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Magic Circle Workout

40 min - Class


Adrianne takes you through a high energy intermediate workout (offering advanced variations) using the Magic Circle to help connect to your powerhouse deeper. This is a fun, fast paced class that demands control and precision. The perfect way to practice Pilates at this level.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Okay, well, hello everybody. We'll do a little magic circle today. And if you come to an exercise that becomes too challenging, just leave it out and doing something. The next exercise I'm going to have you guys sit down. You hold your circles between your palms, weight towards your toes, wrapping your thighs and pulling your powerhouse in and Epson Navel to spine in a squeeze the circle, opening up your chest and siding your shoulders down. Take one leg back and have you kneel down. Sit all the way down.

Lie All the way down. You'll bring your knees into your chest. Place the circle between your ankles, so right above the ankle bone, and I'm going to have you go into your hundreds. So take the legs out. Begin to lift your heads and arms, looking at your powerhouse. Give a little squeeze between your ankles as you breathe in. Nice deep breath in, and a long breath out.

Inhale to five x up to five. Keep squeezing the circle, squeezing your bottoms and curling into yourselves, so not too high with your chest. Exhale, little bit lower here. And exhale, two, three, four, five. Not to turned out either. That's an excellent work. Those inner thighs work your bottoms. One more nice deep breath in and along without, and bend your knees. You'll take the circles between your palms. Again, going into your rollups, so both arms are straight up, heels together. Wrapping your thighs.

You're going to begin to squeeze the circle between your palms. Feel your shoulders sliding down, round up, stretch over in. That way you can kind of relax with the circle and then begin to re squeeze it as you go back down. When your head touches, you'll come back up. Squeeze, stretch, Kibera. Wrapping your thighs, articulating down four more and round up. Stretch over. Note to the knees, lie back down. Following that center line, two or three more up, over.

Good and last one. Round up, stretch over. I might have lost my count there, but lie back down. Okay, last one. Up and over. You'll lie down. Places circle at your side. Might have to move down a little bit. If you slip back, bring your right leg into your chest or right leg up, anchoring your hips. Go ahead and make these as big as you want.

As long as your hips are still and your backs are still four up. [inaudible]. One more time. Five circles reversed around in up one. Make that x to really lift. Two, three, four and five. Scissor your legs and begin to circle up to the nose one. Think of that leg. Lengthen up and out of hip. Three keep your necks and shoulders last one. Reversed or round up. One. Both legs are still reaching. Three, four and five. Bend your knee. Go ahead, sit up.

Let's take your circles first. Lift your bottoms to sit at your heels. You place the circle. This time we tween your knees. Four heads are down, so you are kind of on the circle here. You're going to try to find your balance and you'll roll and then you're going to come back up. Kind of squeeze the circle as you're moving. Inhale, go back. Exhale, squeeze the circle, come back up to balance. Think of your forehead.

Staying on that circle. Try not to lose it as you move. That's it. Three more. All the way up to balance. Each time. Come up to balance up in balance and last one and up in balance. Go ahead and drop the circles. Lift your bottoms, lie back down. We're in your right leg into your chest, right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee. Taking the left leg up.

Add your head. Pull in, going to your single leg, stretch and switch. Get the length really stretched the leg out. Reach two to three. Three. Keep scooping your tummy in four, five, five. Keep your gaze on your belly button. Six let's do eight seven, eight, eight both legs in. Grab your circles and drop your next.

Put the circle between your ankle, trying to retrieve ankles. Lift up your heads. Look at your stomachs. Arms and legs go out at the same time. Nice deep breath in. Exhale, bring it all together. Try to keep just the tips of the shoulders on the Mat. Go a little bit lower at the lake. Come back in four, eight times five. Keep the sternums up. Six. There you go. Tommy's cool and seven and eight. Drop your circle. Take one leg up. What are be true ankle, left leg out and pulse, pulse and says are now your heads are up to two and two to make sure you're working within your own frame.

So when you drop your leg that it's lined up with the same hip and pool pole, scoop, scoop and, and, and, and one more set. Tell me scoop. Bend your knees. Drop your heads. Take your like, oh, excuse me. Add your circles again. Almost forgot we had those hands back. Legs Up. Heads up. Lower the leg. Lift the legs. Lower. Lift. So lifter round up.

There you go. And tap the Mat if you'd like. And come right back up. Keep those legs are really long and all the way up. Two more and last one and up. Bend your knees. Keep the circle still tough money. Try not to let that circle move from way above the mat.

Shoulder lifts to keep your hip still. Keep that circle still up, up and up. One more set. Bring your knees in a little bit deeper. Of course, I've done enough rest. Get rid of the circle. Sit Up. Let's just do two regular spine. Stretch forward. Deep breath in. Take it down.

I think. Come back up tall. Keep your feet nice and flexed. Squeeze your bottoms, take it down. Come on up. Take your circle, place it on the mat, palm on top of palm. Squeeze your bottoms, and then push down on the circle and grow really tall. It's not a big movement. You'll just feel it. Lifting your spines up and rest.

Squeeze again. Lift your backs. Flex your feet and rest. This time we're gonna add your head. So first, grow tall, and then start to round down. Think of curling her, lower back, your hips, tailbone under, dropping their shoulders, and then come back up to more. Just like that. So first, grow tall, shoulders drop, head drops. Scoop your tummies and come back up. And last one. Nice deep breath in. And exhale. Get rid of the circle. Do One more. Just stretch to go down. Grab onto your arch. Give yourselves an extra stretch. Okay, now here's where I was going to get tricky. You gonna take your circles, make sure you have enough room behind you because we're going to roll.

You're going to put the circle between your ankles going into open lake rocker. You'll have to find your balance here, okay? And exactly. You might have to bend your knees to start. So go ahead and start with your knees bent. Jennifer, Tuck your chin. Just get the control of it. You round back around up.

Find that balance. Then sit up tall. Now if you want to challenge that, straighten your legs all the way. Go back, come up, sit up tall. Okay. The higher you hold, the harder becomes as well. Seekers, take it back. See curves to come up, lift and to more c curve. Go back, see curve, come up, lift and last one and come on hold. Keep your legs up.

Walk down those legs and now they're at 90 degrees in your heads are down, arms are at your side and you might have to adjust the circles. Make sure they're secure and going into a corkscrew. You circle around in center. Be careful with your next here that your next day really long and that you're not using your arms to support it. Now let's add a jack neck circle round.

Lift go to where you can control it down and around and lift again. Just come up to where you can control. It doesn't have to be super big or it can just keep, keep your hips on the mat. My ponytail's making my neck do funny things and rest. Get rid of the circle. Go ahead. Sit right up to your saw. So now your feet are flexed again and apart. Arms to the side.

You're going to turn Rory true toe and come up and center. True and stretch. Careful not to lift your shoulders here. Try to keep them soft though my that and well. One more set to each side to go right. Keep your feet really still and center and left and in.

Athletes have you flip over to your stomachs. Palm and tub or excuse me, palm underneath your shoulders. You can push up into your neck roll position. So you push up off of your chest, you're on your palms, you come up off the elbows if you can with your stomach's lifted and heels as close together as you can. Look to the right. Roll your heads down. Look left. Look Center, look left. Roll your head down to the right. It looks center, lie back down and rest. All right, next exercise. If it's not familiar to you, just leave it out.

You're going to go into a swan dive. You're going to come up onto your arms, your palms, and then you're going to try to fall into it and kick your legs up. Kick your arms up. So here we go. Eight times one, lifting the legs, arms, lips on it for five. Really try to get those legs up. Six, seven and eight. Stretch back to your heels. Good. Okay. Warming up. Good. You live that down. You all, none of these. You're up on your elbows.

Single leg kick. Tommy's are lifted. Bottoms are squeezing heels together. One kick, right kick, kick. Sorry. Two kicks left, get kick. Alright, kick, kick and left. This is a bottom strengthening exercise, so make sure you squeeze it and one more you side and in a lie all the way down. Hands behind your back, both feet together. Again, kick your bottom three times. One, two, three. Drop your feet, stretch back, lift, lift, lift and switch. Kick one, two, three and stretch and switch. One, two, three. So we're getting faster. Very good. And one, two, three stretch. We'll give you a little extra stretch here. Always feels good and rest. Never. All right, sit back on your heels again. Stretch back. Okay. And I'll have you guys lie back onto your backs going into your neck bowl.

So both feet are part hands behind your heads. Feet flexed in parallel. Okay. Nice. Deep breath in. Beginning to come up. Exhale over. Sit up tall. Let's add the hinge right away. So stay tall, hinge as far back as you can control it. And then when you can't anymore, curl your hips and lie back down. Before more over, sit up tall. You want to try to keep as much momentum out of it as you can and make it look very effortless and left and hinge.

Feet are still flip, flexed and apart. So Jennifer, open up your feet and up and over. There you go. Sit Up. Tall, around, back down. So last one, when you lie down, come back up and up. Scoop. Good over. Sit up tall and go ahead and take that back down and stay down. Okay? All right. Go ahead and lie on your left side for some sidekicks.

So your right leg is on top. It's fine. Sure. Yeah. Okay. Hip on top of hip. You lie all the way down. You're up on your palm unless that bothers your neck. Okay. Swing your legs forward too. You're in a bit of a vape. I'm going to move your stuff a little bit. Take your leg up hip level.

Rotate your knee towards the ceiling. Keep your hips and right on top of each other. And to kick forward, kick kick towards your nose and control a back kick. Kick. Get that stretch on the back. So really reach out to the hip. Long leg three and kick kick four. Let's have you do six kick kick five one more and six leg on top of leg.

Take it up. Reach your leg out long, bringing it right back down. Take it up towards the ceiling and lengthen. Don't squeeze those knees. Squeeze your bottoms. Inner thighs three long, long, long, long. Four, five. Yes, you can add a flexing point if you'd like. And Fi optional, the last one, and right into your little circles. Five each way. One, two, three, four, five, reverse. One, two, three, four, five. Go ahead. Take your circles and place your circle between your ankle. I'm going to go this way. That's it.

Just getting it into position. Good. All right, and then you're going to make sure that your hips are right on top of each other, still soft, and your feet squeezing from your bottom and inner thigh. You'll squeeze a circle and hold it for about three counts per on. Pulling your stomach's up to three rest. You want to keep that circle from bouncing? Try to keep it really simple still. And squeeze. Hold. Two, three, rest.

Exactly. And squeeze. Hold. Two, three, arrest. Two more. Squeeze. Two, three, rest. One more time. Hold two, three arrests. Let's try to swing your legs back just a little bit. Not too much like to try to keep them forward. And you're gonna lift both legs up and squeeze the circle. Five Times. One, two, three, four, five. Bring the legs forward. Rest. Now here's where you want to transition. Roll the circle back. Take your bottom leg inside the circle, roll it back, and now your bottom foot is inside and the top foot is inside.

So at least circles are nice cause they're padded both on the outside and inside there. Yeah. All right, so now the bottom leg stays still. The top leg is the one that's working. You're gonna pull up, hold two, three arrest. Keep your knees soft. Pull up to three. Harassed. Three more. Ample up. Two, three rest, two to three rest and one to three rest. Okay, let's go ahead and drop the circles.

And then your stomachs pound on top. Um, for head on your hands for some transition beats. Both heels are together. Legs are long. You want to squeeze your bombs, push your hips down into the mat. Your foreheads are down. Start to lift your legs off the mat so your legs are straight. Knees come off legs. Come on and clap your heels together for 20 counts. One, two, three, four, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and then 10 fast. One, two, five, six, seven, eight, long legs, nine, 10 and rest. Okay, sit back on your heels and just stretch back for a moment and then I'm going to have you flip over to the other leg.

So now your left leg is on top first. Get yourself lined up, tried to fairly quickly. You'll lie all the way down. That's fine. Looking at, that's okay. Either way you're still working. All right, take a swing your legs a little bit more forward. More of a V or boomerang. Okay. You're going to take your top leg up about two inches. Six kicks, kick, kick forward long through the back kick kick.

So remember that powerhouse and nothing's moving here. It stays really still three. So really stitch those ribs together for kick, kick shoulders back. Five kick, kick and six up and downs. Take the leg up or reach it out. Squeeze. And here too, if you want to add flexing and pointing to the foot, you can three up and reach your leg out and get that stretch on the down. Lengthen. Lengthen, lengthen and pull in.

Five last one right into your circles by between one, two, three, four, five. Reverse it. One, two, three, four, five, and rest. You can take your circles. Put them between your ankles. Because of this, I'm going to skip showing you demonstrating right on top of the ankle. Turn your foot out just a little bit so you are turned out good. Yup. Just trying to get it there. Funny. It's a little slippery sometimes. Okay, so let's have you turn this top leg out.

All right, ready? This foot. Stay still. You're going to try to push from in here. Squeeze your bottom and hold two, three, rest. Really control it. So no knee. Roll your hips forward and push down from in here. Squeeze. That's it too, sir. There you go. Rest. Okay. Four more. Squeeze. Two, three, rest. Pull up when you squeeze as well. So you still are working that powerhouse and three to three.

Arrest, two to three. Arrest. One more. Squeeze, two, three and rest. So now you're going to swing your legs back just a little bit. Then both legs will lift up. You hold that and you try to pump the circle five times one, two with the top leg, three, four, five and rest. That's coming. Okay, that's next. And then you're going to transition. You'll roll back. Good.

Four and five. Get in your circles. Aha. And then you put one foot in and now you're back into place. So now both theatre in the circle, bottom leg stays still. Top leg is the one that's going to left hip on top of left hip. Tommy's up and lift and hold. Two, three rest.

Lift two, three rest about three more about five times to three. Rest. Careful that your shoulders aren't doing any of the work for you. Just the hip. Two to three rest. Last one. And lift two, three rests. Okay. Take your circles in your hands. We'll go into some teasers here.

So you're going to end up lying back onto your backs. You'll hold the circle between your palms a couple of different ways. We can try this. We'll start it between palms and then we'll put it in between your feet. So bring your knees in first.

Take your legs up to 90 degrees. You're going to start to squeeze this circle, lower your legs to 45 degrees and peel off the mat to your teaser. That's it. Try to keep the legs up, lift your arms, lift your back, and then round down, keeping the legs still and then come right back up to the toes, to the ears with the arms and control it down. One more time to your toes, two ears and lie back down and bend your knees. Rest this time. Put the circle between your ankles. Okay, that's it. Let's, um, yeah, let's go ahead and do the same teaser, but now keep this circle between your angles and peel off the mat. Reach for the toes, reach for your ears, trying to keep those legs up and lie back down. Kind of squeeze that circle two more to the toes, to the ears.

Lie Back Down. Last one to the toes, ears, rest. Bend your knees. This time you'll feel like you're in the circus. On this one. You're going to try to come up into your teaser and then you can try to put your legs in and out three times. Okay. So it's always tense. Cirque does away here. Okay. You can start with it. Yeah. Let's, um, start with the leg straight. Okay.

Arms back, anchoring your spines. You know, start to squeeze the circles. So feel your shoulders slide down. Next lengthening, you start to peel off like your roll up. Then you come up into your teaser. You try to hold that, take the legs in, take the legs out. Three times, one in and out. Two and one more time in and out. Keep that back tall and last mine and lie back down. And raft.

Yes, you have to. Yes. So we tried to do a straight like, yeah. Oh, when you bend. Well that's extremely hard. No, they are turned out. Yeah, like a frog. Okay. Yes. That's a lot more advanced, but sure. All right, breast, the circle. Let's have you go into your seals. So hands inside the legs, holding onto the arches. Heads down. So keep your chins curled. Three claps here. Go back. Three claps to come up. One, two, three. One, two, three. Up. One, two, three. Back.

One, two, three, up. Keep your chins to your chest. So the net, you don't hurt. Your next one, two, three, back. One, two, three, up now a little bit quicker. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three. Right back up. Two, one, two, three. One, two, three, all the way up. One more time. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three, up. Place your feet down. Let's have you go into a mermaid.

So you can either face me or that way, which is, let's see if you're both on, let's just be on the same side. Okay, that's fine. So can you take one arm up? You hold onto your ankle. You want to try to keep the knees close together. You're tall and you're gonna stretch your side. So really lift your tummy and stretched over.

Keep your arm as close your year as you can in the back of your neck long. You Bend your elbow and you reach out. Getting a little bit deeper into the stretch and as you come up, you want to pull in and come back up tall. Then you're going to go down to the elbow. Now as you bend the opposite way, your hip will want to go with you.

Keep that hip down. Think of that energy staying down. You bend. Then the elbow. Keep pulling in your stomachs. Reach out and come back up. Transitioning each side. We'll do three on each side. Reach and up and over and stretch. Pulling in, making those sides really open ones.

I will feel better than the other you were reaching and that will finish on this side. So keep that opposite hip pushing down through. Reach out. So map transitioning into a teaser and then going to the other side. Good. All right, so good ending up. Make it fun. All right, one arm up and then you're going to bend.

Then the elbow open up that side and stretch pool and your tummies and you go down to your elbow and over. You want to just think of the line. Think of your spine from your tailbone up to your, the crown of your neck, the bottom of your neck, top in the neck, reaching out. So it's one straight line. It's just bending over. It's another words in the same claim. Reach out and come back up and over there.

You're not arching your lower backs. You're really pulling those ribs together. Still reach up, up. I think we have two more. One more set after this right hip for me stays down. And last one, teach side reach and last one back to the elbow and come on up. Okay, let's have you stand up. I'm gonna walk into a plank, like a pushup position, but we're going to do a little, it's called your balance control.

And take your arms up. Keep your [inaudible] and your, you know, walking down your legs into a plank when straight line. Try to keep your hands kind of underneath your shoulders on your toes, heels together. You're gonna take your right foot up, you're going to stretch the heel back. Keep that straight line with your back. So it keeps squeezing your bonds. Stretch the heel up. Switch feet and stretch back. Stretch forward, switch feet. Good. Two more. Set. Stretch back forward. Switch back. Forward switch.

Lathon right forward, left, back, forward hold. Now's where you're going to go into that pushup. Elbows into the ribs five times and one to keep your tummies lifted. Three, four, and five. Walk back to your ankles. I said drop your head. You're going to end up the rounding up. Keep the weight towards your toes and try to get your hips to push forward onto your ankles. Pulling up both arms up deep breath in and exhale.

Finishing with the magic circle arms in and take your magic circle and let's see. Face each other. Palms forward. Hands forward. Circle forward. Tommy's up, waiting in toward your toes. You're going to, let's start fairly high actually, and you'll just squeeze the circle. Feel your shoulders drop. Elbows are soft, and your tummies lift. Two, three. [inaudible] not a big movement, but you'll feel it. Hold to three. Arrest three more. Hold two, three. Don't forget the wrap in the thighs too, so keep those inner thighs engaged. Rest in one more.

Hold. Two, three. Arrests lower to about shoulder height. Five Times. Squeeze. Open up your chest, lift your spines. Two, three arrest. Navels in and out. Polled to three rest, three to three arrests. Keep that weight forward to three rest. Tailbone straight down, two to three and last one, hold two, three, rest. Lower the circle all the way down. Now your poems are actually, let me think here. Yeah, you want to make sure your palm is on there. Hey, you have some way with the palm. You open up your shoulders, your chest, lift your tummies and squeeze. Hold. Two, three, rest, four more. Two. Again, it feels like you're not doing anything or going anywhere, I should say.

You'll feel it. Rest and three to three rest and to rest and Walmart to rest. Take the circle back up. We're going to pulse down for eight counts. Paul sub three counts optional as you're pulsing to come up onto the toes and then back down to a flat foot. We're going to try with the toes. You don't have to, but I like you to try. All right, so you're here and we're going to begin to pulse. One, two, three, coming up to the toes. Four, five, six, seven, eight. Go down to the flat foot. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Back up, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Back Down to four. Five, six, seven, eight. One more set. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight at rest. Okay. I'm going to have you still face each other. Actually. Go ahead and face me. Flipped your circle on your hip. Palm on top, top of the circle. Arms are down. Weight, still the same towards the toes.

That's wrap still happening. Your thighs. Good. And you're going to squeeze the circle when you squeeze it. You don't want to shift your way. You want to keep those shoulders square and the shoulder pulling back and down. So squeeze and hold. Two, three, rest, five times.

Not pulling with the elbow, but more with the shoulder, wing and unrest. So back here and keep going. So we're right in here is where you're working. Good and rough. You have a good shirt to show that example and squeeze. Good. Do three rest and one more. Good.

Rolling the shoulder back and down to three and rest. Switch sides. Okay. Same thing. Five, sir. Five Times. Grow Taller as you do that. Still lifting two, three, rest. Really give that shoulder to roll back and then down and try to hold it for five counts. Two, three, raft. Three good. Two, three. Harass. Good for shoulder injuries. Hold two, three, rest, two to three. Rescue, shoulders, strength, and one more. Two, three, and rest. Okay. Take the circle behind your back. Between your palms.

You want your shoulders roll back and down again given the arms fairly long with the elbow soft. Tommy's are up still. And then you're a carrier. It's not going to feel like you're going anywhere, but you want to try to squeeze it to three respite. You will feel that right in here and squeeze two, three, rest. Work on rolling those shoulders backwards and down to three rests. Who feel those armpits really pulling down to your ankles? Two, three, rest tomorrow. Roll those shoulders even further back. Good. Two, three. [inaudible] the last one, two, three rest. Okay. Take the circle. Let's get rid of it.

All three big circles. We're going to finish. Lift your Tummies, keep wrapping the thighs, and exhale. Two more exhale and one and exhale. You know, on second thought, we are not going to finish. Okay, let's go to the magic circle with between the ankles. This takes a bit of a balance. I'm probably gonna end up stepping down here and you want to put it right above the ankle bone. I'm going to step forward more. Hopefully you can all see that. Okay, and you're going to shift your weight to [inaudible].

There should be a little tension on it just to hold it in place, but then you're going to shift to your left foot. Or actually, excuse me, you're right. For, let's have you go to your right foot. I'm going to just demonstrate on the left, so why take your arms out or you can keep them down. Now you come to one foot, you hold that, check your frame, make sure your square makes your tailbone. Your bottom isn't popping out behind. You want it to go straight down and then you're going to start to squeeze the circle with that right leg and hold two, three head rest. So it's this leg that's balancing, that's working in one sense, but it's the one that's squeezing.

But the control and balance is on the standing leg. Hold, lift your tummies grow tall. Rest, keep that energy up and squeeze. Very nice. Two very nice. Three rest to hold to three rest and one more. Hold two, three. Yeah, it started by the time you can start getting fatigued and then go back to a flat foot. You're going to go to the opposite foot. You can be slightly turned out. I'm just naturally, we'll do that, but yeah, careful not to use your knees here first.

Get your balance before you start squeezing and then you start to squeeze. Drop your tailbone a little bit more. Very good and a little bit left too. So keep that all left up in the upper back as well. [inaudible] and you can always tap to get your balance again and hold lifting two, three, rest and hold to three rest. And to do it. Don't worry about where your arms are.

Just find where you can get the best balance. I left. If you hold their arms up, it's just going to give you more work for arms, which is nice. Ballerina arms two, three and rest. Alright, here we go. You're going to try not to drop the circle as you shift it behind you. You might have to use your hands so you get it more centered, which I did, and then I actually am sides behind myself. All right, so now your weight goes towards your front foot.

Arms can be out or down. Wherever you're comfortable. Find your balance. The top leg behind you is the one that's going to squeeze the circle and you hold it to three rest. I'm going to come around. You keep going. Hold two, three, rest and lift up to three. Now use your bottom by dropping that tailbone a little bit more on. That will help you to three reffed, homely and squeeze.

You could do this in front of a wall. You know, just put your fingers on the wall. Two, three rest and two taller tummies up and one, two, three rest drop to the back foot. Stay where you are. But now you're going to keep the weight on the back foot and you're going to push with the front foot. Okay, so now you're here. All right. Okay, sure. You can even go up if you want.

It's really up to you where you want those arms. All right, that helps you and then squeeze again, it doesn't have to be this huge squeeze. It's just to where you can control it and then rest and squeeze. Tailbone straight down. Tommy's up rest box is where whole. Let's try to do five and rest you on my about and three, two, three rest and two to three rest at one, two, three rest. Okay. Drill in addition again, you try not to lose it and then you're going to switch legs going back and I lost my, this is great for balance. It's great for just that sense of where you are and you know it works.

You in here as well and in here cause you have to keep it lifted. It's a little bit of everything in such a small movement. All right, so you're on the front leg, weight forward, Tommy's up, watch your hip alignment. Your back leg is going to want to go with you. That hip will want to go with you. So Square your hips off. Try to feel where that line is that they're straight across and not at an angle.

All right, squeeze and lift. Two, three, rest and squeeze. I absolutely should go to the other side. I had whole two, three left, three more and squeeze and hold. Two, three, rest and two. Hold. It's a, it's just finding, it's takes some time. You've never really done this before and two to three rest and one more time in squeeze to three and rest. Here's where you're going to transition. You fall to the back foot. How much are the front?

But it's really important where the circle is on your ankle. You want to keep it so that the circle is straight and that will help as well. Cause if it's angle straight, narrow man up, if it's twisted, it all kinda throws you off. All right. Ready arms, wherever you like. Squeeze. Hold two, three arrests. It's using the glutes, using the inner outer thigh. Hold, lifting your naval rest again, watch the alignment in the hip. Hold to three rest and two to three and you'll feel it and one to three rest and go back to center. Let's take the circle, drop them to your side and just go ahead and stretch down.

That's it. And I'm going to have you, Ben, you're going to transition. Bend the knee and just stretch. Yeah. Good. Keep the back leg straight and here. Yes, that's it.

Drop your head and then you'll come up transitioning to the other side and stretch and then come back to center and just hang out for a second. You can grab onto your ankles pretty wide. Good. That's it. And then you're gonna put your fingers on the floor, shipping your feet together, and then you're going to end up rounding up. As you know, last thing up is the head. Yeah, articulating that spine. As you come up. Let's go ahead and come up to your tippy toes. Nice, deep breath in rowing tall and exhale flat foot.

Shake yourselves out. You guys are done. Thank you.


This was a fun class Adrianne. Loved using the magic circle in so many different fast paced ways.
Strong intermediate class using ring aka circle. Was hoping for some new variations though. Looking forward to an accelerated level 3 session with the ring/circle.
I loved the balance exercices at the end.
Thank you Lina, glad you enjoyed the challenge!

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