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Mat Fusion Workout

30 min - Class


Tracey is back with a Mat Fusion workout that combines Pilates, Yoga, and Dance. She starts with a standing warm-up that works the legs, then works deep into the core, and targets the side obliques and glutes. This fun class set to music will definitely make you sweat!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, I'm Tracey Mallett, and today we're going to do a fusion, a little bit of Pilates, a little bit of Yoga, a little bit of dance, and a whole lot of fun, okay? Are you ready to move?...


Great morning working. Felt like an hour of physical exercise. Thanks.
Great morning working. Felt like an hour of physical exercise. Thanks.
Grooovy man! Just what I needed this Monday morning. Can I friend you on FB? Thank you Tracey, so glad you are enjoying the blessings of good health.
I really enjoyed the rhythm of this video! Also loved that it was only 34 minutes. I feel great. THANKS!
LOVE IT! Thanks for a great class!
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I didn't make it through the whole video... Which means I will be doing it again!!! Loved the exercises, humor and the classroom setting.
Thanks guys, so glad you had as much fun as us!!
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Very fun! I added a 5 lb. dumbbell in each hand on the single leg lifts with the arms, made it even more challenging! It's fun to push yourself, and you always make it so fun, Tracey. Thanks!
Great workout in perfect time!
Excellent class! Love the quick challenging workouts for us busy moms! Tracy you are such a good instructor! Love the creativity.
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