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Quick Magic Circle Flow

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Monica Wilson teaches a Mat Workout with flow and quicker transitions, incorporating the use of the Magic Circle to challenge you with resistance while simultaneously making it easier for you to feel each exercise within the appropriate muscles.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Mar 15, 2014
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Today we're going to do magic circle. I'm going to try to keep the flow up. So making the transitions really nice and quick. Um, it's really a great tool if you don't have a reformer or you want to just get a quick mat in, but you need some resistance. So the reformer has a lot of things to hold your head up and to you. Work against the springs, putting the tension and resistance right into the right muscles. You're really left to your own devices when you're on the mat.

So the magic circle can really pull it all together for you. So that's what I like to focus on today is how does a magic circle of course challenge you and make your muscles like really feel it the next day. But more importantly, how does it make you feel better? And each exercise as well. So I'll probably call it a power house circle quite often because first you'll always want to pull in your powerhouse and then squeeze it from there, whether it's arms or feet. All right, so we'll start off with the cit.

Put it actually hold it in front of you at shoulder height in between the heels of the hands. Good, nice, long fingers. Soften the elbows and turn them up a little bit without lifting those shoulders. Great. All right. Now I want you to pull your belly in and squeeze that circle and go ahead and lift it actually overhead. And I want you to feel like what does your whole body do?

What does it feel like? Now were really nice and in and up and lifted. Then I want you to bring it forward and hold it in front of you right there, squeezing it. Put One foot in front of the other, and while squeezing and lifting in your powerhouse, go ahead and lower yourself down to the mat, lifting and lifting. Good. And Go ahead and lift your bottom back so that you're halfway and go ahead and lie down. Good. All Right, nice. Now bend the knees and place it between your ankles for the hundred so you're really gonna feel those inner and outer thighs. Have the knees a little bit apart. Good.

So that right now you're going to narrow your hips, feel those muscles. Take a breath as you lift your head up and exhale, lengthen those legs away from you. And let's start the pump. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. So I want you to really work your bottom. Work your outer thighs. More importantly, work these inner thighs. Feel even like the arch is kind of lifting towards you.

All of this as pulling in and up so that this squeezing, this resistance right here is really allowing you to warm up that stomach. Really allowing you to squeeze, squeeze, squeeze into there. Good. And now see if you can challenge yourself and bring it down a few more inches. Yeah, that's it. And give me two more. Very nice. A hundred really feeling the outer thighs, the inner thighs, the powerhouse.

Good. And now last inhale, kind of lost. Count on that one. But exhaling, scooping it and hug in the knees towards you. Grab the circle, place it between your hands and reach your long on the Mat. Good between the heels of your hands. Pull your belly in. Imprint your spine onto the mat, reach your arms back. Good, good. Arms come up. Inhale, lift the head, squeeze the circle, and exhale all the way forward. Relax in the circle. As you stretch, pull your belly in, squeezes, circle and start rolling back.

Squeeze that circle so you can really pull your belly into the mat. Gorgeous and relax it as you stretch it back. Arms come up, pull your belly in, squeeze and exhaling forward. Good, relaxing. As you stretch forward and pulling your belly in, squeeze that circle. Really pull your belly against that. Circle into the mat. Keep your belly in as you reach back and come right back up. Five more.

Squeeze and rolling up. Stretch and squeeze and rolling back. Pool into it. Yes, yes, yes. Good, and I'm going to have you hold here. Arms head. Great. Now pull your belly in, squeezing that circle and rolling forward. That was a little better and reaching and we're going to pull your belly in, squeeze out, circle, pooling your belly against it.

The rule down is really gorgeous and reaching back. I want to help you with your roll up a little bit more. Arms head. Keep your pelvis reaching this way. There you go. That was a little bit of the key there and stretch and pooling your belly against that circle. Squeeze it, squeeze it, squeeze it, and reaching back. And I want one more.

Soften those elbows had looks at your belly and keep your thighs working in this direction. Excellent. And lift and stretch and pulling back. School easing, pulling in, pulling in, pulling in against the circle. Tight, tight, tight. That's what I want to see and reaching it back. Great. Then the right knee and use it to stretch by putting it on the ball of your foot and straighten that leg. Work in that hip away from you.

Anchoring those shoulder bones, scooping in and pulling it, pulling it, pulling it. Very nice. Now put the circle by your side and the leg stays up and you're going to pull it all the way up to your nose with your arms by your side and then cross this way. Reach all the way down and up and scoop. [inaudible]. Great Scoop. Keep your scoop like that and to all the way kicking to me and reverse Dan around. Kick up to me. Good. Use your belly to pull it up. Really feel that connection right here and two and one more.

And bend the knee. Good. Grab your circle as you switched legs, helping the left leg stretch. Open that hip so that they're straight across there. Yeah, we woke it up there. There we go. And that's what you're going to try to do while you do your circles. Let's put the circle down, but not the leg. Prs your arms down.

Bring it up to your nose. Kick all the way over there. Reach around and up. Good. Cross around and up. Three around. Lift two around up. Last one the other way. Reach that lower back. Work the outer hip stretching from there. One more and hugging that knee. Nice job.

Reach that leg long. Head up and roll up for rolling like a ball. Lift your bottom forward. We're going to actually leave the circle out of this exercise. Hands are on your ankles. You can do it. I just want to do it like this today and now I want you to inhale, roll through, massage your spine, exhale up balance.

Try to pull back into that. Curl the tailbone a little more towards you. Yes. Inhale, rock back. Exhale, ears between those knees. Yes, and inhale rock back. Exhale, curling it up. Watch that lower back from popping forward. Two more and exhale so that we get a little more stretch and work and work. And one more. I love the breathing. Exhale, scoop and lift and lift and rest your feet down and you're going to lift your bottom back. And before you lie down, make sure your circle is close at hand.

Good. And now go ahead and lie down all the way. Go ahead and we're going to bring the right knee into your chest and right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee, lift your head up, connect with your belly and lift the left leg wrapping and squeezing and switch left and right and scoop and use that seat and reach and seat and left and right. Open those collar bones. Feel the ribs on the mat. One more set. Great. Bring both knees in, rest your neck cause he grabbed your circle. Put it between your ankles, curl up with your head and shoulders. Hands on your ankles. Good. Again, using the circle to deepen your powerhouse, narrow the hips, squeezing it already and squeeze it away from you. As you reach your arms in the opposite direction and exhale and more glutes, more bottom, more length. That's it. And squeezing and reaching and reaching and pull your belly in the opposite direction.

And two more squeezing here and squeezing in and one more. Squeezing on the out, squeezing on the end and take the circle away. Right leg up to the ceiling, left leg forward and switch and switch. Anchoring your stomach, relaxing and opening those collarbones and work more of that seat for me. Yes and right and left and right and left and switch and switch.

Opening a little bit more of those ribs, shoulders and one both legs up. Grabbed the circle, put it between your ankles so you can rest your neck if you need to. And then hands there, good glutes and lower just a couple inches. And really feel yourself. Curl your tailbone and you're going to curl. And God. Now go all the way down and squeeze it up and go all the way down and squeeze it up.

Now squeeze it down and relax it up and squeeze it down and relax it up. Bend the knees and try to curl up higher, higher. And now twist to three. Come Center. Hold and straighten your legs. Come scent. Pull the knees in, twist to the left. No movement in these knees.

Have the circles straight up and come center and go from the back of your legs. Pull it in. Beautiful. One more set. That is stretch pulling in from here. Good. And reach those legs. Pull it in from here. And rest. Nice job. Grab your circle and sit up for spine. Stretch forward.

Good. So we're going to move them just a little bit. Yep. And now heel on each block. And I'm going to start you off with the circle right here for today. He'll over heel on the circle. There you go. I pull it back just a tiny bit to align your spine better.

So I want you to be right on top of those sit bones. So right there, that's it. And Open those call runs. If you need to bring the circle closer to you, do so good. Squeeze your bottom, lifting up, and then push down just ever so slightly as to stretch this part of your spine and then roll up to a seated yes, tall, back and squeezing and exhale, pressing down on that circle to pull in and expand the lungs and ribs back here and curling it up. Good one more like that. Pull your toes back for me as you lift up and you're going to scoop in expanding these ribs and lungs and then rolling up. Now take the circle between the heels of your hands and hold them at shoulder height. [inaudible] lift off the seats just like you did. And now exhale, head down in. Squeeze that circle as you go forward and forward and forward, squeezing it, squeezing it, squeezing it, relax it as you roll up your spine.

Open those collarbones and lift. Squeeze. Squeeze the heck out of your circle. Failure belly pulled deeper into your back. Relax this circle and rolling it up this time. Relax it as you stretch forward, lift and then head and relax it as you stretch and stretch and stretch so that you can pull your belly in and squeeze the heck out of it. Now opening those collarbones, use it to help you. One more. Lifting off that bottom, pulling those pinky toes back.

It relaxed as you camp to get the crown of your head down to the mat and then pull your belly in. [inaudible] we that circle. Nice job. Pull back your pelvis. Bring your legs together just together. I'm not that meme yet. Good dust. I want you to really secure and feel maybe just a little more engagement in that. Yeah, and then use that powerhouse engagement to slowly bring your feet towards you with your knees opening. Just sliding. Yep. There you go.

Very good. And now you're going to go ahead and place a circle between your ankles. Grab the outside of your ankles and pulling back in your powerhouse. I want you to extend [inaudible]. They're going to go straight up for open. Like rockers would help if I just told you the exercise.

[inaudible] so straightening the legs as much as you can. Good. And here we're not going to squeeze. It's just going to give you a good sense of frame and focus on something forward. And then inhale, roll back and exhale. Balance. Is that all right? And you're warming up and massage your spine.

That's it. Enjoy it. Try to keep straight arms as well so that you're finding other muscles that are having to be challenged. Support with your belly more. Two more. Inhale. Yes, great initiation. Exhale. Use that belly to roll up. One more beautiful from the stomach. Great powerhouse work. Great job. Now. Now engage that squeeze of those outer thighs, turning out the knees slightly. Arms come off reaching and roll away from that tight circle. Anchoring, anchoring. Yes. Rest your head. Ring the legs up here. Good.

Squeeze from your seat and bring the bottom over your shoulders. Lift the legs up as high as you can. Thinking about reaching your pelvis to the ceiling. Come down like that. Squeezing the circle the whole time as if your legs or one leg reached to your right circle around and all the way up up reaching your pelvis up, rolled down your spy. Sweep as far left as you can.

Circle to the floor around and up and really roll down squeezing. So your belly has something to pull against. Opening those collarbones. Roll to the right around and use your belly to squeeze. That's it. And rolling straight down. Get each bone. We're going to squeeze that circles. You go left, really squeezed.

Pull your belly in and over and we're gonna do one more set. Rolling. Damn pulling in. You're going to reach as far right as you can. All the way left. And then up. Little more pizzazz on that up. And we're going to roll down because then it makes it harder if we go too slow. Roll as far left and then around. And now where's that pizazz? There we go.

Good. And now we'll all the way down. Find that control. Feel this engagement, inner thighs powerhouse pulling against that circle. But the circle down by your side. Sit Up for saw. That's it. Arms out to the sides. Just in your peripheral vision. Both elbows are a little hyperextending, so watch that. Good. All right, a little bit more pulling into here. Pull the whole ball of the foot back.

More thing Q and twisting. Tall. Exhale down, reaching past that baby toe. Whoa, that's a good one. Good control. And lifting up. Twist the trunk and then exhale, scoop it and there we go. That's what I needed. Pulling up. Twist, using the waist muscles. Exhaling down, reaching, reaching, reaching and pulling up too. With cheer left and exhale.

Signing off your baby toe. One more set on your own. Up, twisting. Exhale, trying to lift this pinky up. And one more time. Powerhouse. Where's my powerhouse? Yes. Good and tiny waist up. You Go. Nice and tall and relax your arms. Go ahead and turn onto your belly. Hands are underneath your shoulders.

Good and legs are squeezing together as if they're a mermaid tail and they're good right here. There you go. Squeezing. And now lengthening your spine. You're just gonna come up. Beautiful and with nice open shoulders. Look over your right shoulder. Circle the head down to your left and look forward. Look left around to your right and look forward and come down.

Lengthen out does. If you're pulling the mat behind you and pushing your head out the other way, one more of those pulling in and we're going to start looking left this time. Circle down around right and look forward and look right, and your powerhouse is completely engaged and come down. Lengthening out the crown of your head. Yes. Now grab your circle and put it between the hands, flat on the Mat. Good. And elbows a little wider. Excellent.

Maybe bring it a little closer to you. There you go. Elbows a little wider again. All right, and I want you to engage all the under our muscles and the chest muscles and keep the chest open as you squeeze that circle. Great job lifting both legs. Now you're going to bring the right heel in. Twice. One, two left, two good. Keep squeezing and lifting your chest away from the circle, right to left to right, to left. One more set, right lifting, lengthening. And that's enough. Now place it between your ankles. There you go. No, that's okay.

And hands go behind. That's it. All the way up here. This one really needs, you need your thinking cap on cause the choreography is a little different than the standard one. All right, so you're going to length in the legs nice and straight on the mat. [inaudible] just keep them down without losing the circle. Excellent. Can we bring your hands up any higher for a little stretch here? Oh that's it. Alright. Narrowing the hips yet. Lengthening the pelvis away from you.

Let's see how much light under your thighs you can have. So you lift those legs up. Now squeeze the circle to your circle. Just once. Now keep squeezing it as you reach long the pelvis and lower the legs. Lifting up for a stretch. Two, three, change cheeks. Hands up as high as you can. Long straight legs, lift as high as you can.

Then squeezing and then reaching out with thighs up off the bat and then lower them down. So wait for me on the sequence a little bit. Hands up a little higher. So straight legs, lift up as high as you can. Good. Now squeezing the circle, pull it to your bottom. Great. Now squeeze that, keeping your thighs and knees off and then lower it down and come up with a stretch. Beautiful. Up to three gorgeous and switched cheeks. Last one like that. Hands up a little higher. Straight legs lifting up, pool it into your bumps, squeeze in that circle and then squeeze it and then rest the circle down and lift. You got it to three and that's enough. I'm going to take it away for you. Round your back and sit on your heels.

It's really great to squeeze the circle on that exercise because you can see if one side is more dominant and it makes you stay even. Otherwise your circle will fall out from between your ankles. Go ahead and flip over and we're going to do neck pull with a few little variation. I want you to have the circle between your arches, horizontal and parallel to the floor if you will. Good, but more like that. Yes, so your feet are still straight up. They're not turned towards the soles of the foot. Good, good. But we are going to be squeezing it from the inside of your thighs.

Good hands behind your head. One over the other. Good and squeezing even from your seat. Excellent. You're going to use that circle to pull your belly away from it. Pool your pelvis back away from that circle away, pushing that circle in the opposite direction and then curl down. And we're going to do three like that in with the air.

Exhaling in with the euro and squeeze. Good reaching, reaching, reaching, no jerking up. This time I'll help you a little bit and in with the air and just squeeze that. Sit in how? Sitting up tall. Nice Job Maria. And pulling back. Squeeze that circle so that you pull back away, away away.

One more in with the air and good and we're gonna scoop it. And now when you sit up tall from here, first squeezing, lifting, lifting, lifting. Good. Pull those toes back. Squeeze that circle and go back. Squeeze it. Where's my tight circle? Pulling away from it. Pulling. That's it. Stay there. We're going to put the circle on the outside of our feet. Sometimes this is easier for people because when you push out with the outer thighs, it can allow you to pull in a little bit easier.

So we're going to push out and I want you to end with the air and exhale, scoop, and then push out. That's it in how? Rolling up and open those legs as much as you can see, you can really pool. That's it. That's it. That's it. Two more and in with the air and exhaling. Good. And push open that circle with those outer thighs. There you go. Outer thighs.

One more time and push open. Pull that powerhouse in. Sorry, I kind of slight now here from your waist first. There you go. Stack your spine up. Push open those outer thighs. Get them working and pull that belly in the opposite direction. Scooping, scooping, scooping. Great lie on your right side for our sidekicks.

Good. And we're going to put it right here between our ankles. And you're going to do the little changing on your own from here on out. Okay, so that left hands right in front of your belly. And I want the hips stacked. Soften the knee a little bit and really work this outer thigh and you're going to pull the powerhouse in first and then squeeze it down. Hold it for five, four, soften that knee. Turn out that leg. I want to see inner thigh and release and stomach in and squeeze. You want to pay attention that your foot's not doing anything.

I think it looks really nice and release on this. Next one, pull in and do all the same, but also think about looking forward and getting longer than neck, longer in the spine and release. Now the transition is you're going to push down a little bit, rock back, keep pushing the circle into the mat so you can bend the bottom leg and slip it inside straight and then you're going to bend the top leg and slip inside as well. Turn it out. Now you've squeezed the circle like crazy the whole time. Now we're going to stretch it. So scooping in, use those outer thighs to push open that circle. Four, three, two, one release again, no knee pulling it all right here, pushing up on my hand. Two, three, four, five release and one more. Scooping in ambush open, keeping that belly long everything and release. Bend the top leg, put it on top again. Push it into the mat. As you rock back the bottom wants slips back under and there you go.

Going to just pull it a tiny bit towards you. Great. Both legs are turned out good. I love how you are attached to the mat and the upper body. I want you to do keep attached and use your waist for the next exercise. Step one, pool in your belly. Step two, squeeze like crazy. Step three, use your waist muscles to lift those legs up and up and up and lower down.

Turning out this knee a little bit more. It keeps walking in stomach and one press down to squeeze like crazy and lift two, three and down. Love it against stomach. Squeeze and waist up. Hold this time. Keep your legs up as you lie on your belly. Make a small pillow for your forehead, long legs and thighs up as high as you can without taking it in your back. End.

20 beats one, two, three. Really squeeze the heck out of your circle. Who doesn't want nice tone in her thighs and outer thighs? Just squeezing it. Five, four, three, two, one enough. Keep it tight and roll to your other side. Excellent. Open your left elbow a little bit more. Great. And legs are nice and forward.

Okay. Always first stomach pulls in. One beautiful alignment there. And now squeeze down for five, four outer thighs, seat and release. Good. Stomach and down. And now again, length. Yeah. Good. And release one more time. Stomach in and squeeze and hold. Two, three, four, five and really straight. Press down, rocket back. Keep it on the mat as a bottom leg slips Ben's and slips inside.

It's nice and straight. The bottom leg needs to be straight, good top leg bands and extends good. And ideally it's again on the outside, the ankles are right. Opening up that dye stomach in and it's right here. Push it open. Bottom legs, pushing down as well. And release stomach in and stretch. Two, three, four, five a hundred release and one more stomach in and strong stomach, stomach, stomach and release. Bend the top leg. Very nice.

Put it on top. Press down, rock back a little further back so your bottom leg can slip under there. Good. All right. Okay. Here's the three Combo. Stomach one. Squeeze with those outer thighs and inner thighs to work the waist muscles to lift and lower to more stomach. One. Squeeze him to lift and lower. And one more time. Stomach and squeeze and up. Nice job.

Good. And rest down. Okay, great. Now we're going to transition into teaser. Go ahead and grab your circle with your hands and then lie onto your back. Good. Bend your knees into your chest and we're going to put it between your ankles here. Good. All right, so from the beginning we're going narrow our hips. Okay. And we're going to turn out those legs and squeeze with those inner thighs.

Now guys, to take those legs nice and long, reach your arms up and back and really squeeze in that circle. Go ahead and roll right up to it. Good. And I would say that's a better level for you. Try to hold your lower legs right there and pull your powerhouse away. Roll out, reaching back. And inhale to start. Exhale to scoop. Good.

Soften the knees a little bit. Get a little more in the hips and rolling, Dan. Nice. One more time up. Good. And stay here. And now lower the legs where you feel that you have control and then pull them up with your lower belly and down and pull them up. And one more and hold. Now arms lift and we'll everything down. Everything. Good arms reaching back. Good.

But now I'm going to take the circle and give it to you. Between your hands for teaser three, put it between the heels of your hands. You can keep it between your feet. Soften your Elvis. Both are nice, but I want you to feel this. So imagine you have a circle between your ankles. Sometimes we even do one with two circles and really work those hips again. Okay.

Pulling your belly in the opposite direction and now fold up like a flower at nighttime, pulling your belly in length and your arms up above you and now rolling away and come right on up. And then pull your belly in and lengthen your arms above you and roll away. One more time. [inaudible] scooping in. Good and arms lift and lengthen. And Go ahead and put the circle by your side and roll up to a seated position.

Use Control to lift your bottom forward. And we'll do the seal hands. Go underneath your ankles. Scooping in. Good. And in three. Good. And Clap. One, two, three. Even when you're here, think about the circle and how much work you got in your pelvis. So when you clap those loose legs and feet still have kind of strong, tight pelvis and inner thighs. So right here, solid. Ooh, that's beautiful. Strong pelvis, good. Exhaling and rolling back.

Good. Anda that was your last one. Rolling back. Let go. Cross your ankles, roll through your spine, forward with your body and lift. That was beautiful. Very proud moment there. All right, so now we're going to grab your circle and I'm going to grab one too in case I need it. But step forward in front of your mat. I always like strong, solid aunts. Forward onto the floor. Yes. Good. And why don't you go ahead and face me and we're going to take a little step back if you don't mind. Thanks. All right, and hold a circle between the heels of your hand. Look at down at your feet or your feet equally. Churned out. Can we just do a lot of floor work and it's always important to finish feeling nice and and tall. So wait on the ball of your feet, lifting in the arches, lean your weight forward and go ahead and start by lifting up here.

That's it. And hopefully if you had any misalignments in your pelvis, it's now looking good and your bellies in. And we're going to hold it just at shoulder height, no sagging elbows. Lift them up, slightly, powerhouse in, and then squeeze for one, two, three, four, five. Release. Good stomach and nice open shoulders. Squeeze, two, three, four, five, release, stomach and still leaning forward. And last squeeze, two, three, four, five release. We're going to bring it down at a 45 degree angle. Good. Still lightly lifting those elbows, stomach in and squeeze to really squeeze it for five relief and stomach in and squeeze. Two, three, four, five release and last, one stomach and one, two, three, four, five, release. Great.

Try Not to shift your weight back as you lift up your arms to a 45 degree angle with the sealing a little forward and stomach in and squeeze. Two, three, four, five, release and stomach. And one, two, three, four, five, a little higher. There you go. And stomach and one, two, three, four, five release. Now we're going to, again, not shift your weight or your alignment, but take the circle behind you. The most important thing is that you don't round your shoulders. We're going to open those collarbones chest lifted from our belly and soften those elbows a little and you just hold that care and we're going to pretend we can squeeze it. Okay, so stomach in and you're going to squeeze two, three, four, five, release and stomach in and lifting the sternum. Nice open, collarbones release. Watch the elbows from hybrix setting last one stomach. And you should always feel the triceps here. You should feel the shoulders. You should feel the powerhouse release. Bring it in front of you. Good.

And holding it down. We're doing eight count up. Four will be straight ahead. Okay, so it's pumping and stomach. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven down, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Again, or to two more sets. Try to be straight up to the ceiling. Hey, one, two. And on our last one we're gonna try to Relevate while doing it. And here we go. Once slowly, rising, four, five, six, seven, eight dash two three, four, five, six, seven, back to flat feet. Nice. Now place it on your right hip.

Good. That's great. I'm glad. Good. And we're going to have nice box. We're not going to push ourself over. And this hand just on your hip. Very good. Soften the elbow. Little lift in it, but no rolling in the shoulder, right? It's all actually a lot about that. Shoulder. Stomach in and pull it in for five, four, three, two, one.

Release and stomach and shoulders. Nice elbows. Good. Love that you're not gripping the circle. Last one, squeezing two, three, four, five. Release other side. Good. Heal the hand. Right hand. There we go. Nice. Open shoulders but not falling back. Good and stomach and soften that elbow. Yeah. Three, four, five, release and stomach.

Don't let it push you over. You almost push into it and release. One more set of five stomach. Nice job. Very, very good. And now you're all finished. Gotcha.


NICE class Monica. I love the efficient but good workouts!
Me too! Thank you Monica!
Agreed! great cues and loved the flow! Thank you Monica!
Thanks Monica you are really helping me to use the magic circle properly many thank
Great exercises and ideas with the circle.
Karen M
Super class...rolling the circle to get feet inside, then outside of the circle was a nice transition.
Actually, that "circle" didn't show up in the selection of the tools for this class (mat only).
As a matter of fact, I selected "mat only" as equipment and the present class (using the "circle") showed uo in the list all the same.
Anyway, it was a good class (if I also had that "circle")!
Marco ~ Thank you for your forum post. The props are listed for all of the classes that have them. If you prefer to have classes without props, you can click the more button on the right side of the filter tool bar to find the props section. Here you can select "No Props" so you can find the classes that just use the Mat. I hope this helps and I'm glad that you enjoyed this class!
I love using magic circle it makes me feel deeper into my muscles whilst doing the exercises...thank you for your great cueing as always Monica

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