerhouse. And now rolling your waistband first. Yes, yes. Great at coming up. Good. And pulling down. I'm going to let you find where to hold your legs. Okay. Turning them out and you got it.

And Rolling. First down through your waistband. Okay. And one more ad. That's it. That's it. That's it. You got it. That's a nice teaser. Good hugging those. Nice. Nice. All right. Go ahead and sit up and we're gonna lift your bottom forward for our seal.

That's it. All right. Let your knees open and slide your hands under your ankles. The seal I like to think of as, um, a stomach, just kind of like an isolated stomach contraction while you're here. And also while you're back there, so your knees are just a little wider than your shoulders, but I want you to really, let's go ahead and curl your tailbone towards you and round that lower back and balanced with the feet off the mat. Good. And so here you're going to clap just like this one, two, three.

But when your hips are over your shoulders, try to brace yourself here and those nice light Le Ooze legs. Three claps back there. So will through your waistband first. Hold back there. Clap. One, two, three. Rolling up. Balance and cold. Yes, stomach. Where is it? There we go. Roll through that waistband first and hold one, two, three, and up here. One, two, three and roll back. One, two, three. And roll forward. One, two, three.

We're gonna do two more. We're going to roll to a standing position in a second. And rolling forward. Clap two, three. When you're back there, let go of your ankles, Cross your ankles, and we'll all the way up and push into the mat to stand up and see. I knew I didn't even need a help you. That was awesome. Good job and you are all done. Very good. That was awesome. You did cool.


great class and cueing!
Love your teaching Monica!!
Fast and precise, great class
Monica Wilson
Thank you everyone! :)
most fine!
I found this class to be very slow, perhaps it should be classified as deliberate. Almost like a beginners class...
The cues were great. Good, challenging class.
Karen M
Love this class! Thank you.
Excellent class!
Monica Wilson
Glad your enjoyed the class!

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