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Tracey Mallett is back with a Mat Fusion workout that combines Pilates, Yoga, and Dance. She starts with a standing warm-up that works the legs, then works deep into the core, and targets the side obliques and glutes. This fun class set to music will definitely make you sweat!
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Apr 14, 2014
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Hi, I'm Tracey Mallett, and today we're going to do a fusion, a little bit of Pilates, a little bit of Yoga, a little bit of dance, and a whole lot of fun, okay? Are you ready to move? Hit that music! (upbeat workout music) Are you ready? Feet hip-width apart, let's finish off, we're gonna roll down. We're gonna slowly roll down.

Roll all the way up. Six, seven, and again, roll down, four, three, two, one. Roll up, five, this time you're gonna hold it down there. We go four, three, two, hold here. Place your hands down if you can.

We're gonna bend your knees down for two. We go, bend, extend, bend, extend, bend. Just relax your head, four more. Four. Three.

Two, now little pulses, teeny, tiny pulses Three, two, now extend the legs. Three, two, one, lengthen the head. (exhales) You've gotta breathe too. Holding your breath is not gonna get you anywhere. Three, two, one, last time, three, two, one.

Hold it here, now roll yourself all the way up. Bring your hands to your hip. We're gonna step it out to a squat, this side. You ready? We go squat, bring it in, squat and in.

Your hips are back, beautiful. See you're squatting back, your feet are parallel. Now, we're gonna try and lift that leg to the side. We go one, lift, push, erect, down. Now we're gonna add the arms.

We go down, lift, down lift, down, are we all there? Beautiful! Down, let's make it bigger, you've gotta power, it's about power 35 minutes, okay? Four more, and four, lift, three, lift, two, lift, hold it here, lift that leg up. Got that balance now pulse, three, two, one, hold. Three, two, one, hold.

Three, two, one, tap it down, go. Are you there? Good. Tap, think of really lifting out of the floor, helps you to balance. Last time, three, two, one, bring it down, and squat it here.

We're gonna repeat on the other side. You ready? Step it out, go. We go, step, bring it in, there you go, beautiful. So, stick your booty out.

You're pressing back. (exhales) To warm up our body. Now we're gonna lift that leg to the side. We go, one, side, side, are you ready to add those arms? Good, we go, down, lift, so you're contracting forwards and lengthening.

Lift, down. (exhales) This time hold it here. We go, three, two, one, tap it down. Three, lift up, good, lift. It's really important to try and think of the pubic bone over the heel.

Good, three, two, one. (exhales rhythmically) Last time. (exhales rhythmically) Take it down, and squat. Now we're gonna turn your toes out, and press, so pitch your body forwards, and your hips are back, your spine is in full extension though. You're open at your hips, beautiful.

Now from here we're gonna reach forward, you go, four, three, two, now erect, elongate. Pitch forwards, you're in that beautiful spinal extension. Lift up. Can we try two counts? Go, two.

Two. Two. (exhales) Two. Singles, ready, go! Four. Three.

Two. One more. Hold it forwards, hold. Now reach your hands forward, clasp them together. We're gonna open with the right hand.

We go right, center. Opposite arm, center. Opposite rotation, center, opposite arm, then we're gonna add a little bit of rhythm. We go out, bring it center, out. Now what I'm looking for is a rotation in your torso.

So think of those obliques, think of your spinal extension, think of opening up out through your hips. Beautiful! Rotate, rotate, go a little bit more. Can you feel your body rotating even more? (exhales) Hold it here, open it back again. Now airplane slowly, we go, airplane, hold, airplane, hold, airplane, now you're ready, let's pick it up, we go in, in, rotate.

Now look in the direction that you're moving. Oh, yes, beautiful. Look around, increase that rotation guys. Get your hips back, give me four more! Exhale, four. Three.

Two. One more, bring the arms down, press forward, stretch it out, nice work. Hold that stretch. Slowly, we're gonna bring your feet together. Now you're gonna turn to face inwards of each other and you're gonna bend your knees.

Now from here, we're gonna sit back, we're gonna press your elbows into the floor. So we're gonna lift, we're gonna hover. Now, elbows bent, we take it down and lift. Now our focus is working those triceps here, and your booty is just going for a nice little hover. It's not doing anything, it's just the arms.

(exhales) Four more. Four. Three. Two. One more and then release.

Give yourself a nice big hug. Lengthen through the hands. Now we're going to slowly roll down. We take it down, hold. Roll, extension...

And again round, hold... Round, extension... Round, now I just want you to hold it here. Draw those abs in, not too far down. Now we're gonna reach the right arm up.

It goes, up for two, down for two. Left arm, breathe. Gorgeous. Up for two, down for two, squeeze those inner thighs. Now single count, we go up, down, up, down.

(exhales) Now we're gonna alternate those arms, you go scissor, scissor, scissor, that's it. (exhales) Six more, six, five, four, three two, one, bring your arms down, roll yourself in a little bit lower, and then roll down. Inhale here, exhale roll, extension, roll down and back, and roll. Beautiful extension, and roll. Now this time, as you roll up, you're gonna roll bring that knee up in that extension, and take it down so you have walking in place.

Left leg, roll. Left leg, roll down, and over. Bring it out, exhale, and lift... And down. (upbeat workout music) Now this time you roll all the way up.

Bring that right knee up, hold it there, we there. Now what I'm gonna ask you to do is extend that leg. Extend, bring it in, extend, bring it in. (exhales) Now breathe. (exhales) Go...(exhales) Hold it here, hold, take the hands down, and lift, lift, lift.

Four more and four, three, two, one, bring it down. Give yourself a little hug. And roll back up again, roll down, over your head. Inhale here, exhale roll, bring that knee, you ready, press it up. It goes up, try to get that beautiful, spinal extension.

Arms, bicep by your ears. Get ready to extend that leg, we go extend, bring it in (exhales) Four more, four. Three. Two. One more, now extend that leg, take the arms down.

Ready go, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Bend the knees, give yourself a little hug. Now from here we're gonna roll all the way up, and bring the right knee into your chest. Slowly, we're gonna roll down, come up into single leg stretch, ready, go! We go switch. (exhales) Try to get up a little bit higher, high, that's it.

(exhales) Take the hands behind the head and cradle that head. Keep looking forwards, inner thighs squishing against each other. Now rotation, we go rotate, rotate. (exhales) And four. Three, breathe...

Two. One more, bring it back to center, lower your head, lift your legs, frog. We go down for two, up. Now you're pressing the heels up to the sky. Good.

Down for two, up. Now, we're gonna make it a little bit more challenging. We're gonna bring the head off the floor. Down, for two, bring each straight up to the sky, like a little pike. Try and get that tailbone down now.

Now we're gonna go a little bit diagonal out. So now those abdominals are fully engaged. In, for two. Out, for two. Two more.

(upbeat workout music) Hold it here, hold, point those toes, bend your knees, bring it in, and lower the head. Bring the head back up, and down, drop the toes, drop the toes, bring it back. So it's upper body, head, dig the toes. Now we're gonna go a little bit faster. We go, up, tap...

Up. Tap. Up. Tap. You don't have to go all the way down to the floor, only challenge your abdominals as much as you can control it.

(upbeat workout music) Two more... Last time... Now bring the knees into your chest. Now, from here you're going to extend your legs. You're in first position or a "V" position.

We're gonna take your hands up, and we're gonna open them out into second position, but they're hovering the floor. Now we take right leg, we lift it up, it goes up for two. Up for two, down for two. Lift. Now if this feels a little challenging, you can rest your elbows on the floor.

Listen to that beat, we go up for two, down for two, lift. Now our focus is to keep the opposite leg nice and grounded. Can we try and do it on a single count now? We lift up, and think of lifting with the back of the leg, the hamstring. Lift.

Four. Three. Two. One more, bring it down, you ready for the other leg? Two counts, ready go.

One, two... Down for two... Lift for two... Down for two, you guys okay? Good.

Now I'm testing your musicality now, (laughs). Down. Lift. Single counts, go, and lift, and down, lift, so you're lifting that leg with a hamstring. So focus on your hammy brewing it up.

(upbeat workout music) Four. Three. Two. One more, release, bring the hands in. Now, slowly, we're gonna bring your knees into a frog position.

From here we're gonna take it up and we're gonna place the hands around the back of the knees, slowly we're gonna roll all the way up, lifting up. Now, we're gonna try and go into a "C" curve here. Lift those legs up, that's your start position. We're gonna roll down to the thoracic, and then roll back into this position. So we're gonna roll, hit...

Roll, now extension, and down, hold. Round, lengthen. Curved, resist those hamstrings. Round, now think of that length, and again you round to the bra line. Good, and lift.

For you men, to the thoracic, we got no men today, And lift, up. Can you give me two more? Think of rounding through the spine, every vertebrae. Lift. One more time, down.

Hold. Lift. Now we're gonna try a balance. We're gonna extend the legs and try and hold it in that position, hold it. Now if you feel you can, we're gonna release your hands and hold.

Four, three, two, hold it up, bring it back, and then slowly bend and reach forwards. Roll yourself all the way up, turn to face me. We're gonna go up into sideline. Hand is underneath your shoulder, hand on your hip. Now we take it up for two, down for two.

Up for two, down... Are we all in alignment, hand underneath your shoulder? Beautiful, down for two... Up... Three more, up...

(upbeat workout music) Breathe. Last time, now hold it here, reach the hand up. Now slowly bring the elbow to the knee, bring it back, and out. So slow, bring the elbow to the knee, and out. Now we're gonna go a little bit faster.

We go, in, out, in, look down, in... Good. Now, pulse for three, we go, three, two, one, Lengthen. (rhythmic exhales) Last time... (rhythmic exhales) Are you holding it there?

Hold, drop that leg down, make it nice and firm. Bring the other leg behind, and hold it. Look forwards. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, drop that knee down. Take it over in that stretch.

We're gonna lift all the way up and over, back into that other stretch. Alright guys, you ready for the other side? Hand underneath your shoulder. Got a sweat going now? You ready? Not at all.

Not at all, okay. We go up for two. Down for two. Up. (upbeat workout music) Looking good guys, four more.

Keep that depressing of that hip. Two more. Last time, and I want you to hold it there. Now reach the hand up and over. You ready to slowly go elbow to knee, slowly.

Slow, and then reach. If you can bring your head to look at your knee, that would be great, and then look back down again. Let's try one more slow. Now we're gonna go a little bit quicker. We go, in, reach, a little bit of balance control here.

(upbeat workout music) Four more, and four. Three. Two. Can we do our triple pulse? Go, and three, two, one, elongate.

And, three, two, one, reach. (rhythmic exhales) Last time. (rhythmic exhales) Reach, hold it there, hold. Now, take that foot down, firm base. Now, underneath leg comes to join it.

Look forwards, reach that arm out. Eight. Seven. Six. Five, I'm counting slow now.

Four. Three. Two. And one, oh, and come all the way down. Stretch it out.

Good job. Now finally we're gonna go into quadruped position. What I would do is turn to face inwards of each other. So you guys can follow. Hands are underneath your shoulders.

Knees are underneath your hips. Now, go into your cat position, and then go into an excessive arched back. I want you to find somewhere in the middle of those two positions, neutral spine. We're gonna be holding there awhile. So reach the right leg out, and keep as square as you can.

Now we go up, tap it down, up, tap it down. Lengthen, good. In. Up. Just give me four more.

And four. Three, keep elongating up to the crown of the head. Now I want you to hold it here. We're gonna turn it out at the hip. So it's turned out.

Now we're gonna bend the knee for two counts. It goes in, for two. Out for two. In for two. Out, so as you bend it in, turned out.

Now we're gonna pick up the pace. It goes, in, shoot. In, shoot. In, shoot. In, shoot.

Four, shoot. Three, shoot. Two, shoot. One, hold it here and little pulses, pulse. Now see if you can reach the opposite arm out.

Four, three, two, now hold it here. Now take your hand all the way around, bend your knee, resist that hamstring and then lift up, into that beautiful stretch, hold it. Four, three, two, one, release. Take the hand back around. Take the hand down, knee down, arch that back.

And lengthen, find your neutral position. Looking good, you ready with the left leg. And, let's pulse it up, pulse. Now I want you to focus and make sure you've got square pelvis. We want that pelvis as square as we can.

Square, square it up, there we go. And let's just pulse it up, little pulses. Alright, let's get ready. Now we're gonna turn that foot out. Now in for two counts, in for two, out for two.

So it's bending like a little attitude. It's turned out at the hip. Push. Now we're gonna try and shoot it out in one count. In, shoot, in, shoot.

Pushing away from the floor. Shoulders are depressed. You're not sagging in between those shoulder blades, okay? Can you give me four more? You're looking so good.

Four. Three. Two. One more, hold it there, hold. Now, reach the opposite arm.

Now little pulses again, we go pulse, elongate, look out, reach out to the horizon. We might see a dolphin today (laughs). Four, three, two, hold it. Now grab hold of your ankle, resist that hamstring, and try and lift up in that beautiful stretch. Four, three, two, one, and come down.

Whew, stretch. Now, we're gonna do our lovely snake. So we're going to press the pelvis forwards, and press your chest and drag. Lift all the way up. Are we there?

And then go back, let's try that again. And again, there we go. Sarah, you're good at this one. (laughs) Ahhh, I think we know what Sarah does in her spare time. (laughs) Ahhh, and lift all the way up, and then go back.

One more time, ready, press. Now come all the way down. Nice work guys. Put your elbows close to your body. Now we're gonna come up to a neutral position in that lovely extension, and then come back down.

And again, lift all the way up, hold it here. Now start to go into those little flutter kicks here. Kick, beautiful. Kick. Now, let your hands hover off the floor, so that you're hovering.

Reach the hands around, forwards. Let's go into swimming, and swim. (upbeat workout music) Five, four, three, two, one, come down. Bend your elbows, lift you all the way up, We're gonna do a swan dive from here, you ready? We're gonna rock it.

We go rock and extension. Rock and lengthen. Rock, beautiful. Rock, think of that lovely extension as you come up. Three more, (exhales).

Two (exhales). One, you ready to catch it? Pull back, and stretch. Now you're in this position. You're going to curl your toes underneath.

Come all the way back into a pyramid, or a downward dog. You're gonna hold that position there. From here, come into your plank position, plank. Find a stable position here, now right knee comes in. From here, we go straight up.

And then comes back down, and into a little pike. It goes up into a lovely extension, and then it comes back into a cat. And, again, extension hold... Cat, hold... We go up, hold...

In, hold... Up, hold... In, hold... Now bring it back into a plank position. Drop your knees, pull back.

Back up into your plank position. Ready, with the left leg. Ready, slowly, we go, up, hold... Now pike and cats. Lift, extend, and come all the way into that cat.

Round, round, round, round, round, round. Lift... Hold... Exhale, and really draw those abs in, two more. Inhale, get that beautiful extension.

Exhale, draw those abs in. One more time, lift, hold, and round. Now hold that rounded position. Back into plank position and hold. Drop your knees down.

Back into child's pose. Hold that child's pose position for me. From here, you're gonna roll all the way up. We're gonna step forwards into your right leg into a lunge. Lunge, lengthen.

Curl the back toes underneath. Now we go forwards for two. Up, lift... Forwards... Now this time hold it there, hold.

Now if you can come back to an erect position. We're gonna try and lift that back knee off the floor. Hold it, press that pelvis underneath. Come on, press it underneath, lift up, a little bit higher. Down for two, down two.

Up, two, it's very tiny. Up, down for two, keep that back leg straight. It's very small. This time we're gonna hold it down. Bring your hands down, drop that knee.

Extend back, in that beautiful extension. You've got your right leg forwards. Left hand is on the mat. Bend your knee transfer through plank. Opposite leg, bend your knee.

Now we're gonna lift all the way up. Are we there? We go down. And lift, press that pelvis forwards lift back. Enjoy that stretch.

And lift, feels good. One more time. Now, find that position, come back to an erect position. Press that pelvis forwards. Now bring the knee, are we there?

Bring that knee off the mat, hold it. Now up for two. Up for two, down. Keep that back leg straight. Really focus on drawing those abs in.

Lift, for two, down for two, up. Smile, everything makes it much easier when you smile. And up, and down, last time, up, and hold it there. Drop that knee, hands down, good job, and extend back. Toes come up.

And slowly come back through your lunge. Plank position, pyramid position. Walk your hands back to your feet, and slowly roll all the way up. You're gonna turn to face me as you roll all the way up. And walk, and walk, and walk, walk, good.

So I'm gonna get you all together on the right feet. There, there, good, four. Three, two, one, releve'. Now try and get those heels together, and then come back down again. Let's try and get our balance as to rise up, heels together, and we're gonna bend your knees.

Now, little pulses, go. Pulse, you're in a neutral spine, ladies, neutral. Four, three, two, one, and lift, lower. Take it out into second position, reach the hands. Now we're gonna reach, reach, reach.

Someone's pulling you, I feel like this everyday. We get pulled in 50 million directions! Which direction shall we go in guys? This one, this one, or this one or this one? And push, push, reach, little bit bigger, bigger, bigger. Four.

Three. Two. Now reach this hand around we go, reach, pull, reach, pull, four. Three. Two.

Let's do some lateral positions, go. Lateral, lets just move. Now side-to-side, go. Side, you ready for this hand? We go round, reach, that's it, beautiful.

You ready, side stretch? Four, three, two. Side-to-side again and bring it down. Nice, small, bring that heart rate down. Doing good you guys.

Now from here, hold that plie' lift all the way up, press down, lift up, press down, give me one more. Lift up, press down, hold it here, hold. Hold it. And bring the leg, now squeeze and lift. Bring the legs together.

We're gonna finish off with a roll down. Slowly roll down, as she takes the mat with her (laughs). And then roll all the way up. One more time, inhale here, exhale roll down. Slowly, roll down.

And then roll all the way up. Nice work, guys! It's amazing what you can do in like 30 minutes. Yay! (claps) Good job.


Great morning working. Felt like an hour of physical exercise. Thanks.
Great morning working. Felt like an hour of physical exercise. Thanks.
Grooovy man! Just what I needed this Monday morning. Can I friend you on FB? Thank you Tracey, so glad you are enjoying the blessings of good health.
I really enjoyed the rhythm of this video! Also loved that it was only 34 minutes. I feel great. THANKS!
LOVE IT! Thanks for a great class!
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I didn't make it through the whole video... Which means I will be doing it again!!! Loved the exercises, humor and the classroom setting.
Thanks guys, so glad you had as much fun as us!!
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Very fun! I added a 5 lb. dumbbell in each hand on the single leg lifts with the arms, made it even more challenging! It's fun to push yourself, and you always make it so fun, Tracey. Thanks!
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Great workout in perfect time!
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Excellent class! Love the quick challenging workouts for us busy moms! Tracy you are such a good instructor! Love the creativity.
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