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Traditional Fundamentals

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Adrianne teaches a strong basic Reformer workout which flows into an intermediate Mat workout. This class is great for the beginner student who is transitioning into intermediate Pilates work and wants a mix of foundational Reformer and Mat exercises using Romana's flow.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Mat, Reformer w/Box

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Apr 17, 2014
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Okay. So I've got Susanna here and we're going to do a basic reformer and then we're going to move onto summat and probably do a little bit more intermediate over on the map. So I'm going to have her start on her toes, heels together, toes apart. Now we're working on the garage that's reformer and that has four springs. And today I'm going to have her start on three for various reasons. Turned her feet out.

But depending on your body and what you're used to working on, it's anywhere between four to three springs. And um, just go from there. All right, so begin. You're going to extend out. She's going to do her foot work. Starts on her toes pulling in, pulling up too. And what you really want to make sure is that you're not sliding back into those shoulders. Your arms are stretching and getting that back to really kind of imprint into the mat. Lengthening it six, she's doing 10 of these, seven a, she's doing a traditional workout from the reformer to the mat or vice versa. You could switch a map to reformer. And last one, very nice. Moved to your arches, knees and feet together, zipping up out you go.

And one good. Get that wrap as you get out there too and get your heels and toes stay wrapped around the bar. So you're working your feet. Three again. 10 of these for five. She's got a smile on her face. That's good. Six, seven, zipping up. Eight getting warm. Nine last one, 10 and now I'm going to have her change to her heels. Feet flexed and out you go.

Now I may not have mentioned this, but while you're doing your footwork, your flex, um, the props that you need are the box. And always whenever you do your reformer workout, you need a pull and a pad. So I've got that in the back behind. You're ready to go for when she gets to her short box series three, four. Hopefully I did miscount count that five while I was talking. Fix All the way out. It looks like she's getting a little burned going.

Seven you can always tell when they start to slow down. Eight, nine in the last one. Alright, slide back to your toes. Heels together. Toes are part going into attendant stretch. So straighten her legs long back. Long legs. Lower. One, two, three. Down. One, two, three. One, two, three. Lower one, two, three. Lift two, two, three, three, two, three. Lift two, three, four. One, two, three. Down. One, two, three. Up Five, three to six. Keep pulling in, pulling up seven, keeping those legs long.

Eight and those shoulders down. Nine. And one more time. 10 bend your knees and cheer chest. Give yourself a little space you're not squished. And then she stays on the three springs for her hundreds and would grab her straps and go into it. So take your arm straight up Susanna and bring her knees into your chest.

For balanced body or different equipment, you would probably drop to two springs and usually it's about two red or red and a blue. Lift her head. Rate your arms out, extend your legs and get those arms to stretch away from you as you breathe. 10 into five, squeeze your seat. Excellent. Two, three, four, five 20 a little higher with the legs, right about there. 35 now she's been doing this for awhile. So this is a good, strong basic workout. 42 oh four five 52 five keep pulling your shoulders down.

Stretching 60 to four oh two three four five (755) 823-4504 of 92 three four five and exhaling 100 she's done. Bend your knees, bring herself back in and go ahead and place your feet down. I want to change the springs for her. I'm going to drop her to two springs because now I'm going to have her set up or I'm going to set up for her just cause this is a little tricky to go into her leg springs now because of the garage. Get the train going by. We're going to put the straps between the leather and the handle and with the other equipment.

I think you can just go ahead and put the shop's letter her feet that we want the longer straps here and now I'm going to have her go ahead and push backwards and put a foot in one of the straps and then she's ready to get the other foot in and go ahead and bend your knees, Susanna. Yeah, let's just get these in a comfortable position so they're not digging into you at all. I'm going to move the bar and she's ready to go into her leg circle. She's going to extend out. That's fine. She'll stay kind of that about a maybe 50 degree angle and she's going to circle her legs and she's working on keeping her back long and her legs reaching at her hips. Still Three feel your powerhouse working here. Feel those muscles in your back staying imprinted and your stomach lifting and maybe five or six times getting both feet to come in at the same time.

And let's say that's about six now you're going to reverse those both feet open up and together. Don't come up too high. That was a little too high and too now on the grots, your, your shrubs kind of brushed the shoulder pads. Yeah, you want to try to get them to brush at the same time. It really tells you whether or not you're working symmetrically or not. And here too about six times four. She's doing good. She's got a strong position and last one and now bend your knees into your chest. Her heels are together, toes apart into a frog.

So now you're going to extend out, reach for me and then back in. You can go a little bit lower. Keep your shoulders out of it. Try to relax the hearing, shoulders and neck and come back in. Always good reminders. They're very, and here to do about five or six for, get that stretch so you're out. You hold, you could stretch a little bit more. Reaching further away. We're having the thighs and then come back into two more.

Reach, stretch, wrap. Good. One more time and extending out long, long, long legs. That's it. Come on in. I'm going to take the straps off her feet and then I'm in this lighter in, and then I'm going to have her step off and we're gonna now need a pad because now she's gonna go into her stomach massage. So Susanna, lift your bar, put that up and add one spring. We want to go back to the same springs you had for foot work.

I want to put the pad down in a length position so that she has some [inaudible] the thing to support her while she's moving business. Slide around. All right, her toes are on the bar, she's holding onto the edge of the mat and then she's going to get ready to straighten her legs. And as she's straight and she wants to pull in and up, getting the sides to really lift. As she stretches over her hips. Lower, lift your heels, bend your knees and come in. And actually, Susan, I want you to move a little left, a little bit off center there. All right? And that's just something for her. I needed to get her place properly. Okay. So she's centered. Now she's gonna go out lower left to keep lifting your back and stretching over the hips. Three. So getting the deep sea four and she's doing 10 of these lower lift five and now she can go a little bit quicker. Six but don't fall backwards.

I see you falling back. Yeah. Six shoulders stay relaxed as possible. Seven and in eight out. And in nine she's doing one more, making 10 now she's going to stay on her three springs and move her arms behind her to sit up tall. Good. It's great. Stretch for the upper back. Good. Also for that little lower spine, keeping those roots together.

You're going to go out lower, lift the heel and come in 10 of these one. And as you come in and make sure that your knees don't go wider than your hips, three out. And I like the accent to come in. So when you come in, bring it in for, but in control of course, five and six and ends seven really lifting those hipbones up. Eight too. Worn out the last one out and come on and she's now going to drop the spring.

Going down to two springs, arms are up and out. She goes, called your reaching. She's lifting up through here. Shoulders relax, bend your knees, come in and then try to lift her back even more. That's it. Four times out. Make sure you go back with it so it don't fall forward. As you push out, go back with yourself, lift your back though. There it is and then come back in and stretch up Walmart. Time out, come and stretch forward. Yes, I'm going to give her a stretch.

She'll bend her knee, she'll let her knees open and I'm going to give her a little stretch. Little treat for all that hard work. Good. All right, and then I'm going to have you step off Susanna and we're going to go ahead and have you grab your box while I dropped the bar and your headdress so that you can get prepared for your short box series and she's going to need her pulse. I'm going to grab that as well. I didn't include that and grabbing the box. And for you, you're tall. So I'm going to have her put the box over those hooks.

All right? Or over the pegs that are on the other machine. And you can use a pad here or not, but your feet go underneath the strap because you'll need that and you want to be about a hands with from the back, which means who's at a move backwards. She only need the hands with good. Okay, so you're gonna start with your hugs. You wrap your arms around your waist, you drop your head and your round over your hips. Now her feet are going to remain flex because then she goes backwards. She's going to need them to catch her. Follow your center, wrap your thighs, and bring yourself back over the heads, pulling into that powerhouse.

So naval really pulls deep. Shoulders down. Inhale, go back, get that wrap. You're breathing. Now you're going to exhale as you come up pulling those arms. That's what they're there for. To help pull you in deeper. Three. I'm going to have her do two more. So about five times. Inhale really get that scoop. Exhale.

Last one. Inhaling back and exhaling ou over and that's it. She's going to now take her bar. She'll also have to move back a little bit because those we tend to fall forward on good. Sitting up tall. It's her flat back. Now let's just make sure your neck is long.

Your back is long and right in that lower back. Just make sure you're not arching there. It's pulled in lefty. All right. She's going to keep her feet flex. Squeeze her seat and hinge. Stay Tall. Closure ribs. As you go back, they'll want to pop out. Come on up and stretch taller. Close your ribs, mark.

Yes, and then relax. Softer. Anything your shoulders and squeeze your seat and hinge back. These are easy ones to want a tense come on up or not to want to, but to tense and arrest and tall, so she's really squeezed her seat. She's ready to go again. Three times. Come on up. You can do anywhere from three to five lift.

Drop your arms and just give yourself a stretch by reaching down towards your toes. Yes. Okay. I'm going to have her go to her side stretch. So arms up, lean over your hips. She's going to bend to this side as far as she can without letting the hip lift as she comes up is the strength. That's where you want to get those ribs to pull back and over to the left. I'm going to hold her so she can have a little extra stretch.

Now lean forward, Suzanne. Very. You Go. So you're over your hips. Then come back up and over to the right. Good. Relax your knees. Relax those shoulders. Come on and to the left. No shoulders and up and one more set to the right. Pull in, left to the left, pulling in and uh, and that's enough.

I'm going to have a rushed or arms and then she's ready for her. Trace always a treat after those I'm going to get rid of the bar. Doesn't need that anymore. She's still hands with from the back. She's going to take a hold of her right thigh. Sit up tall. Doesn't matter. You can start with the right or the left.

Fit on top of your hips a little more forward. And now you're going to start to lift your knee and then try to extend it out three times for three kicks. Good. And once you've done that, you're gonna walk up your leg, get yourself centered, squared off. She had to move forward a little bit, she felt, which I think was appropriate. You know, flex that left foot. Get as close to your knee as you can. So your head tried to put it on your leg. Shoulders down. Now take your leg and you back.

So it's a powerhouse movement. You have to Tuck your hips here. That's it. Now hold your leg up now walk down the leg, keep that wrap. Keep your back anchored. And now pull in. So the back of your hips are really kind of flat underneath you. Rock forward. Once you're up, sit up tall and stretch. Exactly. So three times. Drop your head. Get as close to that knee as you can.

Not by pulling with your arms, but by pulling in and rounding yourself. Walk down. Watch that. Your Square. Yes. And come back up forward. Lift your back. Let's go ahead and soften this leg a little so you can get a little nicer stretch. Yes. One more time. Drop your head. Hold the leg. Go and plant your tree at 90 degrees.

Walk down. Watch your alignment. Shoulders stay aligned with your hips. Come on up. Put your nose on your leg. Oh, forward now lift your back up almost taller. Now start to flex and point and I'm going to come behind you and I want you to keep working on this. Lift right in here to let me feel it. That's it. Three and tap. Your toes are picking out blocks. Retreats. All right. She's ready for the other side.

I think the first time I told you that he lashed all I'll hold your left leg. Sit Up. Tall. Little imagery never hurts. All right, you're going to f stretch three times, so three kicks. One, two, three. Then she's going to walk up. She might have to. Yeah. Tendency is the leg that's up is the hip that wants to pull back so you might have to hop it forward. Walk down. She's a little off. Come back up when you come up Susanna, move forward a little bit more. Okay. Alright, so tall. Ready to go round. Get as close to your knee as you can.

Drop your shoulders. Now you're going to take this leg. I want you to straighten this leg and flex it. There you go. Now you've got good position. Let's see your hips working though. Round back up. So she had to wrap her thighs on that to get that support in her back.

Good. She's got one more shoulders down. This foot flexes. It can be long. Now go ahead and walk down and getting square off. Feel these muscles in here now. Pull in really round into yourself. This leg. Stay still as you round towards it. Nash, she's going to fall forward and now she's going to try to stretch by lifting her back up really tall. That's it right through here.

Flexing and point to your, okay. Just lift here too. Don't shift left three and tap your toes guys. She picked it. She really did get that apple off that tree. All right, you're going to step off. Get rid of your box and let's get you set up for your elephants. So basically just putting the head rest back up and the uh, bar backup, you know, walk back to a flat foot.

Her feet are against the shoulder pads. She's going to get into a nice c curve. So really her head is kind of right on top of the springs and she's really filled up into the [inaudible]. Good hips are down and she's ready to go out with the hips. And as she comes in, she wants to occur. All her head's back on her nature.

Doing that in three counts. One, two, three. Exactly. So your toes rise as you come back in so that you can really deepen the stretch of the back of the legs, but also to help get those arounds up. Three more shoulders are down, toes are up. Two more. Let's see. All 10 toes lift. That's it. Very good.

One more time. You see a nice lift happening in here and that's what you want and that's enough. She's going to go ahead and nail down to her knees, slide her feet backwards and get into ac curve again. So good. She's got a great seagoing hair. She can sit back a little bit so she's closer to your, her heels. Granted she doesn't have any issues with her knees, which she doesn't. Alright, so shoulders are down. Squeeze your hips, push away and bring it in.

She's going to do eight of these two [inaudible] here's that accident again, but I like you want it on the end under with hips for three curling six. Take it out of your shoulders though. Seven and stay in opening up her chest. Ready for the next one. She's going to push out with the legs. Sit back on those heels. One.

So upper body stays right there to Surrey. Keep the chest broad. Four and in five and in six and in seven and last one breath. I'm going to have her stand to get into the next position, which is the knees off to walk it back. She'll rise up to her toes. She's been going to shift her weight forward.

So she's back on top of the springs. Her head is down and she's looking at her navel, so she's lifted back into that beautiful sea again. Now she begins to lower her knees down about two inches off the carriage, tuck under, a little bit more out. She goes with the legs and back under. Let's see that curl happening as you come in. So on the end is where you really have to work hard. That's, that's the hardest part. You get those hips to really drop under seven, no more than ten eight tuck under nine and rest.

And she did a great job. Go ahead and step off. Susanna, you're going to add one spring going back to your original springs that you started with with the foot work. She's gonna lie back down on her back on her toes. Got To cool down on here, going into her running, walking, running. So extend out, she's going to walk for 10 counts and then run for other ten one, two, three. We're of course on the wood floor, so she might bounce a little off. Six seven, eight, nine, 10 and then a little bit quicker to there. I'll try to hold it five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 but she did a great job.

Come on in. Okay. Place your feet on the corners of the bars. She's going into her pelvic lift. Exactly. So check that you're not squished in the shoulders. You might have to move down a little bit. Good. And then you just want the hips up there right now you've got your hips up.

I also have your ribs off the mat, so it was really just the first four vertebra are off the mat. Now she's ready. She wasn't going to extend out and take advantage of that stretch. It feels really good if you really get those legs to lengthen, really getting that stretch and rotting and relaxing their shoulders and then control it back in. She'll do about five or six of those. You can do anywhere between five to eight of these two and this is a good place also to check your hips, making sure that your right hip isn't higher than your left or, or vice versa. You want the level with one another. So feel it. Be Very conscious of what's happening underneath you.

Or is your right side down or on your left side down or both down you on both sides. Equally on the mat. One More Susanna, and then she's gonna stay in. She's come all the way in. Now she's gonna take her time articulating her spine to come down. And now you're going to step off and head over to the mat. Now she's ready for her mat series. So it's always when you come from the reformer, you want to do some add afterwards, some kind of, some kind of mat.

Go ahead and lie down if you haven't already. All right, so she is going to start. Actually, let's have you sit up. Suzanne, I should have told you that first. Move towards your feet. So you have room behind you because she's gonna take her arms forward and go into a roll back exercise. So drop your chin, find your seeker, so around in here. There you go. That's it. Nice and rounded. Now Start Your roll back. You're going to start to lie down. She is gonna try to loosen those elbows up, shoulders up and round her hips all the way down. Take your arms backwards. Take a nice deep breath in. Lift your arms up, reach for your thighs, and exhale, drop your head.

I have her do one more like that. Then I'm going to have it go into little her legs being along. Control it. Very good. Arms go back, arms come up, pull. And now she's strong enough to be able to do that without her feet lifting, which is a great, she's going to come back down and once you down I'm going to have move backwards a little bit so that she can have her legs long on the Mat. Good. So now you're going to go into the full roll up.

I want to help her on these though by holding her ankles. She's going to take her arms up now before you come up Suzanne and get your back nice and anchored. Imprint your spine now. Start to curl up and imprint a little bit deeper, pulling in, rounding to stretch over to the toes and now start to go back down. No shoulders all the way down and I want to shift her a little just to center her out and up and over. Always pulling in deep, deep, deep powerhouse. Control it down for her. I'd like her to lean a little on her left hip. Good.

That center, which you just did, and Dan, you were just falling a little good, so just kind of measure yourself may really start to be conscious of your strengths. Are you more, I'm using your right side to come up, but you're using your left side or are you really, really centered? That's what you want to keep focusing on is finding that center that evenness through the body. One more time down. Normal men tend to come up. I went to let go and last one. Control it. Don't fly up. That's it. Beautiful forward.

Bring yourself down. That's okay there if you need me. All right, rest your arms at your side. Bring one knee, inter chest, and then you're going to take that one leg up. Your other leg can be extended out long unless you feel like you need some support for your back. You can. Then the left knee. So you can either have it like this or you can straighten that left leg, which makes it a little more challenging. So do you decide arms are long, shoulders are relaxed.

You're going to circle your leg five times. So she's keeping her leg bend, which is helping her to maintain a nice strong back three, four, five. Now she'll reverse those five times. You want to feel the stretch. You want to feel that right in the hip flexor as you cross in especially, and lift. You should feel good stretch happening in the leg and a strength happening in your back. And that's enough. Bend your knee and she's ready for the other side leg up. And before you start to then let's move this foot out. Okay, ready to go. So her back is anchored, her hips are anchored and she's stretching the hips. Three especially as she crosses in and stretches the it band, stretches inside the inner thighs. It's just fantastic for, and gets a good strength in that lower back. Now reverse it five times. What?

Stay on that right hip. Two, three and I gave her that correction cause her right hip is lifting and five that's enough. Bend your knee and then she's going to sit up and roll like a ball. And just because this is bothering me, I'm going to move this box back over. Make it look pretty. All right. You're going to grab your ankles holding on.

Not for dear life, but lightly. You know, you go ahead and begin and you're going around back. Follow your center around. Feel each and every vertebra as you come up. Pull in, especially down that not lower region, that lower back, lower lumbar, right through here. You want to get these vertebras to touch the mat, so fall back into them. There it is. That's it. Now find it as you come back. Good. One more time. Fallback. Fall forward. Very good. Drop your feet, stretch backwards and lie back down onto your back.

And then she's ready for her single leg. Stretch her some experience. So right leg is in left leg is up. She's going to lift her head. She's going to fill in that powerhouse. So there's no gap in her spine. And now she's going to begin switching arms, which you legs and two, two. I'm going to have her do eight. And as you're moving, make sure your chest is broad, their shoulders are down and curl into those ribs a little more. Susanna, four five five stretch towards me.

Really reach six, seven, seven stretch eight both legs. And I'm going to have a restaurant cause I can see she's working here. So I want her to take a break in between and you listen to your body too. If you feel it in your neck of your neck or break added as you can. Alright. Both knees are in. Grab your ankles, arms and legs go up together right back into. These are stretches.

You want your whole body to reach away too. So she reaches her up with her leg. She stretches out with her arms stretch. And in three reach four I'm lifting a little bit because I want you to round up in that sternum more for five. Stretch your legs though. Six. Get that. Wrapping the thighs. Seven last one up. And once again, rest your neck.

Now I'm going to have her do her full series, so she's going to go into the next one, which is the scissor or the singling Polsh. Go walk up that one leg and pulse, pulse switch one one. So the leg that comes down is reaching and reaching. The one that's coming up is getting a nice shirt, four and four and switch fat five. These are easy ones to start tensing your shoulders. Try to drop them. Six, seven. She liked that cue and fill in and rest. Okay, she's out of that. She's ready to put her hands behind her head and take her leg straight up.

Turned out she's gonna curl up in her chest. Just lower the legs about two to three inches and come back up. Conscious of her back, making sure she doesn't go too low, that you feel that in our back. She wants to make sure she really pulling in deep three but then she still has that support in her spine. Four and up five. Keep your chest up. That will help you. Good. Six shoulders down, seven and Chris, Cross elbow. To the knee. One, one. Don't let your hips go with you. They stay still.

You don't want them to roll up off the mat for five five try to get that shoulder off the mat and touch the niece and let's call this eight. All right, rest. Okay. I'm going to have her sit up and go into your spine. Stretch forward. So legs are apart, both theatre flexed, arms are up. Keep your feet flex and go ahead and round as low as you can for her. I'm going to have her just drop her arms and let them slide back with her and lift and stack your spine. Deep breath in. Squeeze your seat.

Exhale, pull in and around. Forward goes low as you can. Susanna are really stretched down. Keep squeezing your seat though, and then come right back up. Letting the shoulders cut a loosen. Three more. You're gonna go a little quicker now. All the way down and right back up too, and stretched down. She's pulling in. Go, go ahead. Keep going. Down. Going down, way down there, but keep scoping and come back up. Last one. One more. This one. She's going to take her hands to the outside of her feet, grab onto those arches and give herself an added stretched out.

Good. And then I'm gonna have you move forward, Susanna for your open lake rockers, but she's gonna end up with her legs up. Do what you can. If you need to slide your hands down a little bit, you can drop into a secret. So get that. See in here. That's it. Shoulders down. Ready to go. Roll it back. Try to find your balance and then stretch and around.

No tension. Those shoulders relax them. Easier said than done, Huh? To lean a little to your left and around into your seat. Follow your center. That's it. Stretch two more around. Drop your head. Lean this way. All right, there you're that centered. Come on up and stretch your backs up.

Grow as tall as you can. And I want you to bend your knees a little bit and lift your back up. There you go. Now Bend your knees and lie down. Good. Alright. Give her a little stretch. You grab onto your thighs and kind of rock from side to side.

And then I'm going to have her skip the corkscrews and move onto her sauce. So go ahead and have a sit up tall, move backwards a little bit. Your legs are apart, theater flux and she's ready to turn. Reach for the toe and then articulate up, pulling in and center out and turn and stretch up and center. And as you go to stretch dough, let your hips follow you up and center and turn reaching forward up.

And that's enough. I want to have you turn over to your stomach. Next lie all the way down with your hands. Let's have her, I'm going to have you put your hands at your side with your foreheads down and get yourself kind of orientated so that your sh the straight as you think you are as you can be rather. Um, okay. That's good ritual. Arms back and then I'm just going to have her do a back extension.

So she's going to lift her head, chest, arms off the mat and really lift up into those ribs and then lower and arrest, keeping her neck long through her head does an arch backwards. The back of the next day. You really? Wow. And two more head, chest, arms, scoop up into the ribs, into the Tummy and Russ and one more time. Head, chest, arms in left and lower. I'm going to have her put her hands on top of each other underneath her forehead and just her leg. She can take her right leg, reach it straight out. So all I'm going to have you do is extend that right leg out and lifted off the mat. And as you're lifting it up, squeeze your bottom. Push your hip bones down. That's it. Good. It's a backed exercise. Rest.

Now you can do the same thing. Left leg up. You're reaching it long while those hips stay anchored. You don't want your back arching and rest at all. Right leg. Get that left hip down. That's it. And rest, LF leg up. This side's good for her rest. One more time, right? So maybe two or three sets that looks good and left long, long leg. And that's enough. I'm going to have her sit back on her heels.

Just stretch her back out. And then you're going to go to your palms and your knees for cap, back stretch. And then I'm going to have a round up. It's just a nice way. Once you've done some work on lying on your stomach to stretch out, take a nice inhale and exhale, open, open up. And you do about two or three of those around the up, letting their shoulders loose. Exhale. Good. One more time and exhale.

And then I'm going to have you turn back over to your back. Going back into a roll up exercise. So, but this one feet hip width apart. You could have your hands behind your head. It's called your neck pole. But I'm going to have her arm straight up. So she's gonna take her time. Just like she, you do in the roll up. She's going to try to articulate by rounding over to her toes.

But once she's down, she's going to articulate to a sitting position. So round up stacking your spine and now around, back down. Push the heel the way. Squeeze your seat, lie down. Go ahead and take your hours back. And five, five of those. So deep breath in, up over. Sit up tall and in, around, back down and up and over.

No to the knees and lift and tall and down. And two more. Really get those heels to push away. Exhale, stretch left. Bring herself down. You've got one more. Last one. And Ah, all the way over. Sit up tall. Bring yourself down. Lie back onto the mat.

I'm going to have her lie in her side first and side kicks. Get yourself lined up with the edge of the mat. Hip on top of hip. Shoulder on top of shoulder two. Then you're too far back. Move forward. Yeah. Alright. Prop herself up. Keep your gaze forward and kick. Kick Front.

Let's do six on two. Clear kicks. Kick, kick, long, long leg to now drop those shoulders. Three. I have to keep your gaze forward. Does it have to be big? Four kick, kick, pulling up. Five. One more kick, kick and six. Take your leg up. Lower down and pull that. Let's put this palm down. Yeah. And now lift and those Sarah on Amazon, the Mat and your right leg is lifting and stretching away.

Three and squeeze. Four and left and squeeze. Five. One more up. Add a little circles. Five each way. One very good. Two, three, a little bit higher for fun. Reverse it. Don't let your hips move. Stay very still. Three, four, five and rest. Cross your right leg over the left. Grab your ankle. Lift the opposite leg up and down.

Two Times one and two. Now two little circles. One, two, and then big ones. Open up your chest. One, two, three. Reverse those two little circles too. And then as big as you can. One and two and three both legs on top of each other. Flip to your stomach. Palm on top of palm. We have you do some transition. Beets. Legs are long. Move your hips a little to the left.

Susanna, for those of you on your own, hope that your straight. Really try to check to feel if your feet feel if they're centered or not to the your hips and then you're going to reach those legs out long. List them off the mat and clap. Two, three, four for 20 counts. Six, seven, eight. Keep reaching the legs. 10 ten nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, two Juan and onto the other leg. So turnover and yeah, for a second there. I thought you were about to do the fan leg. Good.

Good. Hip on top of hip. Shoulder on top of shoulder. Palm on the Mat. Move your heads backwards just a little bit towards me. Yes. Okay, so now her hips and shoulders lined with Beth. All right, both legs forward little bit more. Bring your feet. Yeah, I think I like that better. And now kick, kick forward six times one and kick kick two and keep going. I'm just going to come over and make sure your hip stay on top of each other.

Hip on top of him. Three, four, not letting her back arch as you go back five one more. And up and down. Take the leg up, reach and stretch it away and up a long leg. Two, three. And while you're moving, you're always thinking of lifting and making sure you're not tensing. They're soft in the shoulders and circles. Five Times. One, two, three, four, five. Reverse. Two, three, four, five. Rushed your leg. Crossed the Lego or grabbed your ankle.

Lift and Lower Walmart. Lift and lower. Now two little circles. One, two. Then as big as you can. Three times one, two, three. Reverse it. One, two, and as big as you can. One, two and three. I'm, I have her lie back onto her back. And once you have your feet faced this direction, so turn around. Yeah. Just cause I think you have more length here and then you're gonna lie down.

Bring both knees into your chest and I'm going to help her with an assisted teaser. She's going to put her feet on me so her legs are along. She can take her arm straight up and now she just like a roll up. She's going to try to round off the mat articulating, put her nose towards your knees and then she's going to get a nice stretch and lift her back. She uses me to help her drop her head. But don't pull with your arms. Pull with your tummy muscles. Yeah, really pull it. And two more. Follow that center line, which is a little left for you. [inaudible] that's it. Forward, lift and grow tall.

Expanding the chest. Good. Drop Your Chin and use that. There it is. Good. Last one, Bri. Exhale up now. Sit up tall. Nice. Deep breath in. Exhale down. That's it. I'm giving her extra resistance. Good. Bend your knees into your chest, Susanna.

And then I'm going to have her sit up and finish with her seals. So let's have you go ahead and do that. I'll get out of the way. Hands inside head is forward and do if you rolls without clapping. So keep your head down. Do you about three rolls? No coughing. What too. And now get ready to clap.

One, two, three. One, two, three, up. One, two, three back. Keep your head down the whole time and don't fall too far back that you fall onto the top of the shoulders only to the tips of the shoulder. So don't go so far back, even less Walmart time. Little bit back. That's it. There it is. See the difference? Good. Drop your feet, straighten your legs and just go ahead and stretch your toes and then I'll have you stand right.

Heels together, toes apart. Grow really tall. Lift your arms to the ceiling, lift the tummy, wrap your thighs. Inhale and exhale. Shake yourself out. You are done, Gary. Nicely done.


nice flow. loved the assisted teaser
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Awesome-many thanks for showing a "real" client- that pilates is for every body. Lovely work!
I understand so much more when the student is dialed into the correction , I feel it and see it . more please

I understand so much more when the student is dialed into the correction , I feel it and see it . more please

Thank you all! Seeing, feeling and doing all make the movement that much better. I am blessed to have such a great student. She always puts in her all and makes the movements look beautiful.

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